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I financed a couch through big lots because the salesman convinced me it would benefit my credit. The couch was $872 after taxes and I was planning on paying cash for it. He continued into talking me into financing through progressive financial with "no interest rate." They charged me $70 every 2 weeks. After 3 months I realized it should have been paid off but it wasn't, then i called and they... Read more

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I paid diligently in order to pay off account in 90days missed a payment. When I missed the payment called to make arrangements. Never when making the arrangements was it stated that I would have to call to make the payment before the 90 day expiration. Now they tact on another $446 dollars!!! I am so pissed this is highway robbery. But a very valuable lesson applied, read your contract and for... Read more

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This started out as a comment to a previous submission. I am sorry you had a bad experience. I agree everything SHOULD be spelled out. MINE was ... PLUS of course I READ the materials that explained each of the requirements. It is hard to wrap your head around each thing as there are so many exciting things to learn. It is also true that in EVERY business you need to spend money to make... Read more

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Does anyone have photos of three criminals? They have shut down their website and of course everything that can relate to them. I have lost a lot of money and if anyone has any information on them please let me know on this forum. I know they are a lot of people out there that have lost money and I recommend to lodge a police report to force the authorities to track them down. If every one goes... Read more

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To all reading this absolute and utter garbage. To my understanding Carrick-Wealth operates in South Africa? With this said why are these complaints being posted on an American based website? The answer is obvious is it not? The poster of this farce is merely trying to exploit a new brand that has stated had not even started trading when this "incident" occurred. Why was this comment placed in a... Read more

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I was taken advantage and ripped off by a company called Get Out of Debt Today. The owner is Vin Speenia out of Atlantic City. They sent me a mailer with no company name and a lot of my personal info. It resembled a government document, stating I have a benefit number. I called the phone number and went through an application process that I was told would save me 50% off my total debt. I paid a... Read more

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the Hartsville HH received a counterfeit $20 bill; the manager (Sharon) called an employee (Melissa Brown) and told her to bring $20 for she will not deposit the fake bill. Melissa took $20 to the manager and got the fake bill which she gave me (since I paid Melissa's $20); I took to Police Dept. and they said the HH had to bear the loss and that they should have been called and the fake bill... Read more

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Chavella Kelly promotes the business and samantha or sam or shaun constant,david constant are all apart of this scam.quality business planning or constant legal service isnt real report them to local police,news,fbi or anyone who will listen ,we gotta stop them Add comment


Less Than thirty minutes after the "deadline", I called to cancel the free trial that ScoreSense had sent to me in my email. I called their customer service number and their rep said she would take care of it; she "converted" my full policy to a monitoring system for $4.95. They refunded the $1, they charged to secure th debit, but then refused to refund the $29.95. Not exactly fraud, but... Read more

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This company screwed me big time. Never use them. They charge fees upfront but don't explain it when you enroll. I lost $3800.00 with them. If you decide to quit the program they will keep your money and your credit score will drop. I had a great credit score. I was in credit card debt but paid my bills on time. This company sends letters that make you want to call because it says final notice... Read more

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