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  • Puppyfind
  • 11 hours ago
  • by anonymous
  • #674222

Puppyfind continues to allow breeder Brittney Sturtz to run adds for her puppies, despite numerous complaint sites about her unethical , and deceptive practices. Add comment

Bought good 8/7 still waiting have had one reply last Friday 24/7 still no goods !!! $ 90 worth and now I'm stuck out of pocket and no feed for my animals Add comment

My dog, Dudu (that's 10 yo)fell off the stairs, he was really nervous at the time, he couldn't move his front left leg. I'm just 14 years old, so my mom took me to Banfield Hospital ( it is inside Pet Smart, at Dadeland North, Miami), my mom was very sick, she couldn't stay with me, she went to an appointment with a doctor that she couldn't cancel. The guys from Banfield told me I could stay with... Read more

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Misdiagnosed, 1 unnecessary surgery, overcharged, and lied to by the office manager, Heather at VCA Animal Medical Center of Omaha, 2323 South 64th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68106. Permission was given for a $1500 exploratory surgery by Dr. Mix and assisted by Dr. Patricia Steven-Kopf who is a personal friend of mine and our animal's veterinarian until her retirement on 12/30/2014. Dr.... Read more

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I replied to an ad for a Golden Retriever in PA. After being contacted by the seller, they had talked about dogs that weren't even Golden Retrievers. When I replied that I only wanted a Golden Retriever he sent an e-mail with two pictures of Golden Retrievers he claimed were available in UT. Why would a reputable company put a picture on a website for a puppy that they didn't even have. This... Read more

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I bought the 3 pack at Petco so I know it is the authentic version of Frontline. It was around $80! I only bought it because I forgot to order the revolution online and it was time for the treatment (every 30 days). We have more fleas than ever and I am seriously bit up. My cat is miserable and now we can't do any more treatments until August 21 (30 days) for risk of overdosing the cat with more... Read more

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I placed my order back in May and got an email saying it was send. This a joke you just like taken peoples money and not sending the product i don't believe you had any product in the frist place Add comment

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  • Oodle
  • 1 day ago
  • by anonymous
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A person advertised 2 yorkies for sale. The phone number couldnt be called back and they wouldnt give me their name. I have found out this whole website is a SCAM. They have been doing this for a while to honest people. Add comment

tele tech only advances the people that kiss butt. They do not give raises. In 2 1/2 years never received 1 raise. The job is made for college students not those looking for a career. The team leads all have their own issues, such as 1 male lead who smells as if he never takes a bath. Other team leads have never actually taken calls in a call center. If you know what is best for yourself... Read more

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I have been using frontline plus for years with all my animals. but now, my dog is INFESTED with fleas and will not stop itching.. she's miserable. so I now have to pay to take her to the vet. I will be switching to Bravecto IMMEDIATELY and am looking into filing a lawsuit to receive my money back for the Frontline and for the vet costs of them treating the fleas. Add comment

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