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Even in the mid 80’s there were issues with the brand. It tasted like sand and I stopped buying it. Now its worse. I'm sorry I wasted money on a pint! Add comment

After reading these reviews I had to see for myself. I went to the butchers blend in London and to be honest I was completely and pleasantly surprised. Not only was the aptmosphere happy and energetic but the service was fantastic. I tried two kinds of sausage and they were the best I have ever tasted. The server who helped me explained that they are quite a bit leaner and need to be cooked at a... Read more

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I've recently purchased 3 12 pack cans of Pepsi. They were ALL flat. No carbonation. The cases were from different stores. My mother also purchased a 12 pkg can of Pepsi and the same thing. What's going on? I've recently switched to coke. Sorry Pepsi. I can't choke you down any more and neither will my wallet. Add comment

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  • Frito Lay
  • 2 days ago
  • by anonymous
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I brought a bags of Doritos . I got something 6 chips in my bags. I wish I can get my money back. very upset. Add comment

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There so called *** easy open pull tab is NEVER easy to pull up. You have to pry and separate it from the packaging to get enough to grasp and pull the top open. Get your *** together. I eat my Oreos ONE WAY, I dip them in milk. Try dipping crumbs in milk after the cookies all get crushed because the easy open pull tab sucks. Add comment

Please quit using high fructose corn syrup in cool whip. I have to use whole foods which is a lot purer. You could make healthier foods if you tried hard enough . Care about people not money. Add comment

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  • Planters
  • Oct 18
  • by anonymous
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I bought a 10.3 oz can of planters mixed nuts says less thN 50% peanuts but had aondscashewsbrazil Nuts hazelnuts(filberts) and pecans. It contained 2 halves of a cashew 2 Brazil nuts 2 filberts1 half pecan and the rest was peanuts and almonds.. Is this really what I paid $4.00 for .. Code on can bott is 14mar16. 0928. A3 Add comment

Found a piece of hard plastic small but could be dangerous I have the cans saved and foreign object also Add comment

Dont like the new brand of chili you lost a buyer you should of never change it I loved the old brand you all f***k up Add comment