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Ace Cash Express will cash a piece of paper if you bring it in

  • by   Apr 15, 2011
  • Review #: 232536
Company Ace Cash Express
Location Dallas, Texas
Category Cash Services
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I was a former employee with Ace Cash Express corporate office handled return checks in numerous states.I came to conclusion ACE would cash a piece of paper if you brought it in.

They hardly verified checks,quite a few where stolen from good people and brought in to cash said check without verifying or calling people who where on checks. They never pursued anybody legally in reference to bad checks'''cost to much''' there fraud department is a joke.

AS for as their ''Title Loans'' on vehicles they never wanted vehicles just the $$$$$$$$.So all you bad guys out there if you want to commit fraudulent activity go ACE CASH EXPRESS and they will cash that bad check or give you a Title loan and not want your car.Im sure the figures they give to investors do not reflect how much is bad and how much they charge off....like I said they wont pursue you legally just harass you til you complain...very customer oriented''right''' 2e9c7df

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Oct 31, 2013  from Dallas, Texas
Well I Work For Ace Cash express Nd I Bet If You Come To My Store And That Check Cant Be Verified U Will Be Walkn Back Ouy My store With That Same Check . I Verify Any And Every Thing !
Reply to LaShara

Aug 03, 2013 
How much does it cost at Ace to cash a paycheck ? :?
Reply to Eli

Dec 11, 2012 
I too worked for ace cash express, for the ones that didn't do their job correctly and pay attention to details, was more worried about their cell phones i can see that happening or the ones who are just down right ***.i done my job very well with 0% forgeries in 8 years, perhaps you were one that really didn't do your job very well, and trying to reflect it on the good managers.
Reply to andrea

Nov 24, 2012 
Can I cash a personal check at a different bank or at ace cashing without a verification to my bank even if I don't have any funds in my account at chase?
Reply to Dorothy brown

Feb 20, 2012 
Risk Analysis? ..Potential Risks involved.. and I really do not like sarcasm, negative energy such as that is a mix of narcissistic ego and limited intelligence. Mickey D's? You must eat there a lot which would explain your sarcasm probably because You're an obesely beast. F Ace and F you go suck ACE's click. Anyhow, all personal checks made out to(Pay to the order of) Cash can be cashed anywhere, so the metaphor "noway" shared is accurate for an opinion. All a forger would need is a fake I.D., a stolen or printed check, and logic of a liar. Ace is not a bank, but do not ever get an advance from them, you might get F'ed in the a.
Reply to I don't care

Mar 13, 2013  from Aurora, Colorado
That was one of the best comments I've ever read
Reply to Hah

Aug 22, 2011 
i have never had such bad luck w/ ace cash express here in nebraska. they have horrible busines practices and if they would of verified the check they would of seen it was stolen... now they want me to give them 411$? no way i didnt write that check and it was stolen from me.. im not paying it.
Reply to noway

May 13, 2011 
No wonder you don't work for the company. You don't know what your talking about. Ace does verify checks depending on the Risk Analysis. Do you know what that is? anyways, I'm not sure if you noticed but Ace is a check cashing business. Wow! Go figure. Ace tries to beat the competitors by cashing what they won't. Go back to Mickey Ds
Reply to HappyStar0088

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