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The postal workers at this branch are delivering mail to the wrong addresses and extremely slow to deliver service at the post office. The supervisor does not follow up as promised. I do not recommend. Today I waited in line for 30 minutes. I was third in line when I walked in. I watched 4-5 postal workers move around behind the counters and then leave again as the line grew. A couple of weeks... Read more

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I handed the clerk, (a middle-aged female) a document, provided by the addressee, for the return of an item I had purchased on-line. The clerk entered the wrong address (1110 instead of 11100, 8th.St instead of 8th Ave and wrong zipcode. I was charged $21.00 for a shipment which cost $7.00 to get to me. Days later, I discovered the error when the item had not reached it's destination. I went back... Read more

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I expected a package to come. I left a note on the main door of my apt building direct whomever delivered the package to leave it with my neighbor. The package was also addressed 6h or not home 6g. The postal worker did not bother to ring 6g, did not leave me a call notice where I could see it and now I have to loose time at work to collect the package. This is not the first time the Post... Read more

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Has anyone ever had the Post Office change your mail pick up? I had a mail box and now the Post Office moved it to a so-called general locality where we now have to drive to, to get our mail. Supposedly, this is saving them $$$. NOT! LIARS! It now takes our mail person longer. He/She has to lift up totes of mail and put them on the ground to stuff over 500 mail receptacles (no longer have... Read more

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The problem is probably not with the USPS,The problem is you probably do not make your payment's on time anyway's and Are trying to place blame on the USPS.Their is no way,Non that you will receive your mail week's at a time late.Have you heard of online payment's.Or do you know what that is?Some time's I receive my statement's two week's before the actually bill is due.This is not the USPS... Read more

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I've placed internet orders for several products over the past 2 months. In one case, it actually arrived as USPS forecast on their tracking website. In all other cases my "Priority 2-day" packages provided updates that they were in transit, but no further update until the package was at my doorstep 6 to 8 days later. Most current example: USPS Tracking update on 2/24/2015 says my item left their... Read more

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USPS lost my package at USPS DES MOINES, IA 50395 sort facility. the tracking # states that the item is at the USPS DES MOINES, IA 50395 since a month ago ( 01/28/2015 ) . I called the facility and no one answers the phones there . I left many messages messages but did not get any responses back . There must be no accountability at these sort facilities . No wonder the USPS is loosing money .... Read more

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Yet another problem with our U.S. Postal Service. An inexplicably missing package. A call to a USPS supervisor who could only say that regardless of what their website says (delivery for today), it could take weeks more for delivery. The supervisor declined to give her name or make any disscernable effort to figure out why the package is missing. Instead, she simpy dismissed the inquiry by... Read more

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Sent a mortgage payoff (time critical of course) by USPS Overnite Priority Express Mail before the time cutoff. Was guaranteed by the teller it would arrive from Ft Lauderdale to Oklahoma City the next day by 10:30AM and I would be able to track it within a few minutes of each scan on the way. After 10:30AM the next morning it still showed that it hadn't left Ft Lauderdale. Called, was on hold... Read more

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I have been complaining to OIG for years about my mail being confiscated by people who are stalking us. These people have paid postal employees to steal our mail and give it them since 2010. It started in Marietta, GA. I am writing this and will continue to do so until justice is brought forward regarding what my mother and I know to be mail tampering. I am tired of addressing these issue,... Read more

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