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Dead battery AAA a no show

  • by   Dec 16, 2013
  • Review #: 464374
Company AAA
Product / Service Battery
Location Toledo, Ohio
Category Equipment
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I called at 12:30pm to have AAA jump my car because my battery died.My ETA was for 3:00, ok no problem.

By 3:30 I'm still waiting at 4:00 I call to see what's going on the operator says the driver is 5 to 10 mins away. Im thinking yes finally because I had stuff to do. 5:00 pm comes still no AAA. I call again the operator hangs up on me then calls me back to say yet again the driver is 5 to 10 mins away.

I wait again it's 6:30 finally I call a friend if mine since he's off by then to see if he can jump my car. My friend gets to my house in ten minutes and gets my car started.

It is now 8:23 and I still haven't seen or heard from AAA.Never again I'm canceling my membership. 305bf5a

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Dec 16, 2013  from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
It ain't what it used to be......is it. Triple AAA is only as good as the garages that they contract services with/through......you did not mention who the service station was that was called and no showed you? Seems he was giving AAA the run around as well.....might want to report that.....they will pull the plug on no performers......
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Dec 27, 2013  from Troy, Alabama
Oh Really????? How about incompetent operators who call a tow company 300 miles away just because it is in the same STATE??? Then 2 hours later they still have not called someone who is a AAA provider who is 5 miles away. Who gets rid of incompetency within AAA. Certainly not found anyone who can even call me back regarding my complaint after I have been promised a supervisor will call me on 4 different occasions. This is the 2nd time this year that I have had to either push my car out of a garage to jump start it or have a good sam passerby pull me out of the ditch after waiting for the 2 hr. tow truck from across the state try and figure out where on earth I am withn his area!!! AAA is a useless company who is interested in their own bottom line only. I had actually entertained the thought of moving my car and home insurance to them until this last incident. They just lost big time.
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