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Repair guy was supposed to meet someone to unlock my house (washer repair) He spoke with her as she was in route (10 min away). She arrived @ 9:20 finding a note stating he waited until 9:30. He reported to the company he waited until 9:40. She actually passed him on his way out! He didn't call her or anyone else before leaving! She contacted him as she was passing him, he refused to come back!... Read more

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Hired Stanley Steemer to clean carpets in 4 rooms. House was vacant-no furniture to move. They arrived on time. The two technicians spent more time trying to sell me on products and talk me into having them clean my tile in the kitchen than they did doing the actual cleaning of the carpet. They did talk me into a "protective coating" which I had them do. When they were done with one room, I... Read more

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Have sold the home under contract and unable to contact the cancelation dept. at AHS. After 40-50 minutes on the phone on 3 different occasions , still unable to get through. Called another department at AHS who was not allowed to cancel. After hearing how long we had been trying to cancel said she would have them call us . After a pause, she stated , they probably would "NOT" return our call .... Read more

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Terrible not only did they charge my credit card on file without my convent , I have had them ask for cash while in my home and one jack *** wanted me to call him with my debit card number on his own cell phone wtf!!! This is the worst experience !!!! Add comment

Was initially attracted to the Upromise membership benefits offered by Energy Plus. For the first 3 months, I had the same low rate for electricity (about $0.10/kwh), but then 3 months of constant increases (first to $0.13, then to $0.15, then to $0.18). I was paying double from the previous year for the same amount of electricity. What a scam. There's no rationale other than price gouging. ... Read more

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This company has The WORST!!! Customer service!!! Every time I call I always get someone that has an attitude,I get enough attitude on a daily basis and then I call to make a payment I get the same BS!!! Messed up part is this mom and pops place it the only company that services my area. I wish I could change companies.!!!!!! Add comment

The kitchener, ontario location owned by Matthew who also owns the cambridge location will make you wait almost two weeks for your final pay He is also giving me the run around of collecting my Record of employment, giving me no other choice but to use my local MP as well as a lawyer to try to obtain it. When you ask him when you can get your final pay or ROE,,he never had a direct Read more

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Adt has very poor customer service, they allowed a past due balance for three months, now I have spoken to them on several occasions but not once did they mention this past due balance until I made a request for a refund after suspending the service due to moving. So, my empty apartment in one state was protected while my checking got charged every five days over draft charges for twenty eight... Read more

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Disgusted. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I can see disconnecting someone if you are a new customer or maybe a month late. But 8 days. There isn't 1 company I deal with that does that. Not At&t, not xfinity not the water company or even my insurance company. Either the company's in trouble or the new CEO is sticking it to way for a company to raise revenue is... Read more

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I have asked to be taken off your call list. I am on the Fed no not call list which the called tell me does not apply. They will not stop calling I will never use your service due to constant calls which are sooooooooooooo annoying.I have reported calls to Fed site and now going to follow up due to the constant persistent calls with no resolve. OMG stop. I do know if you call them back a lot they... Read more

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