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Yesterday I cancelled my membership after being a member for two consecutive years and using this facility on a regular basis (3-5 times per week). I really want you to take a look at the situation in LA Fitness club located at 9350 Bathurst Street, Vaughan, ON, L6A 4N9. Recently the club was overloaded with new members (I understand that it is very good for business in general) and it seems like... Read more

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I watched the video by clicking an ad on the internet , what he says was logical . All these testestorone thing and methabolism story , training guide for high performance fat burn bla bla .But before clicking the order button , I checked Hey people you just saved me giving my creditcard number to a clown company. Thanks guys. I guess there is no easy way to burn these... Read more

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Bathrooms are always dirty, not always having paper towels they water down the hand soap they refuse to make people put away the weights and 90% of people don't have towels to wipe off there sweat we have even found blood and we were told to clean it up if we wanted to use the equipment .

Buen pues tenia un año viniendo al gimnasio y un dia me ribaron mi bici que era una fixi azulita. tuve que cancelation por ke los babosos no me la quisieron buscar!

Alex Jeanty, lied about his experience, references, job title and commitment. Everyone should be very cautious. This person made promises that he never kept. He changed a schedule of appointments every chance he got. He said he was a part owner in the business. He said he had to take his payment, that he wanted all up front and pay for school that night or he would not be able to go to... Read more

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The Tour de France is being held up by Golf!!!!! And by over an hour!!!You advertised on the schedule that the tour would be on and it is not! If I knew it would be delayed I could have watched the tour in the morning instead. Very rude of nbc and very upsetting!!!

My son signed a personal training agreement with la fitness he said he will do it for the summer. He used his college graduation gift. After 2 months he tried to cancel and they said he owes them 800 dollars. It was not explained to him he signed for 52 weeks and cannot cancel. He was told he could cancel anytime and encouraged him to sign. The sales rep was a liar and took advantage of a 22 year...

Signed 1 yr contract back in 2009- was never told that contract would automatically renew- have been getting charged 19.99 per month for past 5 yrs- became disabled an unemployed- went online to cancel June 2014- got message a week later telling me that they did not handle WOW New England accounts- contacted ABC financial, still trying to cancel- told that I would have to pay another19.99 to... Read more

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This happened a few years ago, but I just noticed this review section about Fitness 19, so I thought I'd share my experience with them. I told them I'd be out of the country for about six months to a year, but wanted to come back and would continue coming to Fitness 19 when I came back to the US. They said no problem they'd put me on hold. About seven months later I noticed my credit card was... Read more

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Do not go to LA Fitness, the place is never kept clean. Their is mold, algae, rust, and mildew everywhere. The ventilation system never works and it is a major health hazard. And when the management was told, they never fixed it. LA Fitness 1155 washington pike bridgeville pa 15017