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New Manager New Rules!!! I have had a planet fitness account for over 5years and have never been this displeased until today. After being on a 5months hiatus from the gym and finally pushing myself to get back in the gym. Problem number 1 they can never get my bill correct I've owed and paid a $10 balance abt 3times idk if the other times was sent to the wrong account or the front desk just... Read more

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I run a freelance writing company out of my home, and am on the computer writing at least 10 hours a day. I used to be quite active, but since business has picked up I haven't had the time to excersize much. I saw a treadmill desk on TV one night and knew I had to have one. I looked everywhere for one, and they were so expensive. I finally located one in my price range at I... Read more

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My golf clubs were stolen out of my garage so I had to replace EVERYTHING! I did a lot of research... Amazon, Golf Galaxy, and many others, but Rock Bottom had the best deal. My order was over $1400 so I was a bit nervous waiting for my shipment to arrive, but when it did, everything was exactly as I ordered. I saved well over $200 compared to buying local. These folks are the real deal...... Read more

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I spent over $2,000 on merchandise at dicks and they promised to give me rewards card. I only got $40 worth it. Ive spent 5 hours on the phone arguing I should have had $80 so anyway I used my reward points and cash to buy a Coleman air mattress which leaked the first time I used it. Went to return it and they wouldn't give me back my Rewards points only the cash that I came up with. they suck... Read more

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The ymca in Edgewater, NJ is terrible. They can't control their rude children. They also don't feed them a lot my dagger got dyhydrated 1 time. It is unbelievable Add comment

I have just finished the 30-day program and ended up loosing 7 1/2 pounds although that was not the main objective. My main goal was to eat healthier and like the other reviewers said, there is a recommended list of foods that are not allowed, which I did eliminate from my diet 80% of the time. It is hard if you eat out, travel or have office functions where food is present - often not the most... Read more

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I had strange reaction, hot and cold, nausea and anxiety. Do not want anymore, please cancel membership that I did not request. I do want to pay $60.00 for a bottle that does not agree with my system. I have tried calling the 877 number and am either put on hold or hung up on. I have left messages and those have not been returned. If more is send I will have the credit card payment reported... Read more

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They have sent me a 30 day supply at the cost of 168.00. I didn't want the order but they refused to cancel it... The coach Shawn Bourguignon was great until I questioned the charge then he turned into a ***... I get it.. He just wants the commission and does not care about the people is is supposedly trying to help. Its to bad cause this is a great program. They would probably make more money if... Read more

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First of all let me say my husband and I were big LA Fitness supporters when they opened their new Memphis locations. We are not complaining customers and I do not talk to management needlessly. That being said, I am stunned and disappointed at the company’s flagrant disregard for the safety and care of LA Fitness customers. On March 12, 2015, I went to the Polo Grounds LA Fitness location in... Read more

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Besides the scam to continue chair g your credit card, the product is garbage. It has common supplement ingredients in it and does not work. I am an athlete and I train hard on a constant regime. I gained no Benifit from this and it makes your organs work twice as hard. At the minimum, a good diet and a good workout program is better than wasting your money and time with this junk. Do t fall for... Read more

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