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Related categories internet dating site is that site a scam? Mate1 Notice is that also a scam? Just asking if it's a scam as well. I have always just went for the free basic service and always waited to see if any women respond.I think is a scam as well. I've my e-mail on every site that I've a profile on and no women ever contact me except the cam ***! Rude FInders use... Read more

Was this review helpful? 1151 398 (formerly members have launched smear campaigns all across the Internet against me, Shanda Lancaster (as well as all my past married names and maiden name), on complaint sites just like this one. These people are terribly dangerous bullies and should be avoided at all costs. Any and all posts about me by these anonymous people are ridiculous,... Read more

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They tell you it is free to sign up. Then when you sign up they want to offer you a speciel offer of 0.98 for three monthes and then you have to cancel. There are no millionaires on this site. just a bunch of scammers and smucks like me who all want the same thing. Then when you try to contact customer support. FORGET IT! They give you an E mail forum to write to. I still have not heard back... Read more

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I was a member at AFF and on several occasions they supposedly made errors and when I demanded correction they offered me only free time added to my membership. Twice when I had my AUTO-Renew turned off, AFF would turn it back on, charge my account the fee, then turn it back off. They did that again this month and I was furious and demanded a credit to my bank for the charge and cancellation of... Read more

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I am so angry! I signed up with eharmony for the 3 month subscription and they just auto-renewed my membership which 1. I didn't want and 2. they have no option for a refund after they auto-renew your membership! I find this to be very shady business practices as they make it seem like there is a refund option, however once they auto-renew YOUR account they don't even give you a 3 day... Read more

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You know how almost every site online nowadays is a scam? Yeah well for some reason I always thought fuckbook was a real site where you can actually get laid. I instantly received inboxes from girls as soon as I signed up for the free account. Once I got the nerve to make up my mind and pay for it, I clicked on a good affordable deal. I subscribed and only hours later when I noticed that the... Read more

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If you are a guy looking for a woman, do not, I repeat, DO NOT spend a dime at Amateur Match. I started with a free account where 6 - 8 women a day were sending email com-ons to me. A friend had said he got great women from this site and so I thought, OK, I'm getting some good e-mails. I am very attractive man and do attract hot looking women on other dating sites. After about a week or so,... Read more

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Resolved 100% FULL

Well well. My shaadi id is SH42277392 and Everyone needs to read what happened to me. Joined this *** website hoping to find a wife. Submitted a photo id proof after which calls from sales agents started,After a week of several calls i decided to sign up as gold member (big mistake) Within 10 days of using membership, My account got locked suddenly and when i contacted them. They told... Read more

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Over the course of the last month, I have witnessed not only harassment against myself on nearly every topic I have participated in, but I have also witnessed the same harassment, bullying, profanity, sexual insults, stalking against other posters as well. This website has a major flaw, in that it allows anonymous posters to assume the same identity as legitimate users and harass me. The major... Read more

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How do I delete the account? Read more

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