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Grogan and *** in my opinion are killing the building in which I purchased a condo unit ,rats in basement ,also died rats in the walls ways only a matter of time till they come into the units .13 units have sold in the last two years or so one owner who was a attorney also had a lot of experience with building agreeded was had to be done to fix the building I said to him let's go to the board... Read more

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Juanita doesnt knw ho much deposit says my check was sent on friday its weds nothing here that i call says theres people more important than me all i wanted was info on where my deposit was sent to if it was sent . Also when i rented from them theres was stuff not working since before i moved in stayed there for a year and stuff was never fixed had to fix some stuff myself Add comment


I did the trial offer and found nothing cancelled online same night but still pulled money out if u cancel on line on their website then they should be liable for their own mistakes that they are making all of us pay for. Really not good business but just like the craigslist property scammers people gonna always try and take so they don't have to work. So no house found almost got scammed twice... Read more

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One thing after the next with this company. They are straight up liars, for starters! Water has been shut off multiple times without notice, toxic fumes from renovations in other apartments have made there way into my apt. (Also without notice), renovations: hammers, drills, saw, etc. all hours of the day and NIGHT... unorganized, frazzled and rude staff.. no super to assist with non emergencies,... Read more

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In around March of 2014 Miz Rentals Property Management a company that supplies mostly Student Rentals in the Niagara Region took over a rental unit in Stoney Creek Ontario. They took over the property from slum lord Muhammad Yasin upon his request (family friend or relative you know). You see at the time there was a tenancy board hearing happening in regards to unpaid rent and the deplorable... Read more

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There really needs to be a rating of ZERO because that is what they deserve. I realize others may have had a positive experience but not me. We have tried to go through this program twice and the employees always have different reasons why we don’t qualify. We get different answers from different employees. I personally know families who have made more money as well as families that make a... Read more

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Strength in numbers, let's see clv try and threaten all of us with a lawsuit. Company can't take constructive criticism through fair comment and freedom of speech, so be it. Awful way to conduct business from an already lousy business itself. Company needs a lesson in basic customer service and ethical practice. Add comment


I liv d at Dixon manor in Rochester ny. This little Spanish guy in maitanence was caught by his wife with a resident. When the wife confronted both the mistress hit the wife the faught right outside my entrance. The worker did nothing to break them apart. Especially because there was a little girl screaming for her mommy the mistress. Later I witnessed the same guy hide behind buildings... Read more

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The way Coldwell Banker and affiliates treat people is disgusting. We received a cash offer which left pennies left that we needed to make up and from the commission fees it would work without breaking the bank for anyone. We were not making money on our home, I was told NO, we want our commission get a loan or use your monthly bill payments (car, credit cards, loans, etc) and pay the... Read more

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Any rental company that can't take harsh critism in order to potentially make the business better doesn't deserve business at all. Bullying into silence is not ok and everyone is entitled to speak their mind. Add comment