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Everything was okay until getting inside the MSC Lirica ship (Rio de Janeiro, February 21st, 2015), and having the employees offering us drink packages. They should not be doing that if we had the Aurea Experience. Analyzing our key cards, we noticed they did not show properly what we got. So, still with our belongings, in a very busy environment, we had to find and talk to the most responsible... Read more

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I booked a trip to Cancun for my wife and I. I got a great deal. I immediately got back on and tried to book the same trip for our friends. All the prices on every hotel jumped up $200 per person. I called customer service and they told me there was nothing they could do. I asked to speak to a manager. Henry was the manager I talked to. I told him I wanted the same price as originally offered.... Read more

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Absolutely sick of their telemarketers calling our phone number 3-4 times a day. I have asked at least 6x to STOP and now it is blatant harassment! We have no intention of going to Spinnaker Resorts and plan to take legal action now! Add comment

Hi have forgotten my new born baby clothes which someone gifted me in the 515 bus from downtown Ny to Sayreville on March 30,2015. I called the dispatcher and asked about the lost bag. He was extremely rude and unprofessional. When I asked to speak to manager he refused, when I asked his name, he refused to disclose. This is such a bad bad example. I would rather take some other bus service than... Read more

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Allegiant Air. Communication with representatives is very bad. You can't make changes(dates/person you travel with) or cancel your flight on-line. Waiting time for a phone call is about 30 min. When I finally got to talk to the rep she was not friendly and hung up on me after 2 min of conversation. Nobody called me back of course. The worst company I have dealt with. I don't understand why does... Read more

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We bought our package for 5993.94 I called for the first time and I found a much better deal then they could and so I called the women I was working with out about it and she said she would look more into it to see if she could get a better deal. When I call I don't get a call back for a few days. Oh and the free cruise and air fare don't consider together. They are a separate deal. Read the fine... Read more

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By far the worst "company" I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Absolutely NO customer service and NO way to speak to a manager. Super shady. Stay away!!!!! Add comment

I called OneTravel on March 3rd and March 31(today) for requesting seat assignment to change. When I booked on your website, there are no way to select my seats without being charged extra. The result was that my seats were selected automatically and totally separated from my child. When I called One Travel, the operators told me that my seats at AirCanada cannot be confirmed(I was told on the... Read more

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I had booked a hotel in Saba, Netherland Antilles for February 18th 2015. The hotel had a 100% refund if cancelled within 30 days of the date of arrival. I cancelled the hotel on January 15th 2015 and was promised a 100% refund. The automatic refund failed and I was asked to contact so that they could manually refund the money. I have called so many times and am... Read more

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I set to book on line for 5 tickets to Cancun, I got the perfect price when I entered my credit card # a message appear on the screen telling me that the price had changed, I was not happy about it, I found it rather irresponsible that CheapOair advertises one thing and then it is a totally different story. As I cancelled I got a call from one of their agent she still wasn't given me a good price... Read more

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