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In a few words I will try to explain that I ordered probioslim but have not used it. They hit me with the surprise bank draft and I was upset but I ordered it for the same reason I suppose everyone did; weight loss. I will try it after reading that it did work for someone. However, I was initially turned off from using the product because of what I deemed a slick way of getting peoples money and... Read more

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I also was sent a order for 79.84 I certainly didn't have time to try and I am going to call my credit card co.to see what Ivan do about it Add comment


Took the drink mixes twice a day (as stated) for 2 months, with no weight loss. My stomach is upset everyday and nausea after first drink, then vomiting after second drink. Don't think I need to be drinking any more. Please cancel further shipments, and cancel "auto ship". Thank you. Do not have 100 words for this compliant, but it says 'at least', so I will try to come up with something. ... Read more

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we ordered the free sample and did not agree to becoming a member but we received another shipment to the tune of 79.84 so we called and got a 10 min dissertation on why we ars being charged ther is nothing we can do about it. very very upset so be careful this is a classic bait and switch.we called our credit card and they said can not help so we will have to pay it and we have stopped using... Read more

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I did not ask for continued sending ProbioSlim to be charged to me and continued. I need Probiotics but, not concerned with Slimming down at my age. Stop sending your ProbioSlim to me!!! You did not have my permission to charge & send ProbioSlim to me each month. !!!! I do not want anymore of these capsules and I need my money back!!! Your advertising doesn't seem legitimate. Expecting... Read more

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LIPOZENE is a one big lie, it does not work, you can't loose any weight with it ,,,they just want the money from people, that's all...I bought 2 bottles of Lipozene and used them all and I had no weight loss whatsoever ...Be aware of this product, it's a big lie and it does not work...Don't buy itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt peopleeeeeeeeeeeee , save your money, don't spend money on product... Read more

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I tried the free trial one it didn't work two they charged my account 74.98 without my permission. Had to cancel my card so they couldn't charge my account anymore. Add comment


I can only speak from my experience, and I absolutely love the products that Market America offers. And the business model. Isotonix OPC-3 has helped a ton with my allergies and overall health and immune system. And it's helped dozens of my customers with their allergies and eased pain from inflammation. http://www.buzzillions.com/dz_27301665_isotonix_opc_3_reviews#readReviews TLS ACTS has been... Read more

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I am speaking from my personal experience......Sound familiar to anyone?????? I would like to say honestly it isn't the product from Roca Labs. It is the way it is operated and its manner of representation..... They ask people/employee/IC to lie about results by adding more weight lost than the true number. They ask employees/IC's to make fake profiles and post positive comments to have bad ones... Read more

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