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While I was in the hospital recovering from a Grand Mal seizure I fell behind on my payments. Once I was released and had income coming in again I called to make a payment because there was a disconnect notice in my mail. I called customer service and paid them $248.10 which was the amount the rep. said that I owed. Just got another bill for over 90 dollars saying it wasn't the correct amount and... Read more

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My home was infested with termites. I called Blue Ribbon Pest Services, LLC & spoke to the owner Ralph Berger. He seemed pleasant at first & I asked Ralph for a specific price for the product he recommended. I only asked for 1 item just to try it out. Ralph quoted the price to me but when I went to purchase that item, Ralph quoted me a price $20.00 more than what he told me on the phone... Read more

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I had my stuff in storage with packrat for two months. Their prices are outrageous for monthly storage and when I moved out of state and I got behind they would not work with me. I spoke to two managers and the second manager was beyond rude! Add comment

Company cannot treat ants cause they won't spend money on good chemical. They use the cheapest chemical that doesn't work. I use another company that doesn't spray water and now my ants have gone away. My technician who was about to quit told me the managers wouldn't give them the chemicals that worked in order to increase their bonuses. They used cheap product and it's amazing they get away with... Read more

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My wife and I attempted twice to resolve our complaint directly to, but they just didn't care nor listen to what we had to say. We bought a zero water pitcher and after about 3 to 4 weeks we started to smell dead fish and couldn't figure it out. Much to our surprise it was coming from the zero water filter. We bought a new filter and it lasted about 3 or 4 weeks, and again the dead... Read more

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I was never a customer or client of American Disposal nor did they ever pick up one bit of trash from my house. They are a rip off company! They are trying to bill me for $70.45 because I use to be with Republic. I was formally a customer of Republic and had a credit balance of over $40 when I cancelled them because of *** poor service. I switched to Waste Management. I am now getting debt... Read more

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100% FULL

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - I was robbed by a BENJAMIN FRANKLIN employee
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We hired BENJAMIN FRANKLIN because we used them before in Texas & trusted the name. Big mistake! Here in Fort Myers & Cape Coral area you get conned out of cash money, robbed of about $50,000 worth of jewelry and have to hire another plumbing company to correct their mistakes. Perry Sisson, the owner & Carolyn, his girlfriend & manager, assume no responsibility for the plumbing... Read more

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Have had gutter helmut for several years and it works just fine. Lately it did not work during a spring rain. I called the local office, and asked for someone to stop by when they are in the area and look at the situation. About 2 weeks later the crew arrived unannounced, fortunately I was home. I pointed out the issue and they wanted to look at the gutter. I got my ladders out of the garage and... Read more

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I drove to Germantown, Ohio to meet the movers who were a "no show". It ruined my plans for the day today. I called the number for Days Home Service and left two messages and they did not return my call. Days Home Service is not a company than can be counted on to keep their word. I consider this a very bad business with bad manners as they did not even return my phone calls though I called... Read more

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Clearview rep banged on my door - VERY loudly, even though our apartment building is small - and insisted I had no choice but to access Clearview. Demanded a copy of my electric bill. I told him I don't have it handy (I don't give out bills to strangers). He questioned me about that, like, what do you mean, yo don't have it handy. Insisted the law was on his side about switching over. I wasn't... Read more

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