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You won't let me login in no more for some reason and it won't send me my password to my email address I don't what's going on Add comment

I completely agree with the negative issues regarding Rachel MacLynn’s services; no members basically. I was promised so much by her, and naively joined, to end up being set up with women who do not fit what I am looking for, as far as appropriate women that I am interested in. I never have anything in common with them, and have been embarrassed and offended by the comments from these women after... Read more

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I have not experienced CM, HOWEVER it's like the money changers in the temple that Christ threw out, when they use the good Lord's name in vain as a marketing tool to make money. Just sayin' Add comment

On or about 6/26/14 , I subscribed to an adult dating service ( , I read the instructions on how to unsubscribe , which I did , I preformed this task as soon as the 1st bill arrived , I paid $34.95 for a one month subscription , yet somehow I then was billed an additional $97.50 on or about 7/17/14 . Since I unsubscribed twice , the only acknowledgment from you came after my 2nd... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 foooled as with different statements as i was a simple paid member and they fooled us by saying that get into selectshaadi services we assure you that we will get a match done in 15 days of the select service . but its been 4 months there haven't been single work done by them . before taking the money they were calling me everyday but as i opted the services no follow up no feedback... Read more

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Very poor business ethics in IJL Singapore branch. They sell well based on their branding but either don't arrange matches or match you with singles who are not according to your preferences. If you reject their recommendations, they will put you on suspended mode with no matches Their sales team will woo & charm you with bright promises of personalized service & great dates. Sad truth... Read more

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This site is so full of *** its unreal.I seems like when I wasn't a member I had all kind of men contacting me now that I'm a paying member I don't hear from anyone.The photos look like men out of Forbes magazine.I also tried to email and cancel but no one has gotten back to me.They need to shut this site down and refund people there money.It amazes me what people will do for money.So if your... Read more

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On or about 5/25/2014 , I signed up for a 1 month subscription with , knowing that the automatic renewal would take place if I did not cancel prior to the renewal date ! I took all the necessary steps in-order to prevent this situation from accruing . Yet on 6/27/2014 a billing company (ELN)ALMOUROLTEC,LDA with-drew $97.50 from my account ! My bank can not contact this billing... Read more

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I received a text from someone named Alex saying we met a few months back. I have never used this type of site and am so upset I may go to the police to male a complaint Add comment