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Background: Back in August 2008, with much enthusiasm and excitement we (my wife and I) made a reservation for a sight seeing tour to Egypt, from March 16 to 25 , 2009, with GATE1 Travel (10 Day Egypt For Less with 4 Day Nile Cruise). We decided to make an early reservation to make sure that there is ample time for GATE 1 people to provide us with a smooth and seamless itinerary. We planned to... Read more

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Both Travelers Advantage and Shoppers Advantage are an utter scam. I booked a flight on Allegiant Air and was told that I could get a $50 rebate from my flight, and since it looked like it was coming from the Allegiant website itself, I figured it was legit. I called the number in August and went through the process. I was slightly uncomfortable since it is one of those programs where you sign up... Read more

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When I booked my hotel with Wyndham and got the offer to try Traveler Advantage program. I remember the guy that I spoke to on the phone said that it only costs me $1 and I will get $25 American Express cash back. I can cancel my membership any time, if I don't like it, I can cancel it after the first month, and get $25, "You spent $1 to get $25, you'll earn $24, no hurt to try" .... Today I... Read more

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I bought 2 tickets and paid 1502$ via Western Union. I never got what I paid for. On the forum of you can find another scammed customers of this website. There are some websires of this fraud -,,, so be careful with those guys! They tell you that you can't pay with credit card or/and PayPal cause some... Read more

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We had a incredible ordeal on the flight 808 of USAir in January. My wife and I together with our 9 month-old baby had this connect flight from Charlotte NC to Newark NJ. Right after we boarded the plane, our baby needed badly a diaper change. But there was no diaper change board in the WC. We had no other choice but to work on the diaper change together and had to leave the WC door open. When... Read more

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I've had a 17 week vacation package with TAN since 2005. My husband died and I never used one week's vacation. I didn't know about the yearly fee either, although, when I called about my package, I was told it was among the information in the papers I signed. At that time, the fee was $300 per yr. They inactivated my account and are charging me $150 per year while it's inactivated but it will be... Read more

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I wish I would've seen this website prior to going in for our 'free vacation'. Normally I refuse to spend any money we weren't planning on spending without walking away first. We still have not had our 'free vacation' scheduled as they have not responded to our messages or letters. TAN claims they are not responsible for the setup or contract for the vacation and cannot be... Read more

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I have been trying to get the $50 coupon and refund Expedia had promised per their Best Price Guarantee because I found a better deal on another website and it has been a month, 3 emails, and over 5 phone calls I still haven't seen the coupon. I got hang up 3 times by the customer service reps and when someone tried to work on my request they would give me case numbers. I tried emailing them... Read more

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While staying at the Casa Marina Reef Resort in the Dominican Republic, my husband and I were lured into a sales presentation for Royal Holiday ("Vacations for Life"). We were subjected to high pressure sales tactics over three days, given fraudulent information and not told many conditions of the sale. The service they sell DOES NOT EXIST AS PROMISED. If they were located in Canada or the... Read more

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These people are taking your contact details otside multiplexes and malls and will call you to say that you have won lucky draw and will get free gifts.After reaching their office The Marketing excecutives will convince you to listen their Holiday pacakages which include 1+ 1 week free holiday per year with no annual charges for 30 years.You just have to make one time payment.You will get a... Read more

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