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My husband and I decided we would use Suddenlink instead of going to satellite in our duplex. Wait several days for install, and we get a tech who doesn't know what he's doing and two hours in, still hasn't managed to accomplish anything. He claims he can't find what he's looking for, so he climbs in my attic and within minutes has stepped through my ceiling creating a large hole. He shows no... Read more

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A door to door person from Direct Energy came to my door offering to fix my electricity rate for a year. He assured me that my service would still be provided by AEP. I got a letter from AEP stating they got a notice that I was switching services to Direct Energy. Luckily, I was able to cancel the change in providers before it became an issue. They will lie to you to get you to sign up which... Read more

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It's been a more than a month but my order was not delivered yet. I paid through credit card. I will report you to DTI if there will be no progress with my order. I am very mucg disappointed already. The price value is not that high but the value of waiting like forever is discouraging me much. I will discourage my friends not to patronize your services already. You will pay for this... Read more

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On 10/24/2014 I called and spoke with Laura Hilbert she had a very nasty attitude and step over some core customer service boundaries when it came to being professional by making sarcastic remarks when I said I was making my payment by check I'm insulted by her behavior and it's not appealing it's Unexceptable To Have Such A Horrible Person Represent Your Company And Assist Your Customers. Add comment


Hi, we live in Samta Cruz county, and get our propane gas from Amerigas. Well, a while back we had an almost $900 bill for a full tank(we didn't ask them to fill it up, and didn't realize we'd have one month to pay the full amount, so of course we were late), well in any case, the whole tank was used up in about 4 months by 3 Batchelors who just take about a shower a day, with minimal use of a... Read more

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  • Rumpke
  • 1 day ago
  • by anonymous
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Rumpke started charging an extra $10 per trip for anything that didn't fit in the trash cart, even just an extra garbage bag or two. They are keeping a prepaid month(November) because I cancelled early(oct) That's stealing. Add comment


Direct Energy promises you from the start they their supply rate will always be lower than your regular supplier. However, as soon as your rate expires, they do not contact you and you end up paying double the going rate. Direct Energy will not contact you and will charge you a ton of money for months or even years. When you do catch it, they're nasty and they will not refund you anything. They... Read more

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I had a representative go to my house and had me change to direct energy. I specifically said I had a contract with my current energy company. He said it would be fine and that direct energy would take care of it. 1ST LYE. Then I get to call direct energy to tell them about what happened and how I need to change back to my company. I follow their instruction and the company asks for a transfer... Read more

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  • Amerigas
  • Oct 22
  • by anonymous
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Worst gas company in the world tjey are stealing peoples money Add comment