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I had the same thing happen to me that everyone else is talking about... I had the money to do the trial, which I signed up for but I never signed up for auto ship.. They did an unauthorized charged to my account for the $119. I disputed it but it came back in their favor because I did sign an affidavit.. Because of this I have had all manner of things come up with my account, which now has been... Read more

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Ordered one month supply of "favorite" foods. Couldn't stomach any of them. Strong aftertaste. Which was the only taste there was. Dehydrated food, soy based. Bad. Diet doesn't allow any dairy or fruit. Very little real protein. Very expensive in my opinion. Complaints about customer service made me decide to just throw it away. Would not recommend. I have tried other dehydrated diets... Read more

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I have called Probioslim a few times now requesting that they send no more product! I keep sending it back, it did not work for me, I talk to very nice gentlemen who gently continue their sales pitch and I keep insisting I don't want anymore eve if it is free because it doesn't work! How do I get you to stop???????? When I call now I first have to listen to a lengthy advertisement for... Read more

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  • Lipozene
  • Aug 21
  • by anonymous
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Been useing lipozene for moe than two months have not lost any weight we all who have bee scammed should get togethet and sue this company for lies giving us false hope t Add comment

they sent me products i didn't even order i ordered a single free trial (paid $3 for the shipping), and they sent me 4 packages and charged me over $200!!!! there is just no way of contacting them at all! not even an address to send their product back to! (their email was cancellations@garcinium.com) i emailed them again and again and they won't reply called them over and over but the number... Read more

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Roca Labs is one of the most idiotic products I have ever ordered. It is expensive, tastes horrible and the doesn't do anything. I tried the product for about 3 weeks and the coach said that I was suppose to eat 1200 calories a day and that I wasn't eating enough to loose weight. You can't return the product even though it did cost me over $700, because their policy says that the product can... Read more

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Got an email from my bank stating I had a payment coming up in 3 days...this account was paid off 5 months ago so I checked my account and there was a charge for 322.77 to PPL*SHAKEOLOGY 800-470-7870 CA US. I called and immediately cancelled the card. I too do not know how these people got my card info. I do have an amazon account and I am wondering how many other people on here had their credit... Read more

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I have used Lipozene and I got mines from Walmart and I was 275 and in 6months I was 189 and I can say it do work ppl if you still pig in out then yes the phat gonna come back.....But a lesson to learn NEVER EVER order anything with you credit or bank card my three year old no that.... But we all entitled to a say so be bless...... Read more

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  • Medifast
  • Aug 17
  • by anonymous
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This is my 2nd day of Medifast. First the Mac and cheese made he almost puke! It stinks, hard to make and raw liver would taste better. I've had nasty food in my day but nothing this bad! Add comment