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Bought a 300 ct (white) paper plates. Most are ok. Mixed in are some 50? that have a brownish tint to them. Oil from machinery? Different color (unbleached) paper pulp? I have no idea. Haven't used the brownish ones. The rest are fine. Still.... threw away 20 - 25% of the plates. I don't know what the discoloration is and am NOT going to use them. My guess... CHEAPER pulp product (to save a... Read more

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We have pepsi machines at our business, if we was as bad at showing up to service our product as they are we would be out of business. We have to call 3 or 4 times to some one to show up and fill the machlnes, about to switch to coke, they act like they want our business Add comment

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I have searched EVERYWHERE for these flavored chips and have yet to find them anywhere! That's ***! Add comment


Breyers once had the best store bought Vanilla Ice Cream on the market. It was bliss in a carton. Now the product is simply boring. Nothing special. Why would any Company change a product that is perfect? I tried to like the new product but after several attempts I gave up. James M. WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY. why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why... Read more

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I tried marva maid milk in my cereral one morning n my stomach started cramping. I was told it I was lactose intolrance ,B S! How can you develop this after 58 years when you have drank milk all your life. Something is wrong and dangerous with Marva Maids products. Want to stay healthy stay the *** away from their milk and products. I heard from employees that work at the processing dept. that... Read more

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You are duping your customers with this change to "Frozen Dairy Dessert" instead of ice cream. You've lost our trust. We'll never buy Breyers again. It tastes like chemical junk. Congratulations on ruining your brand. Dumb. Add comment


The bag says "No MSG Added". I think this is great since I'm pregnant (although no one should be consuming MSG). I do a little research and find that companies have sneaky names for MSG to disguise the fact that they still use it in their products without their unsuspecting customers knowing about it. One of the hidden names is yeast extract which happens to be one of the ingredients in Clancy's... Read more

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Purchased ur chocolate eclair bars and found a piece of wood in one Needless to say I will never ever buy another one of ur products especially after reading some of others complaints of ur products. Bought item at giant food store Chester county pa. Add comment