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My internet went down. The reps tried to claim my problem was in my home in an attempt to charge me for the service call. The next morning I asked my new neighbor if they had a problem. They told me they had a new install and the installer had to come out again to fix a problem he couldn't fix the day before. Long story short -the vice president of Charter called me after venting my wrath... Read more

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Came out, said he needed time to consult with "supervisor" and would call me back within two hours. Never called, spok with business owner twice therafter and no resolution. This is in Santa Fe, NM. 24 hour service, NOT!! Add comment

A review was done by Todd Laske and he was excessively negative w nothing positive to say while Home Depot had positive things to say to me. "You make a difference, Susan." He dwelt on his achievements instead, and not listening to me at all. He was Hostile, and again, verbally abusive to the point of me not wanting to work in that environment. Good managers don't act like that. You have the... Read more

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On July 2011 I started my business with moving . I was rated 4.5 star rated company not to mention any company who couldn't make to the job. My company was go to company. Sure I lost some money due to customer cancel in the middle of the job. The Moving cancel my account due to many customers cancel. First all everyone knows sometimes you can't control that. Anyway 3 years later... Read more

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Natural gas is coming to my area! No lie, I baked cookies and served hot chocolate to the gas guys running the pipes. I am dreaming about the day I get to break up with Suburban Propane. I literally can't wait!!! Add comment

the knive has chip in the blade an the tip broke off it didn't stand up 2 what they said spent a lot on it be cause they said it was good I don't think the blade should have chip that easy an the tip broke off would like them 2 replace it cause I spent 20.00 on it ive never paid that much for a knive would like to no if they would replace it Iam on a fixes income an 20.00 is a lot for me a would... Read more

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Dishwasher broke, had service come out to assess the problem. Service ordered part, which took 2 weeks to arrive. When Service arrived another week later, it was the wrong part. Not even from the same manufacturer. My dishwasher is a Kenmore and the part was a Whirlpool part. The wrong part could be forgiven, but one week from Christmas and the technician didn't even bother to offer to... Read more

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They left my door unlocked in New York City. What the ***. They also charged $391.95 to clean a one bedroom apartment. Never again. Not worth it. Add comment

We have our car and homeowners insurance with Erie. We have been with them for over 26 years. When a new agent took over they claimed they sent a bill for our homeowners insurance, a home inspection???, and a cancelation notice we got none of these, they also claimed they called to let us know our homeowners was up,for,renewal there was no message, nor phone call from them I have caller ID? ... Read more

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