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AboutAstro - Jenna the astrologer is a scam

  • by   Mar 01, 2008
  • Review #: 114365
Company AboutAstro
Product / Service Astrology Scam
Location New Bern, North Carolina
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Jenna is a scam i did her site just for fun and she was constantly emailing me that i was going to miss a very important transit period in my life and i needed a full reading(for $60 of course).Just to see what find of scam she was running i went to her site again with new name and different email address to see what she would say.She didn't even change any of the content she sent my other email,the only thing different was my fake name.I hope she reads all of these reviews,she is a thoughtless money hungry FRAUD.I am so glad she didn't get any of my hard earned money.

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Jan 23  from Lagos, Lagos
Jesus,I was about sending jenna d &80 ,I thought she was real o,I just say I should see google and know wat they are saying about her before sending her d moni,I really thank God,she has been sending me email
Reply to clara imanlihen

Dec 02, 2013 
well I also have her so you are telling me this entire thing is a complete fraud?
Reply to chelsea

Sep 17, 2013 
absolute joke and a fraud- i am waiting right now to speak to her via chat - i intend to waste her time like she has mine - i will pretend to 'believe' - i have no intention of parting with any money...she wants to take the pi*s - well so will I!
Reply to scouse

Sep 06, 2013 
She told me that I was undergoing a Transit and that I would meet the Love of my Life during this period and also that I will Financially get more money, If I hadn't visited this site I would have lost $80 without any use :(
Reply to Merry

Sep 02, 2013  from Pune, Maharashtra
I will only tell leaving everyones comments if really my life will change in a few days so tell me complete astrology and help me to grap all the apportuniteies as free if really my life changed according to your help I will send u double money instead of $80 I will pay u $200 no need to bargain and I will write a long appreciations in comments and accordingly u will be knowing that im very honnest person I will definately pay it :) :)
Reply to ammu

Aug 26, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
Glad I checked out this website. She has said many of the similar things to me. She said a transition period lasting 88 days will start soon for me. After ignoring her she sent me more emails saying I had to get a 'full' reading (for $80 of course) to get the details. She said during this 88 days I would meet the love of life and be successful in business. Sound familiar? She said she knows I haven't done a reading from an astrologer about this and said I should go to one soon. Sound familiar? I was thinking of asking her for a free reading and that I would pay her if everything she says comes true. Am I wasting my time?
Reply to gila_monster

Jul 22, 2013 
I sure wish I would have read these reviews....bullseye on me. Karma is a b****!
Reply to Anonymous

Jul 09, 2013 
Thank you very much for this warning as I was only minutes away from sending her the money. There was a great deal to read in her first email so I thought the more detailed information about me would be worth reading. You have sav :( :) ed me £60.Thanks again. :eek
Reply to Jotti

Apr 08, 2013 
oh thank god i've checked all the comments otherwise i would have lost my money....fake jenna....!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :? :? :? :x :x :x :x
Reply to harry

Dec 14, 2012 
Yeah I just read my free reading with a link wanting me to pay $80. Some of the stuff was actually partly true about me so I can see how people would get sucked in but I'm a skeptic but wanna believe sort of that's why I went to her page. Luckily, $80 is a lot of money for me right now so just saved her info in a folder and googled her to see if she's a fake. She told me the transit thing and I would get money and my love life would change and there's a sibling I'm close to. Not specific enough I kept thinking. Thanks I'm glad I found this or I might've eventually fell for it! Especially after she lowers the cost haha. It's so sad how people will do anything for money even if you have to pretty much steal it because that's what she's doing. Stealing money and I hope she gets caught by the authorities and gets thrown in jail.
Reply to Amanda09

Nov 15, 2012 
Wow so true , a transition lol, she said money was coming my way , blah blah if I follow her , got another email tell me she lessen her price , becaus Emmy transition started and did t want me to miss out , found it strange smh
Reply to Lisa

Nov 15, 2012 
Wow so true , a transition lol, she said money was coming my way , blah blah if I follow her , got another email tell me she lessen her price , becaus Emmy transition started and did t want me to miss out , found it strange smh
Reply to Lisa

Nov 08, 2012 
Hahaha I thought as much! Stop sending me emails jenna!
Reply to Sue

Sep 19, 2012 
matter of fact you should just go to borders and buy a deck of tarot cards and and a copy of tarot for dummies its cheaper than spending 80 bucks on a bunch of bull :x :zzz 8)
Reply to Dznutts415

Sep 19, 2012 
its a scam,if you believe that someone can tell you your future based on a deck of cards or a premintion then you deserve to be played :p :grin :?
Reply to Dznutts415

Sep 09, 2012 
Sent her $80.00 it was never processed. want to give her the benefit of my doubts. Perhaps she fell and cannot get up.Jenna PLEASE do the right thing. Giving false hope will not be to your advantage in the long run. The truth is a great place to start it is where you end up eventually.
Reply to Daniel. Ca. U> S> A>

Sep 06, 2012 
I'm glad I read this I was almost sucked in no wonder
There no phone contact but I really wish it
Was real;(
Reply to jameka

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