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Tammy Griffin changed my email and my password she is sending rude and ugly text Add comment

Eff me. I only used this exp project place to post stories about us bikers doing a Colorado run. Nothing dodgy like few photos n stuff of bikes and biker meetings. Din t put on any web site links, no filth- was all good stuff for anyone who likes road trips an things like that. I din t get involved with any messaging to anyone, din t add any friends or stuff so all I s had was a clean page,... Read more

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Experience project's latest under-handed technique is now to send one of its most asthenic members to spew disparaging comments of pissed consumer's site! In typical Berjikly-style- and, in typical Bollywood style- she pouts and fusses like a washer-woman at a dried river-bed! What Ep cannot accomplish on the 'Ep review' pages, they try to accomplish elsewhere. Ep's 'AbbeyRhode' is nothing more... Read more

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Festering rat-bags at Ep are now at the centre of legal summons! Requests have been submitted by lawyers of certain members asking Ep to validate their outrageous claims that certain members were involved in illegal sêxual activity. It would appear that Ep and its supporters have finally been given enough rope to hang themselves- certainly given that at least one of those supporters-paying... Read more

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Absolutely a rip off scamming site . If I put least one person off and save them wasting their money . DO NOT JOIN THIS THIEVING SITE , THEY PREY ON PEOPLE WHO WANT DISCRETION. After spending $170 used about 70 credits out of 500 and then signed in today and see all my credits have vanished . SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM Add comment

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Its a joke..i set up profile without a pic and had several invites and chat request from hot chicks...who does that without knowing what u look like.... Add comment

There are 2 photos of me on here. I would like to know how they were put on this site. I am taking this to the police. I would like to know WHO posted it without my consent. Please check the email address of who posted my 2 photos. The only person i can think of is my ex husband guiseppe camerlengo or pep camerlengo. My email address is I would like the information... Read more

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My address is being shared and i never created the page would like to take leagal action because i have men showing up at my house i live alone and have a child i am in need of someone to please contact me at 3308093065 i would like to atleast know the city in which the page was created mine and my daughter safty is at stake please call me so i can get this issue resolved Add comment

Hi. There is a user on plenty of fish. This user is treating the site like a red light district. His user name is marmalade59 He messages woman. Meets up with them. Forms a relationship with them. Then while his with this girl. He continues to use the dating site. Even though his already in a relationship. I was his girl friend. He told me he has hidden his profile coz we was getting close.... Read more

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the site keeps old pictures of inactive people.. I know because they kept my picture and profile for men to see.. when I returned 1 year later i wondered why all the interest while I was gone !!!!! just think how much money they made of tjis.. You pay 30 coins to open a profile of old person!! the system shows same pictures of men over and over after you tell it NO INTEREST ..The whole system is... Read more

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