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I got some furniture threw y'all. An when u got it I was told that u would only pay 311.85 a month until it was paid off. An now y'all r saying that u have to pay over 1000. An I don't understand what is going on. Add comment

They are a lie say they dont do a credit check they do Add comment

I watched the above companies destroy my Dads companies 35 years of hard work and my future as well and my Dads 4 other children as he was a single parent and their future. They had over 200 employees and my Dads had less than 10 employees and they signed over 20 MLS listing agreements and not one MLS listings has been proven to have been listed. They were hired to Sell and Lease my Dads large... Read more

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Knights of Columbus Secret Society and EX Knights 1) The Knights of Columbus is an business insurance cult. A) You are first provided an optional Knights of Columbus insurance membership form to join. B) You are required to attend a first degree ceremony. The first degree ceremony is only an insurance sales pitch. C) You are highly encouraged to visit an Knights of Columbus Insurance agent. D)... Read more

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I purchased a $350 reloadit pack and found they recently initiated some *** "safe" system now. Well it's nice and safe - from me being able to use. I can't access my safe and I can't use the funds that I put in there. I have spoken with their customer service multiple times and have been told that the issue would be resolved. It has been 14 days now and I still cannot access my safe! How in the... Read more

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They are horrible, I bought a tan couch and love seat for them and is so cheap I've had to send our back twice and they are trying to make me pay 1900 dollars for it when I can get the one I want for that. All the charges are doubled! I'm pissed. Come get this furniture I don't want it anymore I'll go somewhere else. Read more

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I too was scammed...buyer please stay away! I thought I was buying from coinbase.. I don't even know how I ended up on bitodex.. The website looks legitimate but obviously a complete lie. In either case they got my money and I received nothing it has been 48 hours and still no response from their online email option.. the site says it is based in NY however the paypal payment says NON-US... Read more

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This turned out to be RAC Acceptance Financial. I was told and had paper work showing my 90 days was up on Jan. 10 2015. I was not told that after that date I would accumulate more payments. I was not informed by that date that the 90 day same as cash didn't mean that I was paid up. I made two other payments February and March. Now they are asking for an April payment. I have been back and... Read more

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As a first timer I only purchased $50.00 to see if they were legit, I purchased through Pay Pal and as instructed I sent the money to an individual as a gift rather than a company. That way I can not contest it or try for a refund. I got nothing and after many attempts got no response from them. I thought they night be ok due to being recommended by another site. I have since found other safe... Read more

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I just caught the tale end of the infomercial I was a little interested. Then I said free admission! Nothing in this world is free unfornately expect for air and that cause they haven't figured out how to tax it. Well after I start thinking about going just to see what the scam is I reviewed the company. I am so happy that you all expressed your problems. It takes all the thought out of the... Read more

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