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I made reservations for a 5 day trip to Hawaii for the month of Aug. however somewhere during the booking process those dates were either not received or transposed by their system. Their system instead booked my flight for Mar 10-31. Despite explaining to 5 different agents that I am a student in the middle of my semester and taking a 21 day trip is and has never been an option, all my hotel and... Read more

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While on vacation in Italy on March 19, 2015, I got an email from Travelocity telling me to call them re: my return flight home scheduled with Lufthansa which was scheduled for Friday, March 20, 2015. I called them back and spoke with them for over three hours (until 1:30 in the morning Italy time). It seems Lufthansa and the airlines out of Italy were on strike and they cancelled my flight from... Read more

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My sister & I went to Las Vegas and went on a timeshare meeting to TLC Liquidators. We were kept for more than 4 hours and they finally sold us each a sample package at over 1300.00 dollars each. We are now trying to use this package before the deadline and RCI has explained the real deal. We were told you could buy extra points...lie...only up to 1/2 of the points they gave you. You can't... Read more

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Don't care about customers, as long as they cram as many bodies in the sardine can as they can. Don't waste your money on reserved seats because they don't check or monitor and anyone can sit in them. Will stay with Greyhound. Add comment

West Memphis (need I say more) bought a movie for $20 got to the truck wasn't in its case I'm an otr driver they told me come back Monday 2 days from now really? No refund nothing Add comment

One week ago, a colleague and myself had a 4-day business trip to Amsterdam. The flight Athens-Amsterdam went all smooth bearing in mind that is a low cost airline company, except for the ticket prices of course which cannot be at all considered as “low”, but anyways. Our flight back to Athens was in 6.50 a.m. so we arrived in Schiphol Airport at around 04.40 a.m. and went straight to deliver our... Read more

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I cancelled a reservation and they refused to give me a full refund. Most websites allow a customer to cancel without a penalty but not advantage. I called to complain and the customer service at the location and the 800 line were both smug and rude. Guess they don't care about bad publicity. I will NEVER EVER rent from them again. Avoid them at all cost. They have *** policies and very expensive... Read more

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5 days no TV,door locks do not work most of the time .Maintaince man does not know anything about hotel. Front desk clerk very, very rude,said she cannot help me,she told me to talk to the manager, manager is not in til next week.Stale food & sour milk for breakfast,Terrible.We had a 10 day nightmare.Very unprofessional group of workers.I will never stay or recommend this location to... Read more

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I have booked Malaysian Trip for my parents and before the trip my grandpa died and I need to cancel the trip. Make my trip told me that they would refund the entire amount but refunded only a partial amount and didn't respond to pay the remaining amount. Over two months of conversation with them still no complete refund yet. Very frustrating as you call the customer care they keep on... Read more

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I booked an airline ticket through Priceline last September and then cancelled it on the same day. The explicit policy is that bookings cancelled within 24 hours are refunded within 10 days, and I received an email confirming that I would be getting a full refund ($953.00). I booked a later flight, also through Priceline. I have been charged for both tickets and Priceline has been completely... Read more

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