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If I were you, please do not fall for their gimmick and free trial. If you do, be sure cancel your automatic membership within 14 days. After finding the charge against my credit card, I called into their Call Center. The representative was rude and unconcerned with my request. I then requested to speak with the Supervisor who had the same attitude. She stated that the matter was out of her... Read more

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I tried to cancel my order before it was even sent, I was told that I didn't cancel correctly. They sent it anyway, they wanted me to send it back at my expense after they had allready change my card for shipping once, which I thought wasn't right. Then I got treated the same as the others and was told that for about $20.00 they wouldn't send me to collection. THIS IS A SCAM BEWARE Add comment

They promised me an "introductory" supply of probio slim capsules, but instead charged me 74.90 on my credit card. I am doing a dispute about the charge. What a scam!! Please watch these guys!! Watch how they scam people, that is! Quit telling me to write 100 words, this is all I can come up with at the time. But for the sake of writing 100 words, as you asked, here it goes. word word word... Read more

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Paid for trial then got bank statement & they took £96 out of my account !!! Iv had to cancel my bank card because of this so annoyed !!!! Add comment

I Took the free trial and as stated in the ad that the trial could be "Cancel your trial anytime - no commitment. 100% satisfaction guarantee" My billing on documents stated order date 11/28/2014 . 15 day trial, will be charged on 16th day if not cancelled. I called and they had already charged my card on 12/13/2014. When they knew I was angry she said she would settle for 65% of the cost to... Read more

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I have only been using Final Trim for a few days and it has helped a lot in my weight loss. I was at a plateau and this gave me the extra umpf I needed. They state its a free trial and if you dont send it back within 30 days they will charge you and every month send another supply and charge your account. When I called the automated system clearly explained everything and it asks you multiple... Read more

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  • Lipozene
  • Dec 11
  • by anonymous
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I gained 34 pounds taking lipozene now i cant get the weight off it sux Add comment

I paid for the free trial of the Mango cleanser and Garcinia Cambogia and then they took out another amount which I didn't realise that the 30 day free trial starts from the day you order and being in Australia unfortunately it takes 10-15 working days to get too you. I eventually rang them and said that they are no longer to take any money out of my account and still waiting on an email to... Read more

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  • Sensa
  • Dec 10
  • by anonymous
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I tried sensa for 6 months, and I didnt loose any weight. I called for them to refund my money and they told without returning unopen package they could not refund my money. Hello I used it all. What company does this. Add comment

We went to infinity weight-loss and we lost weight but evidently they decided not to include the medication in the monthly fees but they didn't reduce the amount of the monthly fees so we decided to discontinue using their service. We canceled and I did not realize that they continue to draft not just $99 a month but another $99 a month which was for my daughter who is no longer eligible under my... Read more

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