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To whom it may concern: Ritz has always been my #1 cracker of choice. The past 3 shopping visits I picked up my box of Ritz's and have notice that the cracker is crumbling as soon as you take one out of the wax paper rolls. There are breaking up. Unable to use them. I thought it was me. but again I was unable to use them they were just falling apart. I realized you must of changed the... Read more

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We eat these every morning, and have for years. What's up with all the salt?? We can't even eat them until we rub each individual cracker off. You really need to have a talk with you QUALITY inspection. Something has definitely gone wrong somewhere. Add comment

Very disappointed in the ice cream. I just bought the girl scout cookie ice cream and my husband opens it (2 hrs after buying it) & its totally freezer burnt. (Mind you, none of the other frozen items I bought are freezer burnt?) Questioning the shipping methods of this brand? Add comment


I purchased a turkey from stop and shop in north Smithfield Rhode island on November 21 2014 when I opened the package I noticed that pin feathers and feathers were still attached to the turkey it took almost 20 minutes to defeather the turkey.I was very unhappy with the quality of the bird.I'm not sure of the process of removing turkey feathers but I'm sure it could have been done a little... Read more

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I purchased 2 12 packs from winn Dixie. Both are flat and off tasting. Smells strongly of ammonia and makes a louder and different sounding crackling noise than normal Add comment


When i found out about banana split oreos and i got really happy. I searched all of walmart for them and nothing. So then i check and when i found out they don't sell them anymore i got really sad. I would be really happy and grateful and would pay to have some. I would really happy if you were to sell more. I hope you get to see this. Forget the rest of this now cause i just need 100 words.... Read more

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After a life time of buying only Ritz crackers (I am 64 years old) I bought Nabisco saltine cracker rounds because the price was $1.98 for 10 oz. Ritz crackers contains less and remained the same price $2.50. Purchased at Walmart. Add comment

I peeled away the foil off my yogurt and a piece of it fell in my yogurt. I must have ingested it because later, i begin to feel a very sharp pain in my throat. It is very hard to swallow and I know its lodged in there. Cant they use something othertgan foil to cover their lids?bim getting dr report and addressing company and food and drug admin Add comment

I ate one of the Breyers blasts--Reese ' s pm blasts. .the fudge took over the taste. When peanuts are the first ingredient, I expect that too stand out not fudge! I will not have it again. It does not taste like the candy at all. Add comment


That is what the label on the can should say with a skull and crossbones underneath it. I have been living off a diet replete with fast food, soda pop, and take out for the last 5 years but even all that conditioning could not have prepared my gut for what was to come. We had a can of Wolf Brand Chili with no beans sitting in the pantry for over a year, so I decided to use it to make some... Read more

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