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I bought the Martha Stewart sifting litter box from petsmart and it is the worst invention in the world!! Should be taken off the shelf for false advertisement! Instead of being easier than a traditional litter box with a scoop it is so much more difficult. I eventually just had to throw the sifter out because it was clogged with urine and kitty litter everytime my cat went to the bathroom! The... Read more

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I advise you all to do a little research before spouting such slander on the internet. Ann Marie is a wonderful woman who spends all of her time saving dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. She does not believe in euthanizing any animal and works her butt off bringing very sick animals back to perfect health. She gets many cats and puppies from the Livingston County Animal Shelter which has helped... Read more

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I took in a old homeless dog and a few months later it developed a bad limp on its hind leg. After Banfield milking me for appointments and x-rays the vet told me the dog needed thousands of dollars put into it and if i did not do it i was "A bad owner" and continued to guilt trip me. With my 4 children in the room i explained to the vet that my children need shoes and this was a rescue dog. I... Read more

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I used frontline for dogs & for my cats. Very disatisfied!! Several family members also used front line for dogs. This product did not work. Will never buy frontline again!!!also many friends have used this product. They were very disappointed with this flea treatment! I have experienced only negative results! I sprayed furniture, washed their bedding & vacuumed entire house, several... Read more

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On 19th September I placed an order for tablets for my dog, promised one to three week delivery, after that time I emailed but no response. foolishly I placed a further order with the same result. Do not deal with this Company, not only do they not deliver, but do not answer emails. On 19th September I placed an order for tablets for my dog, promised one to three week delivery, after that time I... Read more

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I sent Judy Cary of Florida, $1,350.00 for 2 shar pei puppies, back in March 2011. I got nothing for my money, she scammed me. Oh she had all kinds of excuses why she couldn't send me the puppies I paid for. Broken pipe inside her trailer barn & old trailer where she kept her shar pei were on fire. Parvo virus in her kennel building a fence & angry neighbor might harm her dogs so she... Read more

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Ever since Purina sold my cat insurance policy to 24petwatch, I've been frustrated. I requested a claim form (2 months) I tried to call them (3 calls, 30-45 minutes wait each time) I filed a claim for veterinary and emergency care (still haven't heard from them after 3 months). The only thing they've done is raise my premium and set it up so they can automatically take my money. I've made 3... Read more

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Nextdaypets - Fraud! Beware using ton of aliases to sell very sick puppies
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Look up on internet George Doyle, Brian Ashford-selling sick-half dead pups! The pics you see are Fake! They are being sued Again! they just got over $1200 out of me. They had over101 sharpei's that are shoved in kennels sick, dead& Abused!They are banned from the AKC so you wont get your papers, as none of us have either! No papers with a DOB,so I don't even know how oldSheis! Taking their... Read more

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Do not take your dog here. I took my dog there last week and my dog came home with fleas!!! The owner claimed it was not from her shop. I had a very bad experience with owner. She should not be able to care for pets. Add comment

This is so upsetting , I have two girls crying because of this site and the promised puppies. Hours of texting from two of them . No$ exchanged. Really upset the entire house. Add comment