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In 2011, we bought two 120-gal tanks, and had them filled. In 2013, we finally needed the tanks re-filled, so we signed up for the budget plan. We needed to re-fill our tanks, and didn't want to get hit with a large COD bill. Got the re-fill, and paid off the balance in half the time allotted. At Since the Summer of 2013, I have owed this band of thieves $0.00. Yet, they keep upping my minimum... Read more

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I actually have a close friend who is a consultant. I have listened to him, even went to a seminar. First Flag was the idea that you have to pay into the company. If you are working for an energy provider, they hire and pay you. Felt like a pyramid scheme. He tried hard to get me and my family to join...we were a firm No!! He ended up getting his family and close family friends which are common... Read more

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Sales rep used all the sneaky tactics others had described pretending to be a PECO Rep. He said PECO rates were about to increase 19% but that his rate would save me money. Upon further investigation the PECO rates are actually going DOWN NOT UP! And the rate he have me is HIGHER THAN MY CURRENT RATE! He flat out lied to me about my current rate. Thank God he law lets you cancel within... Read more

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I was a reliant customer looking for a better rate so I Recently signed up for direct energy and their direct 400 plan. Plan calls for 24 month fixed rate of 10.1 cents per kWh. Received my first bill was being charged 11.35 cents kwh, and even worse when I look up my account online it actually has me listed for a even higher 11.6 cent kWh. Also if you read the fine print on your service contract... Read more

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Seems like the drivers pick up the garbage and recycling at their own convenience. I ALWAYS leave the can far enough apart as specified on the lids yet I'm never surprised when I come home to a full can or full cans. Very frustrating considering we pay our bill. Nothing more aggravating than paying for a service and getting it done half assed. Horrible customer service department when... Read more

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I have several gas accounts in metro Atlanta and overlooked the one for my personal residence. However, I went online to pay the bill but was unable to pay without paying a reconnect charge, but my gas has not been disconnected. I called customer service, gave them my account number, told them my gas had not been cut off and explained the issue. I was told that they would correct the website... Read more

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Fraud. Complete fraud. They will double your bill and never let you know. We had 2 accounts one business and one home. They were signed up at the same time. When the company called to renew the accounts they only renewed one and claim to have sent paperwork for the address. The home address never received any paperwork from them and they have now started charging double. They claim they are... Read more

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I would go out and pick up buffalo chips to heat with before I would deal with amerigas again. In over 4 years I never had 1 single correct bill. They took many many months to correct-- calling managers and anyone that would listen. Find a different supplier, the delivery staff were great but the rest are idiots! Add comment

Power outage due to their lines, my fridge stop working properly due to the outage and they said it is not their fault because the failure was in the underground wires.... WHATTTTTTTTT????????? That is their responsability due to the problem was from my house meter to the street. Now i have no fridge, i wiil have to buy a used oneand they do not give ***!!! After 13 years paying on time to these... Read more

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I was disconnected on 8/27/2014. I made a payment and my electricity was not turned on. I checked my current balance and they said it was $4.59!!! How could that be when I made the payment 2 hours prior to calling. How can a pre paid electric service tell you you have a negative balance? I have made payments and had the service turned off the following day!... but to make a payment and still... Read more

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