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Thomas Ambrose claimed CEO of Aviva deposits UK limited ,cheated us advance SWIFT fees for $50000 for FC SBLC Add comment

Buyer beware! The course is at an absorbinant value. I really don't know how they think that it is worth this much. I paid $27,996 for the course and it definitely not worth that much. A lot is missing and they don't tell you the whole thing, learning is mostly on one's own. I could have learnt everything they had in the course online and of course would have learnt more. There was a lot I had to... Read more

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People should just use Big Lots price hold (layaway) and then you wouldn't be paying double. And you have six months to pay it off. No, you won't have the items right away, but you are saving a lot of money. Add comment

Can you advise in Graham Wilkes who works for you in the Philippines is a registered Financial Advisor? He has advised me on investments that have resulted in me losing money. I was advised to invest in Skandia and when I wanted to withdraw my US$20,000 plus I was only paid US$8700, they kept US$13,000. My Skandia account was MSB 868588. I have not received a satisfactory explanation from either... Read more

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This company is an effing joke. Used them to finance furniture through a discount furniture store and of course, signed a contract. At no time during the application or in the contract does it say there is an almost 81% interest rate that they disguise as payoff multiples. You call their customers service to ask questions about it and they talk you in cicles and never actually answer any of your... Read more

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This place it's bs. They don't explain you how much will be the interest rate if u don't pay between 3 month, i pay basically $400 of interest without even knowing be carefully so my case instead of paying 647 total amount buy I pad $1050. Don't use this place Add comment

I am so unhappy with Money Network services! I scheduled a transfer on Thursday, early in the day. It immediately was taken out of my Money Network account, but won't be in my personal checking account until Monday! It was A LOT of money that I need access to (otherwise I wouldn't have scheduled the transfer). What a crock! It should only take 24 hours tops! I am writing my company's corporate... Read more

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Card has money cant reach them by phone or website - I have tried all day long to contact them and the telephone and website have been down all day. Need to get access to my money on my card. There isn't a message stating when they will be backup - Are they FDIC insured? If they are not FDIC insure are we as customers out of our cash that is loaded on these cards? I have my receipt from the... Read more

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Dealership took money on the front end to satasify disposistion fee. then kia finance charged me 436.00, a month after i turned the car in again. they are rude and looking only to take your money. i will never buy another kia, even though i liked the car. all because of kia finance and the people involved in the money stealing deception. before i turned the car in, i spent 200.00 having it... Read more

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Got a pre-approval notice, my husband and I discussed and thought a "consolidation loan" would be very helpful. I would MUCH rather carry a balance on a credit card then dig a deeper hole. However, because we did submit the application, a SCREAMING foreign accent leaves messages for me multiple times a day demanding we come in to move forward with the process. THANKS, BUT NO THANKS! Glad I... Read more

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