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Bought a bag of clancys fiery hot chips which is a great idea. However if youre gonna call them fiery you need to give them some kick. They wont even pass for a cheap version of Lays Fiery Hot chips Add comment

The aspartame free diet Pepsi is flat and has a horrible taste. I have been drinking diet Pepsi for almost FORTY years!! Not now and not ever again, unless you bring back aspartame or cyclamate. Add comment

ried your Non-Fat Vanilla Ice Cream today. I don't know how you did it but just want to thank you. It is Delicious. Haven't had Ice TCream in a long time as I'm on a low fat no fat diet. Now I can have a Delicious Ice Cream once in a while. Again, Thank you. Love your Ice Cream. Will there be other flavors in the non-fat Ice Cream. I get mine at Stater Brothers in Bloomington California.ried your... Read more

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Purchased 3 cases of their 16oz bottle water from my local Stop & Shop not too long ago. Down to my last case when i noticed that I have encountered 3 bottles so far that have a sweet, almost perfumy smell to it. It also tastes off, kinda soapy if i had to put a name on it. My mom purchased their smaller bottles at the stop & Shop near her and said she had one that was the exact same way.... Read more

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I am a faithful Pepsi drinker. I do not care for the new taste of the Diet Pepsi. I do not like it enough to say I will buying another product instead. I guess I have to type 68 more words in this review, I really had nothing more to say than what I already did, how much more really needs to be said. I guess I could have thrown more adjectives in like "sucks" but why be that way. No LIKE, Switch... Read more

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Punkin spice oreo, has to be my wife's favorite and since she pregnant, I let her have all she wants, unfortunately when there is a dead fly baked into the cookie, it kinda changes her mind. We buy at least 5 packs of oreos a week, not another. So disappointed. Add comment

I bought a bag of bar b que chips and was very disappointed when i opened the bag. It was about a 3rd full. Heres a photo and not one chip was taken out of the bag. Definitely not worth the money. Add comment

Crumbly mess! I keep trying again thinking it was just a bad box/batch. But it keeps happening. And worst of all, I just got through trowing away the last 2 "sleeves". When I removed one of them from the box, the entire sleeve of crackers fell out all over the cabinet and floor. They were sealed at the top and bottom, but the side was gaping open. I grumbled and threw them away. I then reached... Read more

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I have definitely had it with the crumbling crackers. It's been months since I had bought any but decided to give them another try. What a waste. Add comment

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I purchase a bag of chips sour cream and onion. The worst bag i ever purchase. I so upset about this bag. They were brunt too brown and no flavor at may be a while before i purchase another contact number 252 676 2480 please feel free to leave a voice mail of no answer Read more

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