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Saw this ad in ESPN magazine and thought that I would try the free trial for the cost of shipping and days later I get charged 89.00 for the RMX and EliteTest360 each! Of course I didn't realize it would do that until I received my second bottle of RMX. I then called and got thru without an issue where I continued to cancel what they called a subscription which I never meant to sign up for. They... Read more

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I do not sell the products. I spent three years in a recliner or in bed. I was completely exhausted all the time. I was sick three years ago and nearly died from a ruptured appendix and colon. I have packed on 30 pounds in the past three years. I began Advocare because I wanted to lose weight. THEN I realized how awesome I felt, now I take them to get the results of energy and weight loss. ... Read more

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I went on NutriSystem for 28 days and lost about 6 pounds. Although I would have liked to have lost more after spending so much money, I wasn't too unhappy, but still was not going to reorder. Then I get an email informing me another box of food - food I did not order - was on its way. I checked my bank account and found they had taken $279 out of it. I was stunned and livid. I immediately called... Read more

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I bought rocking welness a few times suddenly i started getting boxes sent to me every month and my credit card is being chatged i emailed them a few times they have not stopped i have 5 cases in my office Add comment

Medifast destroyed my body. I was 172 pounds for several years. Then my friend who I lived with introduced me to Medifast. She bought the food and we shared for the Summer in 2013. By 2014 I weighed 210 pounds, after losing only 25 on the system and then GAINED BACK 50 POUNDS IN ONE *** YEAR. At first I felt like sueing them for ruining me - but money won't give me my body back. I have cried many... Read more

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Does anyone know ofa great weight loss pil or anything that works very quickly Add comment

My apologies in advance for the rant I am about to go on, but I hope that everyone reads the comments so they realize you are an ill informed consumer not using common sense. That said these products are incredibly effective at increasing the amount of weight a person can lose, and reducing the amount of time it takes them to meet their goal. The products are produced in an cGMP compliant... Read more

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Three words 1. Dont 2. Buy 3. Probioslim Add comment

I ordered a free trail for $2.99 and they charged me $89.97 dollars, I want my refund their number is 866 652 3145 and the name is Corey , , Add comment

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