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I was a member of Anytime Fitness for about 12 months when my family relocated and I had to cancel my membership. I spoke with Andrea (who doesn't even work at the location anymore) and she assured me that my membership would be cancelled. 3 MONTHS LATER I get a call from a COLLECTION AGENCY!!!! I called Anytime Fitness and, when I asked to speak with Andrea, Courtney (the General Manager)... Read more

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Joined this gym exactly one year ago. Went fairly regularly with no big complaints. Got a new job with an in-house gym so tried to cancel after ~8 months. Called the place and was told I had to wait until October 1st to cancel, which I accepted. Called on Oct 1st and was told that I actually had to wait until the 29th of October, which I accepted. Called on the 29th and was told that I'd have to... Read more

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Very Disappointed,today, after have been a loyal member I have been forced to cancel my membership because they RUDE personal THREATENED TO ME to call security and canceling my membership if I were not putting my backpack in the locker right away, there is not warning at front desk, how should I know ? Is that what I deserve after 3 years? I hope that MARKETING team from 24 Fitness cares... Read more

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Have owend NB for years no problems. I generaly purchase a pair a year and use old shoes to work in field and garden. Some now are about 4 yr old no sole problems 600 series. I recived a pair of 407 at christmas by march soles were off got another pair 407 soles off by May. I contacted C/S no luck I offered to send shoes at my expence so the could check them, I was told they weren't intrested in... Read more

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I was assaulted by bullies at la fitness mound road Add comment

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I joined team Beachbody in June 2014 and have had amazing results. I got support encouragement recipes and so much more. I am the healthiest I have ever been. Thank you Team Beachbody! !! Add comment

Got a phone call last night and was told that my membership was cancelled .15 plus years at this gym ! Please call 561 603 4367 Add comment


I bought a membership in Amarillo, TX specifically to take my 14 year old son in to workout. Due to being premature at birth, he is small for his age. They told me it was a new rule that I must bring in his birth certificate. The lady was rude to me and my son and practically called my son a liar. I went in 2 days later with his birth certificate. They put a note on my account stating that... Read more

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I was training at a MMA gym, when I had to move back to school on late notice to finish my degree. I contacted them and they said they can cancel free of charge with relocation proof. I provided them everything, yet they still refused to cancel my membership. I was going to be attending the gym after I finished my class (6 months). Instead of being a member at the gym for the next 8+ years like I... Read more

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