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Thought that $10/month was too good to be true? Well it is. I moved from the country for work and decided to cancel my membership for while I was abroad and then I would rejoin upon my return. Well due to the customer service I recieved while trying to cancel my membership (I still haven't been able to cancel because of their scam) I am never joining PF again and will strongly discourage... Read more

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My account was canceled with ProbioSlim on 7/14/2015. My credit card account was charged $54.98 on 8/1/2015 when my account was closed. This should have never happened on a closed account. I expect a refund ASAP I will notify the bank to have you removed from being able to do this again on my card and will contact my attorney ASAP if this money is not returned to my account NOW....... Dennee... Read more

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I don't understand why ILKB is on this site, but I think that in general the this place is great. Sure I would love more class times, but these guys have only been open about 2 months they are expanding times as they grow. Sure I would like a larger locker room and maybe some showers but hey you can't always get what you want. However, you can't ask for anything more from the staff. They are all... Read more

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Contrary to my desire, my checking acct. has been charged with an automatic reorder of product probioslim without my consent. (Order checkcard ending in 0628 dated 6.29.2015 for $74.98 should be refunded to my acct). I am not a recurring customer. I have not received any more product after my requested free trial for $4.99 shipping costs, which I paid at the time of order with my debit card.... Read more

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Paid s&h on what was said to be a free sample. Noticed just now that I have been charged $75!!!!!! Add comment

Planet Fitness - Review in Fitness Centers category from Rochester, Minnesota
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Terrible, untrained employees. I was into the 3rd rep of my 3rd set of tricep pushdowns, when the pin released on the cable harness. The harness fell to the floor, splitting my skull on the way. As loud as it was, it still didnt bring any of the 3 employees there to aid me. The harness split my head open 4", and I was bleeding heavily. After a couple of minutes, I.went up to the desk securing the... Read more

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Told me I was getting a free sample all I had to do was pay shipping and handling..... then of course I was charged $75 on my card and I'm sitting here crying about it! I want to blow up probioslim! Jerks! Add comment

I have had a membership for a few years now and have not worked out in quite sometime. I went to begin working out again and was told I owed them $119 for funds they attempted to withdraw and were unsuccessful. Mind you this was in 2014 April, May and June. Currently they are deducting $20.00 a month and have been religiously but will not allow me use the facility until this "balance" is paid.... Read more

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I closed my account on 7/14/2015 I am returning product ( unused ) So why is money been taken out of my account ??? On 8/1/2015 $54.98 you did not have my authorization. I am sending unused products today and want money returned to my account ASAP or I shall contact my attorney. Dennee Slife Add comment

Given that beyond a long time, soccer or footballing game is actually considered to be a standard sports activity above the world. This specific game is actually renowned among the persons of all the so-called ages. This specific game features quite a few supporters. This specific game is actually competed concerning a couple crew involving 10 people. It can be competed in in relation to 200... Read more

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