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I signed up for Planet Fitness in April of 2013 when my fiance and I moved into a house close to one of their gyms. I registered for the unlimited tanning package, which also required a 12 month commitment. Fine. Well in February of this year, we moved to a new house further away from the gym and going there just wasn't convenient anymore. I called the gym in March to cancel my membership and... Read more

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Medifast rep lied and cheated me. Was told it was a free consult I signed up when I went in for refund within 3 days no refund and consult was $25. No one needs an extra blender or scale. And issued expired product. Said no refund as I may have tampered with it. I asked for a refund of the expired product. Can only exchange. I am out of $317.00. May each rep of medifast lose sleep for 317 days... Add comment

Shortly after purchase, numerous memory and control problems developed. Eventually, after weeks of down time, NordicTrack replaced the main control head. We were then encouraged to purchase the extended warranty because control head failures are common (we were told), and the replacement part sells for $2500....$500 more than a new machine! Soon after replacing electronics, the main idler... Read more

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Worst scam artists ever! Even after you cancel your membership they continue to charge you. I cancelled in february, or so I thought, until I came home to a letter from a bill collector saying I owe them 50 bucks for the past two months. All the while I haven't been since February since I thought my membership was cancelled. Low and behold they did not cancel my membership but "froze" it.... Add comment

Wanted to learn about their SPECIAL OFFER and was required to enter credit card info first. Their site did not have an area to confirm any potential transaction but they charged my credit card right away. They also had a pop up of another item - some sort of coffee extract that they put on my card. I called the company right away (877-878-0926) and spoke with someone (Kevin, employee number 107... Read more

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i have been through hours and hours of frustration with this dispute. the company is getting rich by taking advantage of customers. they will not return phone calls, they will not return emails. once they get your money they block you from Facebook. if you dispute the $119.85 charge, they send you a form that you cannot return the product if its passed 30 days ( which a dispute takes... Read more

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I pay $200 a month for personal training and I still have not received my nutrition plan from my trainer... I reminded him about 3 times already and nothing Add comment

Very mad about this product,doesn't worked at all and they still charging it to my account. Add comment

I had a very unpleasant experience at the Fernandina Anytime Fitness Club. I felt queasy and lay down in my parked car after leaving the club. I woke to police handling, which I couldn't help thinking was a misunderstanding. (By their line of questioning, they must have been called and toldI was some sort of vagrant.) The owner had me warned against trespassing (??) on both the Fernandina... Read more

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Charged my credit card for subscription to sports illustrated I did not subscribe to Add comment