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I've had ferrellgas at my house for 12+ years now. It's only for cooking and a relatively small tank with no gauge. We ran out of gas about a week ago and called to have it filled. We were told that it would be two weeks to get filled and there would be a $50 charge because we had let it run out. This is the first time we have been charged this. I called and asked about this charge and was told... Read more

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I signed up about a year ago at a locked in for a year at a recovery rate of 0.469 per CCF, which as it turns out, was the actual average rate over the year, so I gained nothing for switching. This month (2/15) the locked in price ended and Direct Energy charged me 0.799 for recovery while the rate was actually less than 0.4400 per CCF! I was billed 50% more this month from a year ago and I used... Read more

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This company is a MESS!! Employees are careless and incompetent!! There is no customer service and no one is trying to help or they make you believe they do and end up not doing anything. On December 24th for the 2nd time they had not done the usual pick up, i called them and they told me the driver was late; He never came and my service wasnt done. For weeks i called, emailed and left messages... Read more

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Entrust energy are no good services they Will cut ya *** off ya services even if ya 20$ dollars short they are scams and liers Will charge you out the roof so check ya bills people out there that do carry these people and make sure you change services quick !!!! I would tell everyone out there stay the *** away from Entrust Energy No Good No Good and Again No Good... Add comment

The exorbitant fees that this company charges if a customer is late are absolutely ridiculous. This is a utility that people depend on for the care of their families. I had been a customer of theirs for more than a year. I was one day late on my bill and they shut off my gas. I expected to pay a reconnection fee of $50 or so, but they charge $75. A snow storm was expected to hit my area that... Read more

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Called Feb 3 to have my propane tank filled.. called again Feb 16 and they were supposed to fill it that day.... now today it's <5% possibly empty.... and once the snow hits they won't make it up the drive way..... and I'm not on the list to be filled today... Ferrall gas pretty much told me I was *** outta luck and they'd fill it when they could really?!?!? It's my main source of heat and... Read more

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My parents, both in their seventies and on a fixed income, have been charged over seven hundred dollars in january and the newest bill is over nine hundred. That is three times as much as I pay, in the same neighborhood. The NYSEG phone representative justifies it as "they have variable rate". Can they get away with this? I am going down in person on friday to discuss this with someone. I want to... Read more

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We used Ambit Energy as our provider for electric and gas as opposed to PSEG. Without notice after contract expired increased both bills to way over market rate without any basis. Our electric bill by 70% on a per KWH basis. This is basic price gauging without any basis. When I called to find out the basis for the new arbitrary charges they claimed it was market. When I showed that it was a... Read more

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I signed up at 10.8kwh, my online acct showed that amount. They charged me 12.2kwh for 6 months. When I realized it I called in. After being hung up on the 1st time I talked to a rep that looked online at my acct, said it was wrong and made a ticket. 4 days later another Rep called and gave me the run around, hung up on me then changed my online acct to read what they want it to (w/o my... Read more

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