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ATT - went to Haiti called AT&T was told since I was only making a couple of calls it was not necessary to buy a package no data can be used in Haiti Google does not work and my bill went up $200

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Company ATT
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Back on January 7th receiveda text message from AT&T that I used 92% of my data for billing period ending 1/14/14.My bill came up to $200 higher.

When I contacted Att only to be told that the 2 days I was away I used more than $200 if data even though in Haiti Google and Facebook do not work I demanded an adjustment to my bill. I did not know you get charge for data while using roaming he did not have an explanation. 3 months ago I shipped a
Phone to my daughter all if a sudden I am getting charge for AT&T navigation I realize they automatically charge you even though it was not even an app on her phone.

Checking my bill I realize they were charging it anyway and you had to call to cancel.Thieves thieves read your bill carefully and pay attention

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Jan 29  from Auburn, Massachusetts
at&t navigation is an app you have to agree to the charges when it launches. so you should blame your daughter not at&t about that one.
and just because facebook & google didn't work does not mean you weren't using up data of some type. i'd look into a better plan because $200 is a huge amount of $$$ for data. *** I had a 10gb plan and went over by 3 gb and cost only another $45. so someone on your line/plan was obviously using the phone/tablet for a lot more than you were let to know about.
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