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My elderly father was in desperate need of a phone and since I could not afford to get one for him, he asked if I could help him apply for the Lifeline service through Safelink. I applied for him and everything was fine until they stated they needed verification of his benefits. Okay, first I tried to upload them but that option was not available, so I emailed them and waited. Called customer... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Otterbox
  • 2 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Otterbox is really making me disappointing...dealing with them for 2 months NOW and still ain't send the right item!! I also enter in email that I'm deaf and they still continue sending a company phone number..MI will never tell anyone about Otterbox!!!! Add comment

I was told different stories from Asurion reps. I sent all required information to file a claim and never received a response. When inquired, they said they never got it. So I faxed all 6 requested documents and still no response. Wouldn't return voice mail messages left or email inquiries. Always transferred to various departments when I called. One rep said they'd send a WalMart gift card for... Read more

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This company is running a scam over it is clients? Why , on their web site they advertise the plans as following: 2gb of internet data for 50 usd per month. After doing deep investigation you find that in the terms its written that the 2GB internet data is acctualy 1gb of internet data and after you finish to use the 1GB of internet data then there is speed reduce. Acctualy the speed reduce is... Read more

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  • TMobile
  • 21 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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If I was T Mobile I would not want to be associated with" family mobile" in any way. We switched to save money boy are we paying for it. Worst service ever. Wish we could afford to get out of it. I would be embarrassed if I was T Mobile. Add comment


When i receive a collect call and i go to accept the collect call it just hangs up out of no where and sometimes before I can even accept the call it says "ok I have sent the caller to voicemail" like this is ridiculous how many times this has happened. You guys need to get your system together cause it is very frustrating that this keeps happening. So the inmate has to call at least ten times... Read more

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This company baits and switch. The tell you one thing when you sign up for the 2 year contract; and then when I called the customer service department, they said that the sales person was incorrect. The charged me a $40.00 fee for an upgrade. As soon as my contract ends, I plan on finding a new wireless carrier. I filed a complaint with the FCC and the Consumer Affairs website. I hope people will... Read more

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My phone was not charging right. I called AT&T warranty to get a new phone. It came through Fed ex. Around the end of August. I had send it back u.s.ps. around September 10th. On this day the harassment begins. First. Came the automate text. I called them and told them. For the whole month I calling them and chatting with them. The management told me that I well be charged 349.99$+my bill. As... Read more

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I signed up and authorized $149 payment on AmExp and ordered an Apple 5s phone. I explained that I had 40% hearing and had tried I phones 3 years ago but was assured that they had improved. Receiving Apple phone I found that I could not hear well and when when to Apple Care I was told to hold for 15-20 minutes. Red Flag! I sent the phone back and when I received my Am Exp bill there was a $99... Read more

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