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My husband found the Roca labs site while doing a weight loss search, you see I was ready to have gastric bypass surgery and he was afraid of what could go wrong. I suffering with bing eating all my life was convinced this would never work but I set my mind to seriously try it for one last thing before surgery. I noticed immediately taking the formula my hunger cravings were gone resulting... Read more

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lesson learned! Do your research or so not order online because Probioslim like many other weight loss or management drugs do not work or do not honor a full 100% guarantee. I ordered the trial and did not like it. I have never had stomacb issues and now it seems like my stomach aches and i have gas more often than i ever had in my life. I was also charged $70 aftet the 14 day trial and option... Read more

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ProbioSlim is a marginal product which actually made me ill and the company itself operates like it is a scam. Only way to cancel service or return product for refund is to call them and make the request. They claim they will send you an email confirming cancellation and provide you with an return authorization number and they don't. If they did there would be something in writing which is... Read more

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How do y'all just go into people account with letting them know if I didn't ask u all to send me them pills I would have place and order but it's against the law going into people account I want my money back in my account Add comment

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I have been on a 1200-1500 calorie diet for 2 years and exercising almost daily. I have lost 75lbs. For my last 30 or so pounds I thought I would try Lipozene. It comes highly recommended on the TV and radio for those that want to lose 30 or more pounds. I ordered it and was very excited when it arrived. I took the first 30 days worth and didn't lose an ounce. I followed all the directions... Read more

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They will only accept refunds of shipments received in the last 30 days. I had been in the hospital so I had two unopened packages (That I did not request or order)They were only going to give me a 60% refund for one bottle and I would not ship it back. Why would I keep something that makes me sick? The other option was to wait for them to send me a return label then I have to pay the shipping.... Read more

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I too took this, if taken on empty stomache you do get sick, it did curve my appetite, it also gave me a small amount of energy, i also was charged the 74.98 but that was my fault the fine print stated to cancell in 7days. However when i called the company they gave me 1/2 the money back. So im okay with the product because i know self control of food and lots of exercise is what helps you... Read more

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Sure, it sounds like a good deal. But like everything that sounds too good to be true, it is. If you would like to cancel your monthly order you have to call. After 45 minutes on the phone I gave up and called my credit card company to dispute the amount. I also sent the bottle back unopened. Also, when I sent away for the free sample I watched all the fine print to make sure it was a one... Read more

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I order a free sample and I didn't received Add comment

Took money out of my account without authorization! ! I contacted them and was told a shipment was on the way and would only refund when they received it back! Add comment

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