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Authorhouse scam.

  • by   Sep 12, 2008
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Company AuthorHouse
Location Reston, Virginia
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Authorhouse is definiteiy a scam.I do believe it is time that government agencies take a good look at Authorhouse and the publish on demand industry as a whole.

If anyone believes they have a legitimate case. I suggent that you contact your elected representatives and every state and federal agency you can think of. Consumer protection, even the Internal Revenue. Let's face it.

There's not one government agency who gives a hoot about us. But if we can approach this scam from the standpoint of the IRS losing tax dollars. Then maybe, just maybe, they will take action. I have written off my book and my loss.

If we together can stop Author-house and other self publishing companies like them from bilking others, then we will have at least achieved some level of justice. Alone we can never hope to receive results. But together, we can be a force for change. Because there's millions of dollars involved here.

I'm sure the IRS would be interested. It only takes a few minutes of your time to drop these agencies an e-mail.

And the satisfaction you received will be more than worth the time.

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Apr 11  from St. Petersburg, Florida
Authorhouse gets a book published with an actual ISBN number. The rest are just sales gimmick, but so is buying a new car. Authorhouse works
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Jan 29 
Authorhouse is more about collecting money then helping a customer. In the past I have gone to upper management for satisfaction before I let the BBB get involved. Authorhouse refunded my monies and I rescinded the complaint with the BBB.
Having to do business with this company is odd at best and I have decided not to have another book published by them. I do not think they are legit with royalties although I cannot prove this now I am working on it.
I agree with "Pissed" consumer, Authorhouse needs to be challenged and corrected, they will get your book out there but after that there is a charge for any and everything, mostly geared to help them deplete your pocketbook rather then offer any substantial marketing tools, one can market quicker and easier through social media.
Authorhouse is a suspect company to do business with, be careful. I am looking at removing my books from their stable, something is just not right with the company but as they say "Buyer beware."
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Jan 29 
You should read this blog about authorhouse the scam http://authorhouse-publishing-scam. blogspot.co.nz/
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Jan 29 
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Dec 19, 2013 
I have published through Authorhouse and I believe they have been intentional in not providing me with the correct amount of royalties. I have written off my book as a bad experience and even though it is in the top 100 bestsellers in the LGBT section of KOBO (out of nearly 10,000 e books) and has sold in 16 countries, I have received about £40.00 in royalties from Authorhouse in the past two years and the royalties statement never marries with the figures I receive in money. I understood a class action was being brought but wondered if there was any further news on this.
Reply to Tim Brown

Sep 17, 2013 
The Author House sales rep told me my book was Hollywood movie material, and I should do a Hollywood movie trailer. I was doubtful because I am unknown, and my book wasn’t even out yet. I thoght Wouldn’t a book need to be widely accepted and raved by the public to be a movie?
She was insisting she could help me get it into a movie if I followed her advice I was excited, but my mother was visiting. She wouldn’t let me off the phone to talk to my mother.

I asked her prices She told me $20K…$50K…I start saying no no I can't afford it. She kept comparing me to Stephen King.
I thought "no way" she was just building up my ego. I said I had to go and talk to my mother. While my mother was there the sales rep left three phone messages. All the marketing turned out to be a failure and not one single book was sold.
Reply to Lauren

Sep 17, 2013 
Author House has great sales people and terrible ethics. Upon contracting with them for my book of 120 pages, I was quoted an author price of 6.53 and a retail price of 13.74. I have this in writing. My book came to 112 pages 8 pages less than quoted and they placed the author price at 10.49

They have a very sloppy printer. When I sent in my list of changes, it came back with even more needed! Whole paragraphs
Grandma paid over $3, 000 to have book published with a promise of marketing the book received some books and then paid for more. I wrote and phoned re: royalties as I saw the book advertised but never received any royalties as promised
Reply to Kelly

Sep 10, 2013  from Cincinnati, Ohio
I was very unhappy with the way they handled my book. I turned in a format that needed some work and that was the final product they printed. Then telling me it would cost more, to do this and to do that. I really think they are not in the publishing business just a busniess to get more money from people who are trying to realize their dreams. I would not ever like to see anybody go through what I went through.
Reply to jj

Sep 17, 2013 
No they are not in the publishing business at ALL they are in the vanity scam business of scamming wannabes. Their business model is getting money out of the wannabe writes.
A publisher's business is selling books and they pay authors.
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Sep 09, 2013  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I read each of your comments and called to inquire about my corncerns. I will follow up with my outcome. Best wishes
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Jul 30, 2013  from Augusta, Georgia
I have had issues with Authorhouse as far as paying for a change in format on two books which took months to complete and only one book with the corrected format change has appeared on Amazon.com and I had to call 3 days ago concerning the correct format changes to the 2nd book, this process has been ongoing since 06/2012.
The updates on the royalty page had to be requested by me. I am in the process of seeking legal action and sending a letter to the BBB once I start proceedings in 3-4 weeks. My dealings with this company have not been the best.
I did receive help once form upper management who returned payment if I rescinded my complaint from the BBB and on the strength of that I entered into this present disaster which has simply been a joke. I wish to be included in all proceedings concerning this matter.
Reply to Preacher

Jul 20, 2013  from London, England
For me to discover that I have been royally ripped off by a phony publishing company is disappointing to say the least but, thanks to information received I am now in a position to receive not only the money I was cheated out of but millions more besides. Auithorhouse, you are in the mire and there is only one way out. Pay your genuine authors the REAL ROYALTIES they are owed or face ruination
Reply to Erasmus

Jul 04, 2013  from Accra, Greater Accra
please i am a new Author and have written a good book that has been read and approved by 3 professors in my Country Ghana. Its an inspirational book. My worry is that i have researched for a good and honest publishing company to work with. but they all seem to be a scam. i got in-touch with AUTHOR HOUSE, RAIDER PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL, and many others, who of course in the end appears to be a scam, after i google to know if they are good or scam. Can somebody help me find a good and honest publishing company any
where in the world? you can contact me: royaladjei@ymail.com. if you have any help for me then send me email don't reply on here. Thank you.
Reply to Roy

Jul 16, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
I believe we need to get everyone together and get something done about what is going on at Author House To all that feels that you are being scammed by Author house please send email to cndy_knndy@yahoo.com we need a major investigation on this company.
Reply to tired of no answers

Jul 24, 2013  from Hoboken, New Jersey
Roy, publish and market your book, yourself. Get a website from which to sell your book and this way you'll always know exactly how many sales you're making. Do your research on how to publish books. It's easy to learn.
Reply to Tina

Jul 03, 2013  from Houston, Texas
Reply to POPOET

Sep 17, 2013 
50 shades of Grey was first published by The Writer's Coffee Shop which by the way you can submit direct to entirely for free if you have written a novel, and everything is free if they accept your book, they have to like it though, only fake scam publishers accept every book, later it was published by Vintage a division of Random House.
Author House etc... mention self published success stories, what they don't mention is that NONE of those people self published using Author House or any vanity scam. They call 50 shades self published just because the author EL James had it up on a fan fiction site for awhile as a Twilight story and the she changed the names of the characters and turned it into 50 shades and submitted it to The WRiter's COffee Shop.
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Jun 02, 2013 
Look at the spelling for "authors" or those who run the ad.
"I am glad I didn't went with them!" and "Never recieved proceeds..." Come on guys get serious

I used Authorhouse, enjoyed all connections, paid my taxes, etc. Think the problem must be with the authors.
Reply to Brother Bill

Jun 05, 2013 
Most authors get their manuscripts edited before publishing. Now, whether they write well or not, AuthorHouse is still working to rob its authors!
Reply to Tina

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