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I just panicked as these are original marriage documents and affidavits and certificates being which can not be replaced and I might have to travel back to my wife's country to get and that will further delay us trying to submit papers for immigration!!! Paid $70.00 for just a few pieces of papers to be delivered. NO CHEAP!!!! Suppose to be delivered in 4 days. SO, we went online to check the... Read more

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UPS Store - Warranty Repair Went Awry
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On 5/12 I took a large item to the UPS Store in North Arlington TX off Lamar St for a pack and ship return option on a warranty repair being charged to the Guitar Center Pro Coverage account. I brought this item in with the shipping label and specific instructions on how to both package and bill this item with points in BOLD stating that the item needed to be double boxed or UPS would not cover... Read more

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As in every industry there are system failures and human errors. The important thig is how does a company pickup the pieces and try to make it hole again. The character of the staff at APX demonstrates that nothing is left to chance and if there is an error a human being is to the task to make it right. APX has a continous bond and an errors and omitions policy that covers any human error. ... Read more

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Shittiest service ever!!! Would never voluntarily use them

Overnight guaranteed not the case they said the package missed the connecting flight . This cost me money !!!! And they would not give me an instant rebate I'm sticking with the us post office

I ordered an $800 package from the States. I live in an apartment and mail comes through my door. Thought it was rather strange that my package had not come so I did some investigating with my shipper. He said its shipped and gave me tracking number again. So started inquiring with UPS which is absolutely useless. So after days go by I finally find the crumpled up UPS notices in the corner of... Read more

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So after waiting all day for ups to show up. It turns out the claimed they had already showed up. Left a tag with no info written on it. Looks like they just jumped out put a tag and moved on. It sucks that they don't have a way to complain on their website. Out of all the companies that deliver its always ups that wastes the most time.

Bastos ang agent ng lbc, name is chris julian!!! Upset n nga member because delayed ang delivery ng package, csr hndi p mrunong sumagot ng maayos which makes d cust more upset!!!! I think u should replace ang my hwak ng cust service dept nyo!!u can listen 2 d recording grabe!

Apart from UPS sending back something I might consider possibly vital (I'm being facetious, owning ferrets in Kentucky requires food shipped in from outside) , calling the "customer service" line was a joke. Not only did they transfer me to someone out of country, but all they did was offer excuses and block my suggested solutions (I offered to drive to get it and such). The neighbour, being a... Read more

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I ordered a storage shed from a company on ebay and paid $50 for shipping. The ebay seller was wonderful about communicating the expected delivery time, and since this was a large package I had to arrange for someone to be at my house when the shipment arrived. I got a call from SAIA a day earlier than expected, which was wonderful, to arrange a delivery time from their facility. We arranged for... Read more

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