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Achieve Card - 2nd time missing deposit

  • by   Jan 06
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Company Achieve Card
Product / Service Deposit
Location Lawrenceville, Georgia
Category Finances
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Hi im a valued achieve card customer this month was my second time not getting my deposit due to achieve card representatives moving to fast on the phone i once again have not been able to pay important bills on time causing me to look delinquent on my accounts when achieve card switched over to the visa card it was the worse thing that could happen seeing i never had a problem with my account before but yet you train your representatives to make us feel everythings ok just to rush you off the phone to get to another unhappy customer im upset i cant even log on to the online account cause your system says my account number is incorrect and so did the social security office when they sent my deposit in i talked to representative and got info agin and tried to log in and it still saying im wrong SO WHATS REALLY GOING ON ACHIEVE CARD do we not trust you with our money but you dont have enough care to make sure your representatives take their time when changing important information? I have been trying to resolve this matter since last month but still no sucess only pink letters in my mail telling me i have 2 or 3 days to pay bills or i will be shut off its suppose to get down in thesingle digits in weather tonight but my utilities are due to be shut off by the AM i have never had this much of a problem with any account i have had a bad experience with Achieve card time after since the Visa change and all i get is an apology but apology dont fix bills when they are due to be shut off im very angry seeing everytime i call its 1-2 hours wait time why do you have so many complaining customer's? Fix the problems or refer us to other debit companies companies 2ef8e21

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Feb 12  from Kennewick, Washington
I've been dealing with the same *** for over a month and I can't get effective customer service or an honest answer to any of my issues! I will cancel this rip off *** once I have my money back and off that *** card!
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Jan 31  from Monroe, Louisiana
Been getting a direct deposit from my employer for a year onto achieve card..well its not on the card this morning..ive been on hold now an hour..im worried..did this place just take everyones money today and split..does anyone know.
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Jan 31  from Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
My name is brad Crawford an I have never had a complaint on y'all until now my check did not come on my card I need some to contact me ASAP cause I am about to get kicked out of my resisdence I need my check to pay my bills something needs to be done right now contact me @ 770-267-7491 if something doesn't happen soon I will change my card this is ain't right I better have a phone within the next 24 hours or I will change my direct deposit from y'all this is rediculous
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Jan 13  from Raleigh, North Carolina
Same here! No deposit for the past 2 paychecks, they keep kicking it back to my employer & reps wont give me a straight answer. I now have no money to feed my children this week, this card should be illegal if they cant figure out how to run their company! Customer service reps cannot even tell you anything!
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