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Horrible work was done by Bathwwraps on my parents home. These are rip-off artists of the worst kind. My mom contracted Bathwraps to install a tub and wall liner in their main bathroom for $3500. This is a high price for this amount of work. A Bathwraps employee measured the area and assured my dad that the liner would "fit like a glove". When it came time to install, a number of weeks later, the... Read more

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Let me tell you about our experience with a WaterFurnace geothermal HVAC system at our house. We bought a $100,000 plus "high end" WaterFurnace geothermal HVAC system for our custom built house. We did our research about geothermal HVAC systems. We learned that WaterFurnace makes the best geothermal heat pumps and equipment, although their prices are also high. We discovered that homeowners... Read more

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If you need assistance for something you purchased at Sears, call 800-479-5899. That is an executive dept. that can help you more than anyone else. Don't call the regular service or delivery dept unless you want to talk to someone in Guatemala or the Philippines. I recommend researching, checking the reviews, before you purchase anything from Sears. Also, A&E appliance service is SEARS... Read more

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Power HRG -- Say 'No Thank You' If you just say 'No Thank You' to the nice guy dropped off in your neighborhood to sign you up for free estimates for new windows, you will not have to endure the experience my husband and I went through recently. Please note, after the fact we read the reviews for the company on various websites -- the bad reviews were very similar but I will take this one step... Read more

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Sears Holding Corporation (SHLD) CEO/President, Louis D'Ambrosio, Chairman, Edward S. Lampert, Divisional Vice President, Brian Carey, My family has been a loyal customer of Sears for several generations. Our purchases have included many of the services and products offered throughout the years, such as, appliances, clothing, tools, tractor, auto services, tires, batteries, home improvement and... Read more

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Beware of Butler Patches!!! They will promise you the product that you want, but demand payment of their invoice before they show you a digital sample. Once you pay, you have lost your money because I have been dealing with them for over 2 months: first job was not made correctly and the second, which I ordered over a month ago has still not been fulfilled. I was handed off from one rep (Imani)... Read more

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advertise for a 189.00 window, but when the sales reps come to home, nothing is 189.00. Read more

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The store in referance is located in Macon Georgia.On eisenhowser parkway. I have spent thousands of dollars with lowes,I BUY AND REBUILD HOUSES,I HAVE ALWAYS PURCHASED all that was avalabe at lowes,including tools. I have purchsed several Kobalt knives that has broken. Everytime that i would take one back to be warranty i would be told that i would have to replace it with the same style of... Read more

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I purchase alot of item's from walmart, food, and etc.- Dosen't Walmart screen their employees, before hiring? i couldn't even ask the girl a ?, as all she did was slam my groveries around while *** at 2 other Walmart employees-It's *** that one has to be trweated like this, when they are a customer- I was asking for change, when she so rudely slammed the register door, and... Read more

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The system never worked. It leaked under the shingles. They supposedly regarded a gutter under the system, but it never drained. The system works in light rain, but not in heavy rain where the water just shoots out over the gutter helmet system, basically negating the fact that you have a gutter. It grows huge icicles which are hazardous. It was also VERY expensive. I am disgusted and just... Read more

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