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Amazon and Apex Media - Beware of Apex Media Book Rentals

Company Amazon and Apex Media
Location Iowa City, Iowa
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Monetary Loss

My daughter rented a book from Apex Media for a college class.All information sent by the company for the return of the book went to her junk mail.

She was charged $38 for the rental and I was charged (on my MasterCard) $147 more for a used book worth about $50-60. When I saw the charge, I immediately called Amazon. I was told that the time period to return the book had passed. Apex's policy is that we could not return the book.

Don't rent from these people. Go to some other service!

They should have sent a snail mail warning.Email is not infallible. 302da26

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Feb 20 
Apex Media with Amazon rentals is the worst experience I have ever had with a textbook rental. I was charged $206 on my credit card. Rent from Chegg and save yourself the trouble.
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Jan 27 
does anybody have any suggestions on what steps I should take to prevent all this from happening to me at the end of the semester?
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Jan 27 
Cancel the credit card you used for the original transaction (as if it were stolen) and get a new one with a new number. :roll
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Feb 22 
I changed my card, but they still charged my old card and billed to me. I believe Amazon received a lot of phone called from renter about this fraud company. Amazon needs to do something to stop this company.
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Jan 25 
Sounds like they do this to a lot of people. I too rented one for $27 and got charged $203 for a used book. I think it's outrageous that they charge so much for a used book. I could have bought a new copy for less. I will never use them again.
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Jan 22  from San Diego, California
Same thing happened to me! but the fee for for the book to purchase was $327!!! from a $27 rental fee... what the F!?
I plan on taking these matters further. Thanks for speaking out. :(
Reply to mad student

Jan 22  from Morgantown, West Virginia
I just read all this. I "rented" this book from them two weeks ago and still haven't received an email saying when the rentals due. Does anyone know where I can did this info?
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Jan 20  from Mashpee, Massachusetts
yes! When I purchased this book I was under the impression that I was buying it, not renting it. Nowhere on my oder form or order details did it say I was renting..I was later hit with a $40 amazon rental fee. DO NOT USE APEX MEDIA
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Jan 09 
We ordered a book for a class that was to begin within the next few days. We only used Apex Media because they said we could have the book on time. Guess what? A day later, Amazon said it would be another five days, saying we could cancel or refuse the shipment. But by the time we reorder it, the Apex Media copy SHOULD be here, and it sounds like they're not great at refunds.
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Jan 09  from Murrieta, California
BULL! I'm shocked that I've been charged $91! I was charged full price for a used book that I rented and APEX Media has arbitrarily judged in unacceptable condition to return. It seems as though I have no recourse and I suppose is a lesson learned NOT to rent books from Amazon. It bothers me that they have the ability to charge my credit card without my consent.
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Jan 09  from Tarpon Springs, Florida
Apex_Media is a scam!! I returned their text book in pristine condition. I barely used it for my class. When I shipped the book. I used a sturdy cardboard box. They "claim" the binding had damage (BS!). I find this very hard to believe. Everytime I order a book from amazon they use cheap paper thin cardboard and they arrive without any damage. I'm currently disputing this bogus charge with my credit card company. I will never used this rip off company. Amazon should ban this scam company.
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Jan 04 
This is why I have learned to always, always trust my local college bookstore. Their prices are competitive and they never scam me. All of their revenue is invested right back on campus. Look, if it's too good a deal to be true, it probably isn't really a deal at all.
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Dec 24, 2013 
The same thing just happened to me. I wanted to extend my rental for $20 and they ended up "selling" me the book for $85!!! I just checked and the book brand new is only worth $60. Keep in mind that I have already rented it for $40! And I can't get a hold of anyone to tell them about it.
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Dec 18, 2013  from Phoenix, Maryland
Be sure to check the "listed" condition of the book and how or IF it meets the requirements from Amazon's list of criteria. If not, return it ASAP! I rented a book that should have been nothing more than a door stop. Returned it promptly after semester and WELL before it was due. I was charged over $300 for it, for they said it was damaged at the spine. I sent it back in the EXACT same condition it was in when I received it for the type of class I took, I didn't need it but 1 or 2 times. It stayed on my desk. Renter/Buyer BEWARE!!
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Sep 19, 2013  from Seattle, Washington
Here’s my story for anyone that might rent a book for their college student.

• On April 2nd 2013, during the chaos of the move to Seattle, I rented a book for my daughter for her class Beginning Algebra (11th Edition) Lial, Margaret from Amazon for $29.84. It was sold by apex_media. When her class was over we waited for information on how to return the book. On 9/12/2013 I was charged $214.25 by Amazon MKTPLACE. Upon calling them to find out why I was charged this amount, I was informed that this was for the buyout of this book and there is nothing they can do about it. They told me that they sent e-mail to me a month prior and that I did not respond, when this happened I was unable to return the book. I do not remember receiving this e-mail or any e-mail regarding the return of this book. When I spoke to my daughter she informed me that she still has the book and was waiting to find out how to return it. I was told by Amazon that apex feels that they can charge this amount because they could have received this amount by renting it to other students. I do not know how they could get 214.25 in one month of having this book back though. I cannot find any information about apex company except on Amazon. They are hiding behind the shield of a big company Amazon. If I want to speak to them this will not happen because their company service goes through Amazon, however, Amazon customer service will relay my dissatisfaction to apex. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that
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Sep 15, 2013 
Same thing happened to me with 2 books I rented this past semester.
Was there anything you could do about this problem, apex never refunded you?
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Sep 15, 2013  from Iowa City, Iowa
No resolution. That is why I posted here.
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Aug 18, 2013  from Colorado Springs, Colorado
same exact thing happened to me. monetary loss over $300..
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Aug 15, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
Amazon has a Textbook rental link in the "My Account" section. You can print all your return labels from there. I didn't have to deal with Apex at all. I managed and returned my rental through Amazon. It is just a matter of staying on top of your rentals.
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