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AdultFriendFinder - Ripped off! @ Adult friend finder

Company AdultFriendFinder
Product / Service Dating Service
Location Newport Beach, California
Category Social Networks
Views 891
Monetary Loss

As a trial member I had lots of views and flirts by many women from California.Once I became a paid member to respond, views and flirts from women disappeared.

they picked up again from women in Africa, Israel, Hungary Philipines, China (all-FAKE-contacts I believe) where adultfriendfinder knows Im unlikely to write. I've written 18 letters to local active members in my immediate area looking for exactly someone like me and who viewed me and sent me flirts. Of course all were standard members so I bought the features that allowed them to contact me. Not one did so in spite of more reviews and flirts from same women.NO responses at all.

I'm a good looking guy with a picture on my profile and very good description etc. I had alot of responses at Plentyoffish free site. If you do join Don't pay for gold or for any additional features such as allowing standard members to contact you. They don't deliver anything more.

Be forewarned, this site is notorious for ripping people off. I read many reviews from other people with similar experiences to mine who were also ripped off by AFF. Unfortunately, I read reviews after I joined and had been ripped off. WARNING!

if you pay by credit card and set your reocurring charge to off AFF will reset to ON just before your membership expiration!AFF will RIP you off! 3099009

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Apr 24, 2013  from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
give me ur num :p
Reply to bob

Aug 17, 2012 
I have been a member on and off over the years.AFF will do just what people say. They will charge you without you knowing about it and you have to call and talk to someone over seas that doesnt have a clue.AFF has done this more than once to me.Just have to watch them. I will say that I have met a couple of women on there but near as many as the site boasts it has.I get ALL KINDS OF FAKE stuff AFF should be able to filter out.Bottom women can be found on this site but always have your guard up for AFF TO RIP YOU OFF BECAUSE THEY WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply to rip off

May 25, 2012 
AFF has been turning my account back on after I have turned it off numerous times. When I had called them in the past, they gave me the same story as they gave others here "you must of clicked the wrong button and accidentally turn it back on to auto renew. I have also spoke to several people that have had this problem with these thieves. The last time I was on my account was last year around May 2011 with the expectation that my Gold account wast going to expire the very next month June 2011. A friend told my that I am still on AFF as a gold member, again the same old stealing money from customers bank accounts after they have turned off auto renew. I am very pissed off right now and will be taking action against this Bogus company. I will be contacting the FCC and I will do everything in my power to have them shut down. I am licensed through the FCC and I know how it all works. The more people that contact the FCC, the better. Spread the word that this company is a rip off/scam. Their days are numbered!!!
Reply to Incognito58

Dec 21, 2011 
the fake profiles all have lots of numbers added and are usually of the same day. and the engrish is tearwabull
Reply to vagino rhino

Sep 30, 2011 
I have not logged into AFF for almost a year and yes, my auto renew was set to off as I had called a year prior to complain about charges and got the old story "you must have changed it to "on"... at any rate, I got a call from VISA telling me my account was 4 months overdue. Wait a minute here, I don't even use the card when it occurred to me that AFF was at it again. What kind of B.S. is that?
Reply to Laughing out loud

Jun 16, 2011 
Just Got ripped off by them to Had a years membership and today it has been suspended no e-mail or anything. Had 10 months left! Anyone want to report them to the FCC? I think I will
Reply to Handyhank4u

Mar 08, 2011 
AFF: Luckily for me, I live in a very small town. As a result, I know the faces of most people who live here. Doing a search on AFF resulted in numerous 'hot babes' who were desperately seeking (guys like me). HA ! All the hotties in this small town can be counted on ONE HAND, and even THAT is being generous! That was the reason for the search in the first place.

Reply to filmcutter

Feb 18, 2011 
you are just one unlucky dude. i've hit gold on this site various times. i got a shorty right now she live about 3 hours north of where im at (in japan) and i had fun with her. she not the only one. been on less than a year. not a lot of action but i am navy and im out to sea a lot but im happy with my results. be patient.
Reply to youdontknow

Dec 30, 2010 
There are both real and fake ads on the site. After a while you can tell which is which. I have met several nice people on there. My biggest irritation is the problem with them turning auto renew back on after you intentially turn it off. That to me is really a problem. In fact they just did it to me again after I have complained to them at least three times before. They have over-drafted my account twice (with auto renew off) because I was waiting to renew until I had the money. I think from now on I will renew for the time I want and then cancel that card.
Reply to Joe Smith

Nov 30, 2010 
Does anybody else find it odd that you can receive flirts from standard users, but you can not send flirts as a standard users (i.e. the flirts you receive from standard users are a scam designed to get you to pay for an upgrade)?
Reply to RPD

Aug 29, 2010 
If u have face so many problems, why not sue them or hire a pro team to bring down their site.
Reply to Sasin

May 26, 2010 
Adult friend finder is a scam. I was a silver member and my auto renew was turned off. A few day before my membership ran out I get an email saying they were having trouble renewing my membership (insufficient funds) on my debit card. I emailed back saying my auto renew was turned off and under no circumstances were they to renew my membership. Next day I get another email saying they are having trouble re-newing my membership. I emailed back in big bold red letters that my auto renew is off and not to attempt to take money from my account. Two days later i paid money into my account, you guessed it, the following day money was taken from my account by AFF. They are thieves and crooks. My auto renew has always been turned off. I now have to scrap my card and get a new one with a new number. Why are they aloud to get away with such stealing.
Reply to Results From

May 11, 2010 
ya, its truly a rip off they changed my non reacurring to reacurring and told me i must have been drunk ,don;t drink what a place only in america and the foreign bimbos on the phone what a joke :sigh
Reply to crazyhorse

Apr 15, 2010 
:( Yes this site is just another ripp=off with a lot of fake profiles. I paid for a 3 month subscription by money order thank goodness. I wouldn't advise anyone to pay by credit card. I suspected a ripp-off to begin with but I had to find out. Only cost me some change compaired to what others hve lost probably. :sigh
Reply to Fighterjet

Jan 13, 2010 
Yeah, AFF has the scammers, but there are a lot of real people on there too. Women aren't like men, so just because you think you're good looking don't be so arrogant to think women will beat a path to your door. Get over yourself! At the same time, those who exploit desperate guys are *** and should somehow be prosecuted, or at least have the *** beat out of them. These sites are what they are. Better to go out and meet people in person.
Reply to Bruce

Jan 10, 2010 
I had incredibly similar experience with AFF. Total ripoff. I too am a good looking guy, nice features, young etc etc. and on any other sites its fairly easy to meet some of the people I'm interested in at times. I get on AFF and get all these fake profiles contacting me. Then, after a day or so or after I mail them, the profile mysteriously becomes MIA and it has this message saying something to the effect of "this profile has violated.."

I hate the fact that there's that whole 'gold' membership business on there in order to contact people who have been less than 3 days active. I have a feeling many of those are fake profiles too to get you to pay the extra dough to contact them.

Ultimately, AFF is no better than just going to the bars, if not worse. I always seemed to do well in person. But these internet dating sites, women are either fake profiles or just way too jaded from having 100 emails a day of some dude saying the same lame stuff over and over, so they are extremely randomly selective it seems.
Reply to Mickie

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