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My husband and i tried this product and i cancelled both of them w in a few day..we never recieved anything else but they charged my card 69.99..i am pissed and want my money back asap.. Add comment

With draw from card that i didn't know about I want my money back now or i can conact the BBB Add comment

I order probiodlim and got a bill for $74.89 it was a sample 30 pills $2.95 it's doesn't work and i want my money back or i can go to the BBB. Add comment

My sister ordered these dumb pills I see u still get charged but she passed away I read nothing about do not take if u have heart problems she had a massive heart attack one month ago not very happy Add comment

My account was canceled with ProbioSlim on 7/14/2015. My credit card account was charged $54.98 on 8/1/2015 when my account was closed. This should have never happened on a closed account. I expect a refund ASAP I will notify the bank to have you removed from being able to do this again on my card and will contact my attorney ASAP if this money is not returned to my account NOW....... Dennee... Read more

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Contrary to my desire, my checking acct. has been charged with an automatic reorder of product probioslim without my consent. (Order checkcard ending in 0628 dated 6.29.2015 for $74.98 should be refunded to my acct). I am not a recurring customer. I have not received any more product after my requested free trial for $4.99 shipping costs, which I paid at the time of order with my debit card.... Read more

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Paid s&h on what was said to be a free sample. Noticed just now that I have been charged $75!!!!!! Add comment

Told me I was getting a free sample all I had to do was pay shipping and handling..... then of course I was charged $75 on my card and I'm sitting here crying about it! I want to blow up probioslim! Jerks! Add comment

I closed my account on 7/14/2015 I am returning product ( unused ) So why is money been taken out of my account ??? On 8/1/2015 $54.98 you did not have my authorization. I am sending unused products today and want money returned to my account ASAP or I shall contact my attorney. Dennee Slife Add comment

You have to go on there and get their telephone number and have them remove you from the list . To do this call this number 1-877-869-3308 Add comment

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