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Waiting for package your driver went to the wrong address gave it to someone that wasn't me now that person wants me to pay them to get my package.what I think you should start doing is ask for id not just signing anyone can claim to be that person. I'm a female the person who received it was male. I am not very happy with your UPS drivers. I've never been in a situation like this before. Ive... Read more

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Putang ina nyo wala naba kayong ibang sabihin sa costumer nyo kundi delayed mukha kayong pera walang kwentang serbisyo nyo .ang bagal nyo subra na talaga kau.kapal ng mukha nyo DNA ba kau nahiya. Add comment

They turned up at my home unannounced on a Monday when I was at work and demanded £363 in duty fees, and took the parcel away when the money wasn't in the house. I then paid online from work and scheduled a redelivery for Friday, and booked Friday off. Sat home all morning, waiting for my delivery slot of 10.30 - 12.45 and no parcel. At 12.20 I saw a banged up unbadged tatty white van parked... Read more

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Ordered a part from Italy paid premium for delivery by Friday 3 days was guaranteed it would be ontime losing £1,500 an hour not having it, according to tracking the parcel made its over 1000 mile journey in the first day then is stuck at feltham depot repeatedly forgotten (yes really) it says left at depot it's now Saturday and they don't work weekends (in this day and age) and I cannot have... Read more

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We shipped a family heirloom that their shipping partners put a forklift through. Their franchise and franchise manager will not pay us or take calls. The brand is untrustworthy. Stay away. Crooks. They will take your money and not stand behind their service. The franchise tells you that they are small and there are no standards. Their corporate office in California will also not answer calls.... Read more

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One week ago I became an Amazon Prime member and got a benefit to receive all purchases in 2 days for free by this retarded carrier - UPS (otherwise it's USPS). This fast and free delivery turned in 1 day of headache and additional 3 days of delay, so I'm waiting for packages for almost a week. At first they marked my address as undeliverable, cause no appartment number was supplied for a house... Read more

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I had my deposit stolen by transport auto 123 after canceling out my order with the dispatcher he deliberately still took it in his own has to take deposit off my card there went the college tuition money I spent to transport car was told would be refunded but know one called and when I called I was told that the person I named did not workthere or know one answered iI advise not to use this... Read more

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I was supposed to receive a package about two days ago. I payed extra money for it to be here by then and it still hasn't come. Add comment


I sent an electronic circuit board back to Belgium for a warranty repair. The custom documents clearly showed this but Customs charges were added to the package. My receiver at first refused to pay the charges and I attempted for 3 days to get UPS to bill them back to my UPS account. I lost track of how many email and calls I made. I was told it was taken care of but nothing ever happened. The... Read more

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My landlord ordered a fridge from sears. I was told to wait from 8am to 5pm on a Friday for the fridge. It had not come by 2pm so I called sears. I found out they had a mangled version of my address on file, but I just told them the correction assuming that would take care of things. 12 calls to customer service later they still verify my address as the incorrect one. The fridge is still not... Read more

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