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I don't know why people write review like this to confuse others in making decision. I had BA training with this company and they are outstanding. The trainer is very much knowledgeable and shared very useful information with all real-time examples and the helpdesk is good and responded whenever I need anything. I was asking them why these reviews are there and they told me that the other... Read more

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Children molested at Kumon Math Reading learning franchise is a shocking and one just feels at a loss for words to describe it. These Kumon tutor animals in the disguise of human body if not controlled and put in their right places will cause more such crimes and endless atrocities to the civilised society. Law may be weak but crimes like these don't need not be defenced by any civilised human.... Read more

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Kumon obliterated my family and our finances. I feel Kumon franchise is not just about Math and Reading franchise, it is a brainwashing cult that puts innocent people into a trance only to suck money and the life out of them. We used to own a Kumon franchise center in Northern California. My wife was introduced to Kumon Math & Reading learning franchise by a friend. We migrated from Hong... Read more

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I live in Woking, Surrey. My son is doing his GCSE's and we were interested in finding a tutor to help him with maths and science. Went on to google and saw this tutor doctor ad so gave them a call. The woman I spoke to had an American accent and was possibly the most frustrating person I've ever spoken to. I asked about their rates and she simply would not tell me, instead she kept saying "the... Read more

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I was robbed... I bought a cd for 9.95 and I've got 4 unauthorized transactions for $64.00 each I've called to no satisfaction! Add comment


This has happened with me many times when I am unable to finish my assignment and by the time fully energized to write it, it's already too late to finish. For all those troubled times, I refer transtutors and it provides me with a solution almost every time. Most of the times I find a solved answer in their question bank. As I have a subscription it's pretty cheap for me. But even if I don't... Read more

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in the 2 hour free class they sold me on a 3 day training class where whole selling and foreclosures and many other items were supposed to be taught. They were only glossed over and said that in the Elite Training they would cover in depth. I felt like it was a 3 day info-mercial that I had to pay $495 for. very disappointed as I enjoyed and learned from Richard Kiyosaki books . Ann was also our... Read more

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The first thing I saw was a small child of 5 crying and looking for his mother in the Kumon parking lot. I told him to please take a seat with us inside the Kumon center and we would wait for his mother together. She did come after about 5 minutes. Then we went in for the Kumon orientation. First, the Japanese Kumon owner Mr. Otsuka didn't have the skills to quiet down the room so he could start... Read more

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I was almost deceived into signing up a contract for a $1800 Kumon Math program for my little sister. The Kumon woman told her she would only have a small amount to pay, when in reality she was being swindled. The Kumon lady rushed her through the paperwork and harassed her to finish. My mother didn't have the money, so she charged it on her credit card which I know took a very long time to pay... Read more

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Sadly another UK Franchisee, Steve Almond from Manchester goes out of business. A nice smart guy with a passion for helping children gets duped and robbed by Tutor Doctor. In the last six months that counts to about 6 UK Franchisees that have had to close down their businesses because this model AS FACT is illegal and does not work in the UK. Yes maybe 5 are doing ok, but in total about 15... Read more

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