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I had a completely wonderful experience with PremAir Inc. They made my type rating course enjoyable and provided another pilot to go as my crew member. I had *** Smith as my instructor and thought he was very knowledgeable about the aircraft. I would definitely return, but since the founders death', they have not been operating. I'm sorry to see PremAir go! Were can I go for recurrent training... Read more

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I have been forced to go to Kumon for the past 2 years. Kumon is such a complete and absolute waste of time. They teach you the opposite of what you are taught to do, if they even teach you at all. So yeah, throwing worksheets at us and timing us to do them TOTALLY teaches us math. Add comment

We start KUMON for my kids in summer time and after summer means three months we decided that we want to stop and kumon say that you sign for 12 month contract and bla bla and you can't stop now. So Kumon is not good for summer class or for three to four month because Kumon need money and they take sign for 12 months and after we talk to kumon, but kumon people are very rude and say that we donot... Read more

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Burtner is very misleading concerning his portfolio and actual experience with complete design and installs. He's been cited as claiming to be as well known as people like Darren Doherty and has insinuated that he knows more about Permaculture and regenerative design than Darren. All this while having only a few years experience into the Permaculture scene. He's attempted to design an underground... Read more

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The tutoring place I go to is Kumon. I DESPISE it. I think it sucks, but my mom thinks it's great. She won't let me quit, even though I really want to, but she doesn't care that I hate it so much. I think Kumon treats the kids like junk. They give you so many corrections that you can't do them all, and they won't even help you with answers that you're struggling with. When you get an answer... Read more

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DO NOT TRUST skillshare.com! They will bill you even if they claim your billing won't start until after the free trial is expired. Their videos DO NOT WORK. I spent two hours troubleshooting this; trying various browsers, restarting my computer, etc. There is NO PHONE CONTACT for this company! Information on this company is conspicuously absent on the Internet. Since I have to enter at least 100... Read more

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When LinkedIn bought Lynda.com, it offered a trial to its members. I tried it and I didn't like it. As an Instructional Designer, I have little confidence in talk-and-teach videos as an effective learning aid. So, I just decoupled Lynda.com from my PayPal account to prevent a recurring charge sneaking past me. Since then, I have received about two dozen nags from Lynda.com - sometimes as many as... Read more

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I am Tarun Shivhare from India. I had been victim human trafficking by Adrian Joseph Director of GB Training Academy, No 95 Level 1 - Level 3, Jalan Dato Bandar Tunggal 70000 Seremban Negeri, Contact no +60 126599342. I met to Adrian Joseph on social media side. He called me for study in his institute and promised for job assistance. I have been suggested to come with social visit visa . After... Read more

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$2400 for 48 sessions. He has shown up for 2 out of 5. We cancelled one appropriately on time. I just called because he his disrupted 3 days with family "summer" fun and getting my sins work done! The Lead Educational Consultant for Buffalo can't even return a phone call. Explanation or lawsuit? Add comment

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Many people in the permaculture community have had similar experiences with Nicholas Burtner. Ranging from arrogance and a know-it-all attitude (sadly without knowing it all) to a picture of Jesus on his wall where he teaches that conveniently looks just like him. I took a short workshop with him and found his information to be very basic and when trying to correct him, he is quick to deflect or... Read more

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