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Asurion Insurance - insurance on cell phone replacement

  • by   Sep 02, 2010
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Company Asurion Insurance
Product / Service Samsung Cell Phone
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Category Appliances and Electronics
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this company, asurion, left out an s in companys name!Because thats what they are!

They auto cancelled me 8/30/2010 because I had to have the defective, refurbish cell phone replaced 2 times in 12 months! I do believe that they sent me the first phone back to me that was damaged after they had blowed, spray painted, and put new plastic on cover! I had them 2 years! $5.61 premium per month x 24 =$134.64!

could have bought 2 brand new phones! They cant do new phone replacements! they are duck-n rip offs! dont!

harold barber!pregnant male in texas! 2f23bc5

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Sep 03, 2010 
This is clearly stated in their policy, that you are allowed two replacements in a 12 month period.

No insurance company be it auto or cellphone is going to give you a NEW replacement. They will always be repaired or refurbished.

Without a new contract, i think you would be shocked at the retail cost of a new cellphone - The carrier absorbs most of the cost in exchange for you signing a contract
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