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Apria reviews, Apria complaints, read Apria reviews, find Apria reviews, Apria scam reports
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Industry: Health Insurance
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  • 195 complaints
  • $37,007 claimed losses
  • $190 average
  • 12803 since Feb 20, 2008

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Main address: 26220 Enterprise Court 92630 Lake Forest CA
(800) 277-4288, , contact_us@apria.com
Apria reviews, Apria complaints, read Apria reviews, find Apria reviews, Apria scam reports
  • 195 complaints
  • $37,007 claimed losses
  • $190 average
Had an experience with Apria?
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  • Apr 15
  • Lake Forest, California
  • Medical Service Bills
  • 4

My husband Paul has been seriously hospitalized several times. The first time was for stroke and broken hip. To bring him home I had to rent wheel and bed with trapeze. They were to deliver when we got home at 3 pm, did not deliver til 8:30 pm. It was very late by the time set up was completed. The trapeze fell on my husband. I was told that there was a one time payment but began receiving bills... Read more

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  • Apr 15
  • Conyers, Georgia
  • Double Billing
  • 6

Said all along that I would pay for three months and the insurance would cover everything and I would probably never be charged. After 2 months of calling and holding for 2 hours the story has changed big time and I am being billed every month. now they claim 10 months and the first night we got it delivered at 11pm after them trying to get out of promised same day delivery and signed something... Read more

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  • Apr 03
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Double Billing
  • 7

Company double billed me in June 2013 for co-pay on cpap supplies; gave me the run around to send info to Jackson; sent in November 2013; to date no response. http://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/d295f961-8eae-4178-a6d4-5a4911a84786/8c0554553ed5381cc83a3507ddb8be37. Please see copy of fax request and bank print out attached. I also agree that their customer service sucks. 11/05/13 To: From:... Read more

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  • Mar 30
  • Horrible Business Practices
  • 13

Horrible company,double billing, unfair practices. Here is what I did I filed a complaint against Apria with the Better Business Bureau. It is so easy to do. One person alone may not make a difference, but if EVERYONE on here would file a complaint it might make a difference. I feel better about filing it and I feel they are going to at least check it out. I would NOT recommend Apria to anyone.... Read more

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  • Mar 28
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Faulty Tank
  • 2
  • 15

Sent to Apria 3/28 - On 3/5 you delivered an oxygen concentrator and 2 large tanks to my 90 YEAR OLD mother that requires her to fill her own tanks. Did I mention that she's 90? Not only that, but the "portable" tanks weigh approx. 8.5 lbs and she can hardly lift them, let alone put them on top the machine to fill them. Then, the first time we used one, at 3L which is prescribed by her... Read more

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  • Mar 25
  • Lake Forest, California
  • Apria Cpap
  • 14

I have a CPAP from Apria. My insurance changed for 2013, and Apria could not handle this update. In April, I had to call three times to get the insurance updated. Each time they asked for a credit card to keep on file, and fortunately I refused. In November 2013, my insurance carrier paid three claims on one check. In January 2014, I get a collection notice that I have not paid one of the... Read more

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  • Mar 20
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Insurance Billing
  • 18

This company is a Nightmare when it comes to billing your insurance. I have Medicare as my primary and also a secondary insurance. I was sent to Apria healthcare after I was diagnosed with Sleep apnea for a C-PAP machine & Supplies for the machine. I was asked for a Major credit card upfront for a kind of security deposit. I was ok with this at the time. Now they have a habit of billing... Read more

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  • Mar 13
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Billing Practices
  • 18

I would never refer Apria to anyone! If there was a zero rating, I would have chosen it instead of one rating. My son had two types of rental equipment from Apria, they provided the equipment, kept charging me when the insurance had "paid it in full per agreement". Their billing dept. is horrible!!!! Every time you call, you wait on hold 30 minutes before being helped. Then you talk to a... Read more

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  • Mar 02
  • Troy, Michigan
  • Patients Abuse
  • 27

Apria locally works out of providers offices,signing up patients right from the hospital or doctors office.This has allowed them to be the dominant force in the industry and they see no need for customer service. Their billing is much to be desired, and God forbid if you have a problem. There are other companies making inroads uinto their business. We found a great one that treats us like valued... Read more

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  • Feb 28
  • Evans City, Pennsylvania
  • Late Billing Process
  • 24

Several years ago, I had 2 separate instances when they billed the insurance company almost 1 year after services. I called three times to give the proper insurance info and they still continued to bill it incorrectly. Then they tried to send me a bill for that amount. After almost 2 years, I thought I'd give them another shot. I ordered supplies on December 26th and specifically told them it HAD... Read more

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