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Currently a student at American Winds and I think it is a good flight school. I have only flown with one other school and American is much better. The planes are nice and well maintained. My Flight instructor Nick Ercole is excellent, demanding but patient and helpful. My ground school instructor Kevin has a degree in flying studies and did a great job throughout some tedious classes. ... Read more

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Taking up a Kumon franchise was a decision I regret every day of my life. Having been sold on lies and deceptive materials from a Kumon franchise sales rep, I decided to own a Kumon learning center franchise. I convinced my family members to invest in the venture and took on a business partner. I was shown all sort of fabricated data convincing me that the market was great and the other... Read more

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I got my daughter into Kumon learning on recommendation of a friend. At the time I felt that my daughter had way too much time on her hands and could put it into something constructive. At the Kumon learning center she was made to take a test and I was told that she foundation in Math and Reading was weak, so she needed to start at two grade levels below. Mind you, she is a straight A student... Read more

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I had this same experience, don't order from this company because the product you really want is not the only thing they are soliciting you for. They are going to set you up to receive God only knows how many more items that you didn't ask for, and then they are not going to send it to you and then when you call they will say you waited passed your deadline to refuse the item. But you only find... Read more

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I feel that I am in a consumer nightmare with this company. I was called by this company offering a PSAT prep booklet for my daughter. Little did I know that they were also scaming me and about to charge my credit card for 8 more products that I had no knowledge of. I received and paid for the item that I originally ordered, but to my surprise I received another bill of $59.99 for an item that I... Read more

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My daughter has been enrolled in Kumon for a good 6 months until last month, we gradually transferred over to beestar.org, in which was suggested by my cousin residing in Alhambra area. The owners are not going to be educators but strictly business investors who will gladly take your money and does not seem to care about you or your child as much as they should be. My daughter is in the fifth... Read more

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If I was able to give this Kumon organization a 0 Star Review I would. The Kumon center in Bear, Delaware owned by an Indian woman called Sonali Pandit is as worse as this fake asian education program gets. The education your child will receive here is not even close to helpful. The amount you pay for materials, given the quality, is outrageous and satisfaction of parents and students is very... Read more

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My son attended Kumon in San Fernando Valley, CA. I am extremely disappointed with the service I recieved from the Kumon Learning Center. It did not live up to its promise regarding results. I paid $2400 for the tutoring program and signed a one year contract. Half way through I saw no results. My son is not a special needs student. He has also made honor role in school in other subjects. His... Read more

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I thought sylvan was suppose to help your child. I took my daughter in to get her vision checked out and it turned out that she has double vision. After paying more than 3,000 dollars to help my daughter get better they (sylvan) failed to tell me one if the most critical things that has affected her learning. I was told by her vision therapist that sylvan should have caught that. Had they... Read more

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I have concluded that Kumon is a bogus program run by bogus instructors who are not licensed teachers. My children tried both Kumon centers nearby and the education was awful. The stuff that they used to be made to do at the Kumon centers was sub-standard. Everytime I would go to the centers, the instructors told me that my children were doing very well. They even had an award ceremony and... Read more

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