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Our 5th wheel is just two years old. We have experienced delamination on our hard wall siding as a result of seam sealant drying out and cracking. The dealer advised it would take 12 hours @ $109 per hour to replace all sealant as the manufacture uses a cheaper quality sealant???really this was a top end unit. The sense is that the consumer wants cheap units with all gadgets and in order to... Read more

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Priceline - Refuse to give my hotel refund back!!!
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Booked at Sleep Inn. Wrong location in same city. Cancelled room 5-6hrs ahead of cutoff time. Boik in right Sleep Inn. They refunded my $86.16 for first hotel that I did not stay in. Then they took the money back out of my account the same day they refunded it and will not give my money back. Every time I call I get a different answer on why I haven't gotten my money. Consumer Service is... Read more

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missed carnival freedom because of improper documentation, make no mistake was not allowed to board ship. taken into small room to talk with officials, made to fell like criminal. cost me 600.00 to change flights and a motel, train wrecked my vacation was a under statement! booked trip through carnival and was told what documents to bring, but they were not right. found out carnival reps are not... Read more

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My husband and I (active seniors) took two trips with Gate 1 and were very pleased with the hotel accommodations, bus and air travel, site seeing, meals etc. We went on a 13 day tour of Thailand and our tour guide was a lot of fun, totally dedicated to making sure all travellers were enjoying themselves and very informative of all the history/geography of the country. We also went on a 10 day... Read more

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Hi I work at a TA in Jessup Maryland at fuel station I absolutely love what I do but the fact that we're only allowed to work part time and the pay is only 9.50is not enough for one to survive off and take care of their family.Since I've been there so many people have came and gone for the simple fact that no one wants them there longer then they are supposed to be even if people *** from work... Read more

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I called to cancel membership in may. Reoresentative gave me an extended 30 day trial period. Called in june was given another 30 day trial. Called to cancel again in july and said nothing further no more trials. I was never suppost to pay the servive charge. My bank account has been over drawn for 3 months now and i have to pay those charges. I want full reinbursement you may check your call... Read more

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I paid for a reservation three rooms for 9 people from Nov 7th to Nov 10th. I mistakenly used my personal credit card instead of my Business Credit Card since my employer is paying for this trip. Within seconds I cancelled the reservation and contacted immediately the host letting him know that I had made a mistake and He agreed that it was not a problem. But the problem is that I received a... Read more

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I live in Dallas with the crazy Ebola scare. I purchased my ticket about a month ago for a Nov 14th flight to California. Since then, we as in north Texas has had multiple scares with the Ebola. I asked for southwest to cancel and refund my ticket. Right now we are in the beginning of a serious epidemic, I really do prefer not to fly. The 3 reps I spoke with including customers relations have me... Read more

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Horrible...went to check in 30 minutes before a 1:20 *** and was told that I missed my flight. Are you kidding me!!? This was out if Lansing and the lady was rude. How can you refuse boarding 30 minutes before a flight? The plan sat on the Tarmac for a half hour. They had the names of people that were suppose to board....HELLO! Add comment


Well after 6 years of paying out over $6000.00 in maintenance fees and mortgage payments we still have never been able to book one day with Bluegreen Vacations. And everyone of the "prizes" given to us were all scams trying to get us hooked on costly hotels costing $350.00 per night with mandatory 10 nights of stay. You spend $3500.00 in order to receive a flight worth $800.00? Scam,scam,scam why... Read more

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