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Anytime Fitness - I am avoiding possibly being ripped off thanks to this website!!!!

  • by   Jan 04
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Company Anytime Fitness
Product / Service Club Membership
Location Newark, New Jersey
Category Fitness Centers
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Sure glad I decided to do some digging before I joined this outfit.I was thinking of joining the Anytime Fitness gym in my small hometown.

They may be the most honest gym in the world; but I will not go near the place after reading all these complaints. There is no way I will sign a contract that will allow these credit card thieves to rob my account!!

I was suspicious when I went to their website and could not find any published fees.Guess I will reconsider joining my local YMCA even if their fees are higher. 2d36381

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Mar 27  from Greenville, South Carolina
Anytime Fitness is 1.8 million members strong, MOST have been members for years. So 390 complainers out of 1.8 million members is an EXTREMELY LOW PERCENTAGE of folks.
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Jan 25 
I too was suspicious and decided to do some digging. While I am seeing a few very valid complaints I am also seeing a LOT of people who didn't bother reading their contract and were penalized because they decided they knew what was what instead of what was in the contract they signed.
I have complete faith that when I go into my local Anytime Fitness on Monday I will be just fine. I will read the contract, and if I do find everything in order I will sign that contract. If I violate my contract then I will pay the penalty instead of assuming it was wasn't my fault and blaming someone else. There is nothing wrong with being an informed consumer, there is something very wrong with being a reactionary entitled person who takes no responsibility for themselves.
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Jan 10  from Louisville, Kentucky
Well I got a 7 day free pass to try and tried to make a appt to be shown around no answer at all everytime I called answering machine tried email no answer got a certificate that said bring this to the club got there at 4:30 the place was locked wow I said if thats the way she runs a business noone anwers the phone at all I will find somewhere else
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