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I will no longer shop at you store...still supporting 19 kids and counting. How could you? Add comment

Waste management has failed to take all my trash two weeks in a row. Even after several calls they assured me all my trash would be taken . I have unlimed services which means I pay more because I have more trash. Cheryl Riggs wellsville Ohio this is serious now I am pissed????????? Someone needs to contact me . worst case I will personally deliver the trash to the chester site Believe... Read more

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Facing Roofing, Siding or Gutter problem. Open google and type safe house exteriors. Call them. I think this the best solution of your problem. My name is Acres Green and I'm one of those guys who was facing roofing problem. After many researches I found safe house exteriors. The procedure was very simple and the best thing was no hidden charges. I recommend safe house exteriors to every those... Read more

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I wished I had come across this site earlier, I'm another consumer that was duped as the online search for part time helpers called up domestic one right at the top of the list with the well designed website complete with badges that say Entrepreneur Award, MOM Licensed etc ; I should have searched for internet reviews on the company before now i have to pay my dues here to warn... Read more

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Ive worked for this compoany in the past thought i was a team player but they laid me off. Then 15 other people were let go, no warning just gave us our pink slip and escort us out the door. Even had to hire security because people were really upset. Over all the company had allot off rough edges in management and other departments. I know most of the customers i met with were upset with them... Read more

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THUMBS DOWN!!!! of many very , very , very UNHAPPY customer.... POOR SERVICE ( of course ,only after the warranty was purchased) , POOR REPORT from their contracted PRESTIGE TECHNICIAN (his eval was overblown that it was going to cost too much for the washer to be repaired and will need to be replaced (despite the fact that the washer was working but we chose not to use it because was... Read more

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Phat Dao demanded a $500.00 deposit and did not perform the contracted work for home repair. He lost a claim in Jefferson County small claim court and was ordered to return the money-which he has not. The next step is to engage a collection agency. WARNING-he is dishonest and makes excuses for not completing contractual work He was given multiple opportunity to perform the work and when he did... Read more

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the whole block does not have any light I need somebody to call me at 95626 18093 is very important we have small children please Add comment

We have tried for 3 months to have 2 issues with our refrigerator fixed. First the repairman refused to fix the broken thermostat because he said it could be fixed at the same time as the leak in the water dispenser. He said Sears could just reimburse us for the spoiled food. 3 months later the door came. Imagine living with no refrigeration for 3 months! 20 plus phone calls including 1 to the... Read more

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Failure to complete belt replacement in clothes dryer in a timely manner among other over the years. Called and made claim about dryer not working. Took 3 days to get "diagnosis" visit. Issue was broker dryer belt, a 15 minute job according to tech. Said he had to order parts which i found out were available locally. Took 4 days to get parts. Had to wait a week to schedule repair. Asked for 30... Read more

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