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please stay away from this motel bathroom at hole in the wall behind toilet mode trash under bed check the room out before you pay no refund after you pay stayed in junk better than this room please take my advice if you have to stay please check out the room before you pay night in Blue Springs Missouri Add comment

I did not expect an airline to provide such atrocious customer service and to have such a disregard for customer property. My wife and I flew back to Canada from our wedding in California. Our flight was re-routed to Seattle due to weather conditions at our home airport. We were scheduled to fly out on our honeymoon that same night, so once we arrived in Seattle we had to scramble to make... Read more

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I had a disappointing experience with the Bus driver on 11/24/14 in Cleveland,Ohioat 3:30am. After showing my ticket I was told to go upstairs. I in return explained because of my age(67yrs) and disability I could not. Her response to me was And-And. I repeated myself and she then asked if I had a D on my ticket. She stated she could not see it because she has no glasses. She then asked her... Read more

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Frontier is a lier, they should be sued for malpractices. Checked in online, printed my boarding pass and reached airport security 40 mins before flight departure to be told that they cannot find record for my boarding pass. Why do they allow online check in if the boarding pass won't work? The website said this is the boarding pass and nothing else is needed. They cheat people of there hard... Read more

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I'm staying at the Hillsborough Econo Lodge and I'm being discriminated against for no reason at all I have been told on this holiday Thanksgiving that I have to leave the motel for no reason at all after I've already been told I could stay here and they have not give me a reason I'm calling every single number I'm calling I'm going to meet every single complaint these people are racist they're... Read more

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Hyatt in Jamaica Montego Bay did not open as promised.My daughter's honeymoon package was confirmed. Travel agent was never notified. Accidentally, we found out about this.I cannot imagine the stress my daughter and husband would have experienced if they went to the Hyatt and the doors were closed. Yes they were placed in another hotel, but that is not the point. NOONE was notified that they... Read more

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Firstly last year I flew from Dublin to Abu Dhabi where my flight to Bangkok was suddenly changed without warning to Air Berlin,I must say that I have traveled with work and holidays for approx 35 yrs and this was only the second time endured such a poor service on a long haul flight,this I point out is a regular happening with Etihad from Abu Dhabi and also with there new service to Phuket. MY... Read more

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Dear Big Bosses of AA, By right we could be back from a long planned holiday happily today! Now the agony is to fight for the refund that is long overdue to us! Does Airasia has a financial crisis? We booked flights in MAY. Reminders on our trips by Optiontown since Jun or Jul till Sep. In Oct, luckily I did read very carefully on the reminders to ask us to ‘sell’ away our options.....guess that... Read more

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