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Allied Interstate calls are a scam !

  • by   Jun 15, 2009
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Company Allied Interstate
Location Los Angeles, California
Category Collection Agencies
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Please be aware of Allied Interstate calls- we received many for 2 weeks straight. (their phone number is 888-720-1467)

Finally picked up and they said we owed AOL charges for 6 months (money didn't come out of our checking account)- we haven't used AOL for internet service for over 9 years..... bet they were waiting to see if we gave them our bank info!!

We challenged their fraud and they hung up! Man was rude - sounded like he was from India. Tried calling their number back only to hear recording and no way to leave message! Unbelievable !

BD 3009251

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Apr 13 
They have called my parents ever since 2001, never said who they were calling for or why, the answering machine would come on and all they'd say is, "Hello" about four or five times in broken English. My parents had gotten rid of their landline phone and went to cellular phones. Fast forward to 2011 they started calling my cell phone number, I think they *** into websites and I also know that the fraudsters trace phone numbers. Their number came up on my phone and it was a strange 877 area code so I used someone else's phone to call to see who'd answer or if it was some recording and they now use 866 and 877 area codes and they called the number of the phone I used. I changed my phone number and have put at least 10 numbers on the FTC's Do Not Call list in only recent months.
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Apr 01 
The FCC is going to have quite a bit of complaints logged from me with this place. Calling, with dead air for seconds, then quickly saying this call is being recorded and not getting to what they are calling about until I continually ask. And then its to verify personal information for someone else. They also won't say what they are using this information for. Will they stop calling if I give them wrong information? They are hounding my business line and cellphone everyday.
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Mar 13 
They call about every day (877-489-5688) and just hang up without saying anything. I'm really getting sick of it.
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Dec 19, 2013 
I keep getting robocalls on my answering machine, while I'm at work, from Allied Interstate LLC regarding a delinquent bill. I have no delinquent bills. They leave a number that cuts off before the last digit. I found the last digit online. This is pure harassment. I will attempt to contact governing agencies that will help me stop these calls. Perhaps BBB, FTC, others?
The text of the message: "Hello I am calling from Allied Interstate LLC, a collection agency that is attempting to collect a debt and any information that we obtain will be used for that purpose. Please call us at 1-800-258-8074."
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Aug 05, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
I received the same call. They have changed the number they are using to 1-800-444-5897. I called the Federal Trade Commission and filed attempted fraud.
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Aug 01, 2013  from Charles Town, West Virginia
Well today I called them...and they told me they didn't have my phone number in their data base...I listed off times they called every day for the past 6 days. I guess we will see. When they call the name they refer to isn't even me.
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Jul 15, 2013 
Another number - 877-489-5688
Repeated calls about "a debt" - when there aren't any.
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Jun 27, 2013  from Dover, Delaware
Here's their latest number-- 800-258-8074. Just received call from them, (let it go to voice message) stating their trying to collect a debt, didn't ask for anyone by name, just to return the call. "NOTTA CHANCE", last time somebody like that called, they were looking for my ex-husband from 30 yrs ago. They cross reference names associated with people their looking for, and start harassing them.
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May 03, 2013 
I too received a call from them claiming I owed money from 2005 for a wind stream bill and when I told them I've never used wind stream they replied you owe 186 but if you pay 78 today we will take you off the list so I replied why would I pay for something I've never used he told me he would put me down as I disputed this bill and they will send it back to the agency I'm thinking hello it's 2013 and your just now getting around to claiming I owe this said amount of money
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Mar 26, 2013  from Tampa, Florida
i received a letter also, they did not give me whom the credit account i owed 2,000. i called number and told them i did not owe any outstanding debts. and to stop sending me mail. do not give them any info over the phone just your name and account number off their letter. i told them that if this showed up on my credit report, that im contacting all 3 agencies, that it is fraudulent, and hung UP on them. I contacted the BBB submitted and online complaint, and asked them to tell them to CEASE AND DESIST. The BBB took care of it for me. Know your state laws. It takes 2 years from day of last payment for any creditor to sue you for the debt. it then can be sold to any credit collection agency, but do not settle your debt with any agency. Either wait out another 5 years and pull your credit report, it must be voided off your report after 7 years of your last payment. it may show up on your report as different accounts being sold to different collection agencies, but dispute them as one account, and in time it will be voided off your credit report. If you cant settle your account with the creditor directly with a payment arrangement, they cannot continue to add interest and other charges to your account if you are no longer using the credit card etc... to stop the vicious cycle of re aging/or re establishing old debt. follow this.. contact the BBB and file a complaint, if the company(allied) is found guilty of fraud they can shut them down...
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Mar 06, 2013 
So today I received a call from Allied International, claiming that I owed $400 for a Capital One Master Card, they gave me a credit card number phony address then they hung up. I called Capital One and told me they didn't have any records with said card number. I called back Allied and asked them to give more info on the card, date it was open and closed, last place used and were was the $400 charged. They would not give any information on the matter, after several minutes of back and forth, Mr. Koomar said he would remove my number and they would stop all calls. Will see what the future holds.
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Feb 18, 2013  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I got phone call from this number 1 888 3166088 everyday but just got a chance to speak and he says my husband owe internet service since 1982 and the amount is 1,244.17 $ and he wants us make arrangement or make payment. My husband was born in 1978 and this would be impossible to owe since 1982.What kind of business they do???
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Nov 01, 2012 
First, paying daeogrtory items will not improve your score. The damage is already done.You can try to negotiate pay for delete but this really only works with single entry items like cell phone or medical bills. Regularly reported items like credit cards will still show the charge off by the original creditor collection agencies can only remove what they report.Second, be very careful about form letters you find on the net. Many contain really bad information and are often extremely confrontational. They are often amateur legalese' and will really do more harm than good. You will always get better response if you use your own words.Did you make a settlement offer in those letters? I'm not sure where you came up with the '15 business day grace period'. If you made an offer and gave them 15 days to respond, it kinda sounds confrontational to me. Lastly, you should report your father for ID theft. This is a criminal act. It didn't bother him to ***** up your credit while you were fighting in Iraq, why should you worry about him going to jail for his crimes. If you file a police report and notify those creditors of the ID theft, your credit file would be clean.
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Oct 30, 2012 
I was receiving calls on my work phone and cell phone 10 times a day. I was threatened to have checks garnished about 200.00 AND iwas still going to have to pay the 80.00 a month towards my student loans. The girl, Kemi from india is rude and arrogant and had the balls to tell me if I quit they would find me. What can I do in a situation like that???
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Oct 10, 2012 

