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I fully agree with the fact that lynda.com customer service is so bad it sucks; its so sporadic and non-existent; and their so-called social medial team socialmedia@lynda.com are arrogant people as well as their legal affairs businessaffairs@lynda.com. As for you saying for people "to go up the chain" to the supervisors, when you call, you are told you'd have to wait 10 days for their reply!!... Read more

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Kumon was absolutely the worst tutoring service ever, they know nothing about tutoring children, the worst service and the worst teacher I have ever seen. We enrolled our daughters after paying $50 as a testing fee and some other fees plus the monthly $140 for Math and $120 for reading and sibling discount for the month. We were told that our daughters would get the best. That was one big lie. ... Read more

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Im having an issue with adapted mind and needs to know if there is anybody that may have a good direct telephone number for this site the one the bank provides is no good. Add comment


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As a community college student, clearly I'm not swimming in money; I'm TRYING to complete a simple 2 year degree at a community college to go to a University so hopefully from there, I can complete a degree in a Higher Education, giving me the opportunity to make some money or at least enough to pay off my debts :) 4-6 classes PER SEMESTER =is considered a full-time student 2-4 classes PER... Read more

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I am very pissed right now! There is no *** way to cancel the subscription for TutorPace all i wanted was a *** free tutoring and now i cant *** cancel. I dont have that type of money! Now i am not gonna lie the tutoring i did get wasnt bad BUT i really want to cancel and every *** where i look on the *** page i cant find ***. My parents would kill me if they see that i signed up for this *** and... Read more

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Enquired about A2 English Language tutoring for my daughter as she's really struggling with it. A Canadian woman called me to set up a consultation which I agreed to because I was in a panic over my daughter and wanted something done quickly. The consultation was an americanized, distasteful sales pitch and there were no questions of an academic nature asked by her. The rate was a whopping £50... Read more

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Signed up for Tutor Vista in October 2014 and within minutes received a call that I could upgrade from $109 per month to $249 for 3 months. I expressed concern Tutor Vista may not be able to provide the Calculus support needed. Customer service rep lied when he said "if you are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund." The tutors are slow and most of the Calculus answers are wrong. Within... Read more

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Having seen a family member financially bankrupt owning a Kumon Math & Reading center, I feel its time for all other ruined Kumon franchisees to begin warning anyone in the public who is thinking about buying a Kumon Math & Reading franchise. I am sure many others who were sold on Kumon’s “exciting new franchise opportunities” have come to realize that it is a disastrous proposition.... Read more

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Thanks for yur feedback sir. Srigupta works with his friends to give quality training in many areas of software. I went to srigupta sir for Oracle finance functional training. He is not financials and so he arranged with his friend. His friend took training for me. Very good training he gave and I am happy that I got satisfactory training for my fee. Srigupta sir and friends are very honest... Read more

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The Dr Kasula in Cary/ Apex area brought his son to me for guitar lessons and he kept promising to pay but didnt. he seemed to enjoy cheating me. He makes 5 times more money than I . He knows he owes it and wont pay. I told him to stop bringing his son till he paid up. He never complained about anything but deliberately cheated me. He smirked and and when I told him I wanted my money, he said "... Read more

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