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I received a call from an unknown number from a man with a heavy indian accent. He said Ma'am your loan has been approved, I told him I have not applied for a loan. He said your online loan ma'am, I'm form Cash advance America and your loan for 10,000 was approved. I don't him not me, did n't apply, he insisted and when I asked him for the name on the loan, he stated" I got all I needed" thank... Read more

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I'm trying to get a home modification loan , which. Has been going on for about a year. I just knew this was the answer to my financial situation. WHAT A SCAM. I NEED MY LAST 1497.00 BACK. I NOW CANT PAY MY BILLS. THANKS TO AMS I MAY BE HOMELESS.

CASEY CARL STRUNK Scottsdale Arizona DANGEROUS, FRAUD, COMINGLING OF FUNDS, MISREPRESENTATION, EMBEZZLEMENT, FALSE/ALETERED DOCUMENTS, UNREPORTED INCOME, FAILURE TO PAY TAX After filing BK Chapt 7 in January 1993 with his first wife Rebecca Otto in Colorado Casey Carl Strunk then divorced and began his path as a salesman moving/being asked to leave from numerous real estate companies and... Read more

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While on the web checking properties for sale, I came across a free credit score check offer - really $1.00. Apparently, somewhere in the add. was a notation of a $29.95 charge after 7 days -- Rather obscure and they got me! This charge of $29.95 appeared appx. 3 days after my 7 day period. Immediately I called the customer service number to cancel this account and request a refund. I was then... Read more

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July 2014, John Common found in Las Vegas! You can find him at 30 Strada diVillagio #321 Henderson NV 89011 John Common is in Las Vegas and using the aliases John Cavelli; Jac Khavari; or John Cavelli. Don’t be conned, it’s actually John Common! He is running a Student Loan scam. Commercial real estate scams. Libby Muelhaupt, Elizabeth Muelhaupt notified authorities in Nevada regarding John... Read more

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My husband lost his job so I asked for 30 days to pay my account in full. I told them I was living in my vehicle with my kids. They do not care. The representative placed me on hold then returned to the line laughing hysterically and having a personal conversation about her personal life. Then she hung up on me. When I called back I got a different rep who told me to take my things and children... Read more

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I never give out my Credit Card number and I do not know how Scoresence got it.Startiing Sept 6 2013 . the company took out 29.95 from my Chase Freedom acc. I did not notice it until June and called Chase. They promised to take care of it and return my money. They also cancelled my Chase Freedom Card and sent me a new one. To my great surprise this month an 7-7-2014 I noticed a 29.95 charge from... Read more

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Then b**chest got me for 2000 on a 900 loan I wonder if any one got a open case cause this can't be right some law some where should protect people

Below is but one example of UBS AG fraud upon the USA courts. UBS AG has been the largest donor to Salt Lake City, Utah Symphony. UBS AG successfully exported a forged Salt Lake City Courthouse Foreign Judgment Case Number: 080926075 to Miami Dade District Court 10-49452 CA 10. The Utah Judge's name is certified forged (see issue 6). Prior Senator Phil Gramm, Chairman of... Read more

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