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I had a scheduled appointment on a Monday at 9 AM. 10 AM rolls around, no call, no show. I called and left a voicemail. Then called again at 2 and was immediately sent to voicemail. It's been a week and still never heard back from the owner. Do NOT use this groomer, she is completely unreliable!! Add comment

My shi tzu went for went for a simple haircut. Then later, to get a call from a girl saying she CUT HER TOE OFF!!!! She didn't just clip it or anything, she had scissors and KEPT CUTTING HER TOE UNTIL IT WAS HANGING ON A PIECE OF SKIN. THIS IS FURTHER THEN CRUELTY!!! This company needs to be shut down!!!! Unbelievable, my dogs is undergoing surgery right now. I have no idea how she is :'( They... Read more

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First time getting my poodle groomed here. I was so excited for her haircut. She was all hairy. They took four hours to groom her. When i came for her my dog came running to me and was crying. I barely recognized her. I was so upset. She was literally naked. I asked what happened and they kept saying she was all matted but thats no excuse to leave her with no hair. In addition, she had a cut near... Read more

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I got vectra from my vet and put it on my dogs and went for a walk a few days later and I noticed a tick on my dog. I thought this was suppose to keep fleas and ticks off the dogs. Add comment

My cat had urinary block , he was cathaderized , but they did not size the e colar on him right .He pulled the cathadar out as soon as I let him out of his carrier . They would not do anything to try to help him and his condition deterrierated! They did not give him enough medicine to keep him out of pain . They were rude when I called and told them he was in pain . When they relized what they... Read more

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Ordered 2 led collars and they have billed my credit card for 4 months foe $19.95 the phone number is invalid and I cannot find out how to contact them. I am trying to block them from billing my card every month. I am so pissed as I ordered these collars through a (as I thought reputible pet site) I guess I was *** to think that I could trust the site that I had ordered from before. I have... Read more

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I had just walked in to browse some of the lizards, upon looking at them as well as the crabs and snakes, I was truly disgusted. The habitats in which they were kept were filthy and these reptiles and the crab were not moving, they looked sick, depressed and lonely. This is abuse to these creatures. If you're going to buy anything of the sorts, don't buy from petco/petsmart. Most things, besides... Read more

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Vca cares for little more then the almighty dollar!!!!! Add comment

Todays date 5/22/15. On March 18 2015 I ordered two free collars. All I had to pay was the $7.95 shipping. The next day I noticed my bank account was charged for a $27.00 book on dog food secrets that I never ordered plus an additional $7.95 for the collars. I immediately contacted them and told them to refund my account the $27.00 that I never ordered the book. It took several email attempts... Read more

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I was a good customer of petsmart, after yesterday my dog got nip cut on his tail .for 7 yrs as a groom customer.. i think i have to change my groomer shop .. im afraid for my dog now to get groomed.. my baby cant sleep and so do I .. disappointed!!! Add comment

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