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I started using Noble.com last year for my long distance calls. This worked well, and the rates are very good. However, this year in over 100 attempts to place a call, maybe twice was I able to connect to the party I was trying to call. Consistently I would get a recorded message saying that the call could not be placed. Sometimes the recorded message would say it didn't recognize my PIN,... Read more

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Was looking at getting a new Straight Talk phone. Got on their website, typed in my zip, started scrolling through the list. I seen they had an iPhone 5, sweet! So I said to myself, I better call because it has to be on Verizon cause at&t is terrible in my area. Called and was garunteed that it would be on Verizon. I even asked and mentioned it several times. So I got my phone today and guess... Read more

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I had the worst experience when trying to switch to T Mobile from At&t today. At Broward Mall, T-Mobile Kiosk in Plantation,FL employee name: WILKINS was so rude and did not help from the beginning of the conversation. I had the temporary number from T Mobile and I asked to port the number from At&t to T Mobile. But Wilkins insisted to call T Mobile 1 800 number first without even... Read more

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absolutely garbage service. waited 6 months to get a phone repaired while still under warantee, i cant ever make calls, it just goes to the calling screen and sits there silent. telus is absolutely the worst phone company by far, i was with fido for several years and had no troubles, and i have been with telus for two years and have had nothing but complaints about EVERY SINGLE SERVICE THEY... Read more

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Was told when I upgraded my bill would decrease immensely what they don't tell you is the data prices would be off the hook the data for the droid maxx which they give you a 1gb complimentary data on an HD phone that's made for streaming movies music vanishes after 10 minutes tops of usegage what good is an HD phone if you can't do what you bought it for.my bill has doubled.a friend just got a... Read more

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My phone was broke apone delivery Add comment

I have the worst service ever created. Boost is a major dissapointment. I left metro to go to boost. I figured anything could be better. Nope..I have two lines and..both are terrible no matter where i am..I am disgusted. I wouldnt recomend the use of boost if it was free... Add comment


I have had my phn over taken by wantabe hackers! My phn has been turned off 4-5 times since july. I have bought 2 new phns, contacted consumer cellular, motorola & AT&T! C.C. tells me there is nothing they can do, even with all the evidence I have. I have reported this to, google but you need to access an account("they"have full control). I got close once through temp wi-fi, but the... Read more

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