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Pay NOTHING for a collar - and that's what you get NOTHING.. Unfortunately the shipping cost on that collar that was never sent came out of my pocket.. I too ordered it in April , Questioned the company in June , was told there was a shipping error, and was told to expect it by the 16th of July (maybe sooner).... It still has not arrived . I am guessing it never will They respond very quickly... Read more

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Absolutely atrocious, I recently decided to visit this rescue, the place is very disorganized and the dogs are laying in tiny tubs! It looked like 2 for every 5 dogs. *** and urine everywhere in the dog crates, most of them didn't have water either. There was a very strong ammonia smell coming from behind one of the doors. The owner of this rescue is very rude. She was criticizing and almost... Read more

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100% FULL

Petsmart dog groomer employee
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PetSmart store number #392 on 2925 Lancaster Dr NE Salem, Oregon 97305 A PetSmart dog groomer employee name Tanya Stanley. Did you know that she been giving a nudity pictures to her clients and giving them a *** behind PetSmart building after work or after the store close? Also she would smoke *** before, during and after work. You need to do something about it, how did i know? My friend told me... Read more

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OMG, I waited and waited, still no phone call from the Vet. She said she couldn't tell if my cat was fixed!!!She said a blood test could tell, she was going to a meeting to find out what to do!!!She NEVER CALLED BACK! She said my cat is diabetic but not sure how much glucose to prescribe yet!But, she did prescribe! So I went there today to find out WHY!!!!!She NEVER CALLED BACK, they said SHE... Read more

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Too messy! Had it all over my puppy and me! Add comment

Sent them the money. Never heard from them again. xxx xx xxxx xx xx xx xxxx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxx xx xx xxx xx xx xx xxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xx xx xx xxxx xx xx xxx xx xxx xx xx x x xxx xx xx xxx x x xxx xxx xxx xxx xx x xxx xx xxx x xxxx xxx xx xx xx xx xx xxx xxx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx x x xx x xx xx x xx xx xx xx xx x x xx xx xx x xx xx x xx x xx xx x... Read more

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Petsmart - Rodent *** on shelves next to pet products
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While shopping Sunday 10/4/2015 at Petsmart in West Long Branch, New Jersey (#0760) for calming products (ie ThunderShirt) and discovered MASSIVE amounts of RODENT *** on the shelves (along side product) and on the floor under the shelving. I took photos and showed Manager - whom said he asked corporate for help and received none. This is clearly a health issue for humans and pets and brings... Read more

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Drove all the way to north Myrtle beach banfield for my SCHEDULED appt. they decided to close without sending a 30 second simple phone call or automated email. I worked my only day off around this appt. A pet HOSPITAL should not be able to unexpectedly close just as a human hospital. Seeking a new veterinarian because of this. Add comment

Drove my dogs to north Myrtle beach banfield for their SCHEDULED appt, to find out they are closed for the day without even letting us know. I do not appreciate working my entire day off around my dogs appointments and driving them all the way up there for them not to make a 30 second phone call or even an automated email. A pet HOSPITAL should never close unexpectedly, just as if they are a... Read more

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I've used Pet Shed for certain items for some time now and have always been quite happy with their products, service, and prices. Their website is navigable, their prices are quite reasonable (excellent on some items), what few times I've a question or concern they have been quick to respond and haven't caviled at doing what was necessary to address matters. I'm certain that, as with any... Read more

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