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Company ATT
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I'm writing about the scam called 'Next' by Att. I was told to place my upgrade order online itself. So I did and it took over as the 'Next' plan.
I did not want this plan-so I immediately called ATT's no, the *** on line put me on hold for 55 minutes going back and forth and then finally said that I needed to call the Premier ATT line -of course they were closed when I called.
I called ATT's premier no, went over the hoops of speaking with multiple idiots again- identifying myself and going over the whole issue of either cancelling my order or change to the $199 onetime payment and 2 year contract and not be involved in the Next scam. Nobody could help-they said the order was in the warehouse, can't cancel now. I could when I get the intimation that my order is processed. I get an email about my order being processed-can't do anything yet - no none can help cancelling, the online return is so convoluted it does not help. No ATT staff can help.
Finally these idiots ship the order, I call again - can't cancel according to ATT premier support person, need to take the box to the store. I had to talk and yell at the supervisor and then she says she can send me an return label to resend the box to their warehouse and I will be credited with my payments and I will be credited once they receive the box back to reorder.
This whole process is disgusting, irrational and deceptive. So many people must have fallen prey this. I do hope someone take up the spade and buries this useless company into the ground, starting with Apple who should cancel selling iPhones through ATT. 304a309

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