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We were told our flight was on time until 30 minutes before departure then it was a 1.5 hour delay which ended up being a 14 hour delay they gave us 22 dollars in vouchers 10 for lunch and 112 for dinner when I asked the gate attendant where I could get meals at that price he shrugged his shoulders. Jet blue should be ashamed worst flight experience ever Add comment

I booked a hotel that was able to be canceled within 24 hours of the reservation. A pop-up occurred asking if I wanted to book a rental car at a reasonable rate. I continued and booked the rental car at the same time. My business plans changed (which is why I needed the reservation which was changeable) and I immediately canceled my hotel reservation but was unable to cancel my car rental. When... Read more

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A merchant inappropriately charged $326 on my SunTrust credit card. I disputed the charge with the bank. They told me to contact the merchant, which I did. The merchant never responded and after some 90 days SunTrust tells me they will not even reconsider my claim, even though the merchant never responded to the bank. I don't believe the bank ever started an investigation. They took too long... Read more

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Altamonte Springs, Fl. Motel 6.Pubic hairs in both beds.Dirty pillow cases.Pubic hairs in bathtub.Spots on both bedspreads.Horrible.Rude front desk personal. They did give our money back. Add comment

Good old American Airlines strike again. We had a hellish journey with them in December 2014 on a journey from London to Mexico which took 57 hours-bumped off our upgrade on first flight ( still awaiting refund now), then not one but two planes developed faults out of DFW. Offered all passengers overnight in hotel only to find it was booked so we had to pay for a hotel ourselves. We missed the... Read more

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A lady from festival talks us in to coming to tradewinds because of a remodel with bluegreen. We would get a free night stay with 2 free drinks. It was a day just to explore the new Amenities. We arrive a and it turned into a timeshare talk and pressure buying for 8 hours. Did not buy but used my one night stay that had no disclaimer that we have to pay tax. They a fraud company that does not... Read more

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This is my third ticket this week and I need to just reschedule to the next morning my sister will not make it in town when I make it to Atlanta I will be stranded in this is not fair I need you to contact me ASAP 5023028180 Add comment

After traveling 1200 miles my reservation was cancelled and changed three times and they left me with no place to stay with 4 children at the last minute. I will dedicate my life to making sure people know do not give them u card information u will never get hotel u want or refund. Do not do!! U have been warned!! Add comment

The first thing that happened was a four hour ride to the resort . The apple agent did not speak english . No tennis court , they said that they have one 1.8 miles away . No bathroom by the pool bar , there was one 250 feet away. The pool was dirty .There is no elevator in the back of the building.Only in the center of the building ,the resort is seven story tall and 600 feet from one end to the... Read more

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I booked a flight in January for a flight in April. Frontier Airlines changed my itinerary with new flight times causing me to miss 2 extra days of work due to an extra combined 18 hours of travel with layovers. I have called everyday for the past two weeks to NOT accept the new itinerary and everyday the automated system says that they are experiencing unusually high call volumes and that the... Read more

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