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Peeling Leather Sofa from Ashley Furniture

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Company Ashley Furniture
Product / Service Sofa
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Category Furniture and Decor
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Monetary Loss
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We purchased a leather sofa and love seat from Ashley Furniture,Springdale, OH in November 2008.I have paid around $1000 for these.It has not been 3 years since our purchase and the leather has started peeling off.

We called up the customer service and were told that the warranty has expired and hence they cannot do anything about it.They told that I need to get it repaired at my own cost. When we bought the furniture, we selected Ashley because they claim to have excellent quality.

They were not even bothered about getting it repaired even when I told that I would take care of the repair costs.I must say that their quality is worse and I would not recommend anyone to buy furniture from their store.I have never seen a good quality leather sofa getting ripped off within 3 years of purchase.It is really frustrating! 306f4ff

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Feb 13 
We have the exact couch and the exact problem, only our peeling areas are a lot worse. Wish there was a way to repair it but now we're going to have to figure out how to get rid of it. Never buying from Ashley again.
Reply to Cali

Feb 11 
My Ashley POS couch lasted about a year and a half...had to pay someone to haul it away. Screw Ashley.
Reply to Fake Leather

Jul 01, 2013  from Joelton, Tennessee
This is happening to our sofa and loveseat...it's so gross, like little pieces of skin falling off of it. I called customer service and was told I obviously kept the couch over a heat register and didn't take care of it like I was supposed to. Very very rude! We will never buy from Ashley again! :(
Reply to Heather J

Dec 28, 2012  from Glendale, California
has anyone gotten any help on this matter? Mine just started peeling after exactly 3 years! so annoying!
Reply to ysl

Nov 22, 2012 
Yep, our Ashley sofa and love seats are falling apart too. Had other furniture recovered at the exact same time we purchased the Ashley couches. Our other sofa and chair look like new....Ashley *** is peeling, peeling, peeling!!!
Reply to Scammed Customer

Sep 27, 2012 
We bought 3 pieces of leather furniture during their sale. Big mistake! Even though it was a good price, furniture should last longer then 3 yrs. I am ready to put a free sign on it at the end of my drive or have the junk man haul it away. The color has come off with a lot of cracking. Spend the extra to get better quality. I might buy a lamp or rug from them but no more furniture. Very disappointed.
Reply to Deb, Grand Junction, Co store

Sep 22, 2012 
Same here bought recliner and sectional just over a year (leather) is peeling they just give your a runaround I have heard if you go to small claims court you get some action!

Reply to Dan

Apr 18, 2012 
I bought a leather sectional sofa from Ashley approx 2 years ago, even bought the extended warranty. About 4 months ago the leather started cracking. I filed a claim with the warranty company (Ashley doesn't do their own warranty claims) and after several rounds with them the claim was denied. I was told this is normal wear and tear. Won't ever buy from Ashley again.
Reply to Tiffany

Oct 26, 2011 
Durablend is polyurethane for your information. There is chunks of leather on the back side. Allows them to call it "blended leather."
Reply to Tony

Oct 25, 2011 
We purchased our "Leather" sofa & loveseat in 2009 and the same thing is happening, the arm rest on the sofa is peeling. I submitted pictures to the complaint department. I'll let you know what the result is. I don't want money, I want this repaired.
Reply to Jean

Oct 17, 2011 
Same thing with my leather recliner. It's part of a set with sofa & loveseat and they are fine. We did nothing different with the recliner and yet it looks like ***. My whole room was decorated based on this furniture - paint, carpet, wood blinds, etc. One piece now looks like *** and ruins the whole scheme.
Reply to Braden

Oct 05, 2011 
It has happened to my sectioal also.Spent a grand last year on Durablend cafe colored.It's now ***. I don't have dogs or kids, but still pealed.
Material Leather
Color CafeDimensions

Product Description
DuraBlend/Match upholstery features DuraBlend upholstery in the seating areas with skillfully matched Polyurethane everywhere else. The rich contemporary design of the "DuraBlend-Café" upholstery collection features a stylishly curved design with warm finished tapered block feet that create a refreshing look that is sure to enhance any living room decor. With the plush pillow top arms and supportive seating and back cushioning, this furniture collection adds a deep comfort perfect for any living environment. Create the living room you have been dreaming about with the inviting comfort of the "DuraBlend-Café" upholstery collection.
Reply to JR

Sep 22, 2011 
Sorry but what do you expect for $1000. A quality leather,(I'd bet yours isn't all leather) costs at minumum 1500 for just the sofa, anything less, no matter what the saleperson says iscc
Reply to Georg

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