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Delays after delays and then ran out of fuel. Add comment

I did a reservation on expedia and tried to cancel my reservation. I called several times during the day from 8am to 9pm. Everytime the hold was for more than 2 hours at a time. When I made the reservation it didn't take 1 minute for someone to answer the phone. But to cancel a reservation it took all day. I still haven't been able to cancel my reservation. I will have to pay cancellation fee if... Read more

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Motel 6 in Martinsburg, WV. I'd booked - and prepaid, at their insistence - 5 nights. On day 3 (today) the general manager, an angry looking, surly man named Pat Patel, yelled at me that I had to leave tomorrow. At the time, it was snowing heavily and roads were iced over and buried in snow. He refused to give an explanation; not wanting a confrontation I kept asking as quietly as I could... Read more

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I guess the message is already clear that eDreams are either incompetent or crooked, but let me add my bad experience. I booked flights (Brisbane to Lima & Rio to Brisbane) in October 2014 for flights in July (going) and September (returning) 2015. I got a good price. In the following months I was notified of changes five times; the penultimate change had me arriving in Santiago (from Rio) an... Read more

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I checked in and the the clerk pointed out the room on a map, clearly facing the interior pool area. When I asked the front desk clerk if this room had a marina view as I had booked I was told yes. We discovered absolutely no view of anything but the pool. I went back to the front desk expecting some error had been made. I was told it was a marina view because it faces the general direction... Read more

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Started in PIT 6am , now setting in Atlanta (worst group of "I don't give a ***" employees) waiting for Melbourne flight 9:43 pm which is the closest delta can get me to Orlando today . B terminal is a war zone, all flights delayed. Delta needs specials ops team to calm customers that are near breaking point . Delta 'a employees in Atlanta SUCK! Add comment

I have documented over the last 2 weeks multiple occasions of delays with the outbound train from the city which I take, these 'delays' are very costly to my schedule as I am working multiple jobs and punctuality is a commitment that metra clearly has no regards for. My employers are tired of hearing this. Whenever I contact metra about such 'delays', through their site, they tell me there is... Read more

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I went to my sales meeting on January 12, 2015. My sales rep was Dary Hannam-Cobb. She gave me false information about so many things. First, the free week I would receive every year which she stated I could rent this week to offset my maintenance fees, however, I just found out I have to be a Gold member to receive this free week and I am Bronze so why would she give the website of the company... Read more

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Wattboure Ln. Louisville Ky. Working out of town Property is NOT taken care of ! Snow covered steps and walkways to get to your room is just plain dangerous Just got the run around when I asked if they could clean them off.... Just another Shitass motel that is housing a bunch deadbeat check drawers and illegal immigrants ! Add comment

I accidentally booked two tickets in the same direction, instead of a return ticket. This mistake is easy to make on their website, since they offer no roundtrip selection. Customer service, including two supervisors, insisted that I must still pay the $4.50 change fee, even though I made a simple mistake. I had called them within 5 minutes of making the error. Their representatives are too... Read more

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