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Less than 24 hrs before truck pickup that had been reserved for over a month, we got a call that they were not available. We needed them for moving from one city to another. Get organized Penske!!! Add comment

When I arrived at Seattle, WA, voucher in hand with price of $178 plus taxes and fees due on arrival. They would not honor the $98.00 deposit I made to Economy Booking. Manager very disagreeable. Would not work with us then out of spite instead of a Nissan Versa or comparable because we would not upgrade gave us a Chevy Spark. Could not even fit luggage in it. Had it not been for the girl... Read more

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I pre-paid for a rental. Did not receive any confirmation numbers nor terms and conditions. Did not realize there was a 200.00 holding fee. Attempted to pay the $200.00 in cash as I knew that I didn't have it on my credit card. They would not accept cash. I cancelled the rental but was told that I forfeited all $330.00 since I did the pay now option. I've asked for a supervisor's name twice and... Read more

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My car rental was extended a few more days - ended up costing $100 a day! A compact car driven local! After 4 attempts to talk to a human - they, said it would never change - its just supply & demand! DONT EVEN START DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM - THEY WILL JUST BEND YOU OVER Add comment

Rented a car from Thrifty at Raleigh Durham. This was my first experience renting from them although I have rented cars for work travel for years. I went in to get the car and was told there were now toll roads in Raleigh, I had not been there in several years. I asked if there were toll roads on the way to my destination, the clerk said he didn't know but they were everywhere. He pointed to... Read more

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I rented a car at Great Falls Airport and drove 58 miles. Just before returning the car, I filled it with gas. I did not sign up for fuel service when I rented the car but was still charged $14 for fuel. Since the bill was emailed later, I would not have noticed had my credit card not told me. When I called Avis, I was told by the agent on the phone that this is standard policy for rentals... Read more

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Our family rented a van from Hertz GR airport for a trip to Yellowstone National Park on July 3rd. Two hours after we drove on the road, the orange light was on. We called Hertz tech service, They told us it was just low air on the tire(s) and suggested us to find a gas station to fill it up. It turned out it was not as easy as it sounds. Our first day trip was 12 hours drive. Due the tire issue... Read more

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My first time renting a car,, very bad experience with the gander newfoundland location. The sales clerk forced the extra insurance on me,, after arguing I do not need it!! I paid with a visa & my insurance both cover rental cars!! The clerk insisted i buy extra,,felt like a gun to my head after a long flight at 2 am in the morning !! You must have it!! I know they get commisions on it!! I... Add comment

This was the worst car rental experience I ever had, possibly the worst purchase in my life. 1. Called upon arrival as instructed. I was told they had no cars at the time, but hopefully they would have one when I arrived. 2. Shuttle bus passed by 2 times at airport without stopping - once empty, the other time just a few people on board. I had to go out into the lane and stop the bus by standing... Read more

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When I realized i was running late (It's an airport), I called to confirm that I was coming and was assured it was not problem. I showed up about an hour late and they had given my car away. The worker told me I could take a smaller car at the same price I had booked or a larger one for an upcharge. I called corporate right there and was told the same thing. I asked to speak to the person on the... Read more

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