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You sent me a text saying if I refilled my my plan my phone would get and extra mg byte to make it faster. Guess what it never do. I tried to be patient but I ended up busting up my phone. Thank you for your false words. Now I have to get me another *** phone if yours because I already bought the plan again. What's wrong with you ?I can't add photo or video huh? Add comment

I have had ongoing problems with T-mobile from the very beginning. It seems like I have to call them every week with issues such as: not receiving calls or texts, extremely long delays on text messages, emails not coming through, and most recently, not receiving any texts until I make or take a call. The worst part is this is the replacement phone, which is even worse than the one I sent... Read more

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They just drop my unlimited plan to 6 gega plan because I used to much unlimited plan been with them 6 years was happy to unlimited did mean unlimited Add comment

Order phone was in processing for 18 days. Than says now it is in processing again but it did tell me to go to my tracking no. But nothing but a form on it 7/27/15 no info. This is worst sight ever visited and regret buying from them. Sucks triple sucks. And stick those tickets( help)HA HA where the sun does not shine. BADbad bad bad bad bad bad bad ad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad worst worst... Read more

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Several months ago I decided to upgrade from a flip tracfone to LG 3g smartphone. My reasoning was the flip phone was dropping calls. I figured it was time to upgrade. Now with this so called smartphone I an getting the worst service ever. If I am lucky I may be able to make one call a week! I have missed a lot of important calls due to lack of a signal. The real kicker is I live less that 8... Read more

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No network in 1620 amarillo my number 978 397 0336 refrance #3801111768 . Cid - 3042 error - not register on network Add comment

Activated a new phone, kept giving me long distance area code, which would make it impossible for some friends/relatives to call, without receiving a long distance charge and would be difficult for my mentally challenged family member to understand. They were rude, said it wasn't their problem and only had 4 chances to try and get a local number. if I didn't like it I should return the phone.... Read more

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I've tried calling to talk to someone cause my phone has been sent to an address i no longer live at and it never let me talk to anyone. Add comment

My children like to use my phone to watch videos and play games but about 5 days after purchasing a new 45$ card my internet becomes so slow that you really can't use it anymore. If straight talk doesn't improve their data plan I will be switching back to Verizon. I'd rather pay 60$ for decent internet than suffer thru this another month. Please fix it!!! Add comment

I have had a similar problem. I bought the ZTE Speed to use the new 4 LTE network. Well after numerous calls to boost and ZTE, I have only been able to get more irritated. Receive levels on LTE at or below -110db (using a monitoring app).No one in boost or ZTE wants to tell me what an acceptable level is. Both ZTE and Boost refuse to send me a replacement so they can look at mine. I have to send... Read more

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