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@CoxComm - This is by far THE WORST company I've ever dealt with!!! There are constant un-notified rate hikes. My bill is NEVER the same and usually it's on the high side. I finally got fed-up with them and canceled my service starting July 1st 2015. They took an hour of my time trying to keep me as a customer and I wouldn't budge. Finally was able to cancel (it's worst than trying to cancel a... Read more

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Skinny, long haired "kid" named "John" and by kid I mean early 20's came to my house wanting electric bills etc. gave me song and dance about "protected rates.. Etc etc" I told him I needed some literature to go over it, he refused. I said I needed to research more on my own, he said "defeats my purpose being here" then he stormed off and muttered something very unprofessional. Add comment

Waste management provided terrible service. There would be weeks that they wouldn't come pick up, then there would be times that they wouldn't empty the whole container. I received a letter stating that my trash pick up was getting changed from Friday to Monday. Monday came and my trash was not picked up. When I called customer service they said they realized what the letter said but they were... Read more

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I hate atmos!! They are the rudest most incompassionate company. I disputed a 75 bill they ended up billing me 800 for my disput and said they misread my meter for the past couple months. I had no choice but to pay this pos company what they asked for. For the sake of my small children Add comment

My bill was $43 I am a disabled stay here mother with a small child my bill was due on Monday I paid the bill in full on Friday directly to them by Monday even though they had my phones posted so that count they disconnected my services and then told me to get my services back on I would have to pay a $60 reconnection fee and they will not be able to do it until for five days later Add comment

I arranged with mobility plus to install a bath suitable for me as i am disabled i was told it would take one and half days it took two months with one problem after another the customer service was non existant after threatening court action they gave me two hundred pounds but it still cost me seven thousand one hundred pounds scandelous i think ive been robbed and would certainly not recommend... Read more

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  • Ameren
  • 23 hours ago
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So far every experience we had with them were 5+ hour power outage debacles. They take forever to respond to outages and take forever to fix them. I am honestly surprised they're still in business despite abysmal customer service and refusal to upgrade their ancient technology practices. Ameren has been awful and wouldn't be surprised if they file for bankruptcy in the next few years. Add comment

Half of my lights went out at night in my home on night. In a haste, called Waldron Electric - some "electrician" came around 7 PM -was there for LESS than an hour -and charged me $700!!! $700 for what?? He pointed to something he installed - I had no clue what it was - and it certainly wasn't a new break box or anything big. My brother came over later and told me I was totally ripped off and... Read more

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I had to make a $550 deposit for gas service in my new home. I did so and have had problems with staff every since. Bills terribly too high in the winter and RUDE people if I have a problem. Well, this time around, I had a problem that I must say topped all. I was carjacked a month ago, EVERYTHING was taken, checkbooks too. I notified my bank that flagged my account. I used that account to... Read more

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Jim O Brien is a happy go lucky guy that always has a positive outlook on life no matter how bad things are. He uplifts everyone around him with his positive and glass is half full attitude and does not deserve the criticism he is receiving from this review. He is a relentless salesman who never hears the word no but he genuinley believes in the product he is selling and knows that everyone... Read more

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