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Box was shipped 10/13/2014 at your Redlands, CA office and was told that it would take about 30 days. I shipped three boxes ans two of them were received last week. The last box with the above tracking number arrived at Sucat center and at 10:30 AM, Philippine time, December 23, 2014, it is not received yet and Ms Monteza, the intended recipient could not go any where, just keep waiting for her... Read more

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I ordered a washer/dryer combo off of the sears website - the website accepted American Express payment. Delivery date and time was arranged to Victoria BC with email confirmation. On the day of delivery no one showed up. No phone call received so I called their oh-so-not-helpful call centre in BURMA at which time they tell me they could not deliver my appliances due to my address being non... Read more

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Well I ordered a package that was supposed to be here like a week ago, but for some reason it shipped one area, shipped back to Charlotte, departed, and arrived back in Charlotte. That just makes no sense to me. This is the second time fedex has done this and if I had my own choice they would be the last company to ship my stuff. Add comment

FedEx admitted having delivered one of our Christmas presents (ordered from WalMart through their web site) to a wrong address. My wife talked to the company trying to explain that we paid for the delivery so that it would arrive before Christmas, and that just trying to retrieve it from the wrong address might not work, because the package might have been opened and/or damaged. When my wife told... Read more

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Poor service! 1 person in the office at 2000 San Fernando in Los Angeles Add comment

I'd never heard of UPS MI till this holiday season when 2 things I ordered online were shipped through them. Both packages took almost 2 weeks to get to me. One package is still sitting at my PO because there is postage due on it. I've always been satisfied with UPS and USPS services, but when they get together, evidently they become toxic. From here on out I will make sure that UPS MI is not... Read more

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Posted 2 old iPads to uk from Saudi, value 3500 SAR, held up in UK for 5 days. I had to contact them, sent email to there clearance department explaining - they had 2 iPads valued at 3500 US Dollors; know Apple is expensive but that is ridiculous. I have had no contact from them even after numerous calls requesting the package was expedited and for callbacks. Package still in Stanstead UK, just... Read more

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Every single time I order something off amazon and its being delivered through UPS we NEVER get the package on time. Right now I'm currently waiting on a package that was supposed to be delivered the 19th of December and now its the 22nd and my package is still in the same place it was for the last 3 days. On the tracking status its been out for delivery for 3 days. And its literally only 4 towns... Read more

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We sent boxes to the Philippines, it was picked up on Sept. 20,2014. They assured us that it will be recieved before christmass cause they said that it will only take 60-65 days but its already 3 months. How could this company keep advertising that they are reliable and can be trusted? Lots of customers are complaining thru social media and sending messages but they don't reply and just ignore... Read more

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