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This is more me trying to get some frustrations off my chest than a complaint about the company. I was in your gym tonight and it was very crowded. I had thought that it would be less crowded after 8 PM but I was wrong. To make matters worse I had trouble on the machines. Too few machines to use. I know that is not your fault so I will digress. My main complaint it is about your express circuit.... Read more

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Had to cancel due to auto accident and the young man said to me, I am still responsible to pay while 8 eaa not able to use the gym. I was also told I needed to get a letter from my dr, talking about a violation. Add comment

I bought a new wagon like 3 months ago and now I am having tire and rim separation even though the tires are prefectly pumped also all 4 wheels are wobbly but the screws are on as tight as I can also a air inflation tube is broken when I purchased the wagon also the frame is bent and it was hard to assemble been used as it is supposed to be used only loaded twice with a heavy load Add comment

I jointed Anytime Fitness located on 85 in Fountain Colorado Springs, Co. Due to a motorcycle accident half way through my membership I could not use the gym. I didn't not cancel because I felt it was my responsibility to uphold the contract. I walked in and told the manager that I wanted to cancel my membership. He said ok, He took the key and told me that I would have to write a letter to... Read more

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For the year of 2014 Beach City Sports turned a blind eye to multiple injuries some caused by excessive drinking on the beach. Beach City Sports is an extended fraternity life in which people suffered broken jaw, dislocated elbow, dislocated knee cap, separated shoulders, broken nose, and several concussions. Meanwhile Sam Jresiat and Beach City Sports did nothing to compensate for medical... Read more

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Wow - I joined this gym after I got a new job and wanted to treat myself. Unfortunately within the month, my car died and I was forced to get a new one. I was unable to afford both payments. They wouldn't let me cancel. Best I could do was a 6-month deferment of payments. K, so Jan 2014 I started paying. I still was never able to access any other location and at that point I was so bitter I just... Read more

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After almost 2 years of being a loyal customer their management has changed from Sonny who was amazing to someone else and now it's someone new again, and let me tell you.. She has the worst customer service and is one of the main reasons I quit. I quit almost 40 days prior to the next billing date yet she told me I didnt, so now I owe them more money cause they really do not care about their... Read more

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Took off Fox News, the #1cable news show. If not returned, I an changing clubs. Add comment

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