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brought back car 21 hours early and was still charged as if I brought it back three hours late a day laterthey are rip off do not use them that is why they are called advantage they take advantage of people Add comment


I rented a car from enterprise because my sons roommate had totalled my sons car. We had it for a little over a week and took it back. When we took it back they said everything looked fine except there was some small dents on top of car probably from hail damage so ok I can deal with that cause we did have some hail a few days before so a few weeks later I receive a letter stating there was... Read more

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I have paid for every insurance they have online , and when I went to pick up the car they offer additional insurance (take it and you will be fully insured they said) , some one park beside me and slams the door of his car to mine, made a little knob , in the invoice , they charged me for £277 for the damage !!! Add comment

They should name it pay more,the worth car rental in usa,they give me Chevy impala as a premium car,and after one week I rented Chevy camaro convertable with the same price of the impala from another company Add comment


We reserved our vehicle online for September 2 of 2014 for our day trip to stonehenge and dover from the 12 Semley Pl location in London. When we got there we had been told that the mini cooper we had reserved was not available and were offered a bmw 330 for the same price. so far so good i guess, i suppose a bmw would be just as fun for our trip. we were then asked if we would be using a full... Read more

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Total ripoff and worst customer service ever out of CDG airport. I had a 2 hour wait to pick up a supposedly prepaid car. The rental was for $217 and now that I'm home they are tacking on hidden fees of $102. When trying to rent the car they started with 7 people in line and 3 people helping then 1 went on break and then another leaving us after over an hour in line with only one person and he... Read more

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Run away as fast as you can - and make sure you keep running. I rented a car from these "professionals" and treated it like my own. The car was driven carefully and garaged while in my care. When I returned it I was treated to the old hail damage scam. Very tiny (and I do mean "very") dimples in the top of the car was presented to me as my responsibility; anyone could easily miss this on a... Read more

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I was in a car accident where I was hit from behind. I choose an auto body shop that was referred by the other parties insurance company and also was given the info for Enterprise car rental that that close by. I received the rental car and upon completion of repair to my car I contacted Enterprise to extend the rental so I could get additional work done on my car at my own expense. Initially,... Read more

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Rented a car over a year ago, about two moths ago I received a citation from Rome Police in Italy about a violation, I recapped my trip and realized that the car was returned before the time cited on the report, after trying to get a response from Avis for over three moths the office in Rome never responds email or complaints, the office in US doesn't care what Europe office does, at the end I... Read more

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Here we come to Kaunas airport in Lithuania (karmelava) a week ago and waiting impatiently for the guy to come and open at 10am to get the car and do some milles through this beautiful country...he guy came almost at 11am. The Brazilian guy did not speak Lithuanian,not good English and I tried in Spanish and was useless as well. The original booking is not valid he said,as was booked long time... Read more

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