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I scheduled a delivery tracked it for a week. delivery day i take time off work and sit 3 feet from my front door. i get a email we missed you open door to a sticker. the driver never knocked or anything. Very very unprofessional i will never use them again. I then call customer service who tried to blow me off and said we will schedule it again for the next day like i can take countless days off... Read more

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Items were delivered to the wrong address and 'signed' for by a person who was not even working at that facility. Was on hold for 90 minutes before giving up for the day. $2000 worth of gear disappeared and no one is able to solve the problem. DO NOT EVER USE USPS unless you enjoy gambling with your money. Also... Don't buy from companies that only ship via USPS since they end up being just as... Read more

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Shipped my pregnant niece a "baby box" disregarding her request not to do this until the second trimester. The box was run over by something very large. It destroyed the integrity of the box and contents but left the perimeter intact enough to handle so they delivered it anyway. There was so much obvious damage, the delivery person didn't even knock. 2 tea cups reduced to shards which... Read more

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I have a package i have been waiting on since Dec 19th. The package was sent to chicago and the tracking stops from there. I have called and called and called to find out what im suppose to do, since the package NEVER arrived I NEVER got a call back from "Rachel", and I have understood she needed help... however IGNORING my problem was not going to make me go away. I have called approx 6 times,... Read more

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Driving like lunatics on an estate that has children playing. Tell your drivers if they are delivering on the kingsmere a estate eastboune to be sensible or next time I'm going out there and I'm gonna rip the shot out of the driver. Add comment

LBC.. this company is full of sheet,.. Hiring imbeciles, *** PEOPLE. Ever since I moved to the UK I've been using their service from balikbayan box to remittances. But recently there was an emergency in the Philippines I was trying send £1,000 but their system wouldn't allow me, told me I need to be verified otherwise to change the amount to £399, which I did since you never told me how to get... Read more

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Hi, Everybody! I sent the package to Russia and paid 200 USD for that. A bit later, I got my package back and wanted to understand what happened. I was explained that there were some customs issues and they could not deliver it. Ok, that's fine but I supposed somebody might explain that before I shipped it because it was a gift to my friend there. The manager told me to call on their claim line... Read more

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My box haven't delivered yet it's already arrived in Manila month ago and still waiting to deliver to my family in Caloocan city... What's going on??? Add comment

It's been 5 months since I sent my box to Chicago going Manila and it's says in the tracking that the box is already arrived in Manila a month ago and still not yet delivered to my family.. Add comment

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