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Just saw the description on this site about Tutor Doctor - what the ***? Can someone please explain how they've managed to post these lies AND convince this site to remove several reviews? I know you can pay this site for a corporate membership which gives you control over gets posted about you. I also know that they've been know to buy media space in order to cover up all the genuine filth they... Read more

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If you are a tutor and you are selected by this company, be very careful. They are very unprofessional and if there is an issue with a student, they will choose the student over you! They have troubled students and instead of dealing with the student's issue, they will just reassign the student to another tutor. Add comment

The product-the business plan is not opening and has viruses The company did not answer to e-mails about their services for 3 days I send 2 e-mails to the customer service and no one responded Today I am asking them to send my money back to my account-I never saw such poor services and will never recommend anybody to have any deals with this Company If somebody is in needs to write a business... Read more

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I attend BMC Louisville now and was wondering why the *** they bill us each month the same amount of tuition for the same classes and why doesn't the grant cover the cost and why don't we get to keep our loan money for our personal use like the other colleges do. Something is not right here. How they *** they make Us use our loan for the class, we sit there 12 hours a week so why... Read more

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George from their Killeen office VERY DISHONEST! !!!!!! "Ok. Basically, take 29% of the contract and then subtract the paint cost. Your check will be whatever is left over from that." but next this rude text when $733.80 wasn't what I was promised. George replied this. ... " You were authorized to do the job by me. You worked for my company. I was upfront and honest. Go back and check your... Read more

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It's not a rip off, and I will tell you why. Here, you have a school that's willing to teach You how to work on cars. Example: How brakes work and how to diagnosed brake issues. Not just slapping a pair of pads in a caliper. Because the pads are low and due. They teach you EVERY THING about the brake system. So, if you get some guy that will do your brakes for 50 bucks. And you think you... Read more

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I seen a add on craigs list for a painter so I applied I am a 20 plus years exp painter and my buisness is slow I am not a student just a 48 year old pro so they said to come to the job for a try out I showed up at this house and met this young kid who was working prepping the eves of the house while i was waitting for the crew leader i walk the job and seen the very very poor work that was... Read more

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The complaint and women in question was violent towards me and did not speak much English. She cancelled lessons at the last minute with no excuses leaving the company out of pocket. Her attitude and general demeanour were appalling. Previously she had 2 other driving instructors. Why did she not stay with them. Unless this untruthful view is removed we shall take legal action and sue her for... Add comment

The stuff at kumon literally has nothing to do with the stuff I'm learning at school Seriously the topics at kumon aren't even things that help me in school like seriously I'm on level G for 3 years and my parents enrolled me since I was 5 years old At kumon I literally do nothing but corrections and you might say I'm just a kid that doesn't care about school who's... Read more

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I purchase a training package for our company to use in 2011. We used it for 2 years very sparingly. I reached out to cancel the service before our charges were renewed in 2013. They charged us anyway! I continually reached out to them, and got nothing back. Like others have mentioned, they do not answer their phone calls/return them. After losing my cool and threatening legal action,... Read more

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