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After receiving letters from several credit cards under a name close to my fiancee's name, but not quite, we realized that someone must have gotten his SSN. We followed the recommended process. Filed a local police report, then send off a request to the 3 agencies asking for a 7-year alert under his name. The morons sent a letter, under the bogus name saying the alert was placed. Then 1 day later... Read more

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Hello everyone., Wanted to warn you about this internet site, witch company is registered in China, but at the same time is controlled in Russia by one person Svetlana Ahmetshina. This person is all ready on scammers list (not putting link, just google it) This site is not relevant to Reuters or any other Forex related institution. Registration number on site is fake. The withdraws are... Read more

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I never write complaints or reviews but this time I will make an exception only to show how extremely frustrated I am. I did not sign up for money network at all and was given by default one of their cards from my employers who failed to put my direct deposit information into our system correctly. the result was a money network card which I immediately wanted to get rid of and change so I can... Read more

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They say live life with no regrets...screw that, this is a regret that I will live with for the rest of my life. I was convinced to purchase the 3-day course for $495. I was told that the price was a special and would soon go up to $1050. I was promised to learn about closing a wholesale deal, doing foreclosures, asset protection, and so much more. At the 3-day class we never learned anything!... Read more

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Employees of this CGC Wealth or Castle Gallois (They seem to be the same people just using different names) linked to me on Linkedin and became my connections. They kept sending me messages and posting comments which I thought was strange then they sent me an inmail offering me a job. I thought this was strange and very unproffessional as they had not even spoken to me, so I asked around the... Read more

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Just been phoned by Credence Independent Advisers who offered to meet one of their fully qualified and licensed advisers for a free review of my investments. I told them I was already happy with my QFC licensed adviser but they kept pushing and pushing me for a meeting. I told them I was enjoying a holiday and didn't think firms could work in Eid but they just wouldn't let me go. When I phoned... Read more

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Another scam in Dubai, former AGT members are scamming people once again. My friend invested $100,000 and will not be seeing the money ever again. What people need to do is read up on the company and actually read terms and conditions also look into the actual people who are working there whom don't have any financial background. I have contacted the local authorities and they are looking into... Read more

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My Boyfriend is totally involved in that. He is brainwashed and it's affecting our relationship he refuses to see the truth. He says one girl in wfG is physician I search the Alberta College association and she is not registered. Now he is telling me that she has no reason to lie because she is not doing well in the company. Such a good reasoning. I am really considering to end my... Read more

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The job that I was hired for provided us with a Money Network card. well, all was well for the first 3 months using the card. I called the 1888 # and requested some more checks and a "real" card with the visa logo. The rep argued that I wasn't the account holder. I verified ALL my info and all, and she still didn't believe me. Well, she finally agreed that I was the account holder and... Read more

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Called sales department to make sure I was purchasing the right subscription. I only use the service one month a year due to the seasonal nature of my work... They make it absurdly hard to sign up for anything less than a year but the sales agent assured me that I just needed to call back before the end of the month and I'd have no problems. Her words, exactly. Did as instructed, and of course... Read more

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