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Iwas called today and was told that I qualified for a grant. The grant was for 20-25K in a year, they would pay quarterly 5-6K, but I would not have to pay it back. They told me that I would have some forms that I would have to fill out and they would come in a couple of days. To call they when I got the forms and they would help me fill them out. They told me that the corporation name is ADV... Read more

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I recently found out from my credit report that Paypal Bill Me Later did a hard pull on my credit about 5 months back and my credit score went down by more than 20 pts. I used to have a Paypal account for more than 10 years but I never really had any use of it ever. Although I was not a regular paypal user, I had to make a purchase from an online vendor who accepted only Paypal from US. While... Read more

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I have been waiting 3 weeks for my card, then i ran out of checks and was told there is nothing they can do for me when i needed my money. 7-10 days turned into 3 weeks that is bull ***. Now im stuck with no money for them not sending it to the right adress Add comment


Direct Business Lending contacted me within minutes of my filling out an inquiry for small business lending. A man named Ron was on the phone and he quickly made me feel comfortable by asking me all about my business and assuring me my business would have no problem finding funding. He said they offer a $3000 line of credit to their clients and this was to build business credit. I should have... Read more

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I have same issue. Can you please advise me wherevcan I report and claim it? Is there any chance to fix it? Today is 115th day after my purchase, I just realized today that they asked me to sign a electronic contract from progfinance with double amount. Closeouts staff told me that progfinance financing is 3 months payments, they set up weekly automatic payment from my checking account. My... Read more

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I got a letter on the mail stating they needed my id and information on where I lived. They said I had 10 days to do so. When I got the mail they only gave me three days from the time I received it. They suspened the account I faxed them several times they said that the id was to dark so then I emailed them this information. Then they told me they didn't receive my mailing address which I faxed... Read more

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I purchased a sectional and night stand from Big Lots in Jackson, TN. I was told it was a 90 same as cash. I called to day to find out what my balance was and was told I still owed another $1100.00 after already paying $450 on a original balance of $800. I was told by Progressive that if the original amount wasn't paid by 90 days, it doubles. By the time this is paid for it will have cost me... Read more

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I took out a loan for $400. I have come to understand that the documentation I electronically signed was fraudulent. According to the "loan agreement" (i.e., the Federal Truth-in-Lending Disclosure) states that I agreed to pay interest in the amount of 770.91%, with a pay off balance after 16 payment of $120 Bi-Weekly beginning on 10/3/13 thru 10/17/2014, ending/final payment of $160 on 5/1/2015.... Read more

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first they put my account on hold to tranfer to a premier account then they said we needed to fax the information they didnt recieve it they needed it faxed again then they all the sudden found the first fax somehow now i have to wait another 48 hrs after waiting for 5 days Payment of Wages/Direct Deposit Law sec. 70 7 days was up 3 days ago on the pay period. isn't this an issue? how are they... Read more

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100% FULL      

Ankur Agarwal is a BIG FRAUD. He lures people to join his MLM business by making promises of helping them with leads and Get Rich quick ponzi schemes. He has a team of programmers who make Mobile applications, websites and other softwares by which they capture leads of innocent people who want to try to make some money. Ankur poses as so called Expert and then after showing them training videos,... Read more

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