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Something is definitely wrong with the young people of today they are just jerks and losers they have no morals and they feel they can treat people anyway they want. I went to the Bahama breeze in Altamonte Springs Florida. I dealt with idiotic pathetic servers who are constantly in my face and rude to me and felt that they had the right to get in My space and mistreat me. The minute me and my... Read more

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took fish in after agreeing to trade-in, co-owner left fish in bucket for 2 hours with no aerator or constant temperature, he left for lunch. after I told him I would wait to see fish in new tank. temperature dropped 5 degrees then an hour with no oxygen, still wouldn't put fish in tank. I wanted the fish to have a better home, I thought that would be best fish store for that purpose I was wrong.... Read more

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I've been taking my dog Bella (she's a Maltese-Yorkie mix) to Petco to be groomed since 2011 when I adopted her. I used to go to the store in Providence, RI. Groomer- James was FANTASTIC. This past Wednesday (03/25/15) I took my dog to the groomer at Petco in South Attleboro near my new home since James is no longer with Petco. From start to finish I received nothing but the absolute WORST... Read more

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I have had many animals. I have been to many vet's and have been trying to find a great place to call home! This is not a home. This is not where you want to take an animal you care about. I took a brand new kitten there. The kitten acted sick and had junk in its eyes. I told them the kittens systems. They told me to come right in. As soon as I got there the ladies where nice up front. I went in... Read more

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Terrible stuff, waste of money, do not use! My dog lost her hair on her back from it and of course the fleas are still all over her. Going back to Comfortis, should have never took her off it Add comment

Do not utilize and/or deal with Mack Peterson at (530)264-8895. He is a first class thief and ***. Cats.Oodle is a total scam and the so called "breeders" are dishonest. I was told that the munchkin kitten that I was buying was $400 and $100 for shipping. Mack Peterson indicated that they could not accept credit cards and I had to send funds via Western Union. Once this... Read more

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It appears as though Petshed is no longer based in Australia. I've been waiting 3 weeks for my order and after looking at my bank statement, I see and international charge for shipment from china. This is very disappointing as I have been very happy with them for several years. Add comment

What an absolute joke of a rescue. They gave me a kitten with distemper which sickened my other cats. The rescue didn't find it important to inform me that the kitten's sibling had already died. I didn't find this out until i contacted them about my kitten being sick. The director didn't care at all that their negligence sickened my other animals. Their response.... "Sh** happens". REALLY??!!... Read more

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I will never shop here again. When I looked at their livestock, especially their baby ducks and chicks, I was appalled to see so many dead and trampled, rotting under the heat lamps. Also, I read in the paper where an employee was caught throwing almost dead baby animals away in the dumpster. This store should be ashamed, and I will not support such actions. Add comment

Following my last review I tried to resolve the situation with the so called owner of this fake company without success. They made all kinds of excuses from delayed flight due to bad weather to shipping crate did not meet airline specifications to requesting additional funds to ship the fake puppy to be delivered. All was a scam even the ticket number was fake. During a telephone conversation... Read more

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