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Straith talk is a rip off they sale you a phone for 29 now I know y it 29 cut you off can't get connect then when you call for help they got the people can't speak English MY COMPAINT DON'T BUY A STRAIGHT TALK IT B.S. Add comment


I had issues with my new phone so I decided to restored. After that I couldnt make or receive calls or text. I send them a message and they reply back witha message to call. Ok what part of my phone is not working you didnt understanding? So I use the chat option. 4 times I tried to resolve the situation to no luck. 2 the cut me of the chat sending me a mesage to call. Again how dumb are they?... Read more

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Daleville, VA. Not BelleVille You say an elderly lady went to the store? Have you ever went since this issue started happening "4 months" ago? It also seems that you're able to still as well. I have had nTelos for years and have never once been mistreated or heard any "slurs". If you go in and treat the employees with respect they are willing to do everything for you. If you go in and do not show... Read more

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Every time I go in here something is wrong with my phone and all they want to do is sell me a new one and tell me nothing is wrong with my current one. They always try to talk circles around me and I see them do it to other customers. My phone kept dropping calls and they said nothing was wrong. The girl behind me walks up after I'm finished and I hear her start to explain the same exact... Read more

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Straight talk is a rip off said my replacement phone order was canceled because no activity and i shipped my phone October 20 and they got it October 22. Now they got to update claim October 24 my phone should have been on its way. Add comment


2 Month Old IPhone 5S Manufacturer Warranty Issue but wont help. I posted Publicly about store Harassment and *** Slurs, mistreatment of Customers & had Friend Harass me on twitter, Attempted Damaging my Organization! Was DownGraded Several Times, had Elder Lady Stand in store 6 hours Only to say was not in stock sorry and didn't offer her chair! Was Sent Phone by Lynn Whitney BelleVille VA... Read more

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I'm dealing with a warranty problem from AT&T. My daughters Galaxy 3S was over heating and wouldn't keep a charge. She had for 10 months, so it was still under warrant. I contacted AT&T to see what I could do about getting a replacement. I spent 2 hours on the phone talking to a man from India and I had to keep asking him to repeat himself because he was extremely hard to understand. He... Read more

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Their service never works!!! Why uptown rentals ever chose them as the main source is beyond me.!! Plus when I try to call to get my service fixed the person barely speaks English. Not satisfied with their service. Wouldn't suggest it for anyone unless they want to pay for something that rarely works. Add comment