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ive been reading reviews before putting such an investment into it. So far ive seen alot of stuff that should be on a warning label like RX pills. May cause cramping, bloating, the runs etc... I also see more people commenting saying what a person did Wrong, like its entirely their fault. Some do take it & not change their lifestyle, but some just seem to have reacted badly to it. Everyones... Read more

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Heard the advertisement on the radio. *** *** me ordered & then looked it up online. After reading all the complaints I called back & cancelled before I even received the product in the mail. They said instead of me paying the addition charges to return the product they would charge me $19.99. So I paid that & shipping. I received 2 bottles in the mail. My diet is not bad. So I... Read more

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  • Lipozene
  • 2 days ago
  • by anonymous
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I just bought it and I've been viewing a lot of it on YouTube and 50-50 chance is people says it doesn't work so I guess I bought something bad it doesn't work while they say on TV it works that's why sometimes I don't not believe what they say on TV if someone took it in that help or can you view it Add comment

These ***-artists don't say anything about auto withdrawals, yet pulled 80.80 out of my account. And I am on social security. I don't have that much a month for medicine. First, I did not knowingly agree to any withdrawals except for the original 'free' sample. Second, the bank charges 27.00 for stop payment. Third the pills did not curb my appetite in the least. You just can't trust anyone... Read more

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  • Lipozene
  • Mar 02
  • by anonymous
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Lipozene did work for me with no exercise at all, just eating right,I went from weighing 230 pounds to me now weighing 197 poundsand that was with me taking a bottle and a half. Add comment

Dont take money out of my account i cancelled Add comment

they took 75.00 out of my money instead of the 2.99 they guarenteed me I have been calling them over and over again just getting a taped message posted!!#!!!!!! Add comment

I have been trying to get in touch w/these rip off artists. They continue to send me bottles & charge my visa. Not interested. Want $ back but doesn't seem to be a way of contacting them!!! Anne Add comment

I am not a worker and it is working fine it doesn't taste nasty so that's one lie I read and every weight lose takes dedication so if you didn't get the results you wanted blame self not ROCA LABS there contract a little steep cause everyone should be able to give their opinion but it does work I AM VERY SATISFIED I DONT HAVE CRAVINGS ANYMORE AND I USE TO HAVE A SWEET TOOTH DAILY STOP ALL THE... Read more

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Perhaps one of the largest scams in America right now is run by Bjarte Rene of Maritzmayer Laboratories. This company is manufacturing and selling products like Green Coffee Bean Extract directly to consumers. Just a couple weeks ago a class-action lawsuit was brought against them by Heather Schourup, alleging that the Green Coffee Bean that she purchased had "sugar" in it instead of Green... Read more

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