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Americas Servicing Company - ASC-Class Action Lawsuit

Company Americas Servicing Company
Location Lahaina, Hawaii
Category Loans and Mortgages
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Since November of last year, we have been tryinging to do loan modifications.We submit paperwork, but never get a straight answer.

Who knows how to head a class action lawsuit? I'm in!! Anyone out there started one yet? I've called them so many times, so many different answers.

I don't want to lose my house, but at the rate they are doing things---it may happen. Each person I talk to has a different answer. Sometimes my paperwork is complete, other times, it's not. I hvae no idea what's going on and cannot get a straight answer from anyone.

I didn't realize so many people were going through the same thing!!!

Let's file!!

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Oct 22, 2013 
America's Servicing Company needs to be investigated on the way they do business. The amounts owed on the loans never match up. They foreclosed on my sons home without notification and going through the modifications for help was unbelievable. Numerous papers as requested were sent to them (faxed and mailed) and yet they kept saying they needed the same information that was supplied to them. The modification papers were sent to different locations so it was clearly apparent to me that the imformation was not getting documented when they received them which is why they kept asking for the same information that was submitted to them on numerous occasions. We have a pre-mediation hearing on 10/25/2013 and I am praying that justice is served and my son will be able to keep his home. I would appreciate any information from anyone who is clearly going through the same situation.
Reply to traetedunfairly

Nov 14, 2012 
another house lost. now in forclosure asc wants to work something out
Reply to Mike

Jul 05, 2012 
I have just about the same story. They strubg us aalog for THREE YEARS and we kost our home in December. We are currently fighting eviction and iwe can succeed there I intebd to sue them!!!
Reply to Reva

Jul 02, 2012 
I have similar stories as other homeowners. I want to be a part of the class action suit. ASC has no intention of modifying these loans.
Reply to Veronica

Jul 02, 2012 
I have similar stories as other homeowners. I want to be a part of the class action suit. ASC has no intention of modifying these loans.
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Jun 29, 2012 
I am an attorney and have suffered through the same process with ASC – there is a Consent Order between Wells Fargo and the Comptroller of the Currency dated April 2011 supposedly preventing further activity of this kind but obviously not. A class action is warranted but difficult – there is one pending in CA. I have started an email at ascclassaction@yahoo.com – if people are serious send me comments and I will decide whether to proceed.
Reply to Sam

Jun 19, 2012 
Americas servicing are all ready in a class action lawsuit check the web..
Reply to Melvin Hill

Jun 06, 2012 
I could tell you all my ASC story but it would be identical to many of your own. I am disgusted with this company. They will not recognize the HARP II refinance nor will they modify a bloody thing for me. I have been working on this for two years. If ANYONE knows how to do a class action lawsuit, I WANT IN!! Jazzamour@att.net.
Reply to Mari

Jun 01, 2012 
We all have similar stories dealing with ASC/Wells Fargo. Where do we go from here? Do we contact a Law Firm that will take up the cause, and start a Class Action Law Suit against ASC. Who can recommend such a Firm? We would include all of our names and information, and I'm sure this Class Action Lawsuit will probably include atleast 1,000,000 members parties to the Law Suit. And we're probably talking in the $100,000,000. I'm in. abelmarti@aol.com
Reply to Abel Martinez

May 21, 2012 
I first applied for a modification in 2010 after my husband had passed and i could no longer make the high paymetts. I sent paperwork and then more paperwork for the same thing, copies of bills, proof of income ona and on and on. Made the three payments with the new loan amount of course you have to make those on time not a minute late, which I did. This took somewhere in the neighorhood of 8 months to get done. After I had made these payments and did what they told me to do (on time I might add) I finally received a letter stating that they were sorry but I was turned down for my modification. When I called I ask them why I did not qualify here is the answer I was given. (You failed to send us separate copeis of your utitlty bills) My response to that was I have sent you this information several times. I was told by the ASC associate not to worry about that letter anyway because it is just a generic letter they send to everyone who tries to get a modification.

I received letters stating they were going to foreclose and I might think about going for a short sale on my property. I tried every way possible to get a Reverse Mortgage to pay them off. But my property did not appraise at a high enough value to get the full amount owed them after they have added all the late charges and attorneys fees and whatever else they could think to add. this has been going on since mid 2010. Anyway I offered them a Short payoff a "PRE HUD AGREEMENT" this is the
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Reply to Rita Spencer

May 03, 2012 
I did everything they ask me to do after all the paperwork(and my I say a lot)I get served with forclosure paper I was sick and so was my husband we lost our house.They even sent me a check back calling it a clerical error after they forclosed on the house they suck :(
Reply to acs sucks

Mar 23, 2012 
i lost my home in may 2010 due to ASC not doing a loan modification..said they didn't have enough information on the program nor the man power to help me with a loan mod. :(
Reply to Lynn

Feb 29, 2012 
My husband and I are going through the very same thing. It has been almost a year and we are so far behind on our payments that we will probably lose our home. Please contact us at garylabruzza@aol.com
Reply to Andrea Manna

Jan 25, 2012 
we got in a loan modification with asc about a year ago and are being told everything will be alright.now we learn that our house is in forcloser and we might lose our house.we did everything they told us to do and we kept all reciepts and letters.right now we are talking to hud and trying to refinance.
Reply to steve and diana dreifurst of i

Jan 18, 2012 
Just an update that Wells Fargo bought my home through sheriffs sale on 01/17/2012 for 30K, ain't that something. So the bottom line they never wanted to help and probaly never would have. It's cheaper to get you out and sell to someone else then work with homeowner.
Reply to claudine

Jan 16, 2012 
When we tryed to modify there idea was ti up our morgage by 200 a month and that was after they suggested we fall 3 months in the rear. Needless to say we lost the house and we never did get the notice I would love to be involve with these people. :(
Reply to Linda James

Jan 04, 2012 
I have been sitting hear on my computer reading of of your comments in regards to ASC's inability to assist anyone who has reached out to them in regards to modifing our mortages due to ecomnomic downfall, we have been going through the same deal for over 8 months and have just been informed that we are in foreclosure status, no one at this company can give me a straight answer as to how much longer it will take. Currently we have been told that it is with underwriters and in review, we have also had case closed as well as application expiring, more information needed to the point where they dont even call us to tell you the status change and you only find out if you call for updates that they never relay to you. This is out right shameful that this is allowed to happen to people that have worked hard to own a home and fall upon hardships that we did not creat. If anyone has information for me to get the help that I need to take this nightmare with ASC to the next level please me @ howardrobert75@yahoo.com.
Reply to Robert

Jan 03, 2012 
please help with info for lawsuit against ASC, have been dealing with this for almost three years and I'm so tired and want to throw in the towel, but I now I did nothing wrong in having my mortgage sold to ASC and then my payments went up $335 on a fixed rate!
There's got to be a way to stop this!
Reply to claudine

Dec 07, 2011 
We have had the same problem with ASC!! I thought Obama had been working on fixing this!?!? We paid a $16,000 reinstatement fee, with only $1,000 actually going to our mortgage! I've sent a 15page fax every other month, for over a year!! Every person I talk to there says something different than the last! They charge me $20!!! To make my payment by phone, but I'm not allowed to pay it any other way!? Just last week they informed me that they can no longer take payments from me! I've paid over $6,000 following the end odd my payment plan, and that money is sitting in an "UNAPPLIED" account?? I don't know what to do?? :(
Reply to StephanieR

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