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I recently contacted the host for a London flat (name on AirBnB) L*xur* * b*d @ Sh*fte*bury A**. *to prevent the scammer from seeing this* there was an email there (as an image) so I contacted the agent directly (I'm a first time airbnb user). He tells me to bank transfer the payment to his Barclays London bank account. Good thing I actually bothered googling AirBnB scam and found hundreds of... Read more

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I had to change my itinerary. I ended up cancelling and getting a credit. I spent 16 hours total getting the credit arranged after they told me the insurance I had purchased for trip coverage did not cover changes. During this time, I talked to at least 10 people over 2 days and maybe 10 phone calls. Now I am trying to rebook and am running into the same sort of terrible customer service. I have... Read more

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We were going to rent a bunglow from MEADVIEW RV PARK when we inquired about a service we were met with a hostel answer that there would be a $100.00 deposit and a $10.00 a day fee this man does not know the basic ADA law or is unwilling to follow the law (makes you wonder what other laws he won't follow) when we wrote a report on "" he felt the need to attack ALL vetrans go to... Read more

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I booked a Las Vegas trip on 5/21 for my son at the Hilton Grand Vacations at the Flamingo for August 24, tried to change the hotel to the Elara Hilton (in the same Hilton Grand Vacation family). 5/26 called spoke with Emma to try to change location and she stated in no way would Priceline make any changes to the reservation. I advised that their rates were guaranteed according... Read more

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I experience rude customer service while booking with this company Add comment

I booked a tour and I received an email that I should wait for an e mail with the confirmation. That e mail never came and the next thing I knew was the tour guide asking me why I didn´t show, I explained to her the lack of confirmation and she informed me that Viator has charged me already and the tour was confirmed. That is not true. I checked my e mail every day I did not received the... Read more

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I an using this company for the first time in an effort to rent my summer house. The customer service is absolutely the worst I have ever experienced. Impossible to find phone number. When you finally find no no one answers. If you should be fortunate enough to actually speak with someone, they won't speak english, and they have no idea what you are trying to address with them. On a scale of zero... Read more

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On departure, changed my flight times so couldn't make my connection and had to spend the night in Mexico City, missed my transportation the night before so then had to pay extra for new transportation. On the return, also changed the flight times, not once but twice. Sent me an email confirmation saying my connection was now leaving at 6:30 but issued me a boarding pass showing 5:30. When I... Read more

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booked room through them thinking I was on The Days Inn website, booked room in Kelowna, BC. Long story short, got room I wanted but 2 days later my credit card was charged for the agreed amount in American dollars and not Canadian (extra 20.00). They have admitted to the error but have not yet tried to correct it. When I asked to talk to a supervisor they told me that the issue would be dealt... Read more

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Horrible. Flight late no reason given. Then waited at gate. Once off plane waited 60 minutes for luggage. Limited crew who first helped the flight that was supposed to come in after U.S. 1.5 behind schedule. Will avoid United if possible Add comment

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