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I bought an Xbox 1 from Microsoft Online in late November. It has an error code, so we phoned Microsoft and tried to fix with a software patch. This took a couple of 1 hours phone calls. Did not fix problem. They promised to send me label online to be able to send Xbox back for a new one. Never heard back. Called again and again having to explain the whole history every time, be kept on hold... Read more

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if you are an international student and fresh pass out, do not go to this company....they are untalented group of people who are covering each other inefficiencies....if u r taking business analyst training with them then believe me you will never get the job in your life....pooja singh the trainer does not know abcd of business....he is teaching very old lessons which are not being asked in any... Read more

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1. After paying for Iobit advanced care pro, we were given an e-mail that said we had to called iobit's phone number to activate. We called. 2. Iobit asked to check my computer. I said no. They said it was necessary to downloading the program and make sure there were no problems with my computer. 3. The technician checked my computer and said there were many problems with it. comment:... Read more

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I paid this company over $180.00. At first it was just the basic plan. $99. Then my computer got stolen so now we can put webwatcher to the real test. Does this really work when you computer gets stolen. I contacted them at which they advised me to buy their supplement program Laptop Cop. when this didn't work they also said I will have to buy the unlimited updates packages or else it won't... Read more

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I joined them for BA training and they(ROHIT) told me that there is a position and will place as soon as i complete my training . I completed my training and other formalities like mock interview and they prepared a RESUME for me and it was really horrible even an uneducated can say that it is a fake resume and the Peron who prepared that resume is RATNAKAR and they say that he is expert and most... Read more

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I started with them in April of 2014. They promised me top placement within 30 days but they had me listed in the wrong area at first and then gave me an updated package to compensate for it. I am also with Homeadvisor as well. When anyone would go on the Internet they would always get routed to home advisor first. I let internet local listings know this and so they upgraded me again. Still... Read more

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Horrible system inadequate support like there is no support! Lies lies lies! Add comment

Do not trust this company, I paid for a pre order that was delivered 1 week after the release date and did not include the bonus content for the pre order, failed to respond to my support request in a timely fashion Add comment

I installed Spy hunter; after I installed the program I could not get online anymore. I had to go to a computer specialist to get back on the internet, costs USD 75,= What is worse; my computer guy found out that Spy hunter takes over as an administrator !!!!!!! with other words take take over complete control over your computer......frightening is'nt it ? Hence, I canceled they refunded the... Read more

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My name is Dan Gleason and GuruAid has been providing great support for all my Printer and PC needs. They keep my PC running Fast and Free of garbage as well as Viruses. They always are polite, courteous and friendly. Any and All issues are done with this fine Company. ===================================================== My name is Dan Gleason and GuruAid has been providing great support for all... Read more

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