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So, I opened a can of Progresso "Light, Zesty! Santa Fe Style Chicken" soup. Poured it into my clear glass bowl. Covered it up with a kitchen towel before I put it in the microwave for two minutes. About a minute after it was done, I sat down to eat it. I was probably half way done when I noticed a black bug in my soup! I could even see its legs. So disgusting. I used to buy canned soup all the... Read more

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Opened a brand new box of heads or tails double stuffed oreo cookies and there was missing cookies at the end of each row. Probably around 6 cookies missing. It was totally sealed and I'm opened. Add comment

If your planing on doing business with this company or buying any of there products think again. Company plant is discussing with mice and rats running around it and in the product, The make for one malt for Barts beer a sorgram beer so if you like mice piss in your beer keep drinking it if you don't tell yourself and your friends not to get it any more. For business if your thinking about it... Read more

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Worst customer service. Cookie was not good and not worth the 30 dollars I spent for it . Purchased it at S.blvd Charlotte. Very disappointed. Will not return Add comment

I was finishing a bag of scoops and in the bottom of the bag I found a piece of white material with small perforations in it maybe a torn piece of glove or hair net. The upc code is 0 28400 06408 8 it's 10 oz. size with a sell by date of Aug 26th. at a cost of $4.29 purchased one week ago while shopping Winn-Dixie in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am enclosing a photo of the material maybe that will... Read more

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I brought a bag of the 20 singles flavor mix and all was the same kind. I took it to a party and the kids couldn't eat them all was crunchy cheetos. They were too hard. Add comment

We always buy black garbage bags, helps to keep animals out. Bought a box of Giant brand Black Tall Kitchen Bags, drawstring, 13 gallon, 45 count. And to my surprise when I opened the box they were WHITE garbage bags!! If I wanted white garbage bags I would have bought white garbage bags. This was a waste of money and my time. I wonder how many other boxes were packaged wrong, and after this I... Read more

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In the last 2weeks a 6pk of diet pepsi 20oz bottles and they were all flat today bought a 20oz bottle it was flat almost all I drink is diet pepsi are you having packaging problems Add comment

I love Oreo cookies, but I have an idea! Your co. should make soft chewy Oreos! :))) Sandy Brimer Add comment