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I would like my profile deleted yevette62 my ex has changed my profile an has said things that are not true.Please delete email address is my # is 407 655 5008 Add comment

Hi ! I paid 69 dollars and my account still not credited. Can u help me with that ? Thanks Add comment

Why am i banned from pof i dont understand Add comment

Some one is used my account, which i have detel .over a year ago. Add comment

not impressed. They limit you on messages you can send a day and charge you a high rate. Customer service is horrible. Go with a free site. Add comment

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I won't to block foxy k now.I now who she is and I do won't to block her tonhait thanks Add comment

Will not take my pass word why. what happen is the site down. Been with pof for over a year. what is going on? Why is this happening? What has happen? Why can I not log into plenty of fish. My e-mail address is my user name pops up but nothing on password. Why. Please tell me as soon as possible. Now today please. one hundred are you joking. What kind of scam is this. I... Read more

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I am having problems on plenty of fish with women not wanting to talk to be friends and date as I am trying to meet a lover and friends you don't have to go out with the. mates you chose if your not attracted to them or have no interest in it seems no one gives me a chance only met one women it turned out she could have been related to me.I like some of the friends but that is just it friends and... Read more

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They are accusing me of cheating and rigging the votes even though my fans voted for me. All my fans were real and its not right to kick me out of a competition because someone might have thought I was cheating but I was not. I am guessing they make there money by accusing people of cheating and kicking them out of the competion of which is not right and that is stealing from people. This scam... Read more

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I think something like this, novel idea as it seems, is merely encouraging people to narrow their minds rather than take a realistic view into accepting people as individuals with individual needs. Worse case scenario is that an unrealistic mind will end up feeling prejudice against ethnic minorities simply because they could not not meet their needs and expectations which is dangerous. And... Read more

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