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I swear i been waiting for a package for a month now since the date expected to is going on there....this is why i love UPS...all this usps *** lags. Why isnt it moving from that facility??? Seriously USPS??? And to top it all off, when i call customer service i get stuck with the automatic menu that wont transfer me to a customer service rep!!!!! Im super pissed!

Well I Ordered a pair of rather expensive raybans to be delivered by Wednesday. Rayban chooses UPS as their couriers. On Wednesday night I had to ring UPS to see what had happened to it as it was last tracked 1 hour from my house! After going through 4 different departments of people because no one could be bothered to speak to me, I finally got a lady who said 'it's gone missing, sorry. Have a... Read more

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Order a part for a vehicle that we need before the car could be shipped. The company mailed the part on 7/15. On 7/16 the USPS tracking information shows the package in NC it's now been at that location for 6 days. I have contacted "customer care" twice who said they would file a report. Local PO says they will send an email to NC but they don know when or if they will get a response, but... Read more

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To keep it short, USPS failed to ship my $300 phone. I was never provided tracking information at the USPS store and when I called to figure out where my package could be, I was transferred to a department that I'm convinced doesn't exist. I've been on hold for 2 hours and will probably hang up within the next 10 and just cut my losses. This is the absolute worst company to trust your items with.... Read more

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Usps I ship a product and lost the tracking there system cant even find my tracking number with even cridet card refference # The only reason why there still in business is because hepl by the government never happend with ups.

I sent a parcel aboard 3 weeks ago by using Priority international mail.its never arrived.i call ISC NEWYORK AT JFK tell them about my problem they said your parcel arrived at your country 12/july.but actual they lie to me.i never used usps any service.usps clerk is theif.they steal costly items.US govt take action about this matter otherwife this federal company goes in loss every year.

USPS INTERNATIONAL The item left the US - Arrived to Australia - It cleared customs Australia (my destination) - then suddenly left Australia to CANADA (wtf ?) - then at CANADA it got RTS'd WTF

USPS Click-N-Ship web site underwent a software "upgrade" on Wednesday and has not worked since, specially for mac users. A few people are reporting success with Internet Explorer on a pc (isn't that typical of the USPS IT dept, they are still optimizing for IE when most everyone has gone to Firefox or some other browser, and of course it leaves mac users out in the cold). For me, Click-N-Ship... Read more

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Recently I shipped a package with a gift to my friend in Germany- mailed by USPS - they provided me with a tracking number. Now 3 weeks later it's still not been delivered and they say I need to track in Germany- which I can't because the American tracking number doesn't work there- USPS is super unhelpful and basically says it's my problem and once it left America that's the end of the world for... Read more

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I have sent about 10kg parcel to canada through fedex.2kg was stolen from the parcel.and also fedex charged me in India and in canada.why double time they have charged.the parcel reached very late.after paying the money in india why again de charged in canada.Thia ia the services u r giving to de customers.I need explanation.fifteen dollars they charged in ottawa.100$ I paid in India for the... Read more

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