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Beware of AuthorHouse

  • by   Sep 28, 2013
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Company AuthorHouse
Product / Service Author House Self Publishing
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Monetary Loss

I know for a fact I have sold a large number of copies. Every writer, agent and marketing firm employee says that every person they know that used Author House was ripped off. I have called more than once asking for sales figures and they have stated that they can not tell me. But they sent a letter to IRS saying I had been paid over $2000 royatlies when I never received ANY!

I called again today and asked for figures they said I had to talk to someone who was away.

On a separate note I have been called 9 times by some foreign man who wants to do promotion for me and wants me to sign up for $5000 package to get a one in ten chance to have JK Rowling read my book. I think this is another scam. 3069743

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Nov 30, 2013 
Kevin Gray is only pretending he gives a *** so that anyone reading this will think it is a one off incident and not the continuous scam it is. He knows potential victims read here and get put off. He isn't posting to help the scamed people at all he's just pretending. He is just hoping to lure in more victims by pretending that he will ever pay royalties owed or ever do anything honest. He never will help with anything.
They don't take the authors payment or books or anything seriously they only take bleeding wannabe writers of every penny they can seriously and Kevin Gray is here to try to mislead more potential victims by pretending.
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Oct 03, 2013  from Bloomington, Indiana
We take the payment of author royalties seriously and would be happy to provide you with royalty and payment reports for your book. Please feel free to send me an email at kgray at authorsolutions dot com with your name, Project ID, and best email and phone numbers at which to contact you and we will be in touch. Thank you.

Kevin Gray
Author Solutions
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