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ampli ear comments on this site

Company Ampli Ear
Product / Service Ampli Ear Hearing Aid
Location Tampa, Florida
Category Eye and Ear Care
Views 229

Let's see if you will publish my comments.a few months ago I commented on the ampli ear hearing aid and how it worked very well.

first, my comment was published then it was taken off the website!!! It appears to me there is bias on this site and it is not representative of all experiences - only supposedly bad ones. I have had the ampli ear for several months and it WORKS BETTER THAN THE EXPENSIVE ONES I HAVE PURCHASED in the last 15 years. AND it is designed to be easier to maintain!


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Aug 03, 2011 
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Jun 28, 2011 
800.898.9399 is their number. its all over the site. go look. they are also only open m-f 9-5.

as for the other guy this is not ampli ear... whos going to credit your card?!
Reply to crb411

Apr 23, 2011 
they provide no phone number, my parents ordered weeks ago and have not received theirs and no contact.. it seems it works for those they decide to send them too the rest are getting screwed and losing money and not getting their product. I've emailed them but you can't call, they provide no phone number in their ads or on their website.
Reply to kav

Jan 24, 2011  from Erode, Tamil Nadu
I am returning 2 of your aids. They do not work. Please credit my credit card
Reply to Arnold Swerdlow

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