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I subscribed on ChristianMingle 6 months ago, I just wonder how many people really read the policy thing when they just want to purchase something? I just used that website for 2 months and I have already wasted the monty for 4 months then I just forgot I am still a member of that suck website. Now they just charged me another 6 months fee yesterday and I called to tell them that I don't want to... Read more

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This site should be removed and all people involved should be put in jail. The women are working for Ashley Madison setting behind a computer. They cannot tell you anything about the city they live in because they are not even near the city they say they are from. Nothing more than a hoax. Also I was told that my money would be returned and then told I would not have my money returned in another... Read more

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Hi I tried to place an order online and I called the 888 number for the avenue and I have been a Customer with the Avenue and tried to place an order and received no help with my problem I had while placing an order on line, I spoke with the employee named: Siles emp# 2526 and received no help Add comment

The guy I met turned out to be an alcoholic and crack addict - - he seemed nice when we first met, we spoke for over a week to get to know each other a bit before going on our first date. I found out a lot about him that he pays hookers, uses crack cocaine and can't control his liquor. He is also on many other sites. He is dangerous, he put me in dangerous position in Atlantic City when he... Read more

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It's sucks they lie to you ! Add comment

I am thoroughly disappointed with the service I've received from IJL. From the sales person misrepresenting how quickly the service worked, the number of eligible matches the service has to choose from overall, and the number of perfect guys she had ready to set me up with at contract signature, who were perfect for me and exactly what I was seeking but were never ever presented and I never... Read more

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Met a man & dated him awhile. I am a widow & he advertised that he was widowed. Eventually discovered thay not only was he not a widow, he still lived with his wife of 30 years when we met. He walked out on her without telling her and disappeared from her life thinking I would marry him. It disgusted me & now i will not try any dating sights! Add comment

I signed up for 3 months as an upgrade & they took a years can I get it back?? Add comment

It's just lunch - unethical, immoral, misrepresented their services, no return on large $ investment Add comment

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  • May 01
  • by anonymous
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Very few matches. Broadened search area to 300 miles; then got matched to people over 1000 miles away. Matched with people much older and younger than parameters. Website hard to navigate. Poor customer service. Add comment

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