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Hi.. im mr.ronald. Please kindly tell tell from where i will pickup my "Riyadh Bank ATM Card". My iqama number is 2281940391.(mobile 0593463136) Tnx, Add comment

They denied me schooling just because Ive been to jail in my lifetime. The incident is well over three years old. Add comment

My husband sent a box from San Diego last USA last July 21, 2014 and was told that the vessel will leave in a few days, and also it will take 30 to 45 days to get here in the Philippines. Clear. When it was almost a month, we were checking it on their website, it was useless, you can't see anything that will help you find where the package is, so we called. Lo and behold, it is nowhere in sight... Read more

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I questioned if I would ever go to UPS after they lost 1 of 3 packages sent to me. Unfortunately the $1000 value of the package wasn't insured so I was out money. Fast forward 2 months, and I send a package next day ($ 133 cost). I insured it for $1000 and give instructions it has to get there or its worthless. I insured it to make sure it would get there. I give clear instructions the... Read more

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After one year I just now was contacted that I have an outstanding amount on my carport. ONE YEAR LATER! Not sure if I paid for it, but is it up to me to prove it one year later? I contacted main office they would not take responsibility for nothing and would not work with me on a fair payment after the fact. They want to be paid but they don't want to install or follow up with billing in a... Read more

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I started as a lease driver.I was put in a grey freightliner,Luckily i made it back.I told the shop howbad the truck was shaking the1st day out.Luckily i made it back,the ujoint cap was missing.This was 2.5 weeks later.I finally come back for my lease Volvo.I mentioned to shop that three druie tires was flat spotted and it needed grease job,all the fittings hadnt been greased.Boy you would of... Read more

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Here is the update about the complaints to the fedex people in Gardena, CA Branch. After checked the door tag, I found the date on it is wrong, that may be confusing and take the fedex guy some time to validate it, I apologize to say "You pretended to work on the system and told me the system is slow...", I just did not feel good to wait so long. Since it is the shipper who made the mistake on... Read more

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1. it took 2 hours to actually order a pick up for a shippment to Paris France. 2. 4 different people gave me different estimated prices for shipping a box weighing 6.0 pounds. All 4 people offered a 15% discount if I order shippment on line and pay with my credit card. 3. I was quoted $222.00 to ship 6.0 pounds including $4 for pick up and $800 in insurance. 4. they did deliver the box but then... Read more

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The people's attitude in Gardena, CA Branch is very bad, I came to pickup my package this morning with the door tag, they could not find it at first, then the guy(who said his name is Mark) told me the system is slow, and let me wait and he continues to work on other clients in line, the worse is he still let me wait even he finished all the clients and there is no other clients in the office. I... Read more

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UPS delivered a new lawn mower I had ordered online. Since there were no cars in the driveway and the UPS driver was apparently in a hurry, he didn't bother to check to see if I was home, nor did he bother to notice the eight security cameras recording his every move. He hoisted the box over my six foot gate & let it go! He couldn't see what was on the other side of the gate but obviously... Read more

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