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I ordered the trial of lipozene for $39.99 + tax (like seen on the commercial) and I went on their website to order. Unlike other people, I actually read through all the terms and conditions...they gave me many options and I chose to pay the $39.99 + tax and then they said in 30 days they would charge me $59 and in another 30 days another $59, but I was able to cancel and stop the charge if the... Read more

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I am sick to my stomach. The doctor in the lab coat tell you how to spend your hard earned money is a convicted ***!!!!!! His licenses in NY and NJ have been revoked forever he is a predator and abuser, first with children, a very psychological desire and now he is making a living praying on people with a variety of reason for being in an unhealthy physical state. Oh and by the way he was never a... Read more

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I was sucked in by a commercial for Body Beast and went to check it out on the BB website. Entered shipping and payment info on the first page, but before finalizing the order watched a video about all the EXTRA equipment I would need to use these DVDs. Decided not to order and closed out the whole browser. 16 hours later (at 1AM), the order was completed and shipped and I got e-mail to that... Read more

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I want to cancel my order..probioslim.it is not working...no effect for me...how to cancel may order.. Add comment

I cannot believe this POS company charged $74 to my effing account without so much of a courtesy call to see if I eve liked the POS product which did not work at all and felt like I was on drugs and not "green tea" like the label reads. It's a gimmick so DO NOT BUY IT!! The only gave me 60% of my refund back because there PIECES OF *** money hungry a$$holes!!! The product was a load of bull that... Read more

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I had the same problem with them and my bank Chase called them while I was in the phone. Thankfully Chase helped me out and was able to make them at least give me a 50% refund. The guy who said he was a representative for the company said the refund was a "curtesy refund"! Because it wasn't their fault but wanted to mKe things right.... Plus I told them I was calling The Better Business Bureau to... Read more

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Slim24pro is a complete humbac. You order it via telephone and somebody delivers and you pay them. After 10 days if there is no result all you have to call is someone in the call centre . They would just again and again tell you that this product is very effective and you would not know where to claim your money back. After taking this drink for 24 days I only gained weight instead of losing.... Read more

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After being coerced into ordering shakeology I decided after one month that It was not worth the money. It's very expensive. I was told I should sign up as a coach so I would get the discount but little did I know I was being charged a service fee every month even without ordering the product. Then after trying to cancel the coach membership 3 TIMES I was sent an email saying my request was... Read more

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Have been on this Product for over a month...I eat very few calories & I workout beyond the expected requirement, I lost 4 pounds, then gained 2 back! How does that happen??? I wished I would have googled a review of the product before spending my money. I could have gotten 6 treatments of laser lipo instead for $200 dollars cheaper!!! I know that would have worked, plus, their clinic is... Read more

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I ordered the sample product for shipping charges of 4.95 on November 1st, 2014. I did not receive the product until November 5th, 2014. I tried sending an email but it was bounced back as undeliverable. I tried calling the company on November 15, 16, and 17 to cancel as the product made me sick requiring medical intervention. No answer after 30 minutes on hold both November 15 and 16th. When... Read more

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