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BUYER BEWARE / SCAM ALERT ! ! Beauty Purrs Cattery - Anthony Gonzales (Monroe, Georgia) I am writing this complaint to warn PET BUYERS & CAT BREEDERS so they do not get SCAMMED out of their money as this happened to me. Anthony Gonzales of Beauty Purrs Cattery has been DISHONEST & UNETHICAL by deceiving me & stealing my money. My dealings with this individual have been a TRUE... Read more

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BUYER BEWARE: Ms Puppy Connection is a BIG SCAM !! They steal your reservation deposits, sell you mixed breed dogs and very sick dogs for a huge amount of money (up to 10 000 dollars). I blood tested my chihuahua after he developed serious health issues, my vet wasn't surprised when he found out that my puppy was 20% PUG, explaining the unrealistic super short face !!. Furthermore: the puppy... Read more

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I bought a hamster for my daughter at Petco, Dale City VA March 4th, 2010. We were told by the associate not to handle her for a few days and let her get used to her home, put her in a quiet place, etc. We did that and unfortunately since I wasn't handling her I didn't know she developed the disease called Wet-tail. When I picked her up on day 6 her bottom was all wet and it was apparent... Read more

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I went in on Friday, July 23, 2010 and purchased a baby bearded dragon, which I named Zeus, for just over $60. I also bought additional pet supplies such as food (meal-worms), a special kind of sand filled which has vitamins mixed in so that if they eat some by accident it is actually good for them, a heat light, as well as temperature and humidity gauges. Every thing I bought was approved by... Read more

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I went to get my dog groomed at petsmart and he is a puppy and needed his rabies shot, so I took him to the vet inside the petsmart in mckinney texas and told them he needed a simple rabies shot. After giving my dog the shot they proceded to tell me that I owed them $54.00 for the shot. I called 3 other vets in the area and they all charge $13.00 for the same shot. THIS IS UNHEARD OF!!! I will... Read more

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BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT and STAY AWAY from the TRI-COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY Located on Boca Rio Road, Boca Raton, Florida Sick animals, corrupt management, casually racist and discriminatory against customers and employees, nice paint job though, TERRIBLE deceitful inhumane absolutely criminal stuff going on behind the scenes DAILY. Jeannette Christos, the self-proclaimed "CEO" of this... Read more

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If you are ever in the search for an American Bully, Pitbull style dog DO NOT get one from Christopher Thornton at Bayou Bully Kennels in Minden, Louisiana. He is a low down dirty crook who talks and talks like he is a reputable breeder with quality American bully style Pit Bulls but DO NOT believe a word he says!!! This pup was for my son and he is now heartbroken due to the condition of his... Read more

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Thought I was purchasing two beautiful toy shar-pei puppies, but what a surprise I got. One is a mix breed, and the other has to be put down. These are not the dogs I purchased. Contacted the vet that signed the Health Certificate and sent him photo's he advised that these were not the dogs he saw, so they are taking different dogs in for health clearance and shipping the sick dogs out. I get... Read more

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If you are trying to get a puppy from those ads that state a purebred puppy for free just pay the shipping it is a SCAM! My wife and I tried to get a puppy from one of these ads the person (Hannah Yola) stated that he lived in Washington D.C., and was moving to Arkansas for a new auditing job and he wanted to find a new home for his puppy cause he wouldn't be able to... Read more

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Four years ago a group of fifty individuals formed "Boca Animal Lovers". This group was comprised of former Board Members, former volunteers, former staff and unhappy customers of Tri County Humane Society in Boca Raton, Florida. Their mission was not to close the Shelter or bring any harm to the animals in residence. This group had firsthand negative experiences with the Director, Jeannette... Read more

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