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The second shipment was over 15 more. I emailed them about the price difference and they emailed back saying: Thank you for contacting PetFoodDirect. The $46.81 is the previous price for that itme on auto ship and has been updated. That price doesn't include shipping and tax. Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank You for using PetFoodDirect for your pet's needs.. Regards, Kaylina C. Customer... Read more

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Ok!! So I when I was refused to be seen fr my Pet and told to bascially take him elsewhere bc they have no clue what's wrong w him .....I asked why is that so and the response was their only preventative healthcare , not a place to care fr ur pet !!! What the *** !! But I was not told that befr signing up fr this fraud of a plan as a matter of fact I was told the freakg opposite of that !!! I'm... Read more

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Xo Corp - Deluxe therma whelp system by breeder Dangerous product don't buy it if you love your pet!
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I purchased the thermal Whelp system on November 25, 2014. I plugged it up and put the bulb in the bulb heated and exploded had fire dripping from it and the company would not refunded or provide a replacement. They would not call me back during the 30 day. To authorize a return of the defective product. This unit cost $200 as a complete waste of money and very dangerous! Don't buy it if you love... Read more

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Dwayne Meyers is a fat big ugly loser from ft Meade florida. He is the epitome of white trash. He looks like shlt and is garbage too. He dominates women and dates and bullies women. He is one of the ugliest dumbest people ever. He tries to play *** but is actually aware but in an evil and devious way. He claims to take energy from positive people in order to balance out the energy. Because he is... Read more

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Banfield Pet Hospital: They are nice to your pet and courteous to your face but just try and cancel your " Wellness Plan, OMFG!!! First off, you can't cancel at the facility. You can't cancel online. You have to somehow get the "secret telephone number" and once you get the number they put you on hold for about 10 minutes; When I finally got hold of a "live" person she DEMANDED I provide a... Read more

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I don't really have anything bad to say about puppy find my experience with them was good as a breeder sold my puppys in 14 days after starting my ad all my clients was very happy with there new pets Add comment

My family owns a small farm in Williston, Florida. One day I noticed that one of my goats was hard on one side which is a typical sign of bloat. So I bundled him up into the car and took him to the vet. Once I got there I was led in to the back room. I was told that my regular vet was out on a farm call so I was seen by a new vet (A women that I had never met before.) When I told her my... Read more

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What a lot of you folks fail to realize is that every medicine is going to react differently to each pet. Some of u say its poison. My question to u is aren't they all meant to be poison to kill fleas and tics? Some of u have stated u put it on ur skin either purposefully or by accident. Did u not read the directions clearly of what to do once in contact with it? A dogs immune system is different... Read more

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