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Pre-installed on my laptop which I DO NOT WANT, within a month it starts telling you your trial is nearly up and your pc is at risk blah blah blah. Very difficult to uninstall and constantly pesters you to upgrade. VERY irritating company, horrible customer service, and 1/10 on virus protection, AVG's FREE service is much better. Try calling Mcafee in order to get instructions to uninstall, which... Read more

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I got an opportunity through GIT and they were very friendly and helpful from the very first day. GIT have best clients for the contract employees to help them on their way. the payment is done on time and every thing is very transparent. i had referred a couple of my friends to GIT and they are happy too. the compensations are paid with out deductions and the management helps with any concerns... Read more

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The first year went ok, but as soon as the product expires, your computer mysteriously slows to a crawl and starts crashing. The first time it happens, you imagine that it might be a virus causing the trouble- after all, your anti-virus program expired. But when it happens again the next time it expires- exactly the same way the following year, it starts to become obvious that they have included... Read more

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These people are liars. I did the whole tech support thing when it would not work. I uninstalled and reinstalled like they asked, re-booted, changed settings EVERYTHING! They could not get it to work. After quite a while in their "technical support" chat session I was unable to continue because they told me that I needed a higher tier support session. I explained that I was unable to continue... Read more

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Some of them complained about this company.but, they really supported me well for the entire project and we don't push them to deliver quickly. It may take some time. so please every one keep in mind don't put any faulty complaints on such s growing company and again i'm saying eGrove Systems, a leading IT company well experienced in web development and I have awarded a project to them. They... Read more

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I downloaded their software off AOL restarted computer and my computer hasn't worked since. They admitted in an email they had a problem and would fix my computer but never have. I had to buy another computer. This company SUCKS do not use them. I am now taking them to small claims court to try and get some satisfaction. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. IT US TERRIBLE AND SO IS THE COMPANY Add comment

I never heard of them until I received a call on my cell at 5:01 AM. I woke myself up some and returned the call to 606-834-1033 and a man with an Indian said I was calling in. I replied of course I called in, that I am returning the call to inform them of the Federal laws of calling at 5AM and want to know why they called. I got nowhere with the rep who was arguing, unknowing of the difference... Read more

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I purchased, and then mistakenly re-purchased, the Grime Fighter application offered by AVAST. The program messed up my registry as well and they tried to charge me $119.00 to supposedly fix a problem I din't have prior and one that the Grime Fighter was supposed to take care of anyway. I asked for my money back for the 2nd purchase, (which the person I spoke to pointed out). I went through... Read more

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Dropbox likes to suggest that they are like any other drive. A drag a drop moves your files. I moved around 30k documents in two moves. the file structure moved but the underlying files did not and were no longer available on my laptop. I contacted support. After considerable wait they responded with a canned answer giving instruction restore each file one at a time. I sent two more requests... Read more

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They change DNS setting without asking you. Apparently, their system does it automatically every time they're making a change. Biggest idiots out there. The support sasy "We are not changing DNS setting without a permission"...if that's true, then how come it happened 4 times already? I have screenshots to prove and etc. No one seem to care at Netfirms. stay away from this morons. Get yourself a... Read more

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