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Well let me start by saying I had a go phone plan originally with ATT and switched to the Shared Value plan as I was going to go overseas and was thinking of using my phone. Well I ended up finding out that my phone wouldnt work overseas after being told it would when I was switching. So I decided since I wasn't using my phone that much to get a tracfone with a set amount of minutes. I cancelled... Read more

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Placed order and paid by credit card, they say declined my card says paid. they advised use PayPal which I don't have.Placed second order by debit card, payment went through and left my bank. 6 days later still no dispatch so I call.They tell me payment declined. I say no and send them proof money left bank account, not held but actually left.They say use PayPal, I say I've paid twice. funds have... Read more

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Been with trac phone for years now,,had a cheap flip phone and everything was fine,,as soon as I upgraded to a smart phone things went down hill,,I would buy a new card a month in advance and had lots of rollover minutes but when my original service end date would come my minutes would disappear and my phone service would shut down,,but my new service end date would show correct,WTF! Guess I will... Read more

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I called the "Premier" service site that I was directed to after three other customer service reps could not help me as I am a "Premier" customer. What I found out is that "Premier" means I get a discount on my service as a"perk" of where i work. I placed an order at 3:04 for an iPhone 6+ gold 64 GB. Several co-workers placed their orders at 3:30-4:30 on the non premier site and will be getting... Read more

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During this month September I have lost count on how many times I have had to call customer service and they were not able to help. First of, they are all based in Fillipine and they cannot understand English and cannot speak English fluently. On the few occasions when I found that they were able to speak English, they stuttered. Anyway, I am going to switch from this horrible simple mobile... Read more

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I went to AT&T on August 29, 2014 to get a new charger cord for my son's phone. The rep. pulled up my bill and said "You are paying over $300/month! You need to change to the "Share" plan and it will cut your bill in half. Additionally, we have a Labor Day Special running right now where you get a free iPad Air for changing plans." I was skeptical and asked repeatedly if it was really... Read more

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Asurion charged me $169. I called and they said that I had been the victim of fraud and I had to call my credit card company and cancel my card but would not refund my money. Nice Add comment


I sent in 2 phones. The first wouldn't power up the other had a broken screen but still powered up. I was quoted over the phone £89 + Vat - £17.50 for phone that needed a replacement screen. But was told they needed to see the phone that wouldn't power up before a quote could be given which is fair enough The £17.50 was the cost for collecting the phone, assessment of the cost of repairs for both... Read more

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I have had a lot of problems with my cell phone. I just bought it a couple of months ago, but week after week there have been different problems. I am having problems making calls with my phone. I call them, spend a lot of time on the phone with them, but nothing gets fixed. Today I spent 1 hour and 15 minutes on the phone with them, but nothing helped. Now, finally, they want to send me... Read more

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HSN and tracfone sold me a phone that was to come with 1200 free minutes. When I called to obtain an airtime pin, I was told the promotion had expired. No one on the air said you had only so many days to activate the phone, and now HSN, tracfone and the service provider simply wireless say too bad. The $100 phone is useless to me without minutes. Add comment