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American Income Life - Scam/Scam

Company American Income Life
Product / Service Sales Job
Location Fairfield, California
Category Life and Casualty Insurance
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Went to 2 interviews , after second interview was told I had a third interview the following week.I was never called so I figured hey maybe they didn't like me for some odd reason .

I called a couple weeks later to follow up and they said they had NO record of me even being there ( very strange ). Then 3 weeks later I get an email from a Don Foti telling me they want to meet with me? Then I got a call the next day to set up an interview , I told them I had already been there twice . He the told me oh there must have been a mistake and that they wanted to meet with me , they had no problems pulling my paper work ( after I was told 3 weeks earlier they had no records of me being there) .

Keep in mind I took off two days from work to interview , this is a SS# collector and a true SCAM , I never showed up for the interview and the calls stopped after a couple weeks.

Just today I got another email from Don Foti ( general manager) saying they wanted to meet with me .Stay away ,,,,,oh and one more thing in second interview they asked me to use my car and my personal lap top to be considered for this job. 2de84a4

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Mar 05  from Dallas, Texas
My union sent me a postcard recommending AIL. So I sign up and pay for 6 mos. thinking it a reputable company. Then one day 2 men show up at my front door asking to "re-new" policy. One of then asked to used the restroom and one started questioning me about my job and family and health. Restroom guy says he "noticed" prescription bottle in bathroom (under sink cabinet and 2 yrs old) and what was i taking antibiotic for. Told him it was from cold 2 years ago. He said it might affect the amount I pay monthly. My B.S. alarm went off and I told them to leave. I cancelled my policy same day. Two days later they called and asked if I anted to increase coverage. I told them I had ended my policy and they said they had no record of that. Long story short, another 6 mos. to close bank account and have bank retrieve illegally obtained auto payments that I had stopped. If a company shows this much dishonesty and deception only 6 mos into relationship...how forthcoming will they be in honoring their benefit obligation to my family in the event of my death. After educating myself on insurance, I know AIL to be a 3rd rate, half-a*# company. Run, children, Run!!! :x
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Oct 01, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
The best way to deal with these dopes is to always schedule an interview, early in the morning, and simply don't show up!

If they call you right before the interview to see if your still interested, tell them absolutely, and confirm the interview time. Also tell them that you look very forward to meeting with them.

