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Roadrunner sports automatically renews your VIP membership for $24.99 the following year. I purchased shoes last year and joined to save the shipping. I was surprised to see the renewal charge on my credit card bill this month. The info on the site currently says "The $1.99 price is a first year introductory special. Annually the Club renews at $24.99." It does not state that the renewal is... Read more

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I went in with some items to exchange from Christmas. I had the receipt to one of the items but not 2 others. I was doing even exchanges for all the items so I figured it would be a straight forward transaction. BUT, since I didn't have the receipt, I was only given a $15 credit to go towards the $30 flip flops I was exchanging. So, to get the flip flops in the right size, I had to pay ANOTHER... Read more

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And then didn't ship a skateboard I bought and paid for. There was a fake shipping confirmation sent from a fake email address. This guy steals your money. I'm thinking of pressing interstate wire fraud charges if I can get enough people on board. The guy is a complete wannabe wankster from Arlington, NJ. He attended high school at Queen of Peace High School. THIS GUY IS A TOTAL SCAMMER. The... Read more

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Saturday mornings in front of the TV, regularly I see Zumba commercials. I didn't CALL, I went to, followed a series of prompts ordering about $235.00 of items. You don't get to see your 'cart' till the end, and do not get the option to edit cart. That is okay. I wanted the extra music cds and weight shakers. That said, the ad was for 4 "NO SLASHED to 3 easy payments of... Read more

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I tried to return something from ***'s that I didn't have a receipt for. They looked up the price it was selling for, and they would only refund me 50% of the lowest price. I have no problem with a merchandise credit, or receiving the lowest price if the item is on sale, but why should they keep 50% of what my relative paid for the item? That seems really greedy to me. this happened on... Read more

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Be warned ZIN members...2014 Zumba Zin agreement changes! This just happened to me now inJanuary 2014 when I tried to cancel my ZIN until I am working and can AFFORD to pay the $30 month again. They said to cancel will now cost you $175 REjoining fee! Even if you rejoin within 12 months. So things have changed! The only option is to STILL pay $9 a month to have your ZIN account "on hold" Your... Read more

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I plan to move to another state. While visiting that state, I printed a complimentary guest pass to the local LA Fitness so that I could see whether I wanted to join when I move. Upon arriving, I presented my guest pass and was asked for my driver's license. I presented my license, which was obviously an out-of-state license. (I was visiting and will be moving from another state). I explained... Read more

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I recently cancelled my membership, 6 days after I was charged the annual fee. I requested a refund of the annual fee and all they said was it was in the contract - and I would be charged regardless if I cancelled or not. I asked to talk with the manager and the desk clerk just blew me off and said read the contract. Talk about lousy customer service... they just want their money and could... Read more

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It Works - Refused to issue refund
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I was a loyal member at ItWorksGlobal, the company that sells body wraps and similar items. I had an automatic shipment set up to send my products weekly. One month I order a shipment which was over $400. The following month I updated it, however, the faulty website did not accept the update against my knowledge and resent the over $400 shipment. I called the company about this issue and was... Read more

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The manager of this place is a *** when there is no reason to be. Employees are *** and rude. Hand sanitizers are watered down. Tanning bed cleaner smells like listerine mouthwash. The owner is a wino and a whino and thinks mouthwash will cover her alcohol breath. She has to drink so she can seem people friendly when she obviously hates people. Hey, gotta sign more members to keep the drinking... Read more

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