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i had a parcel delivered from germany to london uk and missed the first delivery so, as i was out all day at work i asked for it to be delivered to my works address , 10 miles away , simple , you would think , 9 days later it still hasn't appeared , lies on the tracking information ,lies from the staff , many emails to " customer services " no replies to emails , managers refusing to talk or... Read more

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This is twice in one week that I sent an express envelope and had it sit in a origin facility in Houston with no movement. More times than not Express mail does not get there overnight or to me overnight but in the past it usually only took 2 days at most. I just want to share with everyone that you can go get your money back if it isn't delivered by the time promised by the clerk. Also, when... Read more

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First bad experience happened when I shipped my sister her wedding gift from Conshohocken, PA to San Diego, CA. I bought the packaging at the post office, used their labeling materials and shipped both packages at once. One arrived, the other arrived two weeks later in a completely different package with "lost/ loose item" stickers all over it (missing half the contents). A few weeks later I... Read more

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I made an online order. They source I ordered from did a split shipment. Half shipped one day and the other half the next. Several weeks later I received the package that was shipped on the second day but not the first shipment. It was a day difference. Where in the *** is my package? I cannot understand how I can receive on package and not the other. I am now approaching a week gap from... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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I sent my son a box tape up he got the box every thing there but money and stamps then I mail him two letters and a card the same day and time inside post office he got card but not letters with money I think that someone that works for post office or dart cherry program is stealing Add comment


over nite exp due by noon 2 day from fla 2 cleve ohio its 8 pm and update says departed wpb, fla 8 pm nite b 4 and still says by noon its 8 pn !! wtf is going onnnn ????? important papers and i call they say maybe 2 mar..but y does it say departed so its here in cleve and i cant have it by guarenteed time cuz they dont know where it is..i mean at least say its lost or never really departed or... Read more

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USPS lost a 70lb box heading to troops overseas. After waiting 95 days to file a claim (cause thats what they told me to do) they are refusing to pay the insurance on the box. I have called their "customer service" line, I have gone into post offices, I have filed complains online as well as over the phone and not one can help me and no one can give me any more information. $5000 worth of... Read more

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Disney sent an email congratulating us on the shipping of our Magicbands. They gave us a USPS tracking number. I have to admit I was worried when I saw USPS. The "Expected delivery date" was Saturday, October 11, 2014. The tracking showed the package entered the system in Memphis on October 2nd. It was in Denver on the 5th and left on the 6th. It arrived in Salt Lake on the 13th. Today, the 14th,... Read more

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I would think it should be common knowledge that U.S.P.S. doesn't provide service to customers that own dogs, but I never heard of it. I kept receiving pink slips on packages that I had paid to have sent overnight. The pink slips stated"sorry we missed you," which was irritating considering we were home every time we received one of these slips. I finally called to complain, and I was informed... Read more

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