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I have used II for exchanges for 10 years---results have always been to my satisfaction. Only thing I can complain about is that no matter when you make a reservation you always get put on a wait list and have to pay a fee. Destinations have always been 5 star and two BR units---ie; Marriott Newport Beach villas. I am a Gold member--don't really know if that helps or pays any dividends. Since I... Read more

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BAMBOOZELD!!! By Matt Calhoun with Blue green @ The Falls Village in Branson MO. We purchased addtl points to help cover maintenance fees or so Matt said. Told us that he would personally rent out our newly purchased 6k points & he would have our 6k paid back in a year & it would cover our maintenance fees also which would be due in Nov rather than our usual May date. Fees & higher... Read more

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I was overcharged for "services" I did not agree to and was given the wrong information on the excess lowering charge. ! was then charged double the deposit upon returning the car which was refunded days later, following several calls, but my overseas bank charges for the debit and credit cost me nearly as much as the rental. I contacted the company via e mail and received a response telling me... Read more

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We have been trying for over a year to get either the dealer, or preferably the manufacturer to put a new sleep-able sofa bed in our trailer as the one that's in it is not designed properly. The center portion of the bed is higher than the top part where you put your head. They have told the dealer that they're not going to do anything about it. We purchased the trailer because of all of the... Read more

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My daughters went to by the front desk to get some cookies that rbey were given out the manager watch them like they was going to steal all of there cookies. 118 Salter Path Road ,Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina Add comment

I don't understand why the internet doesn't work. Who want to sit on the bus and check emails for six hours. I feel, as much money that is given to ride the bus the internet service should be better. Every time you turn around they have new rules for the passengers but the company never honor or respect their customers. Without customers, guess what there are no jobs, mean unemployed. I feel that... Read more

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Wasn't Ble to make it there had a 911 emergency so I. All n tried to reschedule the trip or be re in berst my ticket back.this is my reservation num 201/102307007215 m7r mem dal call me at 2143979652 Add comment

I booked a trip through gate 1 travel in the summer of June of 2014 for Vietnam for winter of 2014. purchase was made via travel agency. Airline was chosen as we had two choices. We chose Korean Airline and not once were we informed by gate 1 that this airline ticket would not enable us to receive sky miles as this airline was a partner with Delta Airlines no told to the agent booking this... Read more

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We sailed out of Galveston on the Freedom from the 18th of July to the 27th. I was in the steam room after a workout, covered by a towel. I emerged with the towel around my waist, there were 2 workmen in the ladies locker room. I was mortified. I went to customer Svc and filed a complaint, requesting that the spa warn those in the area when men are working via signage and verbally. I fully... Read more

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Warren inn mobile al. the management an security knows that. James hammac in #211. Has an illegal car parked on the premises an that. he walks around threanat ening an. brandishing a@ pistol. at individuals Add comment

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