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Years ago my daughter purchased a pup from this breeder. Beau wasnt even 6 months old & he had total hip displasia? in both hips. Couldnt hardly get up once he laid down. Required surgeries to eleviate some of his pain. Silvermine is nothing more than a puppy mill! . Add comment

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  • 12 hours ago
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Mine is dog food petsmart is not top quality to sell dog food i quit going two years ago until their is not a petco here now i shop online for all my pet needs no a groomer from petsmart is a qualified groomer they just need money and jobs Add comment

Beware: Ringworm in cattery. My kitten was very malnourished and infected when received. Multiple lies by email before owner, Kathy Domeny, fessed up to "possible" fungus. Poor little kitties living at her house! They need rescue! Add comment

Totally agonizing what this Vet. Practice put us through. I have a very sick dog who has been through a lot of tests, procedures and such. I called Friday night out of desperation and spoke to a really nice gal who wanted me to see a Dr. Goldstein at 6 p.m. Saturday. As far as I was concerned, that was an appointment. Yes, she did tell me that appts. weren’t made after 4 p.m., but in my case,... Read more

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I work at a humane society and I'm suprised at how vets don't explain the medication. I know you can buy it pre packaged but there is a dosage chart so when you buy let's say a pack for dogs ranging from fifty to a hundred pounds your really not supposed to use the whole dose. Since we are a shelter we buy in bulk and we have a chart day a dog is 2.5 to five pounds they get so much, five to ten... Read more

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Unbelievable poor site...unfriendly!!! Frustrated beyond...makes Craig's list look like a dream site... Add comment

This company is s rip-off. I guess that's what I get for trying to save a few bucks, but it took more than fourteen days for my order to arrive... Via Russia. Although the product appeared similar, I discovered multiple misspellings on the label as well. And so much for their money back guarantee. Add comment

We started feeding our bird dog pedigree a couple of week ago and he started to vomit and have loose stools, eating lots of grass and drinking water excessively. He is also very tired and he cannot not walk as of today. We took him to the vets and gave the vet a sample of the pedigree he was eating and it had wires or plastic sticking out of the food. Waiting to hear back from the vet to see if... Read more

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Dear, My most sincere apology! but I haven't a clue how else to reach you. Please be advised that the reviews left in your wonderful website to date, has a glitch as far as the VCA reviews goes. (VCA animal hospitals, VCA doctors, VCA ANIMAL SPECIALTY HOSPITALS, etc.) I cannot get past page one. I have asked others to try and they are finding the same thing happening. The... Read more

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I, too, purchased a breeder kitten from Kathy Domeny a few months ago. I had never seen or had an animal with ringworm before and did not know it was covered with ringworm until my vet told me what all the little bumps on him were. It infected my whole cattery and I am still dealing with it. It has been a nightmare. Kathy at first blamed the carrier that brought him to me and had never... Read more

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