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Don't have a complaint. I think the site is wonderful. I could've had dates from day one. Been on the site for a couple of weeks. I don't have any problem with women. Plenty Of them talk to me. They want to go out with me. Add comment

Yeah,right when I thought this site was working for me,POF deleted my account. Didn't write anything rude or inappropriate pics,just sent out several messages to different ladies. So can't promote this site as no reason from POF reps was emailed to me.......they do have my email address Add comment


About 5 wks before my 6-mo subscription was to end, I went through this ridiculous maze to make sure my auto renewal was OFF! Then, 2 days after my subscription should have ended, guess what shows up on my credit card. Is there an attorney out there who'd be willing to do a civil suit against these guys. They won't refund my $$ and say I have to send an online plea and then 7-10 days later... Read more

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keep saying error try again later iv.dd not even sent a message yet Add comment


When I first arrived in New York City, someone mentioned to me that I should join to meet people. As a social, professional woman who's attended social events in numerous cities, I've never met so many creeps, drunks, and people who would be deemed unacceptable in any normal group offline. I had men stalk me, jealous women try to fight me and so many ridiculous experiences during my... Read more

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Company has changed hands from Chrisitiansingles to now "christianmingle". I wanted to get back into dating game - maybe there IS a "special someone out there.... I went to site and paid for 3 months up front. Went to the site; had plenty of valid bites; lots of people wanting to write to me. Tried to get back in and I received a message stating I'm a fraud. Uh - hello? Evidently the... Read more

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I want to share my story about Laura McClure. First, thank you for posting this online for all us men! I am on SeekingArrangement and emailed someone named "Cara". I received a weird response from Cara saying that she has been trying to get her friend Laura on the site and I should meet her. I thought it was weird for someone to give their friends phone number out so quickly. We talked, text, and... Read more

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I just want to warn everyone from this horrible place. They act very caring until you pay up by the way! don't pay full price the are always discounting. They force people down your throat even when you say you are not interested. They give you whoever has been on their self. Even when you say no they say Yes. It is a waste of money and time. Save your money pleasE! Add comment

U screwed me out of 81 dollars and giving out bogus phone numbers to customer service .... I have emailed you guys dozen times to no answer how do u justify doing this to innocent people u should be shut down half of the use r on there r fakes and liars ugh so Pissed beyond belief Add comment