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I bought a platinum voucher but it was renamed and given a number value, 100,000 miles. I found a cruise for 120k miles so I bought an additional voucher to cover the extra. Took time off of work only to have the cruise cancelled. They gave my miles back but I've never been able to find anything with the miles I have and I refuse to buy more. Such a waste of time and money !! And now it seems... Read more

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I was ripped off for a lot more money only to find out 2 years later I could only use my week every 3 years! Add comment

I told myself I would give myself a day or two to calm down before I reviewed orbitz.. But unfortunately it has given me even more time to stew on the subject matter. I booked my trip to Las Vegas, NV in April 2014. My reservation included airfare, a 4 night stay and a rental car for all of those days. After booking the hotel, I read some reviews and decided that I no longer wished to stay at the... Read more

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Cheapoair proposed a flight from Orlando to Rochester through Minneapolis on Delta. There were much more convenient flights for the same price. My partner, who is not from the US and was unaware of how inconvenient it was to go through Minneapolis to get to Rochester, accepted. When I saw the itinerary, we called to change it. We were told it would cost $200/ticket. The original tickets cost... Read more

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We reserved our spots months ago for a week long vacation at cotopaxi koa in Colorado. Drove 14 hours to find out our spots were not the same as reservation, owner was very rude and dishonest, made excuses and basically told us we were not welcome back after asking for refund. So after 6 months of planning all our children had to sleep in tents with absolutely no showers or other amenities which... Add comment

Hands down the WORST airline I have ever dealt with in my life!!! Be prepared to be nickel and dime'd for everything you can possibly think of. I will never fly this company again, and I personally will enjoy hearing about it going bankrupt and out of business. Here are a few charges you can expect: 1) charge to pick seat, which is NOT optional 2) luggage charge (standard) 3) carry on charge... Read more

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My car broke down on 81 s at 2:30 this afternoon. It is now 7 & I am still sitting here. Keep calling, get put on hold and then told they"have no record" of the many previous calls but they will send a tow "immediately". Then I wait, no tow & I call again to get the same run around. Terrible service! I calling 911 for help. Add comment

I booked a one night stay at a hotel through the website. There was no way to enter a correct date on the initial page, so I thought I could do so on the confirmation page, I had also payed a five dollar insurance to cancel, unbeknownst to me, the cancellation fee is a one night rate, or rebook and get charge 50% of what was charged. I spoke to customer service two times and there... Read more

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The morally bankrupt *** man who supposedly has no $$, credit maxed out and no $$ for cruises continues to live a life loaded with luxury. Driving around in a jaguar, now living in a huge expensive house, galavanting around the globe on holiday with your new girlfriend all at cruisemiles members expense. All this while he allegedly is securing deals with companies to rescue cruisemiles. Yeah... Read more

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I am currently an owner and was personally invited to do an owner update tour. I did not have my husband with me and they refused to tour me because I am currently divorce. Please note i told them prior to the tour that he wasnt with me and they did not compensate me for my time. PISSED Add comment