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I contacted Ms. Goodnoe though email about a chocolate min pin puppy that was available. When Ms. Goodnoe and I finally spoke she sounded a little off and rude when I asked her about spaying the puppy she gave me an attitude and told me she doesn't know if she can do it because it might not be worth taking the trip to the vet for her. After we spoke she then wrote me an email saying "I woke her... Read more

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I bought Equisure & appatite total of $66.70 with postage - not much compared to others I know but I really needed these products when I ordered them, they still haven't turned up, ordered on the 27th Nov-it is now been almost a month, I have emailed them through their website and also via replying to the order email with no response. There is no phone number, address or ABN on the website to... Read more

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Terrible just terrible. I received an email a week after I purchased the item letting me know the order is back order and the vest will not come in for several months and perhaps I would like a jersey instead. I emailed back and I asked them to refund me because it's a christmas present and I cannot wait for it. I received their auto replay email. A day later I recieve the exact same email. I... Read more

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I had my online order cancelled because of what I was told "shipping issues". I called customer service and was on the phone with them 2 hours and 15 minutes over the course of 2 days, 1 hour and 45 minutes of that time I was on hold. The agents, supervisors and managers all were unable to help me and the only consistent response I received was "we're trying to connect you with our agents in San... Read more

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I was looking for an Akita near where I live. I found a breeder who identified herself as Debbie Smith from Licking Missouri on My wife contacted her by phone and received pictures by email. My wife apparently told her that we were going to get the puppy and that we would send a check for the $100 deposit. I felt we needed to verify that the seller was legitimate. I requested the... Read more

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We ask for our dog to be given a bath at the White Oak location in Garner, N.C. We are regular customers and have used PS previously for grooming. For some reason this time, they charged DOUBLE saying "we added Furminator treatment" The grooming staff (Samantha Lombardo) failed to explain "Furmination". We never herd of Furmination. Obviously, just something for which they could charge extra. We... Read more

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Everyone should ask these questions, when buying a puppy online. What kind of lifestyle does this breed require? What personality traits should I be informed about? What grooming requirements are there with this breed? What type of exercise does this breed require? Are there any common health problems associated with this breed? Can I meet the puppy's mother and father? If one of the parents is... Read more

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For years I have been trying to get something done about the Petland in my town. The puppies are thrown into tiny, filthy cages and usually have no food. They are overcrowded, never cleaned, and are stuck walking on that thin wire bottom. I have even seen dogs fighting in the cages, where the employees do not seem to care at all. Every single person I have spoken to that has bought a dog from... Read more

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I usually shop at Petco, and I am almost always happy with the experience. I went into the new PetSmart in Lakeland, FL ONE TIME for a piece of aquarium decor that Petco does not carry. NEVER ONCE was I greeted or approached by an employee. The girl who rang me out at the register did not even say a word to me. There was no, "Hello, how are you? Find everything okay?" She didn't even tell me my... Read more

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This is a new Kennel name (9th one in 9 months) for George Doyle & Tabitha Webb. Last month it was House of Ashford. All of these ads are FAKE - NONE OF THESE PUPPIES EXIST. You send them the money and you do not receive the dog you see in the ads. They are scamming people out of thousands of dollars. They do not answer emails so they do not have a paper trail. They are currently being... Read more

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