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Last Thursday, I was given a trip for 2 to Cancun, leaving the upcoming Sunday. On Friday morning, my dad went to his local UPS in order to send me my passport to my current location in Nova Scotia in time for the flight. They said it would not be possible to do same-day delivery, but they guaranteed it would be here on Saturday (for a cost of $100). Saturday the package never came. The tracker... Read more

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I have recently had 2 packages delayed due to incorrect routing on the part of US postal workers. Both were sent from the LAS-WESTRIDGE Station in Las Vegas. The first (Tracking#9114 9999 4431 4622 2235 54) was being sent to Phoenix, AZ, priority mail - 2 day service. It was sent out on 3/12/15. The package was erroneously routed to Sacramento, CA where it sat until being re-routed to Phoenix.... Read more

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I didn't get my package BC they said my address didn't exist but then I got letters in the mail just a few days later! And other people in my house got a different package the same day! I just want my package Add comment

I'm an Ebay seller, I Shipp about 100 packages a month, the post office on zip code 87124, located in Southern Blvd. Management has made the decision they no longer provide the plastic padded flat rate envolopes, because to use those are shipper than the flat rate box, the employees they drag their feet to take care of their customers and even sometimes they have well over 20 people on line they... Read more

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They can't be bothered to 1) get out of their vehicle, 2) knock on their customer's door, 3) deliver a package, 4) After they have failed steps 1-3 they are not competent to redeliver said package after their customer has signed and replaced some *** card! Read more

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Our accountant had just obtained a private business owned mailbox in a local UPS Store. He asked me to go to the UPS store and drop off my tax return in an envelope, addressed to him and his mailbox. The UPS Store weighed my package and charged me the first class USPS letter rate $4.08. They put the USPS postage on the package and then put the package into my accountant's private mailbox in... Read more

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1st daughter sent mail a week before father's day (2014) from Missouri as of yet we have not gotten it. I sent a payment out and the company never got it so I was charged a late fee. Now in the past 3 weeks someone is getting my mail and opening it then taping it shut, it happen to 2 bills. This is wrong!!! And I don't think you will do anything about it, I can see why people are paying on-line.... Read more

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It's been more then I am waiting for my letter Lazy people work in usps Add comment

Mailed a package at about 10:00am from San Diego to a destination in Scotland on March 14. Tracking shows it left San Diego March 14 a little after noon. Arrived Los Angeles a little after 1pm the next day, March 15. Arrived Los Angeles ISC sort at about 1:30-ish March 15 (about a half hour later than the first LA contact). Departed Los Angeles facility the same time/date (1:30-ish March 15).... Read more

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Expected delivery date is a complete joke just calculate and extra week for usps to get it together. Between late mail, no show packages, sending back mail and wrong destinations it's no wonder they are going out of business. Usps is entirely incompetent. Add comment

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