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I ordered product and decided it really didn't work for me. I contacted the company after a month because the money never showed up in my account and their excuse was to me is that they share a warehouse with other companies and sometimes they are slow to enter the product in system. I replied that's a staffing issue and has nothing to do with me. I just want my money returned. This company is a... Read more

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my husband ordered a 30 day trial bottle of garcinia cambogia online. He paid $4.95. He got the bottle & I saw the $4.95 charge went through.However, 14 days later another charge went through but for $87.53. I called from work but customer service refused to discuss it with me without my husband present. By the time we wsre able to call together, another 87.53 was charged 10 days later. I...

I had an unfortunate interaction with Roca Labs. Their advertisement on YouTube convinced a child in my family to order their product without permission, using my credit card. I found out about 45 minutes later, and proceeded to spend all day trying to reach them. They made it absolutely impossible for anyone to be reached who could help cancel the order. Live chat connects you to people who... Read more

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I ordered Omega XL for my wife, she tried for 90 days as per their recommendation, I tried to cancel the automatic drafts, when I finally was able to get thru to the company they deferred me ( did not send any ) for 3 months and then started it back up again and it took 6 months of me calling to get them to finally stop sending this stuff that they will not take back, they suggested that I donate... Read more

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Thank you all for posting this. Because of you I got mine cancelled in time. Thanks

So I paid the $4.99 Trial offer and never received the Garcinium, then a month later I got charged $99.99 for a full bottle. I emailed them to cancel but got no reply. Then just now 12 days later! They've charged my card another $99.99. How can companies like this exist! Thieves!!

I receivef the pills freetrial. Yes that is what i thought! They charged me 77 dollars and no one answers the phone and emails. This people are a scam!

I was put on the VIP program without my knowledge and had $119.85 taken from my account, they want to charge me a $35 restocking fee and charge me to send back the product I didn't order. They do not answer their emails, and was told that they would possibly waive the restocking fee if I accepted the product and sent back a form to them which I never received. I've called them back numerous... Read more

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Tried this *** and gain 5 pounds quit taking it and lost 10!!!! What a rip off!!!

“I started victimization Garcinia gummi-gutta in October 2013 simply when having my baby via emergency abdominal delivery. initially I didn't need to jot down a review of this product till I had enough proof of its results. I used the capsules with a healthier meal and frequent exercise. For the primary month (October), i used to be able to lose 10lbs. In Nov I lost ten a lot of pounds despite... Read more

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