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I am still waiting for my parcel to arrive as of now. I am very peeved that I had to cancel plans because I had to 'sit around' waiting for you to arrive!! People aren't sitting around at home all day, you know. We have things to do. The piece is very important, I can't complete a job without it and am being paid a very large sum of money for it. Every day I wait is another day I don't have that... Read more

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I guess I'm not alone in my dismay over FedEx holding packages at their warehouse because they are "not yet due for delivery". I should have ordered via UPS ground. I'll know next time. Last month I ordered from a business in Southern Ca., but in another county about 1 1/2 hours drive from me. It was shipped UPS ground. I was stoked when it came the next day, despite being the more budget of... Read more

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I asked UPS to redirect a package which was sent to me. Called the customer service line. They said it would be $6 for admin charge...fine. They then said there would be a transportation charge. I said how much is the transportation charge to this other address? (I gave them the new address). They said they didn't know and the computer couldn't tell them. Ok.... It's like going to a... Read more

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Worked at their general office for two and half years. Worst job ever. Please no one work for them. The owner Matty is the worst person ever. So happy with my job right now which is with one of the biggest transportation company in the US. Way better then central Add comment

I will NEVER use UPS for anything after today. They have horrible customer service! I ordered a replacement phone on Sunday afternoon it was supposed to be shipped next day, I was aware that means business days so it would come Tuesday. The package was processed Monday at 5:32pm and supposed to be on its way, so I waited until 5 this evening and nothing came. I checked the tracking and it... Read more

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Who's leaves a package at the front door at an apartment complex? A dumb retarted UPS person Add comment

I sent a package to LBC don antonio quezon city to ship to U.S. last june and until now its already september i haven't got it. They said it was sent back to the phillippines due to some taxes needs to be paid. They didn't inform us they just send it back. Ive been calling the branch and there customer service but all i got are incompetent agents and all they say is that it's not on there... Read more

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Our company was over charged on separate 3 invoices. We contacted our local sales rep who was no help and rarely responded. We filed a form through the company website. The request was "respectfully" denied. We were charged over 2 times the rate quoted to the shipped on one of the invoices! On another invoice, we were charged $20.00 more than Old Dominion would have charged. The customer... Read more

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I am writing this comment expressing my disgust with how the TNT Express courier company's customer service attitude is and the lack of communication between representative and its managers. TNT has the right to suspend an account for late on payment, however, to trash me personally as a deadbeat not paying the invoices is uncalled for. I have escalated the comments made by the Credit Manager... Read more

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Customer Service with TNT is by far the worst to deal with. TNT customer service is short staff and and when calling them on their 800 number, it's always a "there's nobody here to take your call. Someone will get back to you in 24hrs". 24hrs? The customer service agents will not call back within the twenty four hour period. They will not give out direct telephone numbers unless i speak to the... Read more

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