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We had a 9year old pit bull who had testicular cancer. He burst his tumor opened and our vet would not see him until the next morning, nor would any other vets in our area. We were told by MANY, NOT to go to the emergency clinic in Waldorf, MD, (VCA) because they were rude and over priced, etc... We did not even call, we just showed up and told them what was going on and they saw him with in a... Read more

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I brought my two dogs to the Whitby north store March 2015 for grooming. I was quoted approximately $ 65. plus taxes for each dog. Upon arrival I was up sold to approximately $93, per dog . Now I know it is my decision to go ahead with this or not. But I figured its a good company why not let them give the two of them the full treatment. I picked the two up approximately four hours later. They... Read more

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I set-up an initial order for more than $40 to satisfy the requirement for Free shipping. I was then offered an additional 15% savings if I set up "auto ship" for the same product. I set up auto ship for three months later, the next auto ship was indeed MORE than $40, as this was the requirement for free shipping on the first order, and the new auto ship order was indeed 15% off the ordered... Read more

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Lynda Fisher was the name of our scam artist. Everything seemed legit until she said I needed to pay the airline now. My boyfriend told me to check into the airline so I did. I found these comments. I thank all of you for them cause it saved me $600. I was in line ready for 2 beautiful Siberian huskies. She was in Seattle, WA "on business matters" as she said. If you receive anything regarding... Read more

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I hate PetSmart with a passion. But unfortunately I still catch myself walking in their doors because they have Martha Stewart Pets and Toys R Us brands. Unfortunately their employees ruin my experience before I get to put things I was browsing in my cart. On one occasion I webt to purchase fish, I have carefully researched and prepared before arriving to the store, but their "fish expert" had to... Read more

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Hello, This is Customer Support. I'm sorry that you had difficulty with this seller and that you received a sick puppy from them. Due to the abuse of the review system, such as breeders bashing other breeders, people using the system as a message board and other such fake reviews being posted, we have no other choice but to allow sellers to dispute what they feel are invalid... Read more

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Shopping for a puppy and found puppy pictures on there that were also posted on but not the same seller. There is one picture that is on there 8 times only with different contacts. I am just going to say one word SCAM.....the site does not protect the buyer in any way shape or form... There is no way to report a scam or a good way to contact the seller of the puppys. This is very... Read more

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Bill harvison is the Oklahoma city district manager ... I ask him to call me over a week ago and he has not called me yet ... So I called the nw expressway store and the general manager women told me that they cant help me and she said that Bill harvison was to busy to call me ... Also you try to call the complaint line and you get people from india and you cannot understand them ... So I will... Read more

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I went in here a few times since the Wyandotte location is near my house and every time, the experience has been awful. Despite having a no-pets-off-leashes rule, the first time I went in, a woman's chihuahua bolted out the door and she and the staff worker blamed me for letting the dog out. Another time, when I asked if the store could cut a cat's nails (we have an ornery cat), I was told to go... Read more

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Something is definitely wrong with the young people of today they are just jerks and losers they have no morals and they feel they can treat people anyway they want. I went to the Bahama breeze in Altamonte Springs Florida. I dealt with idiotic pathetic servers who are constantly in my face and rude to me and felt that they had the right to get in My space and mistreat me. The minute me and my... Read more

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