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This company is awful! Called and spent 50 minutes on hold to ask what the stAtus is on my bed and the call was disconnected. Do they only have 2 people working at this Cracker Jack operation. Add comment

Paid $85.61 Sent a FedEx package to Mexico the recipient had to pay again in order to receive her package. When i tried to send a survey online to FedEx it ask for a ten digit phone number but kept telling me it was a wrong answer. To bad the FedEx team member did not have the courtesy to in form me a possible axtra charge on the delivery. Contact number again. 972 684 4006. Read more

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I never transported a vehicle, therefore, I needed detailed information on how it worked. I specifically stated that this vehicle needs to go on July 28. When I found out that it wasn't going to be picked up on that day, I canceled. A customer service representative named "CASEY" (female, or at least sounded like one), heard my legitimate reason for canceling and promised to look into it further.... Read more

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At 730p on 7/28 I was out walking my dog when I heard something rumbling down the road soon followed by a blaring horn when I was already off the road. Speed limit is 20 mph but must have had a deadline to meet. Sure enough less than a minute later I heard the horn again and saw a guy and his kids riding their bikes come up the road. To make matters worse as I turned back up my road there he... Read more

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We recently ordered a table for our dining area and we had to a wait a week and half for it to come. First downside was that it was scheduled to arrive from 12 pm to 5pm and it arrived at 9 AM, when we weren't even expecting it. One of the chair legs was broken in half, and there were some chips in the wood here and there. The UPS driver probably took it on a long ride and probably broke it, or... Read more

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this is the worst transport company we have ever dealt with. they attempted to deliver last Wednesday (without a forklift, needed as cargo was heavy), then they said on Thursday. Every time "we" would call in just to find out that it had been re-scheduled for Friday, then Monday between 11-1pm, then from 2-4pm and now for tomorrow. Are they serious???? Obviously NOT. We are a very serious and... Read more

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You guyd *** up and I don't have my package and I payed over night and I still don't have it and I order it July 24 2014 and I'm not happy if you want to contact. Me my number is 440-305-1220 Add comment

On Monday, July 28 2014 at approximately 9:30 am, I was on Jones Branch Dr. in McLean VA at a stop light to make a right onto International Drive. This is a large intersection with THREE right hand turn lanes. Drivers can only make right hand turns on red when they are in the far right lane, drivers in the other two lanes have to wait until the light turns green. I was in the middle lane. A... Read more

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1/UPS, left a card to say you were not in so dropped parcel at dropoff point 2/Went to dropoff point next day (Satuday), not there 3/UPS said they will contact depot 4/Depot phoned and says we have parcel but it is locked in cage and the managers are refusing to come to open the cage so you can't collect 5/Poor guy in depot said you are the 10th caller this morning and yes it is a bad service... Read more

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I booked a collection from my house through my for an ebay parcel with mixed goods in it, which was to be delivered within 3 days. I had a day off (work for which I do not receive pay as I work for an agency) to wait in all day for the collection i had booked, which never happened. I received a txt at 10 pm that night to say that they were sorry but the collection would take... Read more

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