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frito lay sucks
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see the pictures of the bag of chips I got, packed by volume my ***, your chips suck, I will never buy another frito lay product I cant believe they can actually get away with this ***, $4 for a bag, I mean handful of chips, I will never ever but frito lay again, I will never ever but frito lay again, I will never ever but frito lay again, I will never ever but frito lay again I will never ever... Read more

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I ordered risotto rice and cookies to be sent to Japan. Nowhere on their site does it state this rice can't be shipped to Japan. My package gets shipped then UPS in Nevada stops it with an export exemption and returns it to them. Vitacost won't refund my shipping cost and then charges me some percentage for returned products. It never left the US and the shipper seems to know more about export... Read more

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These are extortionist.... They should be shutdown... We as consumers should not have to tolerate living with the CONSTANT fear of being turned off ......I'm starting a petition to regulate the pre-pay robbers.... These companies are creating MILLIONAIRES off the backs of working people Add comment

My name is ashley and a few days ago I decided to try the new oreo mega and I was very disappointed. First thing from when open the package a few oreos didnt have a top cookie. Then when I processed opening the package atleast two cookies were missing. Oreo's is one of my favorite cookie but now I dont know if I can ever buy them again cause im scared of what im what im opening to the next time. Add comment

Not angry - suggestion actually All for the lemon flavor would like it on chocolate cookie - the vanilla makes them a bit bland Add comment

Now this is fn disgusting!!! Never again am I buying this product! This came inside my bag! This is really sick!!! Add comment

I'm am shocked appalled disturbed depressed and disgusted at the treatment of these poor pigs and chickens Tyson a big name God is coming for you eye for an eye just like the little pigs got their eyes gouged and tails cut and slammed on ground to suffer and die Karma ***!!! God bless the innocents you torture I and anyone I can convince will never buy Tyson not Walmart Viva la Resistance!!! Add comment

Ok so I bought a box of handi- snacks.. One of the packs only had 1 cookie in it and 2 of the packs had only 2 cookies in it.. Perfectly sealed and everything I'm very confused and very upset on getting ripped off here's a picture to explain my matter. I've never had a problem or ever ran into a problem like this. It doesn't make sense on how the half the box is fine and the other half is not in... Read more

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Service foods is indeed a scam. Their services and products are extremely over priced. We are paying dearly several years later:-( Add comment