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I had a representative go to my house and had me change to direct energy. I specifically said I had a contract with my current energy company. He said it would be fine and that direct energy would take care of it. 1ST LYE. Then I get to call direct energy to tell them about what happened and how I need to change back to my company. I follow their instruction and the company asks for a transfer... Read more

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Worst gas company in the world tjey are stealing peoples money Add comment


I fell for the switch to them on the promise of rates cheaper than NStar, the usual (public utility) supplier here. After three months I noticed the bill had skyrocketed without notification. The charges continued as I cancelled and cancelled and re-cancelled. I couldn't get rid of them! Even driving to their office was useless since it was boarded up and deserted. Ultimately they had overcharged... Read more

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My 86 year old mothers air conditioning was broken and the only company that I could get out to her house right away was Promag. I quickly checked the company out and was nervous when I saw the reviews. I talked to the office manager Amanda and expressed my concerns. She advised me that Promag has been in business for over 25 years and have offices across the state of Florida and its expected to... Read more

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Back in June 2014 I received a call from Direct Energy to re-new my home protection plans for another year. I informed the agent that I would be moving later that year so did not want to renew for the year. He said no problem as a valued customer they would cancel the plans when I moved and not charge for the remaining of the year and put a note in my file to that effect. Well this Sept. we... Read more

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I hate Jackson emc,they are the worst bunch of idiots every,I can believe if your 20 minutes late on a payment arrangement,they want work with u ever,,I wish GA power was here,,Jackson needs to go Add comment


This company is full of ***. They are horrible about sending statements. I did not recive my stament and as aresult my servicer was interupted the rep on the phone told me that if i pau my full balance plaus a restore fee that my servicese would reconnected, because the system would automatically generate a reconnect notice to mu local provider. What *** that was. I called my local provider... Read more

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They started us at $2.89 a gallon the first year and then they jacked our price to over $5.00 a gallon. We were blind sided on our first delivery of the year. They said that there was a shortage but when pressed further the manager said we don't purchase enough. We went from 700-800 a fill to over $1,500.00. We had them remove their tanks. To add insult to injury we had fuel left over and they... Read more

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I'm so upset! I have been drinking this a year, my condition has gotten worse! Fibro, my periods, vertigo, bowel issues , my son said I don't trust that water and he drinks tap. I was thinking I should stop because of mineral loss , but I started tasting chemicals and feeling so bad , drinking so much water to help me and I was feeling worse and more thirsty! I'm just sick and heartbroken no fear... Read more

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Had to wait a week to get an appointment to get connected, then when its time for them to show up there no where to be found. Then i learn the guy lied and said i didnt awnser my phone or door, when actually i was waiting for him in the parking lot for four hours with my phone in my hand. No notice to say there not comeing and no way to talk to anyone after 7. 2nd time this has happend. WORST... Read more

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