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I can understand that PuppyFind isn't able to verify the breeders that advertise on its site. It simply performs a service of putting buyers and sellers together - buyer beware. I think only the most gullible are unaware that they must perform due diligence before sending money. However, that does not excuse PuppyFind removing reviews of customers who were swindled by a particular breeder and... Read more

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After not receiving the collars thought like most that are posting that it was a rip off. I emailed Best Pet and they responded the next day indicating that I would receive the collars by the end of July. Low and behold I received both collars and they work great. I ordered the large size since Jake is 90+ pounds, I had to lengthen the collars to the max and it fits. If you have a dog around... Read more

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I have spent over $2000 at Somethingphishy and I had 2 dead Discus fishes dead on Arrival at my last 2 orders. So I emailed to the owner Keith, and explained to him that "because Of Someone CARELESSNESS At HIS Packaging Department One Of My Large Discus Fish bag had no water at all inside and that's why the fish died." Instead of he apologizing me he email back to me and told me that because of... Read more

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I have wasted so much money on this product for cats and dogs. This product simply does not work. Add comment

WARNING! DO NOT get involved with these people in any way! The owner is literally one of the worst people I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with! She is mentally unstable, and will turn on you in a blink. She is dishonest, and will do anything possible to mot give you what you paid for. She will change the conditions of your agreement with no prior notice, and when confronted she will... Read more

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Ordered my collars 4/7/15. Still waiting for them to arrive. Had several emails back and forth with the company to no avail. They appear to be just taking money from everyone that orders these collars, as I have not heard of anyone receiving their order. They offer your money back, but you will never see it. Getting $8 - $20 from people can add up quickly. They know that people are sucker for... Read more

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All these bad reviews are completely true. Avoid this company. All of you who got taught a technique with a bean bag thrown at your dog are fortunate. This company has you sign an agreement before they will disclose HOW they are going to train your dog. Our trainer brought a handful of heavy chain and threw that at our two husky puppies. I was floored. He even accidently hit one of the dogs with... Read more

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Puppyfind continues to allow breeder Brittney Sturtz to run adds for her puppies, despite numerous complaint sites about her unethical , and deceptive practices. Add comment

Bought good 8/7 still waiting have had one reply last Friday 24/7 still no goods !!! $ 90 worth and now I'm stuck out of pocket and no feed for my animals Add comment

My dog, Dudu (that's 10 yo)fell off the stairs, he was really nervous at the time, he couldn't move his front left leg. I'm just 14 years old, so my mom took me to Banfield Hospital ( it is inside Pet Smart, at Dadeland North, Miami), my mom was very sick, she couldn't stay with me, she went to an appointment with a doctor that she couldn't cancel. The guys from Banfield told me I could stay with... Read more

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