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I am currently working with tutor doctor out of Phoenix . I was told there would be a knowledgeable teacher for my son ( he is 11 years old and has autism )as I was asked many times, by the manager Colleen and also by the tutor ( Adrian ). I was told she has a special Ed background but she just wanted to do games not help my son with his work. She was very unfamiliar with the programs "online... Read more

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I enroll in the hebrew class with them. I did ulpan 2 and ulpan 3 with no problems, I loved my teacher and I really learned a lot with this program. However, in spite of being a good customer already, they decided to give me hard time and to mess up with me. To explain you the problem, basically, They called me in july to know if I wanted to continue to ulpan 4 which I answered YES but not before... Read more

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Kumon doesn't teach you anything and is a waste of money. Ive been in kumon for 11 months and I am still learning fractions! I'm way too old for that!!!! And my mom isn't make me quit. Kumon ruins my life!!!!! It sucks! I give it a -100000000000000000000/10 Read more

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Beware of this Tutor Doctor!!! We signed up with Bill and he promised the world to us and our daughter. Said we would receive 100% refund if we were unhappy for any reason or if they could not find a tutor. The tutor which was sent was very old woman who was very frail. My daughter is aggressively Autistic, there is no way this woman could handle her (And they knew this upfront). We let her go... Read more

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pro safe is a rip off if you aint from c1 u haven't got a chance in *** on passing untill you have tested a half a dozen times c1 people can hit curves hold up trafic an not have to do there pre trip or 4 point break ckeck an pro safe still passes them but if ur from a different school u aint got a chance in *** Add comment

I have joined for SAP FICO last year at newyorksys and the training was really helpful. So came back again and joined SAP BPC course. In the beginning, classes were very slow and the very basic things are discussing in detail. I felt bore and thought there is no need of this detailed explanation for very basic things on BPC. So I asked the trainer to move little faster, then the trainer asked... Read more

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Promised everything when Bill for phoenix location came out, when he could not provide service would not refund money as he promised. Took 3 months to get a refund minus some bogus fee, he's a ripoff! Add comment

I received an order from Smartflix and my dog decided to make it a snack the next day. I immediately emailed them seeking advice. NO response. I sent in six online requests for help to their site, called them twice over a week period, and have never heard from them. However they still find time to charge me $4.99 a week for late return. The jokes on them, because I returned it two weeks ago.... Read more

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I was struggling endlessly with math word problems, but not able to crack. Eonline Tutors helped me out to translate word problems into algebraic expressions and forming equations by connecting with an expert tutor. Now I am enough confident to solve word problems on my own time and place.After searching countless websites, finally I stumbled onto this site where I acquired a step-by-step... Read more

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Just cancelled my private on-line lessons with E-teacher. I have never done this before but I wanted to warn any of you who are considering taking Hebrew from them, beware. They pressure you into buying 50-100 lessons with a special discount. But, note that this is not refundable if you decide to cancel. They send you the contract after you have paid it and they do not tell you the conditions... Read more

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