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Haven't tried it yet. Although there are many gyms near me the Silver Sneakers don't operate there. Not all that convenient. I googled the gyms they use & the reviews weren't at all good. The ones near me much better so paying might make more sense. Add comment

I have been with LA fitness for over 10 years and honestly it has always been a great experience. This location (20443 State Rd 7, Mission Bay Plaza, Boca Raton, FL) is by far the WORST EVER.. the place is not clean, there are weights all over the place, and today there were kids !!!!!...playing with a basketball in the free weights area where others are focused and could possibly have an... Read more

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I told them I was happy to buy product if I had access on demand. They said it was available on demand. I asked if it was free and they said yes. So I bought the product. Now I find out it is only available for 30 days for free then they are going to charge $38 a quarter. They were hoping I would not notice and they would get $38 a quarter. They need to be honesty when we ask questions. They are... Read more

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My boyfriend paid for him and myself for a membership. He passed away. I was called by ABC financial concerning this account after his death. There was NO ACCOUNT for me to be found. Then I get a letter from ABC financial stating that I am behind. I called and they said there are two accounts, his and mine. I explain that never once was I billed for this and the account was cancelled. They say I... Read more

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Dear Kenny K, I must say that this company is the worst place I ever tried to do business. I tried to cancel my "membership" Which I was told was 99$ up front for a month to month membership cancel anytime I want. He said the Free sign up with 1 mo free was for annual contract client only. So now ABC while charging my account 2 times every month and then telling me it was a accident 3 times. I... Read more

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I'm a woman and I found your commercial for your product incredibly sexist. You can advertise for this product without objectifying women and without him taking off his belt. I found everything he did completely unnecessary. She needed car help. He didn't need to *** his belt. It's 2015. Sexually suggestive commercials should be wiped off the face of the planet. Thanks and have a terrible day Add comment

Stop supporting and showing direct tv commercial of seductive women and a horse. It has nothing to do with direct tv at all stop showing it. Very kissed off and very upset Add comment

I've been reading the reviews and boy am I worried if I am at the right gym or should I say my money is going to the right gym. I was looking for a total package similar to the VIP (only offered at companies) because I love spin classes but I was told it costs $XXX.xx and I had to pay in full. This was a special for a limited time and I needed to jump on this now(it was their usual rate by... Read more

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Don't fall for any offer they send to you or they put in any advertising. when you fall for the offer and go to sign up, they ask you to sign 5 papers contract that are written with a very small font so you don't read it, that's where they add all the hidden fees. When I signed my contract, they told me all what you need to pay is the $30 initial fee and $10 a month. That's all !. The lady that... Read more

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Do this product really work Add comment

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