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I placed an ad on next day pets, a woman contacted me with pictures of pet, we agreed on price, I sent her a deposit, haven't heard from her since! Next day advertises that they only have reparable breeders and protect you from scams, but it's garbage! No protection, no background on breeders whatsoever! Please don't be a victim like me, do a background on anybody trying to sell you a puppy,... Read more

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Street sweepers are driven primarily by it seems jailbird hoodlums thugs and loons that bully people in their cars in parking lots. I've been harassed by street sweepers before and am scared of them. They act like a bunch of reckless criminals driving around recklessly. I was waiting In a walmart parking lot and rods street sweeping began. The psyxho sweeper kept driving RIGHT at my car as if it... Read more

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Banned from site . I questioned their shipping prices and was subsequently banned from their website . When I asked why I was banned this was the response . You said “The shipping price is absolutely insane “ and “You should be embarrassed of yourselves” Of course you are blocked. We would never want to do business with a mean and rude person such as yourself. Mean and rude ? really ? This... Read more

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There is not a word to describe how disgusted I am over the simply nourish dog food I just purchased. Just as I was about to give this food to my two dogs I saw crawling worms throughout the bag.. And I'm talking tons of them! I also purchased the food for my cat and spent over $100 on the brand today in hopes of finding something better than blue buffalo for my cockerspaniels allergies! I'm in... Read more

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We terminated the so-called Wellness Insurance Policy before the cancellation date. We paid a significant amount as a penalty to cancel the policy. One day later, they charged another monthly premium and refused to cancel it. Banfield is a corrupt company employing fraudulent tactics to scam money from people. WARNING: Do not do business with Banfield!! Their Veterinarian care is also a shame.... Read more

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Biggest scam ever save your money!!!! Buy the book for $50.00 it will tell you every thing they tell you. They do not train your dog they give you tips on how to. 6 years later and $600.00 my dog is The same as the day I through my money out the window with bark busters. Add comment


My 5.5 year old female German Shepherd had surgery to remove several large cysts. Coincidence or Vectra that they were all in a straight line down her back were I had been applying the Vectra? They started small and grew steadily over time. The Vectra was recommended by the Vet. I had asked on several occasions if they had seen this kind of reaction and was told no. I also could not find... Read more

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Our vet recommended it for our dogs. My husband applied it and got some on his hands and he said it burned like battery acid. My dogs skin turned fiery red where it was applied and the one just kept rolling around on the floor like she was trying to get relief. I will never use this again! Add comment


Banfield's Optimum Wellness Plans are not meant for sick pets, it's strictly preventive care. So if you bring a pet in for an illness, you should expect to have to pay for diagnostics. insurance and OWPs are different. Also when enrolling on a plan, you are specifically told that it is a 12 month contract. It is also stated if you choose to cancel the LEGAL contract early you are to pay for... Read more

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I was in a car accident last night. Today I left early from work because I could no longer feel my legs nor could move my neck. After spending s few hours in the ER and receiving purgaset, I called my pcp if there were any natural alternatives to the narcotics. He suggested a remedy that sprouts carried. My fiancé and I arrived at 10:01, as the manager was opening the door to let a customer out.... Read more

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