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Scaming old people who do not understand the fast paced sales. If you think you are only getting billed once for training. Think again. Add comment

North port fl you fit over charges and sneak in charges... Sad a bussiness has to be so shady Add comment


Fabletics has a policy that will charge your credit card if your order should not fall into nice round $49.95 amounts. Also if you do not uncheck the VIP box you will be automatically signed up for a $49.95 deduction to your credit card (only half of these charges will be refunded). The site did issue a $10 credit when I requested that the credit be applied to the purchase and removed 80 points... Read more

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We signed up for the 18 month contract with Anytime. I also included the tanning on this membership. We specifically signed up for one with a good tanning bed so I could go there and tan while still going to any Anytime to workout. I started going to the Anytime by my work because it was quicker and easier to get to for a daily workout. After 30 days, my contract automatically switched over to... Read more

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I brought lipozene at walgreens for $20.00. I followed it according to the direction and within 2-3 weeks i was down two dress sizes. It does make you eat less. I also tried to watch what i ate, although i still ate junk food i never exercised. I still lost weight. What you have to understand is that if you dont change your eating habits when you stop lipozene you will gain the wait back.i would... Read more

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I received the 21 Day Fix products and had changed my mind about them before I even got the shipment, so I sent it back immediately. They got the product back on 21 August, but have only credited the taxes back to my card. I have talked to them on the phone four times, this last time on a 3-way call with my card issuer, who confirmed that they only received the tax credit back. I now have to... Read more

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I don't recommend anyone to go to fitness connection.they ripped me off so badly I mean I asked to be cut off from fitness connection over a month and a half ago. At the location on Westheimer.the manager gave me a call and told me to come in and that he would take me out of the system and I would no longer be with Fitness connection anymore. so I came in and the manager was not there so I was... Read more

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They make it impossible to get out of the loop of automatic renewal. If you make it clear you can't use your membership, they offer you no alternative. Add comment


on july 28 2013 . I had 2 strokes and have not been to planet fitness sense . sometime in september 2013 I tried to cancel by calling my local club . I was told that I had to get there form and fill it out and send it certified mail ... im unable to do that cause the strokes have kept me from being mobile . planet fitness does not care as long as they can get there 10 bucks a month . they charged... Read more

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The same has happend to me after ordering the free trial they continue to send me more products and keep billing me ridiculous amonts from my card . Sadly they have their *** covered by small print !!! they are very difficult to contact as they don't have an e-mail address and most of the time the phone number doesn't work ! When i did get through they fobbed me off and said to call back when i... Read more

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