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Webwatcher put free trail for 7 days. When I tried to use the free trai, they asked me to pay. I paid with my credit card thinking If I want it after the 7 days, I will leave and webwatcher will get the money. they got the money the same day september 21, 2014 at 12:00am. I could not use the sofware because I did not have the Ipad s password. I did not use the sofware at all. I asked webwatcher... Read more

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People anyone that is even thinking of doing business with Tarek at Ukprosolutions will definently be loosing their money. He is the biggest scam artist i know. His previous company was called co-operative host web solutions which he scammed customers out of money and closed the account. He is probably one of the meanest guys i know. Left his wife that was pregnant with his 3 Kids for another... Read more

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This company is not on the ball with updates. Every month they are playing catch up to Chrome and other browsers. They need to be prepared for browser updates and include unlimited downloads/updates for the same price. I have 10 plus computers being monitored and cannot rely on 30,000 screenshots. There chat sessions consist of someone telling you to access target pc and go through a generic... Read more

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As in all things there are two sides to every story. This guy bought the system and refused point blank to obtain any training, explaining that he was 'an expert' in retail software and didn't need any support. Needless to say there are many definitions of the word 'expert' and in his case I leave it to your imagination which his was. However, suffice it to say that the system was incorrectly... Read more

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For several months I have attempted to get Microsoft to allow me to edit my own files in word 2010. I keep getting a "Read Only" file and cannot change it to a file I can edit. I have Googled solutions on word 2010 and none worked for me. I was in a chat room with MS but they disconnected before we were finished because I didn’t reply within 3 minutes. I was pushed off to a third party tech... Read more

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I tried to download DVDVideoSoft suite. My security software deleted the file because it found a virus in it. I reported to the company. (see my complaint and their response to it at the end of this message). They said they are not responsible for their software. they give them to other companies who install whatever they want (benign spyware to follow you or STEAL your private data). On... Read more

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I transferred files from one folder to another in Dropbox and the content just disappeared totally. Dropbox can not be called or mailed, you can only send a complain by one of their prefab forms. Unbelievable for such a big company! My files contained important information. This makes me think twice about storing files in the cloud an especially Dropbox. I transferred files from one folder to... Read more

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