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This company shut down, a fun, safe and educational website that encouraged kids to be eco-friendly, responsible and charitable. But for no apparent reason, they "retired" the website, shattering the hearts of young children across the world, *** off teens and adults that used the site as a stress-reliever or a time-passer, and overall made a mistake of epic proportions. Millsberry... Read more

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I am a concern citizen about this fraud DiMeo fruit fams is advertising about being organic. I found a picture of one of his pints and his label on it. The web site about his business is all about being organic and non GMO and then the label on his pint is with out organic on it. So one has to think to them selves is he really in compliance and if not how does he get away with this. The USDA... Read more

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Millsberry was a fun game I used to always get on when I was bored, or just needed a break from the world. It was fun and educational. General Mills shut it down back in 2010, and since then I have missed the game there's no other games like it! My cousins played millsberry, so did many of my friends. It was a very safe site as well. Maybe Millsberry didn't have as many people as other games, but... Read more

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I cannot explain how much of a HEADACHE our experience has been with 1-800-VENDING. There are railroad tracks across from our business and we are seriously considering laying the *** machine on the tracks and watching a train obliterate the *** thing. The machine didn't work from day 1, and trying to get customer service that was actually helpful was impossible. We were sent various parts,... Read more

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Frito-lay doesn't care 1st they over work their employees.The task as a Frito rep is to much not enough time to do the job right.if you notice they always look rushed. 2nd they take chips out of the bags and rise the price over three yeas that i worked there i notice less chip in the bags and the price going up about $2.89 to $3.99.the bag are bigger but they weight less. they are making... Read more

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Your chocolates are great. During Christmas you have chocolate letters which are used as stocking stuffers. However you do not have the letters X, Y and Z. I think that you should include the whole alphabet when you make these chocolates because my name starts with Z. I guess the letter N can be made to look like a Z but I really think that you should not exclude the letters X Y and Z from... Read more

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HAVE BEEN USING PLANTERS PEANUT BUTTER FOR YEARS BECAUSE IT WAS PURER THAN OTHERS & TASTED LIKE PEANUTS. NOW I UNDERSTAND PEANUT BUTTER IS BEING DISCONTINUED! WHY? WHY? WHY? You have a great product that obviously sells as the shelves in our local stores have had to be re-stocked to fill the empty space. Why do you feel you must withdraw this product from the market???? Considering... Read more

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Frito Lay - Expired chips
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hello I went to subway earlier today, and I began to eat my chips when I got this nasty coffee taste in my mouth, so I spit it out. After spitting it out I started analyzing the bag where i noticed the date on it said January 2013. I then began to look inside the bad, because the stuff i spit out was black. I then noticed more black stuff in the bag. Jan 13 129229301 are the numbers where the... Read more

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purchased 128 fl oz of Green tea w/Honey and became sick with diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and severe cramps. We had no idea why until the following day when we poured a second glass and saw a gelatinous substance that looked like a ball of mucus pour into the glass. Poured the remaining liquid into a picture a found a snot ball the near size of a baseball. We were sicken by the substance and... Read more

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I was referred to them by my aunt for their blueberry tree. I called and left a voicemail. I got a call back and I said "hello", the person who called said "you want to pick up the trees today?"...didn't say "hello." or introduce himself or thank me for my interest and calling. I said, "do you deliver?", and he gave a big sigh, like I was wasting him time...then he said, "I'm going to answer... Read more

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