Other individuals are correct - Simon Arias is a scam and so is American Income. They teach you how to bully into people's homes and lie to them acting as if you're a union official. That's a lie. They buy names from unions so they can call them. Freedom of choice is nothing more than paper. It has no legal precedent yet they tell you it's a legal document. All lies. Add comment

I've worked at Arias Agencies for the past 9 months. That 9 months has changed my life in a very possitive way, but thats because the time put into the job is no joke. Simon is a man of vision and driven and many of the upper managers I've met, considering the resposibility and positions that they have, are some of the most open and dedicated mentors I've seen in the coorperate world. There is a... Read more

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They posted for a Human Resource Rep. The ad stated that they were looking for a person for their human resource department and that they were a consulting firm (Actually, they are an insurance firm). When I received the first phone call, the HR Director referred to the job as a Benefits Coordinator. I thought that was odd. At the conclusion of our call, after scheduling an interview time, she... Read more

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Thanks for your feedback, Madison. According to state requirements, an individual must obtain a license to sell insurance. This license stays with an agent if he or she leaves the Company. That is why the responsibility to pay for the license and exam is of the new agent. Read more

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We’d be happy to sit down with you and take a closer look at your concerns, but we need more contact details to get in touch with you. Read more

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