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I bought a brand new 350z convertible an after not even 2 years the convertible top stated getting rips in it. Dealer said its not under warrenty. Now there are numerous rips and the 1 St one is about 12 inches long. Its like 1,000 dollars for a new top. Add comment

What I have noticed is when an IM pops up it reads the same every time. Same men, same-day, same message. So I figured it was a scam. Not going to waist my money. I met a guy on he is everything but rich and good looking but I think I would rather have a great personality than a few extra bucks. Add comment

I had difficulty registering my certificate/coupon/ticket for my vacation package because I entered an incorrect date on the registration website thusly voiding my certificate because it did not match the date written on the certificate. Fortunately Richard from customer service was able to help me out after I contacted spirit incentives customer service via their phone line. I called customer... Read more

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This company has been harassing me for almost a year. They also change their name. They were Newport Getaways, then Vacations by Newport, I keep asking to please be taking off the list, and they insist I already paid them money and I say that I have no money and cannot get a vacation, please stop calling me, and then I get an increase in calls and when I answer they hang up in my face or say... Read more

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Airbnb forced me to "verify"using very personal info - basically a breach of privacy that I, like a dunce, willingly have in the expectations of securing a very cool and available rental. Then airbnb texts me six times with useless info about their service and apps etc. Apparently they think texts are the acceptable alternative to email - even at 2am my time. The final insult is when the owner... Add comment

I purchased this vacation package on March 3, 2010, and tried to cancel on March 4, 5 and 6, 2010, but found that Vacation Network Inc. only rented space at 55 Madison Ave. Ste 400 Morristown, NJ for one day. The staff left the night of March 3, and never returned. I have contacted Georgia State Govt. Complaint Intake Center in Smyma, GA. with no help from them. They referred me to New Jersey... Read more

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I tried to book a flight online. I used The second I pushed the "purchase" button, someone from Smartfares called me and told me that that fare was no longer available. I stupidly hung up and continued my flight search, booked another flight on another website, and then a few days later discovered I was charged for the Smartfares one. I have been trying one month to get them to... Read more

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Treatment of client Elite Travel International, LA, NY Extremely negative experience using Elite Travel International (LA and NY, and their vendor HQ, Queen of Clubs in the UK and France. Would never use again or recommend. In the course of a luxury UK/France trip, Elite was: O in number of emails responding to our trip issues: was rude, inappropriately... Read more

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My ultra one card number is 6005 4410 0424 6862 I am reporting a very poor servic incident at the TA 225 E Evergreen, Strafford, Mo. I-44 exit 88. I checked in with the service desk for battery related issue. There 4 mechanics working and the shop at this time. Five hours later no mechanics and shop is empty and no service Add comment

Spent HOURS on the phone with some guy in India trying to book a flight. Agreed on a flight plan and they tried to charge my card - the charge was declined for some reason. I told them I would call back if I wanted to book the flights. Decided to go with another company, however, two days later they put the charge through again and now we are booked 5 tickets for over $6,000. Tickets are... Read more

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