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Do not fly on this airline unless you absolutely have to. They are literally not capable of operating a airline efficiently. Add comment

I took this bus from Milwaukee to Chicago Sunday Oct4th 2015 at 6:20. Not only was it late leaving, when we made it to Chicago the female driver that was responsible for luggage....just off the bus and walked away leaving all that had luggage confused....Some had other connections and was concerned they would miss there connections. A few minutes laterI noticed the female driver walking out of... Read more

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We have returned from an excellent Danube River cruise which included a bus tour of Poland. Our tour manager,Lorin was great...knowledgable, very prepared and accommodating...A plus rating. The only complaint I have is with the emphasis on tipping the tour managers. There were 3 of them on the cruise and they spent one full meeting telling us how to tip, suggested amounts, why they needed it... Read more

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Notoriously late...very unprofessional. The driver on my trip from Milwaukee to Chicago didn't have any communication to why we were over a half hour leaving. His co- driver a (female) was very unpleasant and curt.. for anyone seeking transportation and hoping to have a somewhat pleasant travel. Stay away. They have caused me to miss my flight out of Chi.... these are my people of color and why... Read more

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Scott Hunter is a total *** Add comment

I purchased my Tan program and stayed a few places that were not suitable for people to be in. Ruined carpet from cigarette holes,electric recepticales that had no cover on them and could have caused injury or death.We were going to Disney World and stayed out and only went back to the condo to sleep.. Tan would not change us to another property that was more safe. The beds had 2" mattresses and... Read more

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LG inc has done as they promised. I no longer own any timeshare and am thrilled. Took about 4 months. The posts on here are not what I've experienced. I did have to pay my next years maintenance, but that was expected because I already had the bill. I don't like any timehsare company! That is why I am writing this Add comment

I've had no issues thus far using my new RCI points that I bought from Jara at LGI 6 months ago. I got my points about 4 months ago and have booked 4 days in the Bahamas and 5 days in Myrtle Beach. I had to pay my reservation fee, but that is nothing compared to the hosing I took from Wyndham ( who might I add doesn't have any availability in Ocean Blvd usually and no resort in the Bahamas) Why... Read more

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I made a reservation and paid for the stay and their fee. Host cancelled it because I don't know why since she ignored all the emails I sent her and now AirBNB is charging me for the cancellation fee. I still have not seen a refund and I cannot get into the site because they are asking that I verify my identity with a government ID. Are you crazy!!!!! I now have to deal with my financial... Read more

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Be Warned: Best Western does not provide reminder emails of upcoming stays and has poor customer service I thought I had cancelled my reservation. I did not find out otherwise until being billed over $300 and receiving an email to complete a survey on my stay. I have contacted Best Western's customer service center, but they have never received a reply from Hotel Acacia about this. Other hotel... Read more

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