Sep 26, 2012 
Don't contact or pay these crooks. I receiver a letter about a debt I do not owe. I will ignore them. I have an unpublished phone number, so they cannot call. If they do manage to get my number, I have number block.
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Sep 26, 2012 
Received a letter from this company today claiming I owe a bill of over $500.00, but that they can settle it for just over $300.00. First, I do not owe this bill, nor will I respond to these crooks regardless of the language in this letter. I have an unpublished phone number; however, if they somehow manage to get my number, it will be to no avail as I have all anonymous numbers blocked on my phone.
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Sep 26, 2012 
Received a call from Allied, asking all the same quesions, my daughter also got a phone call asking for me, I have never used my daughter's telephone numbers on anything.
person I spoke to was Tanya ph. 615 690-1852 (on caller ID, also came up as Business Service)..left a message with my daughter for me to call 1 800 715-0395. Since I would not verify any of her questions, i guess i will be getting more calls.
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Aug 29, 2012 
Have received two calls from this number today alone, probably 6 this week. I don't owe any money to anyone, so I finally wised up and bought a call blocker, best bucks I've ever spent. Was getting 5-10 calls a week from these bottom *** feeders, telemarketers, dead air, robo calls, etc. Now I smile when I look on caller ID, see all the scam numbers and realize I haven't been bugged this week.
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Aug 28, 2012 
They called me today and I won't gove them any information.. they have the wrong number and just hung up on them. They can try as they want to but, I am not letting them have any piece of information!
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