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My roommates puppy was diagnosed with parvo about a week ago and took his pup in right away because he wasn't eating, he was puking and pooping blood we knew he didn't have much longer unless he was treated right away. His body was becoming dehydrated and even though he was a larger breed there was no way his body was going to be able to fight another day. When he was taken to blue pearl they... Read more

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This is an example of how rude the idiots losers and ugly Psychos in Orlando are esp to pretty women and whoever they choose to be. It's a disturbing city full of annoying rude unfriendly ugly people. I went to Sally beauty supply in oviedo at vidina place. There was a semi fugly female as the cashier. The ugly woman went out of her way to be friendly to other female customers. I mean she was... Read more

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I drove 1 hour to Outlet store in Billerica Ma, and they closed down. I have gotten 3 catalogs this year so far and not 1 notice of a store closing! This cost me 2 hours driving, and 1/4 tank of gas! Not customer friendly at all!!! Add comment

I went to petco this morning (4/18) and the young manager who works there, i think her name is Brittany, was wearing a very lowcut baggy shirt so when she bent over in front of me her *** could not have been hanging out anymore if she tried. I know she is a manager and as a manager she sets to an example for the employees and for petco the company itself. This is very unprofessional attire for a... Read more

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Yes i also eas sippose yo get yorkshire puppys male and female which i never reveived his name is jonathan corwell but hes has 3 telephone numbers 302-417-1436 and 423-200-7243 and this person called me 267-329-9717 and the western union went 4 timrs to elvis sawke and he has recieved then they are all frauds shoildny be allowrd to advertise any more here i am struggling with no puppys no... Read more

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Terrible, Sharon the owner called me left message, I called back, and she never called back. Called again and still never called back. When she left message She blamed it on the groomer Rob. Rob was the first guy to cut this dogs hair and did an excellent job. Since this all happened Rob has left Pet World. Doesn't matter who did it, they are her employee, so take responsibility and do the... Read more

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I've been waiting over a month and a half for a package. They tell me they can't provide tracking because it was free. They don't provide phone numbers, email you back with computer generated responses, and have ZERO information. This is the most infuriating company I've ever dealt with. You're better off going to a hong kong based site. It's better and faster. I've sent several emails to them... Read more

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IAM is my buddy I paid hi dollars for him and he will be 3 years old in May he has a microchip in him that drives him crazy sometimes he's also sterile he can't breathe also I noticed as he's grown that he was bred in a box because he was tiny in 5 months old when I got him so he didn't outgrow his box until he got out of his box he safe and sound now and IAM about to have that microchip removed... Read more

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The only thing I'd like to say is, vca is not the least bit family orientated. I will never again spend one second contributing to that sort of place. Add comment

We went to the OSCAR adoption event, filled out the application, met the foster family and were told that after checking our reference we would have a home vist. We went through the whole week trying to put OSCAR in touch with our vet. Finally got them together and the next thing was receipt of an E mail message letting us know that they went with another application. Why not tell us up front... Read more

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