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I took the travel insurance for my round trip airline ticket between San Francisco and San Diego. I then tried to change the return leg of the travel without paying the penalty, thinking my insurance would cover any additional fees. Expedia said that the insurance was only to cover the basic fee, not the re-issue fee by the Virgin America, and I would have to pay $100 for the change. They may be... Read more

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I'm a high volume user - gold + supposedly... Their Customer service is horrible. Because of my status they advertise a special tel # to get you faster service. What you get is the same foreign Operators answering the calls whom can't understand English asking you all your numbers, itinerary, phone email, etc and then they ask to transfer you to Gold +... They you get transferred and YES they... Read more

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2 night trip with Diamond hols to York. Horrendous trip taking 13 hours, mainly due to stopping at Hilton Park services on the M6 on a Friday to wait 4.5 hours for 9 other coaches to arrive to 'swop' passengers. Hilton Park Services cannot cope with 490 folk descending on it. The operation is run from South Africa!! I have attempted to contact them, complaints are returned as 'error' or... Read more

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We are on the royal Caribbean explorer of the seas at the moment, when we booked they said they cater for babies and kids of all ages. But as we came on the ship there were no facilities for our 17 month old baby. Nothing like what we expected very disappointed. Had to spend most of this cruise in our cabin so our little boy could play. Add comment

Harrah's Rincon has the worst security personnel I have ever encountered in my life. The hotel staff and management personnel are incredibly condescending and overly harsh. They don't give a second thought about decisions which affect a person's future and believe me when I say that they will not be swayed by explanations you give to their questions. When they come knocking on your door, the... Read more

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We had a timeshare through Interval International for many years. However, we eventually worked out that we had no further use for our timeshare as our family became more and more dispersed. It was quite good while it lasted However several years, we left Interval and disposed of our timeshare. The annual payments had grown substantially. Even though we have left so long ago, we keep getting... Read more

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I have asked several times to cancel my membership! They won't and are now just taking my money! WTF! WHO DO I NEED TO COME SEE ABOUT MY CASH!!!! Add comment

We originally bought our timeshare with Cooper Communities. The timeshare is classified as Escapes Travel, but Festiva Travel is who we have to deal with now. We have had our timeshare for 10 years and never had any problems until Festiva took over. Starting back in November 2014 we have been having to contact them time after time about them trying to charge us fees that shouldn't be charged. If... Read more

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I would like to speak with someone that can help me with my case. To make a long story short... I made a reservation for my parents(my dad is hard of hearing and my mom has Alzheimer's) to take a train from Pennsylvania to Kansas City for my wedding which was to be held on May 30. They were on the train and they were not told that they were the next stop so they actually missed their stop and had... Read more

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