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Not satisfied with trying to get out of this contract at all. Will no longer be going back there especially if the people that I'm having an issue with is there. It's sad that you can't get out of the contract Add comment

I went to Anytime Fitness with a friend who has a membership because they kept talking about how great of a place it is. So, I decided to give it a try. We met at the Michigan City, Indiana Anytime Fitness. These are the things that happened that have made me decide that I will NEVER join Anytime Fitness! First of all when we went through the door, before we could even take our coats off we were... Read more

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I was told I had purchased 2 years worth of membership use, they closed down out of the blue with no warning whatsoever. Now I get harassing phone calls everyday saying I owe them. They owe me money! These people are scam artists and deserve jail time. Add comment

Ordered a sweatshirt in one color, the exact opposite arrived. Called to discuss, offered me a replacement. 30 days later an of stock email arrived. Stay classy swindlers. Add comment

It is impossible to cancel your membership at this place or correct any billing issues. Everything is handled by email with boiler plate responses and theres not a single person to speak with. Even if you try to talk to someone at the gym itself you're directed to use email. Its ridiculous. I was incorrectly charged 3 times and spent a month trying to fix it with no luck. Finally i gave up... Read more

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I had 4 months left on my membership and decided to try 1 month of personal training, 6 sessions. The sales guy when all through all the motions of discussing goals, current fitness level, nutrition, bla-bla-bla, Then he told me it would be $174 for the 6 sessions, which I agreed to. I initialed a bunch of verbal statements on an electronic signature pad thinking I was good to go. A week later I... Read more

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As a gift I received a membership that was to begin in January and continue for the year, all paid in advance. I had yet to visit the club and heard that all the equipment was new and the place was often packed, which is great for them. Because of my life schedule I determined that I would be unable to use the membership (had never been there, or checked in to work out, etc.). I called to inquire... Read more

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I tried to cancel my membership because I got a new job and it was no longer convenient to travel in that direction. I was then informed I had to cancel online but first I had to create an account. I was also informed that I would be charged for another month because a 30 day notice was required. A 30 day notice? So basically you always have to pay for one more month than you're going to use... I... Read more

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The worst part about this whole thing is that, if you dont have enough funds one month, They will charge you a fee that is more than the original monthly payment, which is dumb and only makes it harder to pay... Fees fees fees is all they know and this is how they make money. I was told when signing up that it was only 20 dollars a month, no yearly fee, no cancellation fee. I wouldn't say that... Read more

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I went to fridley lifetime club with my religious outfit. I then was checked in by at least 3 people and was told this is the routine when I question them they said don't you dare question us and cursed at me and my little cousin I asked for the manager and he himself called the cops I tried to explain it to the cops but then my membership was revoked and I got a trespass from all mn lifetime... Read more

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