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I have been a customer for 15 years and I have never had a good experience. I even was put on "hold" one time and heard the staff complaining about customers. I called for a delivery and in the mean time I've run out of propane. It's 32° out and they wanna make an extra $400 by charging me for delivery today! That's outrageous! Add comment

My regular garbage container was not picked up yesterday (Thursday) Over the last two months, this is the 3rd time and each time I have to call the Township of Southwest Ranches however this time I contracted you directly since the drivers don't get it. Don't think its rocket science to pick up the same garage on a regular basis. My address is 14600 Marvin Lane, Southwest Ranches 33330 Mr. Randy... Read more

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This chick came out to my pad trying to sell me "entrusts cheaper rates" but luckily for me i googled her company and seen all the reviews you guys posted. I showed her all the reviews that claim that they are scam artists and she says "really, you googled my company while i was talking to you? Are you serious?" So I said goodnight you scammer! And i shut my door in her fat face! Dont let anyone... Read more

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ZeroWater removes 100% of several elements (Aluminum, Strontium and Cesium) while removing over 99% of everything else, including lead and arsenic. The only drawback of ZeroWater filters is that they can quickly be "used up" if you try to filter high mineral content water through them such as well water. Because the ZeroWater ion exchange element binds with virtually ALL elements, its life will... Read more

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Suburban offered propane at 3.95 per. I switched companies after too long of being over charged. Got fuel for 1.95. After new company installed a new tank suburban wanted to bill me for a stage 2 regulator that has been on my house for 10 years from the previous company they acquired. So they wanted to bill my account for " their" regulator. So i get the new company to switch it. The regulator... Read more

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I cancelled the very next morning after speaking to a door to door salesman. They never switched me back to my previous electric company, leaving my family without electricity AND cancellation fees on both ends! We had to be relocated while waiting for our power to come back on. All of this happening a week before Christmas. We got screwed over by this company! :( Add comment

Planets Water Company is a Total Scam!! Their website is very interesting and well- organized, emailing the company and placing a sample order was very convenient. They gave their account details right away. Upon confirmation of payment, I waited several weeks for any update of my order. I called the company phone several times and was told that their operation in their manufacturing factory in... Read more

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For the second week in a row, this company has arbitrarily decided not to take my trash. The first week I could understand. I am in the process of renovating my basement and had more to get rid of than would fit in the bin. As a result, I put out a couple of extra garbage cans. There was nothing on their website indicating that this would be a problem, but nonetheless the trash collectors skipped... Read more

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In Taos New Mexico since New Mexico propane took over Amerigas they no longer offer service of any kind we were a keep full account we have been allowed to run out of fuel repeatedly our account is always paid on time, now they don't fill grill cylinders, they offer no customer service and will not repair heaters or do service of any kind on propane systems, they apparently can't fill propane... Read more

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Like everyone else, I didn't renew the yearly natural gas contract and figured out a year and half later that they were charging me more than double the market gas rates. I asked for a refund but was quickly refused I tried to cancel and got the runaround that it would take up to 2 billing cycles to cancel. At t his point I was livid that I had to continue with this POS of a company. Solution:... Read more

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