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Ace Cash Express - Ace Check Cashing/What A Rip Off

Company Ace Cash Express
Location Rochester, New York
Category Cash Services
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Monetary Loss

Ace check cashing is such a rip off.They charged me 60 dollars to cash a 2227 dollar check.

It should be free to cash or at the minimum the fee should be the cost of a money order which is 55 cents here in Lake Havasu,AZ. Later, I found out that the check I cashed from my employer,was no good. Now ACE is hounding me for that amount. Does anyone know this?

Can I go to jail for cashing a bad check & can Ace take me to court for what I owe? Thanks for listening.

And please, someone, email me with a response if you please.monica.hall84@yahoo.com. 3010732

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Jul 19, 2013  from Washington, District Of Columbia
This post seems fishy what's that code following the email address?
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Apr 21, 2013  from Irving, Texas
yes ace Cash Express is a business and if we cash checks for free we would not make any money.. the fact that you only got charge $60 for 2227 check is amazing because I've seen a hundred dollars fees on thousand dollar checks. same with payday loans if we didn't charge you a finance charge we would not make any money people take companies like ace for granted but we are here to serve you all that can't get bank accounts

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Apr 06, 2013  from Kent, Washington
Yes god it is such BS when they charge you money for their check cashing services. It's like what I always say when going to Burger King they should give me their food for free I mean *** do they think they are a business or something?
Reply to Jack Faire

Oct 15, 2012 
Sorry but they push it you will end up in jail so you need to pay this money back in the fine print defines you as the responsible party for the amount and cost for collection so you need to take the check file it with your state attorney bad check division and they will go after who ever wrote you the check. (That is the LAW)
Reply to Mister1949

Sep 04, 2012 
If they push the issue then yes they can and will press charges but honestly the only way the company makes money is off those fees.
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