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Posted this last month as a comment. thought I'd repost it to ask if anyone has had success with Ambit's Travel Rewards Program. Thus far, all that I have seen is disappointment by friends and myself when trying to "cash in" these points. Not to say that you can't use the points. My point is that there is no true FREE flights, hotels, etc. without some strings attached. By the time... Read more

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While waiting for traffic to clear so I could make a left hand turn - out of a side street this van from Four Seasons Electric Corp - started to excessively blow his horn. I tried to back up a little to allow him to cross ahead of me. When he did - all kinds of insults were screamed at me - along with "I'll KILL You" ! Weather the driver was high or drinking at 8:30 AM I could not tell. When I... Read more

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I bought Zero Water filter from Walmart. We used for only 4 days... Now the water after going threw the filter taste like lemons and a very acidic and metallic tasting fluid. I won't call it water cause it tasted like pollution of some sort. I'm going to call the Health Dept. tomorrow to report it.... Here in AZ we drink a lot of water and we count on filtration because of the terrible... Read more

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They came knocking at my door saying they would charge us 7.7 cent sounded good told them they would have to come back and talk to my wife since she has bounce energy in her name. Well they put me on the phone to give information which i did but told them again they needed to talk to my wife which they said they would come back in two weeks to talk to her. they never did come to talk to her and... Read more

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Terminix calls themselves one of the top 10 rated companies in the US. BULL! They have been out 4 times to treat for bed bugs we got on vacation and after 600+ dollars are refusing to do anything else for us. The supervisor himself said they would come out as many times as it takes to get rid of them, then 3 weeks later says they will only come ONE more time. Their method for Bed Bug treatment... Read more

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Like everyone else, I didn't renew the yearly natural gas contract and figured out a year and half later that they were charging me more than double the market gas rates. I asked for a refund but was quickly refused I tried to cancel and got the runaround that it would take up to 2 billing cycles to cancel. At t his point I was livid that I had to continue with this POS of a company. Solution:... Read more

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A friend of my daughter's got involved with Ambit and was moving up the ranks quickly. Because my daughter was having money issues I agreed to let her friends sponsor come to the house to do the spiel and had a list of questions ready. The guy who was leading was a county sheriff and told us he was only keeping his job because of the benefits. He was already making more money at ambit part... Read more

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