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100% FULL

Many people in the permaculture community have had similar experiences with Nicholas Burtner. Ranging from arrogance and a know-it-all attitude (sadly without knowing it all) to a picture of Jesus on his wall where he teaches that conveniently looks just like him. I took a short workshop with him and found his information to be very basic and when trying to correct him, he is quick to deflect or... Read more

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My husband and I enrolled our son with Tutor Doctor a few ago to help him with his exams. I found them online and was certainly duped by their marketing and branding, they seemed well established and professional so I got in touch. They set up a consultation, apparently so they could "assess" Jack, which I was more than happy to do as it sounded like it could benefit him. When the woman turned up... Read more

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I received an email from Thumbtack informing me that they are now conducting at random background checks on their professionals. With out any warning nor any reason for such behaviors, they locked and deactivated my account until I give them permission to do a background check. i have been with them for about a year and have a thriving business with them. I was also promoted by thumbtack as one... Read more

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studentoffortune was honest and they paid all my money and they even paid the balance amount when they closed down which was a little over 34 dollars. But I have to get 94 dollars from studypool.com and they don't respond and are afraid of no one. They are going to close down today or tomorrow as when you are not honest you have to come down today or later. Studypool is thinking it can get away... Read more

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100% FULL

I ordered a series of four Richard Schmidt Art Lesson videos. After 3-4 months, I was shipped two of the four videos (November and May) and two other videos: "Proficient Flying" and "Theatrical Makeup Design" instead of the "June" and "White Pine" Schmidt videos. And, there seems to be no way to contact them. The email address on their insert is not found by Firefox. And no phone number. AVOID... Read more

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hi everyone, examkiller is not the fake, i am the old user about 7 years, they don't sell price $89 at any time, so we think that user maybe has wrong site. now they changed the product to $39, it's very lower price for single product, and they provide vip member service now, only $99 for got all they list exams, it's best value which i think. for some user not got, maybe your email address... Read more

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I was offered a promotion for 139.00 for Statistics. I specifically asked if this would be the regular price and not a promotional one time price. They confirmed it was "the" price. Well, after signing up, the horror began. I made APPOINTMENTS which were confirmed for tutors a week in advance. When I went to the session, no one was there. Also, when I signed up, no one was available, and they... Read more

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She never teaches the kid and when new sheets are alleys send home if we tell her she wil say yes I wil do but in vain .then she tells your kid doesn't know so repeat the work 6-7 times .she do not make efforts .if we ask for meeting , always reasons like doctors apt, or busy .on the day of kimono we ant ask qns be oz she pretends to be busy ( in case avoiding parents in class room ) . It mess in... Read more

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I was enrolled in Kumon (in North America) to help me with my Algebra after not passing my Algebra 1 state test. When we went there I had to take a pre-test to see what i knew. They gave me math i learned all the way back in elementary school I could not remember nor was relevant to what I was trying to learn. I started on level D (Third Grade Math) when I had to be on Algebra leveled math. This... Read more

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I have been using BMG for over 6 months because it was the best quality for the money when I signed up, but things have changed for the worst. They started charging about 50% more for better quality tutors and services, but the tutors completely neglected major areas of the assignments and brought my GPA down with bad grades, even though I signed up for B or higher grades. When I reached out to... Read more

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