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Avoid this shady company and the others it is associated with. Over priced Horrible customer service! Add comment

I like going to noodles and company and been a loyal customer because of their pad Thai. I go to old orchard and village crossings branch at least twice a week. I am now thinking twice if I will even eat in any of their location since this experience from their Harlem norridge branch. Very rude service and pad Thai has 2 small pieces of chicken. Never going to this branch again ever! Desiree's... Read more

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I am very upset i can not get Pepsi Next in the Northeast area in my state of Massachusetts. They are selling it in all the other states its not right to stop a product in certain states. If they don't bring back Pepsi Next i will have to switch to Coke Life which i dont want to. SO PLEASE BRING BACK PEPSI NEXT NOW!!! Add comment

Pepsi Next is no longer available in the northeast area. Its available in other parts of the country. It is not right to shut off this area there are dedicated consumers. I have been drinking Pepsi products for 40yrs and don't want to stop! But Coke came out with a similar product to Pepsi Next i quess i will have to swich unless Pepsi does the right thing!!! And BRING PEPSI NEXT BACK!!! NOW Add comment

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Displeased with last few purchases of Oreo cookies
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Our family loves the original Oreo cookies. The last two packages we bought, however, annoyed us. Every single cookie crumbled when we picked it up. If we were able to pick it up, the cookie completely fell apart the instant it touched milk. My husband and I found this pretty annoying, but our children were pretty mad. Naturally a four and six year old have a hard time controlling their emotions.... Read more

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Your chocolates are great. During Christmas you have chocolate letters which are used as stocking stuffers. However you do not have the letters X, Y and Z. I think that you should include the whole alphabet when you make these chocolates because my name starts with Z. I guess the letter N can be made to look like a Z but I really think that you should not exclude the letters X Y and Z from... Read more

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Bought some Breyers Blasts Oreo and it was no blast. Every other time I have bought their blasts ice cream it has been loaded with Oreos. But not this time. I opened it up to find almost nothing but vanilla ice cream with maybe a few Oreo pieces in the bottom of the container. Not very happy with Breyers this time. I think they need to do some quality check on their Blasts ice cream. If they keep... Read more

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I have purchased my last pack of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. For years my family loved this brand and this brand only. I can't even begin to count how many packages I have purchased over the years-my kids loved them! Over the past few years the cookies have steadily went down hill in quality, taste and size. This final pack was the end of the line for me-the cookies have gotten so much... Read more

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I have been eating honey maid crackers for 50 years. Recently you developed the Family Size (six packs). I assumed they would taste the same as the 3 pack. Not to be - the family size does not have the texture or taste of the 3 pack. Being kindly; they taste terrible. I don't know what you did with the family size, but I will never being buying them. I had to throw out 4 boxes of the family... Read more

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Mike Coney is a spicy coney. I ate three of them.They tasted good but I had a stomachache for three days after. It isn't enough for a coney restaurant to have food that tastes good-- the customer has to be able to enjoy it after it goes down the hatch. I don't know if Mike Coney buys his coney dogs at the distributor or if he makes his own but he has to pay more attention to the ingredients he... Read more

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