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Employees rude I will not come back Add comment

We entered and my mother told Joseph laczkowski a worker at charter fitness in hobart indiana that she was going to pay her membership and he said WELL DID YOU SCAN IT my mom said no and walked over to scan he asked what will you pay with today and my mom said cash and he asked recipt and my mother said yes he gave it to us in a meanful way like slammed it on the counter .my mother did not... Read more

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I have had my machine for just over a year and it has worked perfectly up until just over a month ago. All of the sudden the machine will incline and decline as soon as i turn it on but it doesnt respond when i push the incline and decline buttons, also it will not follow the workouts like it should. After many many emails with Nordictrack and troubleshooting they finally sent me an incline... Read more

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Waukesha/Milwaukee location staff completely unprepared and no help. Lunch food choices limited to nachos. No pizza, hot dogs, etc due to ? Not my first visit but will be my last. No food available and no carryins = bad birthday event. Add comment

My account was paid in full and they keep taking money out of my account Add comment

I was paying for one of their over-priced ineffective physical trainers and ran into financial trouble. Since i asked for a cancelleation; which they said they couldn't do, HOWEVER they assured me that they'd put a 2 month hold on it and take their final payment in may, after that, it was my understanding that the contract would be over. Instead they took their money 2 months early DESPITE their... Read more

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I canceled my membership according to the Houston Greenpoint location over a year ago. Today I checked my account and saw unauthorized charges. I contacted the customer services and was told my account was still active with an outstanding balance. They are crooks and stay away from this gym! Add comment

At one of yours store 45 and edgebrooks i have been having some issues two weeks ago i went looking for a soccer ball ok i found one that i told it was a good deal but when i whent and pay they told me it was a different price ok i just let it go today i when back to see if i found another ball the same problem happen i told them you have your prices wrong and i think that not fair that i am... Read more

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Charged me $133.00 for Shakeology. Called and cancelled and asked about my refund. They told me to ship it back and they would refund my money. While waiting for my refund, my debit card was frozen by my bank due to someone else trying to use it. I had to cancel my debit card and get a new card. Because of this Shakeology would not issue a refund on the new card. So they kept the Shakeology that... Read more

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