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Anytime Fitness - membership was revoked because of a verbal discussion w/ another member

  • by   Dec 24, 2013
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Company Anytime Fitness
Product / Service Treatment Of Member
Category Fitness Centers
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I was working out on a machine ,when 3 rubber exercise balls fell fell of the wall near another member.the member insisted that I was rude even after I apologized a number of times.

I finally said to her to stop acting like a priss and ended the conversation. It was obvious this didn't sit well w/ the owner of the gym. He immediately revoked my membership. If this is not addressed I will continue to pursue the issue.

I've been a member for approximately 1 year. i was ATTRACTed to aNYTIME FITNESS because of THE HOURS OF AVAILABILITY. By being able to wrkout in the early morning hurs(4 am) it provides an opportunity to get my in workout in before work and still be able to get to my place employment on time.

The company I work for is a global co.If something is not done with this issue, my complaint will go global. 2d85157

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Feb 14  from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Typical of anytime... sign a contract and have issues with the owner you cannot get out of it, but if you *** off an underling in the office then your done for...
Reply to Micheal2014

Jan 30  from Dallas, Texas
I wish there was a way for every human being to be accountable for what they do but there isnt this is life you ***
Reply to humanintolerance

Jan 02  from San Antonio, Texas
Heavens! Somebody get that straightened out quickly! Call in the Marines or something....She/He/It's "going GLOBAL!"

Be AFRAID --- be VERY afraid! :eek
Reply to ABCee

Dec 24, 2013 
Oh yea.. We are impressed with you going global threat! You were probably the jack.off and were probably rude!
Reply to Notimpressed

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