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My 10th grader went from public to private school. Geometry turned out to be a nightmare subject for him and got worse by Dec. after being out of school for 3 wks for surgery. My son was evaluated by Sylvan and I signed up 100 hrs and my son made a connection with a teacher and I MADE SURE we moved home schedules and worked w/ school and pulled him out early 3 days/wk to ensure he had this... Read more

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  • May 11
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Lynda charged me twice once with my school subscription and again with my personal one. Add comment

innovator is not a good institute to join...There is no method of teaching....no proper time management..people here are not for quality education they are simply behind money.. i had joined for oracle database..the trainer also teaches java and python...also for the school students...there is no harm in that,,,but simulatenoulsy taking class for one subject in one room and another in one more... Read more

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Don't trust sylvan. It is vast of money and time. Add comment

Thank you everyone for your reviews. I had planned on using Sylvan for tutoring and was waiting for them to get back with me to schedule a time to set up meeting with them. They have not contacted me and it's been two weeks. I started surfing the net and have found nothing but bad reviews after bad reviews from several different sites and blogs. I couldn't believe the amount of negative... Read more

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I have contacted them several times about multiple charges for the subscription that wasn't even working. They refunded $20.00 of the $200+ overcharges they posted to my account! Each time I would ry to log on it would initiate a new subscription. They claim this is a Paypal issue, if it was they should have explained this to paypal to issue a refund, however it seems suspicious because the... Read more

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This is a warning about purchasing a $9.95 intro language course. Save yourself a headache and go elsewhere or to the library. I do not recommend any dealings with this company. I ended up frustrated and out significant money after finally talking with Stephanie in the Philadelphia office. She would not allow me to talk with anyone else for appropriate resolution. My guess is that she gets to... Read more

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I started taking classes with eonline tutors a couple of moths ago. For my trial class I was given a very experienced tutor and was very happy and therefore payed to start classes. As soon as I payed the money, they changed my tutor to one who came late and couldn't explain what I needed. There was also lots of background noises of a train in the background. I spoke with the manager and they said... Read more

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they told me my assignment will cost £50.So i paid them half the money of £25 and they keep asking me for the other half to get it done.so i paid them the other half.and then they told me sorry we cant serve you.I chat with one of their *** girls her name Zara i guess she told me show me under what criteria you can have full refund guarantee.Still until this moment i keep sending messages ask for... Read more

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star technologies fraud head Ranjithkumar and their team. i didnt saw such a fraud company in this world. all of their projects are developed 5 or 6 years back. and they wont even do some modifications. ultimate aim of them is money only. if they really in need of such money means they can go to madurai bustand and beg. if not die dont play in students life. firstly they'll welcome with pleasure... Read more

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