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I sent a package via Priority Mail from my address to myself, just to see what would happen! Sure enough, the package arrived, but not at my usual delivery time, but with a TOTALLY DIFFERENT delivery person, almost nine whole minutes after my REGULAR DELIVERY! Really? Why not deliver it with the rest of my mail? Why cause me a nearly quarter-hour of anxiety and misery, thinking all the while that... Read more

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A USPS employee in Homer actually took the time to write "some one here can't read. wrong again" on an envelope being returned to me. the address was out of date, and all that was needed was the standard yellow "return to sender. unable to forward" sticker. But oh, no. The Homer staff (who are well known for being rude) had to handwrite a snippy comment. Oh I hate the Homer post office. I dread... Read more

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muy mal servicio , Pague 85$ End US por enviar un sobre *** fotos y en Peru quieren Cobrar $29 mas ,dicen q por costos de desaduanaje . Es injusto . Ellos Se quieres aprovechar de Los clientes . No recomiendo s nadie utilizar fedex Peru . Add comment

It was my first time sending a "GIFT" to a friend in the Philippines and I've been hearing that a lot of people who works at the post office asks people to pay for their packages before actually getting them. Is that even legal? Some would ask 100 pesos and some would ask 500 or more depending on whatever it is they "do" in that specific package. I am not quite sure if people needed to pay for a... Read more

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This website imitates United States Post Office. They charged me 39.95 to help change my address through my credit card over the phone. I called back and asked for a refund, the agent put me on hold and then said he would refund me 20 dollars. I said I wanted a full refund. He put me on hold and then told me he would refund 35.95. I lost patience and took the 35.95 refund. I total I paid a... Read more

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I received a notice saying a parcel was delivered but failed since nobody was at home, so either I need to go to the local USPS to pick it up or schedule a redelivery with paying ~$2.5. However, there is not article number, phone number, or which local store I should go, how can I pick it up or ask for redelivery? Even though it was very inconsiderate and unclear, I still called the USPS custom... Read more

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I was waiting 6 months for a Topps redemption card to come in. Topps sent the package via Fedex smart post. Fedex delivered the package to USPS for local delivery. I was following the package since day 1 of being shipped. USPS quoted the package as, "Delivered to addressee" and was supposably, "placed in mailbox". I checked my mail and the package was not in there, but all my other mail was. I... Read more

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USPS is not run as a business, it is a socialist experiment run amok. Employees don't care; so many of them treat their "customers" poorly because their business is guaranteed to survive by the government. No other business could operate so inefficiently, and with such poor customer service. I really hate the USPS and I have to use them every day, not by choice, but my mandate. I send a letter... Read more

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I sent Registered Airmail letter overseas two weeks ago. It was handed over to the local Post Office on December 1, 2014. Today it is December 14 and I have no information on the whereabouts of my letter. It took three days for the letter to transit from NJ to JFK Airport. Beyond that their tracking site states: 'In Transit". I am not surprised people prefer FedEx. If someone wants to mail... Read more

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I mailed a package Oct 24 from N Las Vegas NV. to Plattsmouth NE. It has gone back and forth from Des Moines Ia to Garden ? CA. five times. I have a tracking number but no one seems to know where it is...Postal employees keep telling me it is in transit. A postal manager was supposed to try to find the package and call me back on it but never did. I called with tracking number to Des Moines... Read more

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