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My husband & I grow various pepper plants & make homemade Pepper Jam, which we sell at Craft Shows & Farmer's market"s (This is sold under Florida's Cottage Foods Regulations, so we can only sell directly to the buyer). We have tried a couple of different crackers at home for our samples, but Ritz so far outshines the competition that it is the only one we will use when giving... Read more

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I've been a loyal customer of Stouffer's French Bread Pizza for many years and have always enjoyed it. While the cheese topping is still good, something has happened to the crust as it is not the same as it has always been. For some reason the recipe has changed, and it is not the light and crispy crust it has always been, and not nearly as good. If they don't change it back to the original... Read more

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Tried to new Soccer ritz crackers. They have no flavor and the crackers break in the package and those that do not break are so thin you cannot even spread soft cheese on them. Very disappointed , just leave the recipe and the shape and size alone. Would like compensation for this last box of crackers. 100 words is a ridiculous criteria for making a complaint. Every time you try to make your... Read more

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"Frozen Dairy Dessert"???!!!??? What the *** is THAT?? you think we're ***???!!! Where's the wonderful ice cream you used to make??? It's certainly NOT "Coffee Ice Cream"...and I'll never buy it again. YUK!!! You do still make the Natural Vanilla really well. I WILL buy that. But I tried your Orange Sherbet Swirl and it was terrible...with all kinds of fake stuff in it and WAY too soft.... Read more

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Breyers has sunk to its lowest level ever. They have obviously changed their ingredients and increased their production. I grew up with Breyers in Philadelphia and the flavors and quality have changed so much it should be put in a different package. It started some time ago when they reduced the size of their package from one half gallon and increased the price. I would have been ... Read more

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I am very disappoited in the Ritz crackers these days, they literally crumble and fall apart! I have bought Ritz for a very long time and lovedthm BUT they are now horrible, don't dare try to dip or sprad anyhi.g onthem! What has happened to them? Add comment

What did you do to your crackers? You can't even get them out of the package without them turning to crumbs. And forget trying to spread anything on them. What happened? They never used to be like this. We love to spread cheese spread on them, but virtually impossible to do now. Did you change your recipe? If so change back! Our friends are saying the same thing. Please go back to the way they... Read more

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i opened jar serial #2840008936 with exp. date of 13 feb. 15 i went to pour in serving dish and it poured out like water i have the jar with salsa in it if you need it. i always buy tostito salsa and this is the only problem i have had. ann cestare 77 bayview ave. west lindenhurst ny 11757 i would like coupons to cover my lost money with the defective... Read more

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Two of ur employees are having and affair and they r both married and have kids not happy how you guys condole that kinda activities in your company they both work at the keebler plant in grand Rapids mi one is william travis hooper the other is April b Add comment

Recently bought a case of Arizona zero green tea in the plastic bottles, when I opened it and took a BIG SWALLOW....IT TASTED AWFUL, IT TASTE LIKE A CHEMICAL IS IN IT...very upset because I'm a lover of arrizona green tea, that's all I drink...I didn't tell any of my family what I had experience when I drank it...they drank it, and said the same thing....I tried numerous times to call the company... Read more

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