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  • Sears
  • 10 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Purchased queen .sz sheets little over a year and they have literally fallen apart.. I paid $85 for them. I would appreciate someone contacting me regarding this. Add comment

I was shopping at the st Andrews store in Columbia sc. When the manager whom I've known for 2 years approached we spoke then he came closer and touched my butt as he said what is that u said n my ear from behind I was wondering if anyone else has expierienced a situation like this at this location the Lexington sheriff no help as of yet and I want justice he was to comfortable doing this so I'm... Read more

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I have been frequenting Costco for years, since 2007. I went into Costco to do my monthly grocery shopping and came home with two bags of expired stir fry mix. I didn't notice until of course I got home but really 4 days after the expiration, that's horrible. I want to know who is managing the Stockton Costco. I expect more from a company that has a yearly fee. and as a side note I do... Read more

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  • KMart
  • 14 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Make it right or doubt will pay and buy jacklyn smith merchandise ever again and I liked the purses again that meanscwont buy it again. And i liked it again Add comment

First of all if your looking for customer service why in Gods Green Earth would you go to Walmart. There associates aren't trained to so nothing except slave for the giant retailer not to the fault of the associates, they work there tails off. The company is so top heavy it's not funny. Assistant, co, store, market, compliance and the list goes on and on, all making more money than they... Read more

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why don't they pay their employees I worked very hard to set and open a new store in Darby Montana started July 8th -july 16th have not yet been paid a dime. This is july 30th are you kidding me how do they get away with it and then want to pay you and short you 2 days worth of work what in the world how does this company stay in business. I sure would like to be paid. How would they like it if... Read more

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I brought a Workforce THD250 Tile Wet/Dry Saw for $99.99 several years ago from Menards. This saw requires a Diamond Blade 4-3/8 in X 3/4 in arbor, which nobody in United States carries. Menards, Brad Talmage, Tile Saw Buyer comments are as follows "Unfortunately, our 4” diamond saw blades fit a 5/8” arbor and we do not carry a diamond blade for a ¾” arbor. We appreciate your business. Thank you... Read more

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I ordered a few nintendo 3ds games from kmart and they were delivered within a week or so. I open the package to find "New Super Mario Bros." for the nintendo DS instead of "New Super Mario Bros 2" for the nintendo 3ds as one of the games. I contact a customer chat rep and explain what happened. They said they will refund me the money and i can keep/throw away the wrong item. So I was like... Read more

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I went into Wal-mart in Waynesboro Va. to have my oil changed and tires rotated(which I paid for life-time rotation) After waiting 2 hours the tech came in and said that he was done but did not rotate the tires because they did not meet their spec which neither he or the rude manager that came to assist could produce.. As a matter of fact they have very prominent signage that states that they do... Read more

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Bought new kitchen appliances on 18 months no interest credit contract from Sears. Two of the appliances delivered were the wrong items, items different than what we ordered. Sears eventually replaced the incorrect items with correct items. However, the corrected items were not included on the original 18 months no interest contract -- we found out later. For 18 months we paid on the... Read more

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