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My 16 year old daughter found a piece of string in the cookie she was eating Add comment

Twice bought packages of Natures Promise Organic Breakfast Blend of coffee and found only 11 K-cups in the sealed box instead of the 12 quantity stated on outside of box. Add comment

I am frustrated and disappointed with the over abundance of potatoes in the New England Clam Chowder. You should rename it potato soup. I am really disappointed as this used to be a good soup until you cheapened it with all of the potatoes. Add comment

My Oreos didn't have stuffing Add comment

I consistently find out dated or best by the same day that I shop, this can't be correct? I would think a perishable item like bread should have at least 3 days of code left on it when a customer buys it? I have asked several times to talk to management so they can see that they have an issue with this product and have gotten nowhere, all I ever get is a thank you and we wil get it taken care of.... Read more

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What happened to Pepsi next? My husband hasn't been my husband since it disappeared off the store shelves. Add comment

You call that cherry vanilla? Didn't even finish the box. I'm so disappointed and will sadly miss the all natural cherry vanilla ICE CREAM. My wife and I were not aware of the change but immediately know something was wrong. Neither of us said anything to each other until the next night when at Walmart. Upon further investigation of the ice cream section in Walmart all our suspicions were... Read more

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Got rid of my pepsi next yet another soda gone.ive been loyal customer 20 years now ill find a new soda no more buying pepsi Add comment

Do not eat the scoops they destroyed my gums in less then one bag Add comment

I owed Poland spring some balance after I paid it I saw they charged me additionally twice same amount. I tried email them and calling them and no one can't explain me why instead of 1 time they charged me 3 times for amount I did not owe them!!!! Terrible customer service. Add comment

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