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I ordered a baseball bat from Epic Sports on December 1st. Its estimated delivery date was December 15th. I checked delivery before placing my order to guarantee stock and to make sure the item would be here in time for Christmas for our 4 year old son. Today is the 19th, and it still has not arrived. I called the company to ask when to expect it. When I first called, I spoke with  a woman who... Read more

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Went to midand tx location. Asked for a month membership and that once the month was up would it be 10 a month . answer was yes.i tried to pay my 10$ and was told I had to pay 49 and change or could pay 25$ for a wk? What about the national advertising that says 10 per month? False advertising it seems Add comment

I love Rivierafitness. Great atmosphere, great staff, and awesome up to date equipment Add comment

This company does not even deserve 1 star because they are that appalling. I signed up for training the ETF Group through Retro Fitness in April and in July I suffered a back injury and I also moved. Their first reason for not allowing me to cancel my contract was because I did not have a sustainable or permanent disability. So I went to my chiropractor and got a disability note which they STILL... Read more

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I joined gym told girl i did not want contract .i just wanted to pay as i go. She said no problem but i needed credit card to join.,so she could process in computer,she told me i could go online after wards and delete,put different credit card number on line so i wont be billed,and i could pay cash when i came in,she never said i was locking one yr contract. Before my one month due date i called... Read more

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I purchased my Nordic Trac elliptical through Sears, didn't know that SEARs had to transfer over to ICON. Bought 3 year warranty. After a 12 months tried to get some maintenance service. I emailed them 5 times no response. Used the chat line, they couldn't help. Said you had to call the phone number. Called the number numerous times, nobody picks up the phone for warranty support. ... Read more

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Beware of Anytime Fitness! They will Rip you off!! Live in Steamboat Springs,CO. Got a membership with Anytine fitness in 2012. Tried to cancel my membership after my agreed 12 month contract, and was talked into freezing my account for 3 months. This happened twice!! Was Told "that if I did not use the gym at all over those three months, my account would be automatically canceled" because I did... Read more

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The Manhattan Beach facility was recently closed 1 week for remodeling. We had high hopes for a major remodel of the shower/locker rooms. When it reopened, the changes were a remodeled lobby and moved equipment. The shower/locker rooms were essentially unchanged - same grout-stained tile floors and shower stalls, same corroded shower faucets and heads, same partially-clogged drains, same... Read more

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Dear Ladies! Beware!!! Fort Lee Gym location has a male cleaning assistant in ladies changing room/bathroom/showers, and he is there every night right after exercise classes are over, and everyone need to change and take a shower or use sauna. Members complain doesn't help, in fact few staff members are being extremely RUDE, acting bizarre and disrespectful to members lately. Don't sign up with a... Read more

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I had the same issue... Dmt x2 delivered and not working right... No response from company... No iPod hookup as advertised... Add comment

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