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How can these people live with what they do I was lied to by certain members of staff at Carrick Wealth to move certain amounts of my finances into products they recommend. I am extremely disappointed as I have lost nearly all my investment and now left to seek legal advise. The owner of the company Craig feathery couldn't careless when I reported this matter. I have now spoken with the South... Read more

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Hoffman law group told me they could help me save my home, after giving them my six thousand dollars I could no longer get in contact with them. I wish someone could really help me. I really need this money . Because I may need to find a place to stay. If their is anyone out there who knows how to help us I am begging at this point. I have breast cancer and I am fighting for my life and I really... Read more

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Matthew Kent Baker cant be trusted. He has been screwing people in the bar business for 10 years and more! His reputation in the industry is horrific and everywhere he goes he associates with deception and manipulation. I have dedicated my life to ensuring this guy's truth be exposed. Go to and find out who this creep really is. And if you're... Read more

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Summer Harmon called my office twice and left messages with my employees for me (my prior married name) with a different social and birth date, asking to verify employment. They took a message twice for me. Each time Summer Harmon gave them the name and social. The third time Summer called, I was here. I took the call and she told me she was with GC Services and needed to verify employment... Read more

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They are in to get money I recommend doing layaway!!! I paid before the 90 day mark and they debit 450 in to my account on the last day! My bank notified me of the deposit.. Let me remind you I was at the 90day mark paid it ALL in full. Called crest up and to sum it up they quoted they don't know why it was deposited back and there wasn't nothing they can do! Really!! So in the end I payed double... Read more

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STORE # 170 - SANFORD, FL 32771 - Let me tell you what happens, I have purchased $300 in vinyl tiles from Family dollar and like I always do when I enter to Save a lot I leave my cart at front close to the window of the office, I have done this "Always" and before do it I always ask permission to a Manager or employee. My "cart from Family" was full with 25 boxes of tiles vinyl tiles, my husband... Read more

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greendot moneypak needs to b taking off all shelves
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i had received a account now prepaid debit card in mail i activated it. they say to go to nearest family dollar store and buy greendot money pak reload card. so i do all of the following i add 140.00 go home still 3 hrs later no money go bak to store they refund my money thinking we loaded cash wrong get another greendot card reload money go home call greendot money pak tell them bought card i... Read more

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Loans 4 all took $50 from account with promise of guaranteed loan offers and no one has yet to loan me Shhiiitttt! But they got my $50.00 and all is good for them at So needless to say that pic down below is how I look after weeks of surfing the web to try to come up with $8000 loan to put with my $23,000 for down payment on a semi.. tried 24/7 loans ...better choice loans... Read more

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they are trying to take advantage of my family and of many other people. I know that mattress one is in it with progressive to get customers to open an account with progressive and assure them that hey wont have to pay more, but when you call progressive they are charging you an arm and a leg for a mattress that doesn't even come with a pillow. Then when you call the mattress one store the guy... Read more

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My husband and I purchased our furniture using Progressive Finance in Feb 2014. We thought we could have it paid off in 90 days since that is what they give you to pay it same as cash. We ended up having to move again within 60 day of our original move thus causing a set back of more than 90 days. This is where they get you. If not paid in the 90 days then you the consumer are paying DOUBLE... Read more

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