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I am beyond livid right now. As a new designer, since joining this company all I have encountered is bull ***. They say that they respond to emails in a 24-48 hour time frame. That is a lie. I have emailed them as well as my upline for the past month over incorrect PV in which they finally emailed her back today saying that it was correct. I don't know how more specific I can be. This joke of a... Read more

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I just received a call from a "woman" representing National Small Business Alliance. It took me a few minutes to realize this was a robot call; the "woman" finally made a mistake and repeated a sentence twice, then failed to answer my question. Her pitch was the same as those I've subsequently read on this site. This is not a legitimate "alliance" or even a legitimate loan company as far as I... Read more

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You should avoid First Data for many reasons. As others have said, they rip you off. Last year I processed about $11K in credits cards with them and was charged about $1k in fees. This is well above what my understanding of the charges was, by about $600. Second, they don't give you a detailed report, or basically an invoice of charges. This is very problematic when you go to file your taxes as... Read more

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SCAM ARTISTS. 1. Unusable online systems from circa 1998. Flash-based. DOES NOT WORK on many computers. Stay away. 2. Does not follow up with documentation needed for FSA charges in a reasonable manner. I first learned of a pair of charges (over $300 total) that they wanted documentation for in JANUARY of the next year. Past the IRS deadline. They tried reaching out to a work email ONLY that... Read more

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The National Small Business Alliance is a scam. I'm on a ride where they ate stealing my money and I can't find a way off! Help! Add comment

I got involved with ACN as a means to make income over and above my retirement. If you work hard you will make money. I got paid over my $499 sign up fee just this month for actually going out and obtaining customers. You will reep what you sow in ACN. Work hard and you can make a lot of money, work a little you will make a little bit of money. If you attend the conventions, pay for the business... Read more

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After being promised from multiple reps that I had over a hundred customer in my are waiting for working to be complete, I had received one phone call over nine months of being a member. I had worked with the sales department and completed the suggestions of how to generate more business after completed there requests I had the receive my one call and was not able to set up an estimate to get in... Read more

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I just don't understand how people can be pissed off about a company that requires them to do work to see results based on the amount of work you put into it when most of the people here trade 40+ hours a week to a company that undervalues them everyday, including myself, only to give all your hard earned money away to companies and CEO's that leverage their workers to do the same thing. No one... Read more

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Wcap Financial is changing its name from/also does business as Seed Capital ( They are likely changing names probably because they have so many bad reviews associated with, go ahead and look it up, looks like they rip business owners off for thousands. They offer credit/financial services, then open up a bunch of credit cards for you,... Read more

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