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A year ago I took my healthy six and a half year old cat to VCA in Arlington for a routine visit. Dr. Leavey, who'd seen her before, gave her a rabies shot in her right rear leg, and by the time I got her home, the cat was falling over, unable to walk, damaged. I called them and they said to watch her, but they offered nothing. She seemed slightly better the next day, but there was no follow up... Read more

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Bought a german shepherd from this kennel and they are very high aggressive german shepherds! Asked what we could do to work on controlling our dog, and was told to beat it as hard as we could and hang it from a tree from a prong collar and hit it. From my understanding this is absolutely dog abuse. I would never do this to my dog or tell someone who had bought a dog from me to do this...ever!... Read more

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Keith Titus and Somethingsphisy is a FRAUD and slanderous drug addicts. They are a so-called tropical fish company but check Keith Titus reputation online! Oh my! He cheats many customers by selling dead fish. He's a fat lazy guy with a wife who is old and crazy. She screams all day for no reason! He filed for divorce a few years ago but dropped it because she has like 5 kids and is... Read more

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I was looking up Top's website when I found this. I had him train a horse of mine last year and really do not understand the other complaints on this website. My horse had never been ridden before and he had him broke to walk, trot lope and work off of leg pressure off of one month. I was really impressed at how much he got done with my horse in that one month. He is very knowledgeable, the most... Read more

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I received a gift card for 65$. On the back it said that I could use it online and in the store. I tried purchasing online and it would not work so I called petco. They said I could not use it online. I said it says in the back of the card that I can use it online. The customer service says I cant use it online. so much for outsourcing Petco because the people you have hired for customer... Read more

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I ordered worms in 2013, waited 2 months, checked status of my order, decided not to wait any longer, requested and finally received a refund. In 2014 ordered again, did not receive worms within a reasonable time period, attempted to contact Bruce by both telephone and email and failed, filed dispute with paypal, Bruce responded that his worm beds flooded so orders would be delayed. Worms were... Read more

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We purchased a shih Tzu from this company and were guaranteed a healthy one at a hefty price. Although we got a vet health clearance from the breeder, we took our puppy immediately to our trusted vet. We had noticed he was scratching his ears and one leg. Well, we did not get a healthy puppy. He had scabies, ear mites, fleas and an intestinal parasite. He also has a deformed ear and extra... Read more

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PLEASE don't donate any money to this Rescue Group! The owner Kimi Peck is an animal hoarder with Animal Cruelty charges pending in Wyoming and Colorado. She has also had charges against her in Calif. where this supposed "rescue" is located. She has had multiple Kennels in Calif shut down by law enforcement. She is now living in a 5th wheel and calling that her dog sanctuary which it is not it is... Read more

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I have a 11 week old husky that is supposed to be down there the girl that shipped him told me that I am not allowed to go down there and that I own the 188 dollars to get papers and a permit I want information back or I will sue you guys for fraud contact me at 7172269162 and my name is teka Sloan ASAP and I'm supposed to get a hold of my lawyer and the psp. Add comment

I've had two German Shepherds from Omega Shepherd over past 8 years. Both outstanding dogs. No problems. Leah has been wonderful to work with. I recommended them to a friend who also had an outstanding dog. My son had one German Shepherd who was very hard to control. Very frenetic. Couldn't walk on a leash. Would run away if given a chance. they were busy young parents working with three... Read more

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