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Save money up next time. Dump higher than Haynes. Tidewater Credit better. Wish I read these reviews before Add comment

My complaint is i should have done payments to payoff in 90 days.. I called to close account and pay balance told extra 500 would be added. For closing 30 days later. Thought extra money I paid went toward bill. But that was 10 percent fee t hey used.Wish I had read these comments before. Never again just save my money up. Add comment

I have not had any problems at all. This is my second lease purchase. They take there money weekly no more no less. Im very pleased. Add comment

A woman called from a 228-248-7577 number, and she was extremely rude, and she had the audacity to threaten me over the phone! After the very unpleasant phone call, I Googled this number, and it seems to be associated with spam, bill collectors, etc. I have no outstanding bills, etc, and I have reported this number to my phone company! I am not 100% sure, but the woman said her name was Alysha... Read more

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I went to BigLots and thought I was financing new furniture, was told that I had 6 months no interest, next thing I know, its only 3 months, and I am leasing my furniture. My payments are 70.00 bi monthly. Its killing me. I can hardly make ends meet. And to add insult to injury, I thought I was almost done with my 800.00 purchase payments, no now that I am in the leasing phase of this scam,... Read more

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Never sent me the agreement that was made. Trying to take more money out of the account and rude and on the phone. I payed $1000 to them and that is all they will get from me!!! Add comment

May23,2012, I get a call from Michael Shaw (Wyzemoney )long story short I got a contract stating I would see a 300% return on my investment, 3 sites, coaching, real time traffic the works for 21,500. What I got was$500 commission and BS aggravation and lies. What I'm even more pissed about is that the authorities that were supposed to depend and report to aren't doing one thing to help. My cc... Read more

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Some *** from Omni Financial has made it his business to call me repeatedly, even though I state he has no legal right to do so once I demand that he not call. His response? "Why don't you want to take care of your tax problems!". Excuse me, but I have none. It's this kind of unprofessional scripted attitude that burns me. He feels the protection of being anonymous allows him to behave any way... Read more

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I have become aware that LC is targeting existing borrowers to refinance their loans, sometimes within a few months. Apparently they get a new origination fee from the borrower, nice for them and sucky for the borrower, but they also rip off the lenders. We pay 1% of whatever LC receives as a management fee. This is reasonable if the note is going to run for a while and we can cover the fee... Read more

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I just want to say that my experiences with Tony Martinez and Saen Higgins has always been pleasant. This is not a business plan for everyone. It takes dedication, drive, self motivation, and some hard work. They NEVER promise anyone anything. They give people the tools to make it happen. The coaches, mentors, and classes have been EXTREMELY helpful in my success. I have been doing this for seven... Read more

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