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I was searching online on oogle for an english bulldog puppy. I came across a profile that had a picture of a white english bulldog puppy for sale supposingly located in Lynn, MA. Contacted the person through an email address listed as . This is what he wrote... Hi,thanks for your interest in this my lovely puppy she is available and she is called NANCY,I am very sorry... Read more

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If you check facebook and sites like this: you will see A&E screwd-da-pooch. Not Uship either: Thats it! Let the whole world into our world without any regulations or licensing. Sick of this! For better service without getting ripped off by Uship, I highly recoomend you use instead. NOT uship:... Read more

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I got suckered by the $19.95 a day rental ad plastered all over their rental vehicles. Only fter scheduling a delivery, I learned there is not only a $.79 per mile charge, you also have to fill the tank, lest you be charged another $30. So, my 35.5 mile rental ended up costing me 4 times as much as the $19.95 - yes I was charged a whoppping $80 for a what is really a very little trip. I ended... Read more

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I order car parts online alot. IN the last year I have only received parts shipped fedex on 3 occasions. The first time their website tracking info said my package would arrive on a Saturday. I was pretty happy because I thought it was going to take until Monday. Well Saturday came and the website said it was on schedule, Saturday evening came and my package didn't arrive, on top of that the... Read more

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I could of been a victim of Oodle, 8list and Uship if it weren't for this website. I thank all of you who have posted experiences with Oodle, 8List and Uship. I was able to stop the process before losing any money. I contacted Oodle and 8List to report the scam. I seen a puppy I was interested in my area, but the owner wanted to ship the puppy then I became suspicious so I googled Uship and... Read more

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I'm amongst many who have made the mistake of having an item shipped by FedEx smartpost. I did a little research, and it turns out FedEx bought out a small third-party company called Smartpost a while back and are using this service without letting you know in advance. I mean, I ordered something online and it said it would ship via FedEx, so I bought it thinking I'd have tracking and it... Read more

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I spent the entire day waiting for a package. At 5:01 pm the Tracking screen reports: 2:41 "Customer not available or business closed" This is an unadulterated LIE. Not only have I been here all day, but the place has had people in-and-out of it all day long. Cars are in the lot, the doors are unlocked. There is NO WAY that the diver could have thought the offices were closed or that nobody... Read more

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I recently had a ridiculously complex delivery ordeal thanks to UPS. I live in England, but the only complaints info I could find online related to US deliveries, and even that was vague. I called them and finally managed to drag their UK Complaints Dept email address out of them. The address is and you should address your mail to the Concerns Department. According... Read more

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I ordered an item online on October 11th. My item shipped from seller on October 12th and was shipped Fedex. I paid for the product. I have tracked my package and it's on "clearance delay" in Memphis, TN. My expected delivery date was October 18th. It is now October 19th and my item is still on "clearance delay". When I called Fedex, I was transferred 3 times and was finally told that my... Read more

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I've been reading through the reviews here and I'm seeing that "delivery exception" seems to be a standard excuse for not delivering on time and it comes in multiple flavors. I too have been the victim of this response. Most recently (Saturday to be exact), I was expecting a package that in the morning was showing on their tracking site as out for delivery. Around 4:00, no package, so... Read more

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