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Sent a package via Air and was told by LBC representative in Concord,California that it will take 7 to 10 days for the package to arrive in Metro Manila.I sent the box on February 15, 2015 and it is now March 2 and nobody seems to know where the package is I called your 800 number so many times and was told that they will call me back but until now no one calls and tried to call all day today... Read more

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I am an international customer (living in Singapore) and am contacting you here because your website has proven completely unhelpful to me. In October last year, I ordered a birthday gift from the US for my boyfriend, who lives in the Netherlands. A few weeks after the seller confirmed that he had sent the item, it had not arrived, so I decided to follow up on it. He and I both contacted USPS, to... Read more

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Click the shipping cost estimate before you print the ticket: UPS is charging a fuel surcharge of around $3 for fuel increases that occurred years ago. Now that prices have dropped over a $1 in the last year, UPS has not dropped the fuel surcharge. Why not? Apparently it's because the customers haven't noticed or because UPS keeps the charges so cleverly hidden. Also, UPS charges you an extra... Read more

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Ordered an item from eBay. On2/23/15 they sent me notice that it had shipped. Late on 2/24 I checked tracking and it said the package had left Anaheim, Ca. and was in transit. This is now 3/01 afternoon and it still says exactly the same thing. Apparently my package has been stuck in limbo for five days now─or maybe it's going around the world in a westerly direction. Why do they pretend to have... Read more

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I am supposed to have a scheduled pick-up XL boxes today (sunday). I went to LBC lucky plaza and paid for the boxes yesterday and was assured to have my boxes picked up today. Unfortunately, nobody came till 10pm. I called their hotline 20x the whole day but no one pick up the phone. Even the lucky plaza phone number is not available. Due to desperation, i went to LBC express lucky plaza around... Read more

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Hi everyone! I just would like to share my wonderful exp with DHL SOHAR Oman. THANK YOU wouldn't be enough. This company has been instrumental for the expedite processing of my family's visa. Special thanks to their manager, sir Hilmi, who even went beyond his duty just so those documents reach me on time. Thank you very much.More Power to you all. Add comment

I got my package a week after the estimated delivery date, the tracking said that there is a problem with my packecge, so I tried to call, and here it starts. a machine picks up you have to talk to a machine that doesn't have the option you want, you can't talk to a person, that sucks, i didnt know where my packege is, and what i should do. usps should make a option you should be able to talk to... Read more

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I was told via their automated system that my package was out for delivery 2/28/15 at 6:37am. I waited home all day for that package and at 6:18pm your system updated information saying Delivery exception Local weather delay - Delivery not attempted. The weather was super sunny and beautiful today. This is the 5th time I've had a customer send me a package using FEDEX and the 5th time their... Read more

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My package was supposed to be delivered yesterday. It arrived in my small city yesterday morning. It is still sitting there. It has not been sent out for delivery BUT FedEX emailed me last night saying my package was being delayed due to bad weather. BULLHONKEY! We do NOT HAVE BAD WEATHER. AT ALL! They are only using it as an excuse to be late in the delivery of this package. We have no rain.... Read more

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FedEx sucks at delivering at all. They expect people to just know when the *** a package will be home deleivered. So I learned they only do it twice a week. Thankfully I have a full time job. And they decide it's my fault that I "keep pushing the delivery back". Any thanks to no information or estimation on when my package would come, I have to wait four *** days. Thank fedex for your horrible... Read more

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