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Ameren said I owed them 2678.00 in march of 2014 I paid them them 1,289.00 on March 24th which left a balance of 1,273.00 In April I paid them 400.00 .Then on May30th I paid them 400.00 and then called in to discuss this with somebody in June because my previous balance was not going down and my monthly bill was nowhere near what I was sending them each month..I was told to wait til next bill... Read more

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I rent a beautiful little cottage and my heat and stove run off propane , I have had nothing but rude and offensive conversations with the employees . They disconnected me without a note because I owed $200 and they found my in laws phone number some how and discussed my financial situation with them . That is strictly prohibited . I didn't give them my in laws number nor did I give them... Read more

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So im trying to turn on my electricity. But the rep. Is telling me they cant my address. I give them my meter number they cant find that. So I call the emergency number I get the same result. Wth. Am I suppose to do. This is the worst I EVER had to deal with. Add comment


It's a scam don't buy the groupon.. Technician came and told us nothing was covered by groupon and additional charges were $200. He supposedly cleaned the dryer vent, which was included on the Groupon. The next day when I tried to do laundry the vent was completely clogged. My husband removed two bags of lint on what he could reach, and it's still clogged. This company put my family and... Read more

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Below is a letter written by a 9 year old child in Coral Springs, Florida. The letter was intercepted by the boy’s mother when he asked for a stamp. Taken back by the fact that the front of the envelope only said, “To Mr. Kim at Renuen" she decided to open the letter and read it. She then gave this to one of our investigators to make public so that our regions citizens and the authorities... Read more

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Even as an electrical contractor, I get no cooperation from FPL. Having FPL to disconnect their electrical service so we can do repair work is an uphill battle. I currently have an elderly person, who's on an oxygen tank, with no power to his home due to electrical wires burnt behind the meter. FPL tells me it'll be 1-3 days before power can be disconnected. I hope their/my customer can survive... Read more

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In Cape Breton the Ecowater person set up shop and said he owned the company. Then he said that releasing chlorine into my water would release cancer-causing chemicals. Then he charged me twice for a service call by not replacing the uv light which required an extra visit. (A year or so later he closed up shop and retreated to his Halifax office without a word.) Then when I got a new well he... Read more

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I took over managing a business that used Direct Energy, We would typically receive the bill less than a week before it was due which was annoying but something we can all work around but can be a little hard to juggle at times. My issue came when our contract was ready to be renewed, They gave me there rate and it wasn't completive so we decided to switch to another provider. My mistake was... Read more

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They have dishonest drivers who claim you did not put your recycling to the curb as a reason for neglecting to come to your house at all. I have had my recycling sitting on the curb for 2 weeks and they continue to try and say I didn't have it on the curb. then the phone representative just puts a note for the driver and they make you wait for the next day to prove it all over again. They... Read more

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This is the absolute worst company of any genre that I have had the misfortune to deal with. Do NOT under any circumstances use them. My AC went out on Sept 17. American Homeshield contracted with them for the repair. This company did not send anyone out till the 20th (a Saturday). They then claimed my AC needed a part. They claimed that all the parts shops close during the weekend and... Read more

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