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I have placed an order how long does it take to receive the package after it is ordered Add comment

I've been preparing to move out to college for the past few months now, and my friends at Ultimate Combat Training Center in Salt Lake City, UT, said to contact Member Solutions to cancel my account. I have had many experiences with them talking on the phone, and every time the representative is rude, arrogant, and doesn't care about anyone else's problems. I have sent them multiple documents via... Read more

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Did not know i signed up for automatic shipments.......i am pissed. I need my $$ back now!! Add comment

Probioslim's reply to:

Hi Brett, Sorry to hear about your experience. Have you tried to reach out to our customer care center, yet? They will be more than glad to assist you in an efficient manner. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns and we will be more than glad to answer them for you. Thank you. Read more

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Hi Lalanya, We’re sorry you’ve been experiencing some challenges over the past week. It seems like you’ve experienced desirable and anticipated results for the first 3 weeks of using the product so it’s possible what you’ve been experiencing over the past week may be attributed to other factors. Regardless, refraining from taking all supplements in general until you feel better makes sense. Read more

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Hi Frank, I’m sorry you’ve experienced challenges with our product. The option to continue using the product for 30 full days was granted to accommodate the request you made regarding the opportunity for a refund. We understand you may have been traveling which impacted your ability to reach out to us within the 30 day window, but our customer service agent responded appropriately regarding the... Read more

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I ordered P90x and began receiving automated changes that I did not agree to. As expected, I was told that I agreed to their plan, which is not the case. I received the run-around when I called and was not allowed to receive a refund until I actually signed into their site. Be aware of this fraudulent activity. When I ordered their product, there was no mention of a recurrent payment. I have... Read more

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My friend is trying to get me to start this diet plan with her and some others. I started reading the reviews and everyone is saying how it causes rashes and how they've basically had to stay on the toilet all day ..and I can't afford to do that all day (I'm a college student that has class full time and basically work full time as well). Can some one just shed a little light because I really do... Read more

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