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I just experienced the same thing. Thankfully my bank called before the 2nd charge of $79.99 went through. I called them and they refused to assist w/o me giving them all of my personal information which I refused. The first guy was very rude!!!! I called back (866-262-4355) and the 2nd guy stated that I agreed to the terms and conditions of the 14 day trial. I was not at all aware of any... Read more

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I gained weight while using the product. I am normally a careful person and should have researched more before spending over NZ$1000 for this product. Desperation and hopefulness to loose 10kg before a big event (I'm looking for 20kgs to loose to reach my goal weight). I did not eat more, ate only within the suggested time period, drank loads of water, exercised but did not see results. Ten... Read more

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After I had my 4th child I was experiencing difficulty losing the last few pounds and I saw lipozine at Wal mart thought mabie it would help I exercise 5 times a week 3 hours and eat healthy...started taking this pill I was so hungry all the time and actually gained weight...I'm a larger framed girl as it is and don't typically out sourse to medication and this product refreshed my memory as to... Read more

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I was going to purchase this product after reading Dancing With The Stars review. After reading this site..I will NOT he ordering from them! Are they even FDA APPROVED????? Add comment


New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct 433 River Street Suite 303 Troy, New York 12180-2299 (518)402-0863 August 1, 2006 RE: License No. 193236 Dear Dr Finesmith: Enclosed is a copy of your order not to practice medicine effective August 8, 2006. Sincerely, Ansel R. Marks, M.D., J.D. Exceutive Secretary Board for Professional Medical Conduct cc: Paul B. Brickfield, Esq.... Read more

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As for multivitamins, I do not take them. I prefer Juice Plus+ which is 100% natural. They pick vine ripened fruits and veggies and juice them, remove the salt, sugar and water and dry them at low temperatures but leave the many nutrients and fiber. It is absorb into your system within 30 minutes, which with vitamins sometimes they don't even breakdown in your system. Juice Plus+ also has a... Read more

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After trying Lipozene for a couple of months, I saw no results. So I tried to cancel my subscription via internet, did not work. So I tried via phone. Did not work. Called a representative, he said they have no record of me, and I'd have to get a hold of my credit card company to find out why I keep getting charged by Lipozene. Tried phone service again, did not work. Tried phone service yet... Read more

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I took the challenge and felt I'll and didn't know why. I couldn't take the MNS. It actually made me sick until it wore off in the afternoon. The Spark that they push didn't get me off my seat and Coffee is my caffeine of choice.The ingredients in this is a mix of supplements must not mix well. I showed it to my Dr and he couldn't give me yay or nay on the product. I really didn't lose any weight... Read more

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Obviously, nothing is going to work for everybody. BUT for this or any program to succeed, you must COMPLY. I'm looking into it (hence my presence on this site), but I'm thinking if I could possibly follow the behavioral changes (eat only during time, eat half a serving, 1" between mouthfuls, only eat carrots, celery after 8pm, and EXERCISE daily, AND skip the drive thrus, the sodas, etc.), I... Read more

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Did not order another shipment, but got 2 anyway?! Anyone know how to get shipments stppped???? Add comment