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Went to go have breakfast as usual. Lately pan cakes have been uncooked has happened on 2 occasions. So decided to try something different wrong decision. There was bugs in my food. Called waitress over she saw it and said so sorry. So manager gave us our meal free. Had a hard time getting answes finally GM called and seemed to apologize and got my address to send us a free coupon. Never... Read more

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I hate the tablet on the table used to pay your check. I got dupped into paying $1.99 for "entertainment" I did not ask for. How lazy can your waiters and waitresses be that they can't take your card and process your check? Incidentally, our waiter was worthless, forgot half of our order and really didn't care about us. This is my third AND LAST trip to your restaurant, and there has been an... Read more

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Cannot believe that I went to the store at 2700 S Samoan Blvd in Orlando on 9/1 and they had no ice cream or milkshake mix. Unexceptible. 4 very unhappy customers. Bobbie Schionning Add comment

I ordered 3 pizza that were supposed to be 12$ each. The *** who took the order tried to charge me $53. I asked him to check it n it was lowered to 43. Still a lot but whatever. Then I ask if they deliver out my way n the *** says no so I order to pick up. I give him 2 credit card numbers n somehow they are both declined! WTH I have 30k limits on these cards...2 cards, really? So I tell him... Read more

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One of the worst experiance every with a restaurant. Walked into Pizza Hut in hiwatha, ks. at 11:50 placed our order cheese breadsticks,order of pizza rollers,2 sandwiches and a medium pizza. There were 4 or 5 other tables in there all which were having buffet, after 25-30 minutes I went to ask where our food was and they told me it should be out shortly. After another 15 mins finally got the... Read more

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My husband and one of my sons decided to take my husband there for Fathers Day after watching the commercials saying how great they were. There was supposed to be prime rib, never got any. Instead we had dried chewy steak, tasteless fried chicken undercooked pizza. We also paid extra for endless drinks, after telling three people that worked there that they were out of chocolate milk they... Read more

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Just upset at how we ordered two cheesy bites pizzas and while the cheese one came out perfectly, the beef and mushroom one was severely overcooked Add comment

We arrived at Sharies for lunch with a party of five. We were seated and we started reading the menu. We all decided on what to order. We watched patrons being waited on all around us and after being there for over 25 minutes and had anybody come and ask if we wanted something to drink, we decided to leave. As my family and I decided to go elsewhere to, I called Sharies to explain our experience... Read more

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Today my mother, sister, me and a couple friends went to have a *** at BWW in a hurry. (Sister:6) the waitress came up and asked what we would like to drink. As my sister came back from the bathroom the waitress and my sister met in the middle. She let my sister get a Mountain Dew. A six year old. She never came up as asked "is it ok if she has a md" I to agknowlage is was minor, but I'm just... Read more

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