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I placed an order for the kids and my order was never delivered nor an hour an a half later they couldn't find it ... Manager wouldn't come to the phn or 919-327-7207 Add comment

Me and my family went to Burger King on 288 & Holcombe I ordered my food told the young lady how I wanted it when I came to the window she gave me my change pushed it hard in my hand the burger was wrong she snatched it from me told her how I wanted it again she said and. I. Quote ''you didn't say it like that and slammed the window so I talked to the manager she was very polite and gave me... Add comment

Good evening, I ordered a pizza for delivery. When the pizza was delivered the driver was not courteous and did not provide me with a receipt. When I sat down to enjoy my pizza it was not the meat lovers that I ordered but a pineapple pizza. When I called the location to inform them of the mistake instead of catering to my needs they stressed the need to bring my pizza BACK in order for me to... Read more

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Store# 1312 Order # 96 Where do I start? Well, We walked into the restaurant at 6:02PM. There was no one in line but there was one person waiting for her food. We placed our order, got cups. My wife took our daughter to the restroom which she described as deplorable. No for ice. I requested that someone bring ice. While we waited for ice there was a young man at the counter. A manager approached... Read more

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I waited in line through the drive thru for over 20 minutes just to put in my order. it took a total of 35 minutes to get the food. I have never ever waited this long. I had to repeat my order three times. Add comment

We ordered our drinks from the bar, not until, 20 minutes later, when we placed our food order, did we then have to AGAIN, ask for our drinks. The food ordered, which was for only 2 people, was incorrect when it finally was served. I had asked for a "PO' Boy Sandwich", which came with a FREE "house salad". I brought up the server's mistake and when I received the bill, he had charged me for... Read more

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bought 3 3 piece dinner specials and one of the pieces of thighs have hair in it I am very upset take this Add comment

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  • Starbucks
  • 17 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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I was shocked at how rude Lindsay was at the division st location in kingston ON. I had a question about a new product and she was so rude, spoke to me as if I was *** and should know about it. I went ahead and order my usual and left. There is no need to treat people that way and make them feel awful when leaving the store. Add comment

July 23 was my birthday. I was working late, we decided to eat and have drink in Ottawa Applebee's-being my wife and I were feeling a bit skeptical about food we went because we no had no other choice. When we ordered we received and had time to eat our appetiser before I received my drink(drink was terrible ). When we received our food my steak was the worse steak I have ever got in restaurant,... Read more

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  • Sonic
  • 21 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Sonic in Leonard, Tx. This happens over 50% of the times I stop there. I request NO ONIONS because my wife is allergic to them and the burgers are repeatedly loaded with them. Why does this continually happen? They repeat the order over the speaker and at delivery. Add comment