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BKs move to Canada,to get out of paying taxes, is my last straw. Have been a customer for years,but i will not go to another BK store Hope you save enough in taxes to offset your loss of customers.Such corporate greed needs to be rewarded with some good swift kicks in BKs pocketbook. All the wrong orders,the rude employees,the dirty store fronts,the absent store managers didn't stop me from being... Read more

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Credence is a boiler room like all the others, Chris Ferguson is best mates wlth Craig McConnon & Alex Herbert from Prestige Wealth Solutions (PWS) who are also on here. They are such good mates that Chris went to Craigs and Alex's wedding and was one one of their best men!, they are even in the old PWS Office serviced office in Emaar Square!! They have some of the old PWS employees that have... Read more

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I received several calls from a "restricted" telephone number. I usually don't answer such calls but decided to answer them anyway to satisfy my curiosity. The first two times that I answered, no one said anything on the other end. When I answered the last call, and after repeating "Hello" several times, a female speaking with a heavy Spanish accent responded. She wanted to know if I still... Read more

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I refinanced my house to lower the rate. I was paying for a roof repair on another house which I lost and my home I live in CitiFinancial took the small loan and the house note and combined the two making me paying 12.75% and I have to pay the tax and insurance separately. I owe $95,000 on a mortgage which should be paid off. I have gone to them many times. I was told they can't help me unless my... Read more

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Crest financial are complete rip offs, I actually bought a TV to help build up my credit. I confirmed this by asking/speaking to several representative Before signing my contact and after. Now 2 weeks passed my 90 days pay off option they tell my NO that they can't report in California, or Texas. The whole time I'm think I'm building my credit score, nothing was ever being reported. I highly... Read more

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I have been looking into making some personal investments into South Africa and looked into some companies, I looked at Devere and a number of other companies and due to some negative responses I decided not to use them and I looked into a company called Carrick-Wealth, well that was to my own disappointment as they certainly didn't seem legitimate. My concerns arouse when I was made aware that... Read more

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I just received a letter from Addleshaw, Bird, & Mitchell today 8/22/14. Saying I have won $3,900,000.00 and to claim the money $20 to Processing Department PMB. 410 17625 Union TPKE Fresh Meadows NY 11366-1515. I looked the name up and figured out that its all a scam. I feel sorry for anyone who has lost money from this scam. I hope they shut these people down soon. Add comment

My husband contacted the hlg while I was having surgery in April, 2013. We write told to pay $6000, which wrote would get back plus $495 a month until a decision was resolved with us and now we are being foreclosed on. Add comment

Sold me hydroponic farming facility as an investment (50k USD). They don't exist and it is a scam. It is run by Ryan Singlehurst and Amine Benkaddour who both worked at AGT (big carbon credit scam in Dubai). They have recently changed name from Pegasus Agritech in a bid to fool customer / potential clients. The website is clever but if you dig you can see it is a scam. They claim to be signed off... Read more

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In a blog on this site the marketing director Mrs Natalie Hall of RL360 says " RL360° is authorised to conduct business in the UAE through our Representative Office licence from the Ministry of Economy." This may be right in general terms but unfortunately it is not licensed to conduct insurance business which is a federal crime to do without the right license. I would say this is therefore... Read more

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