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Well I had a passport appointment at 3pm I showed up around 305-310 then waited about 20 minutes in line, then I reach the agent and say I have an appointment and he goes "Look at the time". Im like I know the time but you guys dont have a fast service line to go straight to u and he goes well u can skip and come to this window. Then I go to the supervisor and hes even worse..Stay Away not worth... Read more

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Me and my husband booked a cruise with book . The first date we pick a month before the cruise they called and said it was booked. The second date we picked the same thing. Call customer service Ms. Donkeybutt Erica got smart with me because they kept changing our dates . Now it's in November 2014.They first said we pay boarding fees on arrival at port, now we have to pay in advance. (No... Add comment

We left Atlanta at 7:45 or later instead of 6:10 regular scheduled time.When made it to Montgomery we were lost.The driver did not know where the new station was located.So he made a announcement asking us passengers if we knew,WOW.We missed our transportation as a result of being almost 2hrs late.So we had to call a taxi,more inconvience.The driver was very rude,when we tried asking... Read more

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Strongly recommend to stay away from this place. I was in Yosemite national park and my hotel was booked in Lee Vining (East side entrance). Unfortunately fire caught up in Yosemite mountains and tioga road was closed (120 east) and i was not able to go the east side to stay in my booked hotel. I moved out of Yosemite from west side entrance and tried my luck to get a reservation in Merced city.... Read more

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My husband and I traveled to the Dominican Republic Punta Cana for our Honeymoon we stayed at Melia Caribe Resort beautiful place but terrible service. Many details to describe from food to room and staff. We wasted a day in Miami Florida because of flights and then spend our last night of our honeymoon trying to figure out our transportation from the hotel to the airport. In order to use your... Read more

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My friend holding a valid ticket was not allowed on to a Turkish airlines flight from Saint Petersburg to Istanbul at 16.30pm on 28 July despite holding a valid ticket because she could not show the credit card used to pay for the flight -- two days earlier at the ticket office at the airport in Antalya Turkish airlines specifically told me that a credit card was not required to be showed and... Read more

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I did a google search for renewing my mcafee antivirus and decided to use the 1st search link for renewing the antivirus. I thought I was dealing with Mcafee directly and when I entered my credit card details there was a padlock sign which made me believe that it is a secure site.I never recieved any confirmation or reference number for the transaction and it has been more than 3 days now. I... Read more

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I was involved with Vida Vacations in Riviera Maya, Part of the sales calculations was an exchange of my existing timeshare for a credit against the sales price of what I was buying. It all looked great at the time, but I was never given any of those calculations, and now I am left wondering what sort of "shell game" they played with me. Equity Acquisition Services INC , the company that... Read more

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I booked in April for a trip this coming October. The airline made a minor change in June and then some major flight changes in July. The updated email from Orbitz did not have my seating confirmation as originally booked. When I went on line to select new seats for all 5 legs, their system wouldn't let me even when the screen said I could on 3 of the legs. On the other 2 it told me that the... Read more

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This company is a *** and have disgusting business practices....DO NOT USE THEM! Double billed for one service, billed an amount almost double agreed rate and had no interest in fixing the issue. This is customary to how they do business and you should not consider using them at all, for any service. I have never seen any business in the last 25 years act this is incredible. I tried to... Read more

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