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American Home Shield sent a heater furnace Tech to my house. He entered the crawl space for three minutes and told me it was wet under there and he could not get at the furnace. I had this checked out and it was BS. Three times a man came and one said he had to order a part. They then went to Oxford. This guy was a beauty. Two minutes under the house and would not do a thing until I installed... Read more

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These bad reviews are ridiculous. If you check the IP addresses where are all these negative comments are coming from, it proves that the competitors are the ones who are posting negative reviews, NOT former customers. Leaf Filter is a great product and was rated #1 by consumer reports. Consumer reports has been trusted with their nonbiased reviews of many products for several years. Please... Read more

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ADT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE IS INEFFICIENT AND DISINGENUOUS. I WOULD NOT TRUS THEM TO PROTECT MY HOME!!!I I just bought a 2 year old home with all the necessary security equipment. I called ADT to connect to their central monitoring. They insisted on coming to the house and REPLACING all the existing equipment - for "FREE". I told them this seemed wasteful and they could probably reduce their... Read more

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I am disabled and ameren shut off our electric.i looked online and amerenCAN help people pay their bills. It was over 90 degrees for about three days. All my food went bad our basement flooded and still is because we have a pump. Plus i have a shepard lab chow mix doggie and a cat. Plus we say in the car to cool off and was burning gas. They don't understand what the *** they put us through then... Read more

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I have been a loyal Costumer of Lowe's for years. It has been the first place I have shopped whenever I needed ANYTHING for me home. Am having so much trouble with my most resent order . I will NEVER set foot in a Lowe's again. They have lost me as a customer. Add comment

I want to advise anyone purchasing a whole house generator, to carefully read all materials including warranties first. We had our 20 KW Generac generator installed and maintained accordingly for 3 years. I week after the warranty went out, the board went out and replacement cost is 1400. for the part. We argued that the installment date and sell date were in question, but Generac would only... Read more

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I had my laminate installed in my condo back in January of 2008, with blinds on all windows, which ended up costing me almost $10,000! My condo is not even 1,050 feet. First of all the salesperson was nice and informative but when I called the next day to say I needed a day or two to think about it, the pressure was on for them to try and convince me to come out the next day (so I wouldn't... Read more

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Been with fahw for 3yrs+ and always had good response and service up until now. Washer pump failed, appliance contractor that fahw decided to use didn't have pump in stock, so had to wait 7 to 14 days on back order. Three weeks later, contractor comes back to fix washer and found another problem that should have been noticed during first visit. Contractor explained that it would be another 3... Read more

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I have had two appointments with Orkin Pest Control. I have yet got anybody out to help with our bug problem. I thought they where a #1 Company but if they were that they would NOT SHOW UP NOT ONCE BUT TWICE ,VERY DISAPPOINT. We will have to call someone else like the real #1 Pest Control Company starts with a T. Add comment

In 2002 I signed up with Monitronics to monitor my newly built house. From what I recall the contract was for 3 years (still looking for paperwork). End of May of this year (2015) I moved to another state. Called Monitronics several times well over 30 days before the move, to either move the service with me or cancel. Didn't get any answers on the move of the service so asked (on the phone) to... Read more

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