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Really upset:( Ate an Oreo ice cream bar & in it was about a 1 1/2 inch piece of a splinter. Looks like a piece of another stick maybe. That stick wasn't missing any wood. Stabbed me in the tongue but luckily I spit it out-I'm 34 weeks pregnant! That's scary Add comment

First le me start off by saying that youll be hard pressed to find and water filtration system that will rid your tap water of everything. All you can do is get a decent system to remove some of the issues, and just let the waste removal system inside YOUR HEALTHY BODY to do the rest. Now...if you look at most of the complaints about Zero water on the internet most complaints are about fishy... Read more

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When Ritz Crackers first came out their were being sold by the plenty Why in the *** was the rich buttery flavor taken away Not just myself was buying them & eating them by one's self The *** with nutrition ; nutrition problems comes during holidays Do/Please bring back the original first recipe for less complaints & More Sales by the PLENTY ... Read more

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I love the thin Oreos but I would love if you would make variety pack. Mint, original, chocolate, golden oreo all in one pack. I buy all these packs but feel guilty about eating and some times throwing packs away. TRY MAKING A VARIETY PACK PLEASE Add comment

Woukd like to see dinners with low sodium and more organic products... Add comment

I will say that I'm a distributor and understand your complaint. I get it daily from my customers due to the *** poor management that goes thru bimbo bakeries. I recently got my rear end ate out cause I was out of product. It was due to the inaccuracy of their plant in rock wall and also due to the *** poor follow through from management. The management go to stores and blame the independent... Read more

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I had some cheese puffs in a family size bag and I found long strands of hair inside my bag. It was brown and it really upset me. I wish cheetos could fix the problem and make sure it never happens again. Add comment

Arizona Iced Tea is 100% delightful. The urine rumour is complete and utter BS, Nestea probably made it up to stir up some poorly dissolved trouble for their opposing company. Add comment

100% FULL

Pepsi Cola - Diet Pepsi cans exploded in refrigerator
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Diet Pepsi cans exploded in refrigerator. So all things in the refrigerator were messed up. When our family heard that sound, it seemed like sound from gun shot. So I tried to figure out what's happened. After that I looked at outside the house through window. And then I opened the refrigerator accidentally, I found that cola ice flakes are spread out over the inside of refrigerator. The... Read more

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Found woodchip in my mouth while munching on HOT LAYS Add comment

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