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We sometimes get Express or Registered packages from family overseas that require signatures. But each time the USPS carriers would simply leave a peach-colored notice stating "sorry we missed you", without carrying the packages to our door him/herself. My wife is a housewife and home all day. Among the three or four incidents happened so far this year, she WAS home all day each time. (Sometimes... Read more

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It's shipping from Atlanta, GA which is an hour away from my house. It has not arrived yet for some reason. I am very angry. It was expected for shipping on July 20. When I went to track my package on USPS, that was what it said. It did not say that it is shipped or what time it shipped. Finally eight days letter, it said that it left the Atlanta sorting facility, and it is in transit. How long... Read more

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NEVER try USPS. I paid for "express shipping" overnight guaranteed next day delivery and it arrived late. Also their customer service is so poor. They tell you they will check on the status or research the whereabouts of your item and call you back but they never do. They could care less. No wonder many people in the USPS sytem are getting laid off. Take your job seriously. Do not try it... Read more

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Has anyone had an item shipped via USPS Express mail and just disappeared from the sort facility. Package was processed at the local SFO Facility and from there it is missing. This is happening to me on 14th May, and I'm freaking out!!! USPS has no info on the package since May 14 (since it was processed in SFO). Does anyone have any insight on what I should do legally? I've called USPS 1-800,... Read more

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I had a package shipped to be on 11/8, standard shipping, and got a tracking number. All tracking tells me is that it was shipped on the 8th, and that the LATEST expected date of delivery is 11/17 (OR!!!) 11/28. I get two different "delivered by" dates when I track. I then signed up to get tracking updates via email and selected the "new" information option versus "existing". What did I get? An... Read more

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Are carriers required to attempt knocking on an addressee's door in an apartment complex when delivering a basic priority mail package that's too big for the box? I had the same carrier for over a year who always knocked and gave me my package. (I'm home all day, every day.) Recently a new carrier took over who hasn't bothered knocking, but goes strait to to the box and puts a... Read more

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My package was sent from Phoenix, AZ 85014 to Carson City, NV 89701. What in the world is it doing in DES MOINES, IA? The expected delivery date was 9/12/12. I purchased Delivery Confirmation. Today is the 14th and still no progress! This lack of efficiency is highly ridiculous. No wonder why the USPS is broke! I plan to use UPS and or FED EX in the future. Priority Mail® Depart USPS... Read more

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I live in Germany now and my mother sent me a package from Miami Florida. It was a large box with things for me and my daughter. I have used USPS several times in the past and we always received our packages on time or close to the time we should have. NOT THIS TIME THOUGH.. the last thing posted on USPStracking is : Your Item's Status Your item was processed through our ISC MIAMI FL (USPS)... Read more

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Lbc Express - LBC - Hari ng Padala ? I guess not!!
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I just want to share how LBC's incompetency and unprofessionalism ruined my 2 week supposed to be PAID SICK LEAVE. MARCH 25, 2013 - I was sick and couldn't go to work, as per my doctor's advice I need to be on bed rest for 2 weeks and should be fit to go back to work on APRIL 08, 2013. 2 weeks of no work means no pay since I don't have my sick leave credits yet and best thing to do is to use my... Read more

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I had a package sent to me by priority mail and its been over a week and no package. USPS states there is no guarantee it will arrive in the two to three days I paid for. So what is this an upgrade from parcel post with no concerns if the paying customer receives what they pay for or is it a way for the post office to raise some free extra funds? I mean really why up sell a customer on two to... Read more

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