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AuthorHouse - An Entire Year Later and I still Haven't Gotten Anywhere

  • by   Jan 05
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Company AuthorHouse
Product / Service Poor Book Editing
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Category Professional Services
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Monetary Loss

I published my book with them in March 2012.They promised me all sorts of things and did a *** poor job of editing my book.

I was advised by my "consultant" to buy a bulk of books and sell them privately. I took his advice, and this is how I made my publishing money back. I was also advised by my marketing "consultant" to go to Pitchfest in NYC because my book had the ability to succeed. I asked him what made my book have that ability, and his response was what was written on the back of my book!

I hung up in his face.They have been calling and offering me more marketing packages, including another pitchfest, but I am not interested. 2ffe95a

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Jan 29 
You should read this blog about authorhouse the scam http://authorhouse-publishing-scam. blogspot.co.nz/
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Jan 08 
Also for all authors who have been ripped off. You may not be able to sell books, but Create Space will let you download eBook for free, you don't need an Isbn: for this, and you set your own price, worth a try. :roll
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Jan 08 
I honestly feel sorry for people who read these posts and might think sour grapes, your book isn't good enough? But what if your book is good enough, apart from the few already known celebs are there any authors that have noticeably jumped out at you from nowhere? Who is going to buy a book, or eBook at the prices they set. I think the best option is to write to penguin with complaints, after all there reputation is at stake with this company.
For you who can't afford to take your book any further I suggest a site called feedaread, a free publishers part funded by the national lottery. doesn't matter if your already published, they will give you a new Isbn: and help with all.

author house is a blatant rip off, they lie to get your money overprice your books and what little money you do get it would seem they pocket themselves. lastly, how easy is it for them too pocket money, give any name, that named person is responsible for there own taxes, how difficult would all these names be to follow up. Simple way for them to have a little offshore account.
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