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you guys don't make this any more or what ? the dr peppers,regular serria mist ,mountain dews the bottles are the same what the *** is going on the only thing you guys are saving is the labels. would have been nice to know this instead of traveling to six or seven stores come to find out they don't make it or bottle it any more thanks pepsi !!! was going out of my way to buy your product it... Read more

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Both bx of cookies i got is out of date. Add comment

I bought a plain vanilla ice cream and the first thing I noticed was when I was scooping it. It didn't require lots of force to scoop ice cream because normally, you will have to wait for a long time until actual ice cream gets softer. Then as I was finishing the ice cream, it was different. Normally when I finish the whole bowl of ice cream of Haagen Dazs, Superstore brand ice cream, And safeway... Read more

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100% FULL

Eating my soup because of it's low calorie purpose, found a green, hard, sharp stalk of some sort's, a little over an inch in size, let's just say a big choking hazard, it's not celery, I called the progresso company, made a claim. They said, they will send me coupons for more soup, after finding this I am not sure if I will ever buy, or consume progesso, especially after seeing some other of the... Read more

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GREER,SC Avi management sucks, the food they cook is old, they served old Christmas dinner 01/14/2015 that's two and a half weeks, people often get sick from the food I know I do. & then they have a meal once a week called "casserole" .....a whole bunch of left overs combined in one pan with cheese and bread crumbs on it...smh that's GARBAGE. This has to stop please contact Greer Sc AVI... Read more

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Yes it is gone and it will be no more I was told by the bakery yesterday in spokane that the store was not going to have garlic bread any longer they are phasing out all the breads that come frozen that they were baking all the breads will be made my costco or not at all. It stinks since the older stuff is not as good as the garlic bread I have been buying for the past 15 years, Maybe if we send... Read more

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Breyers blasts ice creams are duds . Wife bought birthday blast and strawberry cheesecake the birthday cake tasted like awful cookie dough and the cheesecake chunks were like slippery pieces of lard i am takeing them up on there guarantee, but do not want replacement coupons on icecream but some other product of my choice. Dwayne cox Add comment

You need to fire the creators of your ads. Whoever thought this was good advertising really missed the mark. Not clever, not funny and tells me zero about the quality of the soup. This latest one though with the sterotypical "angry black woman" forgiving Progressive for making soup like hers and then threatens "i'm watching you soup people!" really crossed the line. The girl in the green... Read more

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My complaint is why is their more than one Oreo placed in my package backwards.i think your packers need to be more observant and make sure the cookie is placed on right. Add comment

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