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The customer service is absolutely terrible, I was hung up on multiple times, its is almost impossible to get through the automated service where most company's you have the option to say "operator" or press "0" straight talk does not. They had charged me twice and refused to refund my money, none of the representatives or managers would listen to my problem and figure out how to set it right.... Read more

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I used daily smart phone three dollar per day unlimited plan. Less than five minutes after adding the phone card and without using the phone, I received a text that said my data was suspended and my balance was zero. Customer service refused to return the money stating my money was used for data? This is a rip off Add comment

Conxumer Cellular will advertise that your former AT&T phone will work on their system...but don't believe it. My attempts over 5-6 hours with both CC and AT&T plus three minutes with HTC convinced me it was only a come-on scam. Sure, you can possibly make and receive a phone call...but internet connectivity, not on your life! Because that is where the big companies are really raking... Read more

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Customer service. was poor. on hold for longer than 30 minutes. My internet has been slower since I aded money to my acont. Can't acsees gps or google play. and still customer service has NOT corected thease issues . CHRISTOPHERD.JONES24@GMAIL.COM Add comment

Used the service for several months in Waynesville,NC. When I went into the local agent located at "La Mexicanita grocery store where I had been purchasing time from he suggested an upgrade of $10 a month. I paid $46 for a month service in advance and he could not get it to work. The agent refused to give me a receipt and refused to refund my money. I called customer service and they too refused... Read more

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I've had Straight Talk since it first came out,I learned to always buy a phone that runs off of Verizon towers. I've been 300 miles from home and still had 3G. So I bought an used iphone4 off of EBay,no problem,tried to transfer my number through Straight Talk and it took about 3 days of calling and emails to activate it. Straight Talk says to wait 48 hours so they can transfer your number.... Read more

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So on the many problems I have with straight talk, my main delimma appears to be on my "unlimited everything" plan....aka nonsense and lies. My bf also goes through straighttalk and his unlimited phone appears to be decent, his only problem is crappy service. So anyways, in fine print obviously you can't stream or your data will be cut back, or in my case off! Well, here's the deal, I just paid... Add comment

My account was suspended twice due to a replacement phone I never received. The issue was supposed to be fixed last week but the same problem came up again today! Every person I speak to gives me a different story and I have been told several lies! Please think twice befor dealing with this company you will be lied to and placed on hold for 45 mins at a time all for the issue to never be fixed... Read more

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