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  • Zerowater
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Zerowster in a few words is THE BEST water purifier ever period Add comment

FRAUD ALERT - Renuen Corporation solicited Florida residents, targeting the elderly, through telephone solicitations for sale of home solar systems ranging in price from $4,000 to $30,000 each. These energy saving systems purportedly reduce the use of electricity to cool the home. The consumer was told they would receive an FPL rebate, a tax credit and a rebate from the federal government.The... Read more

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I have a Kitchenaid refrigerator model no.KSSC42QMS01 and it has the an electronic control unit similar to the VCC3 1156 01 F 04, mine is a VCC3 1156 08 A 02 and I'm having the same problem. I replaced my unit a year ago soon after the warranty ended. Now I have the same problem, no refrigeration. Both units were brown on the sides and the one replaced had parts fall out of it when I removed... Read more

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  • FPL
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FPL makes it easy to join ON CALL, but when you go to cancel it, good luck! I still can't figure out how to do it! Add comment


I have several concerns with this company. i have only been with them a few months, and its a brand new facility so i plan on lots of changes. however, when they tell me that if i get off the phone to take a pee break before its time for my break, it counts against your break time. they say get a drs note and when you do, it still counts against can that be? my other concern, is... Read more

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When I signed up for their service I thought I would. Have 24/7 service. I work Mon through Sat. Every other month there is a problem or rather error with my system. Either one of the sensors is not reading and I have to reset it daily, or the battery is low (when I put in a new one it does not fix the problem),the system just goes off randomly in the middle of the night, or the IFOB system is... Read more

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My first bill was over $100, and had charges from the previous renter. I moved in in April and was charged for March gas serverice. When I colsed the account due to a move for a job, I was charged TWO months worth. I used 9 days of gas service and was still charged a full months worth EVEN after I asked before closing account if I would be charged the full amount or prorated. I also stated I had... Read more

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This company over charges for their propane. They charge about twice the amount as other local propane providers. I had them pick up their propane tanks and they charged me to pick them up without telling me they were going to do so. They also tried to bill me for propane that I did not authorize that their tech accidentally over filled in our tank . I prepaid for the propane and that was all I... Read more

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Two people have now come to my door with this ridiculousness. First guy got rude when my husband told him no, the second guy spoke so fast I could barely understand what he wanted in the first place. Needless to say they cannot do anything to your bill. Add comment

Not satisfied with service rendered. Basically two different servicemen came out and the both said different things...bottom line American home shield costumer service said they were going off of one of the provider findings. ...we feel that the company is just taking consumers money....unhappy costumers after about 13 years of service.#lookingfornewwarrantycompany Add comment