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I placed an order 2 days in advance, so that there would be no problems. Only to find out they did not deliver until after 4:15 p.m. I was incredibly disappointed that the cookies were delivered so late. I did not order the least expensive arrangement either. The person who was supposed to receive the cookies had left work at 4:00 p.m. When I called the store, they told me they were sorry, but... Read more

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You have many soups without meat but when looking at the ingredients it has beef or chicken broth!! Many vegan people would like to have your soup but it needs to be meat free, that includes broth. I have bought your soup and ate it and then looked at the ingredients and was extremely disgusted. I looked at the other soups I had purchased and had to give them away to people who are not... Read more

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I bought 2 boxes of Oreos and when I got home they were smashed and no good the store manager said they were delivered that way from the truck and I could not return it exchange them. I would like refund for my damaged cookies in total of $7.32 I been buying these cookies for years for myself and my family and this is an outrage Add comment


over the past several weeks i have found that in my oreo packets a large number of the oreos have one biscuit upside down, i live in singapore but i hear others around the world are having the same problems. i wish this to stop as how can i dunk and twist effectively if this occurs also the packaging is weird as a consequence as it doesnt fit right. please fix this problem ASAP as although it was... Read more

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I bought a 12 pk Pepsi in MI.with the Lions on carton.The whole carton was flat.I just got another one same thing.What's up???? Add comment


My son purchased Ritz Bacon and Garlic flavor crackers. We shared the packages, and enjoyed the flavor very much, light not overwhelming. The problem is when we opened the packages (just the right size) all the crackers were crumbled before or when we picked them up thus we could not "dip" these or spread anything on them and could not use as appetizers. I thought it was because they were old... Read more

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I anita coqueran brought 25 one gallon containers from a supermarket in Astoria queens NEW York,and it tasted like old plastic and very distasteful what are me and my family suppose to drink,I buy this water every month for my household it cost me $24.75. When it's .99 to a gallon. $39.75 other times not on sale.i do not drink tap water. What am I suppose to do with all this water? It's cost get... Read more

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I bought the 8 pack of 12 ounce bottles of diet Pepsi and have the hardest time getting the caps off my husband had to use pliers to unscrew the caps Add comment

Even in the mid 80’s there were issues with the brand. It tasted like sand and I stopped buying it. Now its worse. I'm sorry I wasted money on a pint! Add comment