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I bought 4 pictures on clearance,they did not look right, when I went to return I was told that you can't return anything on clearance.No where was this posted and I was not informed by the cashier! There was a store policy information taped to the top of the counter, I would have needed a magnifying glass to read it. Also when you check out your items cover it. My other major complaint is... Read more

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I have talked to a manager multiple times. THIS BUSINESS DOES NOT CARE! I have had them for 4 months and they have forgotten to pick up my trash 6 times!The company claims that the drivers return your trash cans to the top of the driveway. NEVER have the drivers returned the cans to the top of our drive. They just leave them at the bottom, blocking the driveway. I expressed my concerns and... Read more

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Paid the gas bill one day late because of the pay period it was turnd off on friday and still not turnd on the next thursday they will make you suffer for being late and then give you the runaround and be roud to you on the phone. Add comment

DTE: Several years ago, I was working in my garage, and two laughing hyenas came down the driveway: "Isn't it funny. We're both here from DTE, but for different reasons. Ha, ha." Ok, how can I help you? "I'm here to service the meter," and "I'm here to pick up the meter reading." OK. I didn't consider their approach threatening, but I could have. For all their joking, the meter wasn't fixed, and... Read more

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I have a Bryant heat pump and air conditioner I am a snow bird leave in april to go to my permanent home the air conditioner was hardly used was put in 2007 had 3 motors put in 2011 I called to complain they were to get back to me in 3-5 days I had to call them 13 days later air conditioner has to be replaced to the tune of 1500.00 or replaced at 4,000.00 they will do nothing beause... Read more

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If you are looking for a company that has there customers best interest in mind than you don't want to go to culligan they don't care about you at all . I have had over 5,000 dollars in softner and iron unit but in my home and have had to *** work on several occasions for them to deliver salt water and they will not give a time frame or call you when they don't show up but if you are not home... Read more

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So, I've been using this filter system for over a year and have been nothing but pleased. Except with the last filter replacement, the actual plastic smells weird. Not fishy like other people said but almost like the plastic had been chemically treated. I know when the company launched they advertised a recycling program, I'm not sure if maybe this was a side effect. I'm hoping that the other... Read more

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I, like many other reviews, also had a problem with fishy, acidic water after using Zero Water for only 10 days, including a TDS count almost double that of my tap water. My tap water tested at about 315 TDS. In those ten days I used no more than one gallon of filtered water per day, and often much less. At that rate, Zero Water is much more expensive per gallon than many spring waters if... Read more

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I bought a water softener from these folks about 11 years ago for a lot of money - over $1,800 x who gave me loads of soap which I didn't really particularly care for nor did I have the storage for. But they sold me on the lifetime warranty. Today, my unit appeared to be filling with water so called them. They wanted $105 just for the service call and when he got here, he informed me I needed... Read more

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This company is *** from the very beginning. A salesman sent from this company knocked at our door around 6-7PM asking to see our PG&E bill in order to determine whether we were qualified for discounts. Because I go to school far away from home and could not stop these scammers, my non-english speaking parents unknowingly sign up with this piece of *** company, believing that our energy bill... Read more

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