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You need to talk to either the boys at the Masters or CBS. You've shown as much comercials during the first 9 holes as you have golf. I get capitalism and the need for commercials but this is a crummy coverage of the golf tournement. Thank goodness football is on. no other comments but need at least 100 words. so i'll keep typing until i've hit a hundred words. not quite reached a hundred... Read more

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Had been going to EP Fitness on Resler for over 10 years and the only reason I did was because it was close to my house. When I first started going it was okay but became increasingly awful over the years. The front desk staff and managers seem to change constantly, and they must be hired based on how clueless they are. Seriously, they're the dumbest people I've ever come across, and they clearly... Read more

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I am so pissed off. I don't remember agreeing to automatic membership. I lost $80. From my account. I am on ss and can't afford this. This is such a scam. Add comment

I signed up back in June @at the $10.00 rate, couple weeks later they had a special going for a to upgrade so I did. Total for the month was going to be $21.69. I than asked a trainer who many sessions can I get with a trainer for $100.00 I was told 4. I paid the fee. Than it was explained there is a 1x process fee of $50.00 so I would only get 2 sessions with the trainer. Well the next month... Read more

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FYI I had a gastric sleeve surgery a month ago in Mexico after 20 years of weight loss struggles. I've lost 25 lbs in the last 6 weeks. This Roca *** should be illegal. Do your homework (ie research) on weight loss surgery. Alberta Health care will partially reimburse me I think ($1500?) toward the cost ($6500). Add comment

All these reviews are true they fraudulently charged my card for $360.00 dollars. A 3 year customer and they scammex me SMH!! Add comment


fricken amazing wart removal. Better than obama benefits! obama is the worst president since FDR. America is better off with this company being around. We are spreading the good news about the Lord and bad news about the government and the destruction of America. Take a lesson then try to experience the warts for yourself try it out before you try some other bogus stuff you know any miny... Read more

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i used to be a member of the Rooney Ranch planet fitness in Oro valley Arizona. i say used to because my membership was cancelled because twice i asked people to move off of the step or machine that i was to move to next in the 30 minute circuit. when i asked them to move they looked at me like i was insane. i then pointed to the sign that outlines usage and they are like huh. so i went to the... Read more

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Thanks for warning me to stay away from this company!!! they was about to get 750.00 out of me i guess they figure the higher the price the more people will actually believe it works well thanks for the eye opening guys tootles :-) Add comment


I did a bit of research after posting my previous review and realized the websites I have been given by their CSRs over the phone look absolutely different and have completely different information than the ones I have placed my orders on. Speaking about these terms and conditions story their reps learned very well, the legit websites have the $79.53 charges and shipment continuity listed clear... Read more

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