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I bought edys 1.5 Qts container of mint chocolate chip and while i was eating it i felt something in my mouth and when i took it out of my mouth, it was a piece of wood with blue color on it. I dont think that should have been in there. I think you need to check the ice cream better. What should we do about it? The ice cream is good just not the sticks. What if my grandkids had gotten it, they... Read more

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It's after taste is terrible. You took aspartame out and gave us something called sucarlose which is dangerous. Here is an article: Sucralose has a molecular formula of C12H19Cl3O8, which is produced by chlorinating sucrose, ordinary white table sugar. It is a five-step process discovered in 1976 by a British company, which sold it to Johnson and Johnson Company who then formed McNeil Specialty... Read more

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New diet Pepsi is gross. Taste flat. I cannot drink it. I drank diet Pepsi like water. Now I can't . Its really bad. I was wondering why diet Pepsi this week had a weird taste. I had to throw It away. I cannot drink it anymore , probably switch to diet coke. Why change a good thing. Keep what works. I had to throw the sodas I bought. I have to throw it away. The formula is flat and it leaves... Read more

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My wife baked the lasagna meat lovers lasgana. When i started eating it a BIG piece of cheese was on my fork. I thought to myself sweeeeet! As i started chewing that BIG piece of cheese the texture was tough so i nibbled a little more swollwed a small piece. Thought to myself this taste weird. Took the remainder out of my mouth, looked at it. It was a BIG CHUNK of cardboard. ... Read more

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I purchased my first bag of Clancys potato chips from Aldi, and I love them! They are the best jalapeño kettle cooked potato chips I've ever had. I will certainly continue buying these. Thanks for a great chip!! Add comment

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I purchased a carton of Breyers birthday cake ice cream at a Publix. It is the worst carton of ice cream I have ever purchased. Whatever kind of cake that is suppose to be, it is a miserable failure! It is green in color and bitter in taste. Totally an aweful experience and a waste of $3.95!! Add comment

The new diet pepsi does not taste good at all. I have always been a big diet pepsi fan but will no longer buy any of their products until they decide to change back. Add comment

On Thursday morning I opened a new 200g box of Ritz (I love Ritz) The 3rd biscuit I went to eat, there was a long hair stuck in it. I have very short hair so it didn't come from me. I then went to the bathroom and brought it all up. I have some numbers off the box. They are 20150C06KM13A This is imbeded on the top of the box. I hope this helps you out. Than you so very much. I just hope I... Read more

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Trying to reach them for two days. I think they got to big now and don't care about their customers 40, minute books time is unacceptable Add comment

Steve james is a ***! I do not support *** owned businesses and you shouldn't either Add comment

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