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I received an email from McAfee (giving my correct account etc) claiming that my subscription has expired. I accepted that as so and purchased for another year. I could not find the download button so I opened my existing McAfee program, only to find that I have 172 more days of protection before my subscription expires. The email was clearly false inducing me to buy a further subscription. To... Read more

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Dear Apple, You suck. Allow me to elaborate. Over the years, I've owned many Apple products. I now own 2 Mac minis, 2 IPad 2s, and two iPhone 4s. Yes, all are older models. After my first purchase of an Apple product years ago, I realized the longevity you preached of your products was true and while Apple products costs more, they lasts longer with better customer service. So... WHY WON'T YOU... Read more

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Total scammers. Take unauthorised payments once they have you details then you never hear from them again. Have reported to Asic, Fairtrade & bank fraud Add comment


I don't know what the problem is with, I bought a Win7 Pro download in July for $73 and had no problems. I was actually going back (Oct. 18-2014) to look for another deal and can't find it anymore. That's the only problem I have with them. I don't know what the problem is with, I bought a Win7 Pro download in July for $73 and had no problems. I was actually... Read more

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I endlessly got a message saying "There is no application set to open the URL..." (followed by a lot of incoherent garbage). Neither "choose application" or "search app store" yielded any help. WORSE, this idiotic message would appear endlessly, no matter how many times I hit "cancel" and would appear in FRONT of every other window. Who needs this ***? As I was deleting the account, it told me... Read more

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This company is a rip off . They told me two weeks ago that I may have a hard drive problem and were going to mail me a Microsoft 7 disc. Their office is in Delray, Fl and I live about 20 minutes away. I have not received. I called a week later and was told; "it takes time to burn the disc." I spent at least 4 hrs on a Saturday with multiple employees who were just second guessing. I took my... Read more

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this people software doesn't work and after asking for a refund they never answer my request and never gave me a refund back, did not answer my emails either...i keep trying to contact them and they just ignore me, i have lost almost 200.00 in iphone and computer software that is not working and this people have not give me a valid solution or a refund for my money, dont waste your money or time... Read more

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Signed up for a $4.99 a month basic website hosting and purchased my company domain name. Seven months later I noticed a monthly charge of $29.95 was coming from them. When I called to cancel and get my money back they would only give back 4 months and then had the nerve to hijack my domain name. If I wanted it back I would have to give them back the money they initially ripped me off for! The... Read more

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Hi, Please be aware and stay away from these email list criminals. We recently purchased few email list by paying $2000, after couple of days they did deliver the list. When we checked the list i can say it was just a junk. When we asked for the replacement data or refund they stopped responding to the email. If we try calling them, same person pick up the call with the different name and says... Read more

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I received an email informing me that Kapersky would automatically renew my yearly membership. The email informed me I could cancel my renewal at any time but the link did not work. I called the telephone number provided and was put though to Guruaid. The technician informed me he would have to gain access to my computer to cancel the auto renewal payment. The technician informed me I would have... Read more

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