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Let me tell you this I have been working with the company for last three and half years and my experience has been outstanding. Before we buy a new gadget or try a new restaurant, most of us look at the reviews at Amazon, or Yelp, or whichever online retailer or site we're browsing, just to make sure we're not wasting our hard earned money on something useless. Even so, those reviews can be a... Read more

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I bought a Windows 7 upgrade from Tech Supply King on 7/22/2014 and today. 5/3/2015, Windows has blocked this license and I must purchase a new one. Phone number and website, etc. now are offline. Total ripoff. Hind sight being 20-20 I will now buy 'full price' from Microsoft I guess. The associated website was Smart Software Support, so, this is bogus also. Lesson learned, forget the... Read more

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Nothing problematic did, just installed Stopzilla and it works! Live Chat works perfect and e-mail tickets get answered within 2 days max. I only contact them when I want to reinstall Stopzilla on a new computer. They have to reset my activation key and so they do. Also, Stopzilla is very low on resources, my computer is running smoothly. I am considering to buy the Stopzilla Optimizer but maybe... Read more

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You can't contact Nova by email. They don't keep any email for handling customer complaint. It's impossible to contact the company by email. This situation is not acceptable because common sense tells me that a company shall use a customer service email. Also, you can not track down the delivery of the product you pay up online or by any other means. Specially, if you order from overseas, you... Read more

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INDIA -- We spent 250$ to this company to purchase various software, their software only valid for 1 year, after that you cannot properly use the software always getting error. Customer support is the one of the worst. They always ask you for the money. Such a cheating company! People please beware of it. There is alot of professional companies out there, don't loose money with this scammers.... Read more

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I purchased to track computer. Webwatcher Software was working initially for chrome browser but once chrome update released, it stopped working. They told that screen shot will work and use it. Company highlighted that they will resolve and let you know once it is completed. I waited for six months till my subscription got over but not resolved. I was not able to get any value for this. I am not... Read more

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I have been a loyal Intuit customer for about 20 years. I believed them when their CEO sent out a letter saying those of us who had to upgrade due to the bait and switch of versions this year could get a $25 refund to defray the extra cost. Well, I was played a fool on that. I only learned when I went to the site a week after filing that there was an April 20 deadline for requesting the... Read more

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You are broadcasting the NY Rangers playoffs and Al you talk about I are the capitals you don't acknowledge that the Rangers are the the top seat You only talk about Ovecton Get over him and still being biased !! Sick of your announcers Add comment

I got on a Kaspersky customer service chat line and asked how many of my five Small Business licenses had been used. I was given a bogus URL by Bruce Lerner and then a supervisor Hunter Duforg gave the phone number of a reseller (Digital River) to get the information. Digital River answered as Kasperksy but had no information. I called tech support and got an illiterate woman and had to come... Read more

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People in Radus Tek are hardworking, responsible, and dedicated. As a company, they are also If you are serious about your career in IT industry, they will always help you achieve your goal. They care about me and encourage me during my down time. I love everyone there, especially Manjula and Hari. The office atmosphere is cheerful. People get along very well with each other. Consultants help... Read more

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