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I used to work there. Abusive environment from the top down. Unqualified management. They don't care for their members. They taught us (employees) how to intelligently screw people. Add comment

I ordered the facial creams and received the kit which included facial cleanser. 3 months later I received another refill of everything. I called and requested to get night cream in place of the facial cleanser. I was told that it would be shipped out and that my credit card would be charged for it in 3 monthly billings. I never received the cream and was charged for 2 months. When I noticed... Read more

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I just joined Plant Fitness and love the extremely kind and helpful employees. The equipment is beautiful, well maintained and clean. I will be a loyal user for many years to come. So thankful I found Planet Fitness. I'm 72 years old and they went out of their way to show me the equipment that would help me. They have plenty of equipment that will help but not harm an senior member. There... Read more

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I visited the ***'s in Philadelphia Mills mall in Philadelphia with my mom, to return a pair of men's tights. My father was sick at home and could not try them on until we bought them. They did not fit, so we went to return them today....and the cashier looked puzzled as ***. She was rude, saying "ain' nothin wrong with this". My mom answered, "it doesn't fit him!" She then explained that my... Read more

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We have had a WONDERFUL trainer, Leon, for a number of months and had an appointment today, as usual. We checked in and no one mentioned that he had "been suspended". We went to the front desk when we could not see him in the gym and it was time for our session. That is when we were told he had "been suspended". All they said was that was no on available to train us today and they "were... Read more

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Well l ordered my total gym machine @$829. But they arec charging me on my credit also they want me to pay double amount. Their customer service is poor n don't trust total gym. Add comment

Top Notch Staff: It starts there and they are a perfect 13 on a scale of one to 10 for politeness and listening to their clients. They are attentive and responsive and you cant ask for more from an inexpensive neighborhood gym! Congratulations to Human Resources at Planet Fitness, you take big risks hiring you people and they must have been meticulous since Grand Prairie has a professional... Read more

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This is the best 1 hour workout routine I have come across during my weight loss is never dull, the instructors are amazing and supportive, and you see results. There are all shapes and sizes in these classes and you learn at your own pace. Add comment

Im a middle aged woman with some health issues and yes, a little over weight but its not extreme. I stopped by GNC and I saw that Snap was right next door and wanted to inquire as to becoming a member. There were people everywhere in side and the door was locked. Im not signing up if I have to do it online and pay out the @$$ just to talk to someone nor am I going to pay and them not be able to... Read more

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I contacted this company in January about Baseball and Football uniforms I was working with Todd Scholtz, I originally contacted them in January I got my uniforms, processed another order for the parents shirts that took about 4 weeks after I paid for them to get, now its August and I'm still waiting on 4 shirts that I have already paid for Todd was so bad at keeping in contact with I was switch... Read more

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