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I want to make a call to complain about their scam and that nobody ever responds to these jobs I get offered, and that if they open it, and read it I lose my money. So I am calling customer support, first call they hung up, second call they hung up after about a 5 minute wait, third call still ringing after 13 minutes. What a scam. I am so done with them. I think people create the jobs, read my... Read more

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Kumon is an Asian scam, a rip-off run by sneaky Asian women criminals. We enrolled out daughter in Kumon when she was in 3rd grade. She was tested by the center and told that she needed to start at level 7A. At first we didn't realize what that meant, so we enrolled her. We were made to sign a contract to keep her enrolled for one year and if we decided to stop her tutoring at Kumon then we... Read more

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I got a call from wordsmart saying that my wife and son wanted a college prep course and it was up to me to say yes. So I made the mistake of giving him (Raymond Harding) my credit card information. When my wife told me that they called the day before and she told him that we were not interested i tried to call them back. The number they called from (213-221-3703) is blocked with a message saying... Read more

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A Replacement for Captchas CAPTCHA which defines “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" [1],[2] is a type of test that is used to determine whether the user is human or not. The main application of CAPTCHAs is to prevent bots from using various computing services. A bot is defined as an automated program that runs over the internet. There... Read more

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Don't use http://www.Actuatests.com I'm an IT professional and at some extent I have developed bad habits that I found reaching my goals in configuring servers and commissioning Enterprise networks not necessarily using the Microsoft methods. Microsoft don't approve this. I realize that since Server 2000 and always tried to stick to Microsoft style when taking exams. I purchased atualtests in a... Read more

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I don't know why people write review like this to confuse others in making decision. I had BA training with this company and they are outstanding. The trainer is very much knowledgeable and shared very useful information with all real-time examples and the helpdesk is good and responded whenever I need anything. I was asking them why these reviews are there and they told me that the other... Read more

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This is just a fraud company, I used them for my dissertation but they even don't know what a dissertation is. Just wastage of money and time. They sent me a piece of work which was just *** copy and paste from here and there and did not had any relevance with my work. Contacted me again but I said sorry I am not using your *** service anymore. DO NOT USE OTHERWISE YOU ARE FAIL AND WASTING YOU... Read more

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Children molested at Kumon Math Reading learning franchise is a shocking and one just feels at a loss for words to describe it. These Kumon tutor animals in the disguise of human body if not controlled and put in their right places will cause more such crimes and endless atrocities to the civilised society. Law may be weak but crimes like these don't need not be defenced by any civilised human.... Read more

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Kumon obliterated my family and our finances. I feel Kumon franchise is not just about Math and Reading franchise, it is a brainwashing cult that puts innocent people into a trance only to suck money and the life out of them. We used to own a Kumon franchise center in Northern California. My wife was introduced to Kumon Math & Reading learning franchise by a friend. We migrated from Hong... Read more

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I live in Woking, Surrey. My son is doing his GCSE's and we were interested in finding a tutor to help him with maths and science. Went on to google and saw this tutor doctor ad so gave them a call. The woman I spoke to had an American accent and was possibly the most frustrating person I've ever spoken to. I asked about their rates and she simply would not tell me, instead she kept saying "the... Read more

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