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Peter Bergschneider May Inherit Bride-to-be Jacqueline Howe’s Massive Legal Obligations, Peter’s Wedding to Jacqueline Howe May Expose Peter to Repayment of Millions of Fraudulent Transfers from her Father, Tax Cheat John C. Howe It is common for gushy newlyweds to say “everything I do, I do it for you.” Or, “what’s mine is yours.” We have heard those statements made amidst the eternal bliss... Read more

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Last month it happen I check my bank statement, some I usually do not do a lot. But I caught score sense company withdrawing 29.95 in for less 6 months. I went talk to my bank and the advise me to change my account card number and I did but still went it to my account after I change . I need some answers in and amount of 239 dollars immediately. I am also want to remain you I have no account or... Read more

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I purchased a mattress set. By the time I noticed all the fees I had bought 3 sets of mattresses. They totally scam you. I WILL NEVER deal with them or any company who uses them EVER AGAIN!!! Add comment

These guys are not following fca regulations and they have many accounts which are not bing live traded y not. They are giving information which I'd freely available on the net Add comment

Do not mess with credit and collection manager Mr. Leighton Wehr and his co-worker Ms Tina Conde. We have been a loyal company with ***-way Freight for 2 years, but do not question professionalism of Tina Conde or collection manager Mr. Leighton Wehr – you will end up with a terminated account. Which means they intentionally *** discount and report wrong amount to collection agencies . Mr.... Read more

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I purchased many pieces of furniture after moving into my new house. A furniture (Main Street furniture) company in Patchogue promised me everything under the sun if I went through them for several pieces. I signed the financing contract with Crestfinancial. The furniture store closed down and never delivered my furniture. That was in February of 2014. With Crestfinancial you must sign that you... Read more

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So I neededa loan and these people needed 25 dollars from me and now nothing! No emails back and they have my bank info. Guess I need to geta new card so they don't rip me off again. This is such bs! !!!!! Add comment

I'm pissed! Listen why... I started my journey with the USTLA just a short 2 years ago. I was weary about starting b/c I had invested lots of money into other programs before. I met Saen Higgins and Tony Martinez both only recently, the time before that it was mostly their staff I encountered. If I had to sum up my experiences with it all, I must say these things... "money well spent", and... Read more

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No one should take advantage of people with challenge credit. These thieves thrive on the weak in hoping that you are so desperate that you will pay any amount to get what you want. They mark up the merchandise 200%. Even after you have paid it off or decide to leave, they will embark their lasting impression by continuing to draft out of your account. If you have been a victim, write John... Read more

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