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Paid a high premium for an overnight 8am delivery insured package with a very high value to be delivered to my home on Friday 11/28/2014. Supposedly they attempted to deliver my item at 0919 and stated no one was home…. No knock no nothing!!!! My house is very small and I was awake since 7am. Long story short won't redeliver until Monday 10/31/2014, nice scam fed ex, nice scam indeed…. Oh and... Read more

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I bought a 1500 dollar headache of a garage door. Your're getting ready to set up your garage door and install. When you start to unpack and start browsing through the parts and you notice that you're missing parts and also got a few sets of the wrong brackets. They decided to ship me a box full of right hand side brackets and parts. They have a problem packing the left hand side parts. Then... Read more

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We shipped package from NJ to my on November 19 which scheduled to be delivered on 20th. It's still not delivered and today is Nov28th. There drivers can't find a business address with a store front on a well known street. I lost my regular customer of $5000 monthly revenue because of this. How can I take action ? Add comment

Placed an Order through Amazon with delivery for Tues Nov 25th. The package shipped as expected and was tracked to the UPS depot in New Wilmington Pa as arriving on Tues Nov. 25 at 0231 am. By Weds I had not received the package and checked the UPS and Amazon tracking info which stated it was at the UPS facility but not on a truck for delivery. I went to the UPS facility, they told me it was on... Read more

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I expected my delivery Monday, according to tracking it was out with the driver.....I had this package delivered to me at work, where we receive all day long, from Fed Ex, Loomis, Ups, Canpar and yes, DHL. I get a notice there's a problem with the and confirm, everything day same problem. So I send it to my residential address. Same problem ensues for the next two days.... Read more

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Driving east on I-70 near mm 138 in Illinois. At 14:10 on a snowy road a Stevens truck # 13496 pulling trailer #12841 turned on his right hand turn signal and just moved over. We also in a semi had to slam on our brakes to keep from getting hit. Add comment

8000357902444LBC CSR manila take the booking 26 November gave all my information name and contact number and the pick up date 27 November with reference number.... but unfortunately the CSR staff enter a wrong contact number... I call again to follow up for the pick many times ( between 2:00pm - until past 10pm) but no one came to collect and their coordination manila - Dubai is not properly... Read more

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Got a delivery this morning. Driver came inside to warm up and grab a coffee that we supply to our customers, and claimed to be "warming up." In this time, our receiver had to unload the skids all by himself, literally climb into the truck to shuffle around other skids that were not for us, all in a snow blizzard and cold weather. Very unhappy with the laziness of the driver. Not only does it... Read more

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Received product paid in full. Immediately called and requested return shipping labels. Box I opened. No printer so labels mailed to me never received and was told would receive in 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS and labels only good for 14 days. Day 14 no labels received. Another call and promised labels would be sent. Deceptive company, delay tactics on money back guarantee return shipping paid. Can't get... Read more

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This is the worst delivery service. I cant believe newegg uses them since they must lose money wih lost packages. Lasers tracking is a joke. They claim attempted delivery several times and no one shows up. They say package delivered and no package at door. Laser has an automatic meaningless email saying they are looki g into problem but no one responds with a real answer. I will try to not order... Read more

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