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Addleshaw Bird and Mitchell - false winnings

  • by   Oct 03, 2013
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Company Addleshaw Bird and Mitchell
Product / Service Money Sending
Category Advertisements and Cons
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Monetary Loss

yes I am pissed I received a letter 2 months ago stating that I had 3 million dollars in order to receive the money I had to choose between a lump sum of 1.5 million or 33000 a year for 30 I sent them for $20 cash after sending that letter a number of letters came to my house everyday I was getting multiple letter stating to send them in additional a $25 $20 for 1299 our better have something different but the same number of winnin I am a single mother and I work hard for my little money I do not appreciate being tricked they fooled me once it will not happen again addleshaw bird and Mitchell nothing but a scam please don't be fooled!!!!!!!!!!!! :-[ 2ef2e34

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Oct 22, 2013  from Sacramento, California
I just rec'd same scam letter... I sure could use the $$$. Good idea to Google these types of letters and I'm glad that I did. No one is reporting they actually rec'd the monies. Sorry there are those that did submit the fee these wolves demand and lost $$$. I SUGGEST EVERYONE MAIL THIS OUTFIT PHONIE MONEY along with a copy of a letter addressed to your local district attys office. LOL!
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Oct 03, 2013 
this is one of the oldest scams in the world it has many variations but the gyst of it is you have "won" a large $$$ amount or high $$$ prize but they need you to send them some $$$ amount to cover shipping or some other bogus charge.

i had this happen once with a $$$ amount reward too but i knew it was a scam and i wrote them back and said "if i really won the $$$ send me a certified cashier's check with the money on it because if i WON something i should not have to pay NOT ONE PENNY for it otherwise it was NOT won it was paid for.

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