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Ally Bank lousy service for auto loans

Company Ally Bank
Product / Service 2007 Chevrolet Hhr
Location Cabot, Arkansas
Category Computers
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My auto loan with GMAC was sold to Ally Bank.I know understand that the auto loan division of Ally is separate from the other divisions.

There is no chat or email service available through the auto loan division. My only option is to TRY and call the 877 number that is provided on the website. The wait to talk to someone is often times 20 minutes. Then when you talk to someone you have the wrong department so you get transferred and wait again.

All I want to do is to access my account online so I can make a payment. I have been calling for a week, usually in my car going to work or coming home. It is all a waste of time and I am PISSED because I will be assessed a late fee and will have to sit on hold again to complain about the late fee.

Thanks a lot GMAC!This is what we get when you are taken over by the Obama administration.Next time I will buy a Ford from a great American company.

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Jun 26, 2013 
Keep politics out of banking. You can't blame everything on obama and remember.........

Love Ally
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Dec 31, 2012  from Richardson, Texas
"Thanks a lot GMAC! This is what we get when you are taken over by the Obama administration."........Well I suggest you look into who actually owns Ally Bank before castigating the Democrats or Obama. This is how the conservative, capitalistic auto industry CEO's repay Obama for saving them. By sticking it to YOU. Same thing is happening in the healthcare industry. Many pharmaceutical and insurance companies are creating cleaver policy loopholes to trick the elderly and everyone else out of every penny they can. Then they spin more anti-Obama talking points for the uneducated and ignorant to believe and repeat.
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Mar 06, 2013  from Cincinnati, Ohio
You are right on . thanks for letting it the truth be told!
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Dec 31, 2012  from Richardson, Texas
"Thanks a lot GMAC! This is what we get when you are taken over by the Obama administration."

Well I suggest you look into who actually owns Ally Bank before castigating the Democrats or Obama. This is how the conservative, capitalistic auto industry CEO's repay Obama for saving them. By sticking to YOU.
Reply to Don't blame the Obama Administ

Nov 12, 2012 
Same problems as above. Log in is fine the first time. As soon as I try to do anything(pay, set up auto pay), website goes into a time warp..then, just shuts down. Says page cannot be displayed. Log out and try to log back in, webpage wont even pull up!! This has apparently been going on for a while, puzzles me that they cannot get this corrected. First time I called, was told that I had to have safari for it to work. I am using a company computer that had internet explorer and was not able to download safari. Used daughters Macbook the next day that has safari and was able to make payment. Came back this month and downloaded safari to company computer and tried, didnt work. Called in and was told that Safari is not supported!!! WTH, nothing seems to be supported. Worst company I have ever dealt with!!
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Jan 17, 2013  from Napa, California
Boy do I agree with you!! I seem to have better luck with my home computer than at my office. I have written 2 letters and if I try to pay the bill per phone, they want to charge me $15.00. No Way!! Their web site SUCKS! And I have told them just in those words!
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Jul 31, 2012 
great service and experience from ALLY.Just have to know the amount of my note and the due date and"VOILA",!!!!!!On to the next payment.
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Sep 15, 2011 
Same situation, same pissed off customer being raped by Ally!
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Jul 18, 2011 
Talk about incompetent. I have hours invested in trying to just pay them off. They are incredibly ignorant and could care less about their customers.
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Jun 15, 2011 
Horrible customer service. I ask to talk to a supervisor, get put on hold, the clock turns to 7pm and my call ends. I change the due date of my auto loan from the beginning of the month to mid month and pay the $36 that they ask for. I even received mail saying that my money was received...I then get another piece of mail saying that I'm late on my car payment. Good job Ally. Good thing I have proof of everything!
Reply to Clay Bowen

Jun 15, 2011 
First time auto loan with Ally since chrysler financial stopped doing auto loans. So far the website seems to be just a mock up, without any actual functionality. I tried adding my bank account to allow for online payment. I called after repeatedly entering the information correctly, and getting the error that it was wrong. 20mins later I was with a CSR, who told me that the site is not working, to give it 1hr. I gave them 2hrs and ended up calling again since the same error occurred. I was told to log in and out and try again (WHAT!!?), which didn't solve the problem (surprise!). After another 30mins I was told that the Ally Website does not accept accounts from my banking institution (Bank of America).
The CSR did not give me any other information other than that (not a why, is this temporary or permanent, is a solution being sought, etc).
She DID offer to take my payment over the phone for $15 (even though it was not my fault they are not taking my financial institution), OR to simply wire the money via moneygram (another fee), or mail in a check. I believe the point of having a website was to NOT inconvenience me. For Ally it seems the M.O. is to discourage you from doing business with them.

One last thing to say, I'm surprised with all these negatives reviews, we haven't s started a Facebook group, or a blog (in addition to this one) for these issues. I'm sure Consumer Reports would love to hear these stories.

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Jun 08, 2011 
same problem as others, set up online billing and don't receive bill online or in regular mail! then they send a late bill demanding a late charge. no more GMC.
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Jun 03, 2011  from Savannah, New York
Thier website is STILL down, and it's causing problems. I hate Ally.
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Apr 26, 2011 
Screw Ally. They even admitted they gave me the wrong info and want to charge me 15 bucks for a payment over the phone. She said that she is here to correct the false information that was given to me from the other reps. Ummmm, then train your employees and NOT AT MY EXPENSE!

I really wish I had other options to get out of Ally.
Reply to blackhemi

Mar 17, 2011 
Same problem here. Just bought a new Chevy and it is financed through Ally. Although they gave me an account number I still can't get on-line. I have talked with a real person several times after I waited up to 45 minutes for someone to answer. All times were non-native speaking persons if you know what I mean so the conversations were really difficult. Even had one of their IT people call me and still can't figure out the problem. Said he would call right back with a solution and it's been 2 weeks now. Worst company I've ever dealt with.
Reply to Baldie88

Mar 11, 2011 
Same problems here. 15 bucks to make a payment on the phone. They say it will go to the principal of the loan next month..... let's see. I tried to make a payment 50 dollars over my loan amount and they had problems trying to figure that out. I think they are screwing their clients out of 15 bucks a person for more money in their pockets...... they know the web site don't work and hasn't for a ling time. Why not just waive this fee for the customers inconveniences. Oh that's right the customer is always WRONG!
Reply to ally_sucks

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