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We bought the 19 dollar version for our fridge about 3 weeks ago. Water was great the first 2 weeks. Now the water has a diluted vinegar taste...Lousy product! Going back to bottled water! Add comment

Poor customer service. Supervisor was very unprofessional and did not help with any of my needs. If there was another company to transfer too I'd transfer in a heart beat! An employee actually laughed while I was explaining my issue..should be fired for that!!! Add comment

I was compelled to write this review (my first ever on any site) as I was so disgusted by what I witnessed on Surrey Blinds Limited's Facebook page. I came across this as I was reviewing their site on Facebook yesterday evening as we were looking at refitting our offices. Our business requires an element of due diligence, so I was doing some background checks. A customer, who appeared to have a... Read more

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I was a customer of the Plymouth NC office for several years and always had a problem with getting a fill up...3 months ago I replaced my heating system and the tank needed to be removed. it took 8 phone calls and tjr rudest. customer service i have ever seen. They finally removed the tank 2 weeks ago and i am now waiting on a 675$ refund. I have filed a complaint with the. BBB Add comment

3years ago we bought a Glacier bay medicine cabinet . Three mirrored doors with thick pressed board backing . Installed according to directions , screwed into studs . One problem ... Back is made of thin fiberboard .over time the humidity warped the fiber board that by any standard is thin ( refer to pictures ) this is dangerous and unacceptable . When I called bridgewater Home Depot rep stated... Read more

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I had a 200 gal tank they charged me 2.49 per gal to fill, at 80% full line. He had a 100 gal.tank they charged him 3.89 a gal. I got to the point where I couldn't afford filling my tank by half full. I did some checking around town and found that V-1 charged 1.45 a gal. Western propane charged 1.35 a gal. The 2 people using Suburban Propane are on SSD, can just barely put 2 sqs. of food on our... Read more

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Gas worker replacing a gas main for about three weeks. They worked till dark on a thurday, I came home and found gas off. I thinking it would be back on by friday no big thing. When I got home friday no gas worker around and gas still off. I call and they sent out a repair person. He found my house and the next house was not hook up. He called and found that it was going to be hood up... Add comment

My bill ranges from 110$-130$ after the deposit of 200$ that you are holding I dont understand why my power was disconnected the first time 8 days after my bill off 113$. 70$ reconnect fee and 15$ late fee. Ok I paid that I now owe 88$ only 88$ ok and you tell me it has to be paid by 5pm or service will be disconnected. Why is my service off at 2pm then?? I get off work at 430 to pay you and now... Read more

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I had a Service plan on my furnace as the furnace was old and it made sense to be safe. Once I had a new furnace and air conditioner installed I cancelled the Service with the Customer Service group ( by phone). The cancellation was ignored and I was stilled billed through Enbridge who for some reason are the money handlers for Direct Energy, on seeing this I got into a dispute with Enbridge who... Read more

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After they kept calling me at home at seven times a day, I decided to give them a try. A tech came out and said we needed a expensive repair and charged us for a visit and putting Freon in. A reputable company came out and said that it appeared that Freon had been removed and we didn't need any repairs. All we needed was to put a panel in the door to allow more air to circulate. We spent... Read more

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