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I transferred my phone number and minutes from one tracfone to this tfl39c phone and am unhappy with it, but will lose my minutes if I transfer back my phone number to my old phone. It is nothing but a rip off and I am not happy with tracfone. I have had phones with them for years and have lost all my minutes and will be changing to another phone company. The Smart phones aren't what the... Read more

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Fido representatives tell you anything to get you sign up. I used their Wifi stick. I was told if I don't use the phone I won't get charged. I stopped using it but they kept charging me $10+ tax every month. When I called I was told this is a minimum charge and they charge it even if I don't use the internet. I cancelled right away and was told that there will be one last invoice of $10 sent to... Read more

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Local Consumer Complaint! Yesterday I was in Greenville all day and I was in my husbands car. I left my Iphone car charger in my car accidentally. My phone went dead and I couldn't google a Verizon location. After passing 3 competitors I finally pulled into a Boost Mobile store on Woodruff Rd. I went in and asked could BM help and their employee said yes. He explained they had 1 slower charging... Read more

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My company has 7 Rogers lines. Turns out one is a double billing for an upgrade on one line where Rogers did not use the upgrade from one line to another. Even though customer service admitted the mistake they wouldn't credit my account. I doubt Bell is any better but the only power I have is to transfer. After 16 years with Rogers they couldn't care less. Arrogant company. Add comment

Tmobile - T-Mobile Potential New Clients BEWARE!!!
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Since I am a global traveler and at the suggestions of some of my colleagues, I wanted to look into switching from AT&T to T-Mobile as a phone carrier. I contacted T-Mobile and started to explore the options I have. Trouble for us started right from the beginning when the rep *assured* us that we can switch our three iPhones (4S) over to T-Mobile in a very easy manner and that they will... Read more

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Verizon is a very unfair company they act like they value you as a customer but they DONT.Im on a very tight budget.unfortunately I cant afford to pay my bill anymore and definitely cant afford to pay the ETF so I called verizon explaining the situation the rep said well since your on a tight budget I can put you on a payment plan I said okay the number they gave me was totally unrealistic and... Read more

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I wanted to buy more datas off my standard monthly rates for only one month. I am leaving for a trip where I won't have access to WiFi and will use more 3g datas than usual. Easy thing I though. I'll pay for a special package like if I was to use my phone in another country but apparently....not as easy as I imagined. The guy at Telus told me that I need to subcribe to a new montlhy contract... Read more

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In the last 3-4 months your service is really bad, you either fix the problems or my family are moving to another carrier. Add comment

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