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On Saturday, June 20th, around 10:30AM, I stopped by the UPS store on Washington street in Wellesley to inquire the status of two books we shipped on June 1st. My son went into your store with two books on June 1st and purchased an envelope for $4.18 (from your store) which he used to ship the books to Amazon. He handed a USB port to your employee to print the UPS label, which he did and then... Read more

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I was a Top Performer and the inmature, so called, managers, made lame excuses and fired me. I told one of them that he needed classes in Personnel and Time Management; it hurt his feelings.... poor boy! They are really lame at this location. Over the past year, they have fired nearly 100 employees. I hope they are paying an outrageous Unemployment Insurance Premium! Graybar has been in... Read more

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Lowes scheduled my delivery for 7/4/15 between 8 & noon. They never showed. after several calls several cut offs the drivers lied about coming to my house twice and no one was home. we never left the house at 3:30 I finally got someone who really checked. the drivers rescheduled for 7/10. I won't be home. Very frustrating extremely poor service. Nashua NH store will never use them again. I... Read more

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Prepaid Fedex from RockAuto. Auto part came to me without box direct from RockAuto with only a label adhered to the part without any packaging (photo availabe). Upon presentation to Fedex, package was refused because there was no packaging Told to enclose in cardboard to be accepted to ship. Returned home to package in a cardboard enclosure as was told that 'raw' part could damage other... Read more

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Package was to be delivered on 630. I called customer service and spoke with someone who could not speak English very well. He said my package was not delivered because the driver could not find Texas. Seriously? My order was reshipped overnight but still did not arrive. This time they told my that my address did not exist. That's strange since they found me for a different delivery yesterday. Add comment

Another victim of the Memphis Black Hole from 6/29 here. Item arrived for 2-day shipping on 6/29. It's now 7/3 and it hasn't moved, CS has talked out of both sides of their mouth, and I doubt I ever see my package. Shipper called FedEx on my behalf daily, FedEx took my info and promised to call. Still waiting on a call from 7/1 on 7/3. Shipper unable to get info out of FedEx. Story changing... Read more

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I ordered a mattress set from QVC and can't find it!!!! They haven't shown up to deliver it and if I have to, I will go buy another and QVC can have this one back with refunding my full purchasing price!!! Your company is really bad at fulfilling orders and I don't know how you stay in business!!!! Add comment

I have ordered several items from hay needle and it took over a month each time for delivery. My most recent purchase was delayed by 45 days. I ordered two outdoor ottomans, when they finally arrived the cushions were missing. I contacted the company and was told that the cushions were separate and cost additional money. I protested and said the website did not indicated they needed to be... Read more

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I send 2 boxes to the Philippines para pasalubong and it takes 5 months before it got there bumalik na ako ng canada Add comment

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