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I purchased a turkey from stop and shop in north Smithfield Rhode island on November 21 2014 when I opened the package I noticed that pin feathers and feathers were still attached to the turkey it took almost 20 minutes to defeather the turkey.I was very unhappy with the quality of the bird.I'm not sure of the process of removing turkey feathers but I'm sure it could have been done a little... Read more

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I purchased 2 12 packs from winn Dixie. Both are flat and off tasting. Smells strongly of ammonia and makes a louder and different sounding crackling noise than normal Add comment

I ate one of the Breyers blasts--Reese ' s pm blasts. .the fudge took over the taste. When peanuts are the first ingredient, I expect that too stand out not fudge! I will not have it again. It does not taste like the candy at all. Add comment


That is what the label on the can should say with a skull and crossbones underneath it. I have been living off a diet replete with fast food, soda pop, and take out for the last 5 years but even all that conditioning could not have prepared my gut for what was to come. We had a can of Wolf Brand Chili with no beans sitting in the pantry for over a year, so I decided to use it to make some... Read more

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Frito Lay - Bugs in Tostitos Queso Blanco Dip
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We purchased a jar of Tostitos Queso Blanco Dip from Hannaford Supermarket in New Hampshire two days ago and after opening it and pouring some out we realized there was a ton of bug "shells" all along the rim and inside of the lid. It looked like there were a ton of insect eggs that incubated and hatched within the jar, though I couldn't find the actual bugs. It is possible that they drowned in... Read more

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Purchased two packs of double stuffed Oreos at my local Wal-Mart and opened one and cookie was stale. So I open the other and same things Wal-Mart won't return since they were opened i want my money back. Add comment


I have been a fan of Stouffers for years and in Columbus, Ohio, lived in the apartments directly behind the Stouffers Restaurant where my mother and I would often enjoy the foods and drinks ther. I live in Portage Mi and can get stouffers through area stores. When I am disappointed in somethng I will mention it in an effort to" right the wrong"The problem with this particular beef meal is that... Read more

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Your packaging on your Gelato breaks and cracks rendering the ice cream open to air and contamination. I've had three crack and its annoying and unsanitary. I've purchased in Safeway and Wal-Mart. Add comment


Mike Coney the inventor of the Coney Island Hot Dog should have stayed in the hamburger business. Okay, so i read this article online about Mike Coney and the his great hot dogs and all the great toppings so my wife and i, big hot dog fans, decided to build a Mike Coney Dog. DON'T EVER DO THIS: 1 Hot Dog Bun 1 100% Pork Dog - deep fried in oil 2 tablespoons of Chile - 4 slices of onions -... Read more

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I bought 1 can of great northern beans on 11/15/14. I already had 1 Can of the same product I purchased previously. When I opened the 2 cans yesterday 1 was in a clear thin liquid the other was very creamy without clear liquid. What is the reason? Should I throw them out? I already had them in the soup when I realized. Add comment