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  • 79 complaints
  • $49,688 claimed losses
  • $629 average
  • 11204 since Jan 04, 2008

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Main address: 655 W. Ryan St. 54110-1098 Brillion WI
920-756-2141, 920-756-2407,
Ariens reviews, Ariens complaints, read Ariens reviews, find Ariens reviews, Ariens scam reports
  • 79 complaints
  • $49,688 claimed losses
  • $629 average
Had an experience with Ariens?
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  • Feb 20
  • Oskaloosa, Iowa
  • Lawn Tractor
  • 5

I haven't had 1 problem with my 46" 20 hp twin lawn tractor. I bought it in December removed the deck(I broke front link arm because I got in a hurry) & installed Agri-Fab snow blade which I have used 4-5x with no problems except chains aren't enough I need weights but that's on me. the only thing i noticed was a little moisture in oil but STP motor treatment fixed that in a snap. I'd... Read more

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  • Jan 22
  • New York City, New York
  • Product Quality
  • 2
  • 14

I have purchased Ariens model 920 014 on Feb. 12 2013 and started to use it first time on January 22, 2014. After less than 1 hour of operation it stop self propel forward and backwards. I found on the ground 1 screw and broken spring. Call Ariens Customer Service. After 40 minutes of waiting agent told me that I need to deliver it to the repair shop. I have no means to transport it on my own. In... Read more

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  • Nov 14, 2013
  • Stillwater, Minnesota
  • Ariens Amp Rider 34
  • 34

We bought this mower in April 2012 when we bought our first house. We bought an electric mower because our electric push mower is terrific and because we wanted the low-pollution, low-noise, low-maintenance convenience of an electric mower. Our property is 2 acres, of which, just over 1 acre is flat lawn that needs regular mowing. We always keep our mowers in the garage. From the beginning, the... Read more

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  • Nov 14, 2013
  • Grand Marais, Minnesota
  • Gas Splitter
  • 1
  • 92

First Ariens 211 cc 34-Ton Gas Log Splitter lasted 2 hours. Valve failed and ram wouldn't reverse. Thought it was a fluke. Returned it and bought another identical one. After 1 hour pump quit and that was it for that one. Took that one back. Learned my lesson and bought high end with good warranty. At barely a face cord with two machines, I'd say avoid orange splitters. But maybe I got both bad... Read more

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  • Aug 18, 2013
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Areins 46 Cut 22Hp
  • 58
Ariens - This lawn tractor is nothing more than JUNK!!!

I bought a new Ariens Lawn tractor 46cut 22horse power on 7/17/13 from Home Depot in Jackson Tn. Took over two weeks to get it in and ones I finally got it, I should have known, not to take it home after seeing the one outside on display with the transmission broke down. I then took my new mower home and had it a month when the reverse broke. I then called them about it and liked to have never... Read more

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  • Aug 05, 2013
  • Mower
  • 2
  • 109

We purchased this mower less than a year ago from our local Home Depot. Two months later, STILL wait for parts to fix mower!! Being told there are 174 mandrals back ordered...also need a pulley we were told last's on back order also!! Not a year old and CAN'T get parts for it??? Ariens Support? All they told us is our mandral, along with 173 others is back ordered. They did tell us we... Read more

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  • Aug 04, 2013
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Product Quality
  • 2
  • 82

When I bought it Home Depot raved about it...tried using it and both spindles shattered( they are cast aluminum)...I took it apart and the blades had been installed upside down, now the deck won't level, some bolts were on backwards, went to local repair shop, he said he gets more Ariens in than any other make...its a very generic Huskavarnia...the engines and parts all are made by the same... Read more

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  • Aug 01, 2013
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Mover
  • 1
  • 142

BOUGHT NEW MOWER FROM HOME DEPOT - FIRS TIME USING KEPT BLOWING FUSES - SECOND TIME SAME THING (BEEN THRU NO LESS THAN 16 FUSES IN 4 USES) NOW IT WONT START AT ALL - ALSO HAD BELT SHREAD AND GO IN REVERSE WITHOUT BEING PUT IN REVERSE - tractor sent to repair shop by ariens been there two weeks they cannot figure what is wrong - ariens doesnt want to replace - keep telling us they will have... Read more

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  • Jul 22, 2013
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Ahrens Riding Lawnmower
  • 2
  • 60

Bought an Ahrens Riding Mower from Home Depot. BIG mistake. First one made a horrendous noise right off the truck. Home Depot came back and inspected it saying it was the transmission. Picked up and brought us a supposedly new one. SAME issue, plus the lever on the seat should have been attached and wasnt and that meant taking the seat off and figuring out how to attch. Home Depot said try... Read more

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  • Jul 20, 2013
  • Augusta, Georgia
  • Riding Mower
  • 1
  • 62

The same mower deck parts have broken twice in just 4 hours of mowing. With no abuse and very minor impacts, I have stripped two pulleys and broken two bearing housings. This same lawn was mowed in the same manner for 8 years with a Murray 42". Even tho a Murray is nothing to brag on; it never had these issues. The Arien's splined shaft/pulley is doomed to failure from poor design. The bearing... Read more

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