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A lot of whining on this review site. Don't let it throw you. These guys offer price, selection, and are the perfect shopping place for the golfer with a "bargain" mentality. They're like a lot of "low price" shops, some of the deals are available in a lot of places, but others are unbeatable ... lowest on the web or bricks and mortar. I've had dozens of successful order and am one of their... Read more

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who ever makes the final call 4 NFL'S official reviews, always changes NFL'S own rules when ever they whant 2 benefit the team they whant 2 win. thursday night game chargers vs broncos. chargers recover broncos fumble, rulling on the field is a fumble and replay clearly shows ball coming lose b4 arm hits the ground and they still have the balls 2 over turn the call. then another bogus call... Read more

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I have been a member for about two yrs. the staff in the Slidell La.could not be more professional or helpfull.Paul and the entire staff will go out there way for anybody that needs help.I go there at least 5 times a week and every body I talk to feels the same. Fred Brady Add comment

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I've been going to world gym in london ontario since they opened and there has not been one day where everything is working properly. And the hot tub never works.. i mainly joined the gym for the hot tub because of my back issues and it never works Add comment

Tried to cancel a membership and got the run around, this is so sad that you can't just cancel your gyn membership without a big hassle ...smh fitness connection must do better. Add comment


I completed a shopper's survey and as a reward I was offered a free bottle of GC180 but I had to pay shipping. In the process of agreeing to the free trial, there was wording that said that I would be automatically billed for the full price after 14 days: so much for Free! I missed the 14 day cancellation date and on day 15 I was billed the full price. I immediately called to cancel assuming that... Read more

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I canceled my membership two years ago and everytime i call they apologizing and promising they'll give your money back. LA Fitness is gold digger!!!! Id I'd rather sent the money to the poor people,starving kids. LA fitness is thief!!! Add comment


someone wrote: "Totally agreed. I don't trust the owners at all." and "Meghan and Greg are trying to take advantage of people through some seriously underhanded business tactics and I'm not standing for it. " so here is what I have to say to that: I, too, WITNESSED their total DISHONESTY! they literally stooped SO LOW as to outright LIE to my face and to the corporation. about things I SAW... Read more

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Isagenix Brock Parker SCAM- Brock Parker SCAM- Brock Parker SCAM Phone: 705 718.3949 Email: 1-905-729-0397 We, at Google Sponsored Ads have worked with thousands of MLM distributors all across Canada and the USA- however we do come across individual distributors such as Isagenix Brock Parker SCAM from 2355 forth... Read more

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I, too, fell prey to their "special" offer, ordering 3 bags, multiple times until one day I received an email saying my order had been shipped and my debit card had been charged. I had not placed an order. When I called, I was met with an indignant response of, "It was in the email - you registered for the VIP program the last time your ordered". When I insisted I did not, and that I felt they... Read more

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