Eventually they'll realize that they're wasting too much time, and will figure out another way to rob people. :grin
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Aug 28, 2013 
I recently worked for AIL for a month before quitting. I did think it was a bit odd that every day I walked in there were people being interviewed, but I tried to keep a positive outlook. When I started field training, I was, in essence, more of a chauffeur for one of the managers. I would drive him to his meetings, whether it was 10 miles away or 80 miles away, losing tons of money on gas. I did this continually for weeks. He never drove one time. He did give me a whopping $15 one time. I never felt that he was trying to get me out of training. I was needed 30 referrals to get released, but I was not getting any opportunities when I was going with him to meet with customers he was trying to get additional coverage. Also, I did not think everyone in the company was doing what he or she thought was best for the clients. After one death claim I went to with my manager, he said, "I probably could have gotten another $500 if her son weren't there." The lady had just lost her husband, and his main concern was trying to profit off of additional coverage that he told me she did not need. I will say there is plenty of money to be made in this company, but in many cases, I do not believe the ways to maintain the money is ethically sound. If you are thinking about working here, I would give it some thought. Believe me, it is not what they say it will be during their interviews.
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Aug 19, 2013 
I keep getting the e-mails now i just ignore them..
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Jul 30, 2013  from Denver, Colorado
I just had my first interview with AIL this morning and I thought they sounded like a good company. But after reading all the posts, I am extremely concerned about going on the 2nd interview next Thursday. I don't want to jump from the frying pan to the fire. I think I may cancel my appointment for next Thursday.
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Jul 17, 2013  from Cincinnati, Ohio
I just got a call from this company saying the director found my resume and was very takin away by it..it's the crappiest resume I have..then I redid it and my updated one looks way better! So if he was takin away by it something is wrong here. I had an interview set up for Thursday at 9 told I would be there until noon. Then I get an email from a secretary named Sharon saying they can't meet with me on Thursday can I do it Friday. I emailed her back and told her yes. I am working and had to tell my boss I had an appoinment. After reading about this company should I go or should I say screw it. Sounds like a good job to go help people with applications at their homes....HELP!!!
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Jul 09, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
I've gotten 3 or 4 invitations to schedule interview with a representative from this entity; however, I had to miss my first and decided not to reply to the rest. I do find it strange that a litgit business would initiate this many contacts, especially when they are not getting back any kind of feedback. I'm glad that I performed the online search first.
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Jun 03, 2013 
I was recruited by this company off of Monster. At first I was excited by the opportunity, but as many have mentioned, they lie to you about the position you are being offered. I was told there were many positions available, and during the 4th interview was told everyone starts out in sales. They don't like to call it "sales" because they don't want the customer to feel like we are sales people. I just was "hired" this past Friday, but we didn't receive the link to start our classes for our license, so our hire date is being changed to today, the day of our first "office" meeting. They expected us to start our classes Saturday so that we would stay on schedule. I sent an email today declining the position, because as many on here have said, I had a gut feeling something wasn't quite right.
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Mar 28, 2013 
A person called me said he's calling for his boss and there's something he liked but he didn't know what it was?I asked what company name he ignored me and said well is this "my name " that distracted me he was unprofessional he said to bring my resume because it wasn't in riight format? Anyway he gave me a wrong address and sounded wierd he said when u come for your interview we'll see whose the real me behind my resume.so looked at caller id and saw it's from AIL company ..so thier unprofessional and it is a crappy position no bueno. :x
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Mar 17, 2013  from Saint Louis, Missouri
I worked there for a very long time. I went from the 40% training agent all the way to a 75% RGA. Its a complete rip off. First the biggest mistake anyone can do is sign a *** manager contract. After becoming an MGA my pay was continually never there are my checks were loaded under another person 400 miles away. I also was sent to help open new satellite agencies across my SGAs territory. It is not worth the time. Do yourselves a favor and just quit or walk away. Its all bs. Ail will take everything from you. Take it from someone who carried a very high close rate with an average week of me writing over 85% of the agencies business. STAY AWAY!!
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Feb 14, 2013  from Los Angeles, California
Why don't you guys get together and call the media to expose these scammers? If nothing else some people will not fall into this trap.
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Feb 09, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
Like this or Hate this.....everyone is entitled to make their own Big boy and girl decisions. I worked for an agency in Indianpolis. I contacted them or a job because I too wanted a career change. I went through the interview process. Naive to the whole interview, true/fake promises, training costs, etc. I understood that it was hoing to take money to make money, so whatever. I was hired within two days of interviewing. They pushed me to pay 300+ dollars to take insurance class when you can do it online for $75 (Come to find out the SGA got a cut of everyone he sent to that class) During my final interview they asked me if I had any questions or comments. I told them if this is a job where I am going to be away from my family Then don't hire me. There exact response was "We are a family company and you setbyour own schedule." Ok great! Hired breeze through training first phone call was appointment. However, I had been given an OLD lead pack from an agent who had just quit because he had a gun pulled on him! So I go out with supervisor and sell first client for a whopping $47 ALP( which later stopped paying) No other appointments but I was "ready" Did REALLY well at first, ONLY made money from Referrals. Not ONE sale to union member( they don't want this) AIL doesn't take into account that 90% of average blue collar workers are broke and can't affor this! Anyway promoted to Supervising Agent in within a month. Here's where the fun begins. I was asked to start working 12hr... Show more
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Jul 19, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
Thank you so much for this input! I am sorry it took money away from you to do so....you are saving people like me from making a huge mistake! I hope you are doing well now with a better job!!! :-)
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Jan 25, 2013  from Pasadena, California
This post is not ***. What company has two people call you to setup an interview with you. Not only that, I scheduled and interview with one while the other was calling. I have read several posts about this being a scam. I would not waste your time if your looking for a real job. And by the way they got my name off the site CAREER BUILDER. :/
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Jan 06, 2013  from Napa, California
I wish I would have known about this website before i did business with these people. This was the biggest mess I ever got into with an insurance company. First it was a hassle to get insurance and then they wanted to raise my rates about $30 a month higher than what we initially agreed to. The weird thing was that the district manager came to my house unannounced on a Saturday at 8 pm to tell me that my rates were going up and she wanted me to sign off on the new policy. When I decided to cancel, it was impossible to make contact with a human being. To this day, I am still waiting to get a call back at my refund check.
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Jan 25, 2013  from Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Completely agree, the interview was just a sales pitch! :roll
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Jan 28, 2013  from Indianapolis, Indiana
My fiance and I ended up maxing out one credit card and opening up and maxing out another just to not lose house and keep food on the table and formula in y sons stomach. It was a royal load of BS. I'm still owed 4,000 dollars in commissions from them.
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Jan 04, 2013 
All I can say is every Agency is different. I absolutely love AIL. My home agency has been in business for 25 years. They are very supportive and always helpful. I have heard that the newer agencies are very aggressive and not very personal when it comes to the sales staff. It absolutely is not a scam tho. We do not collect SS numbers. That is pathetic to even say that. AIL has been in business since 1951, is a AAA rated company with AMBEST and the BBB. Do you think a SCAM would be that way? I am always paid on time, very good leads, but I do agree that referrals are it. The ones that complain are the ones who did not *** it. Go to the interview and decide for yourself. My agency rocks but our local competing agency I have heard is very "creepy" and has weird recruiting tactics.
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Jan 08, 2013 
In response to "I Work for AIL", your defense of every agency is different is nonsense. Abusive recruiting is widespread throughout the country and throughout management. AIL corporate has instituted recruiting quotas, commission override incentives, and financial penalties to SGA's that encourage agent turnover. Recruiters are trained by corporate to provide a minimum of information during the recruiting process. The use of inaccurate or misleading information is well known by corporate, they are suing Google because sites such as this are to accessible in a Google search so they know of the complaints. AIL actively ignores recruiting abuses because agent turnover financially benefits AIL. This is why AIL has the highest agent turnover in the industry, the worst training in the industry, the worst policy retention in the industry, and the worst agent contract in the industry. This string of worsts is not an accident, it is their business model.
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