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Dont Work For Anytime Fitness

  • by   Jan 20
  • Review #: 472003
Company Anytime Fitness
Product / Service Employee Abuse
Location Sydney, New South Wales
Category Fitness Centers
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Applied for a job, got called up for a inteview and set a date , however called the day before the interview date and explained i couldnt make it cause of my son being sick and i had to look after him, and if i could rescedule and Nick Who looks after the hiring was so rude , told me off and he hanged up in my face.
I Was still in shock after he hanged up, i couldnt belive it , the way he spoke to me , in saying that if hes like that representimg anytime fitness you really must wonder how it is on the inside.

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Apr 04 
Rude and angry expression is NEVER excusable...especially when it comes to this situation. Anyone that doesn't have any understanding or emotional intelligence for other people's situations should NOT be in business. We're people, helping people...period. The hiring manager is wrong for his behavior and in my opinion isn't someone I'd EVER want to work with. So what he conducted interviews and whatnot...that's part of the business. But to explode on someone just because things didn't go his way...is pathetic.
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Feb 06  from Riverside, California
I wouldn't hire you either. Kids get sick, I get it, but I'm sure there is someone in your life that could take care of your son for a couple of hours. If your already making lame excuses now, then you probably will as an employee. No thanks.
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Jan 20  from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
By the time you get a call for an interview, your interviewer/hiring manager has already spent a great deal of time pouring over countless resumes......you made the cut...and got an interview...and then pissed the opportunity away. Sorry your son was sick.....but that is not your future employers issue. And by making this an issue...maybe nick saw this as writings on the wall.....and cut his losses with you...and your son.
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