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I've book for business class from the Expedia website, however when the itinerary came it became economy class. Immediately called them on the Singapore line, believe its their HQ, and the called was dropped 3 times, transferred to 2 departments and total duration spent on phone call was like 1hour and 30mins, I am currently put on a 48hours investigation on the case. Which is this is getting on... Read more

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This was one of the worse experience I've witness from uhual itself . From customer service to the actual truck . And it took a lot out of me to even write this comment because I'm in management of customer service and doesn't like to complain about bad actions I receive due to knowing that I deal with these situations everyday but my problems were handle very unprofessional . Being charge an... Read more

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1. We booked a room via (parent company is 2. The hotel wouldn't honor the 'room type' that we paid for via 3. We give that feedback via their generated survey. 4. sends us an email saying they won't accept our review because (see below) it doesn't want to hear the truth of our experience - which I told them "was like going out to... Read more

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Absolutely the worst airline in the industry. The staff is unhelpful, the late was late, the plane was old, and my seat was broken and unsafe. For a family of four we paid almost $400 for our bags. For that amount, we could have booked with a creditable airline. We will NEVER fly this airline again Add comment

I wanted to cancel my booking. Because the helpdesk had already closed i wrote an email at the same day of booking because i know that a cancellation within 24hours is possible. The next day - saturday i tried to contact them by phone, because i didnt get an email answer. He told my that this is possible and wantedt to connect me.but then the line drop i tried again but now all clients... Read more

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International Travel Solutions is a Ponzi scheme they'll use your own money to supplement your vacation. If you pay 7000 for your membership what they will do when you complain about the discounts not being sufficient they'll use 2000 out of the 7000 you intially paid to join their 10% discount club!!! Wow! Do the math people get up and walk out now save your money! Add comment

5/13/13 I purchased a Florida vacation with Specialty Travel and was told that if I didn't use it before 1/15 I needed to call and extend it. I was also told I would get a package which I never received. When I called to extend it I was told that I could not extend it (by the so called Manager) and that the trip was lost. I called on Dec. 22/14 and she said you wouldn't be able to use it now. ... Read more

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Disney sold us meal plans that are impossible to use. I spent so much money buying meal plans, waited hours to be served with 9 children-4 under the age of ten. Why sell me something, at very inflated price, and I cannot use it!! So frustrated!!! Add comment

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Priceline - Beware of sneaky currency switch!
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I live in Canada and therefore search for my flights in C$. The site then makes C$ the default. It remembers my previous searches. I wanted to book a multi destination flight (Busan-Taipei-Amsterdam). I found a deal for C$905. Pretty good. I didn't book yet though. A few days went by and I searched the price again. It had gone up to C$950. Then I decided to try the "Name Your Own Price" feature.... Read more

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Today was the WORST customer service experience I've ever witnessed in my entire life. I know several people who work for the company who would be mortified to know how rude, unsympathetic, and unforgiving the service was today. 1st my husband's niece was told that her reservation was canceled which it was not, how do I know because I checked her in and sent a screenshot of the boarding pass.... Read more

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