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The packege is not open and we seen this black stuff in the packege when we bought them

It has been over 90 days and still nothing on the other half of the orders. Lost 2 sales and had to refund the money but I can't get a refund or any correspondence from the company. Was looking for a phone number for the company by the address and found another company is in the building, Forever Rose Emporium with the same owner listed. There are no licenses issued to Gourmet Mixems in Dublin,... Read more

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Wolf Brand Chili was never home made chili. But it served a purpose. There was nothing better to make a Frito Pie with or to put on your chili dog or to mix in with Velveta cheese to make a great dip. Again it was never home made chili, but sometime it was good just to eat a warmed up bowl of it. You could always depend on its quality and taste. But ***-agra let the bean counters into the kitchen... Read more

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Breyers Ice Cream - Terrible quality
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Let's just start off by saying I have always loved Breyers ice cream, especially their Oreo icecream.(I will only get Oreo ice cream if it's from Breyers). However recently I bought one and was highly upset with the quality of it. First off there was barely any Oreos(it was more of a Vanilla icecream than Oreo), second it's was very foamy and melted easily,even after being left in the freezer for... Read more

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Middle row of my family pack Oreo were missing.. Seal wasn't broken.

We bought a bag of clancys kettle bbq chips and my daughter ate some chips a almost choked on a pice of hevy plastic about one inch long and quarter inch wide about. Please contact me back.. I am not a happy coustmer

I bought a case of Pepsi and every time I poured one on ice it smelled like ***...or Sulphur. So I checked my ice maker and my ice...And nothing else smelled like that. I went out and bought ice just to make sure and when I poured the Pepsi on ice...*** smell again!. I love pepsi....what is going on?

I get that the Reese's Oreos are a big deal, but I am very upset that I can no longer find just regular peanut butter Oreos. The Reese's ones replaced them it seems and I don't like that. The regular peanut butter ones are way better. Bring them back!

Customer service is a joke! Delivery times very unreliable. Can't even get rid of them as promised--had a specific time frame for pickup of cooler and bottles and they then changed it to a time I couldn't be home. Over the years their water containers have been dirty, delivery days/times unhonored, customer service both online and on the phone have been TERRIBLE (either *** or intentionally... Read more

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