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Linda Fitzgerald represented Holly Refinery when they bought two houses from me. She was their agent, so I knew where her loyalties were, but she enabled her client in ignoring the contract. I got my money, but only after getting the run around for months. She has no empathy, to the point of sociopathy. Ethics is not her first concern. Add comment

we had black mold in our home, it took 3 months to get them to acknowledge us. Then told us it wasn't, luckily i am certifoed in black mold. They moved us out to new home, but that had a fire and they left it open all weekend and it took 3 weeks to fix it. Well sort of, it was never completed, and got racoons and snakes in basement, when we called , American Homes 4 Rent said it was the... Read more

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They have unethical business practices and they tend to get away with it because it is "corporate housing" and most of us who stay there don't pay from our pockets. Here are two things you must be aware of if you plan to rent through them: 1) They charge a daily rate and not a nightly rate - This is how it breaks up: You pay your daily rate times the number of days you stay in a month, e.g.... Read more

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Dave Lindahl Apartment house riches on CD! I went to the event, which is only designed to sell you the advance coaching program. I paid them $15,000 and they assigned me to a coach named Craig P. He had me but a mailing list, print postcards, and invite people to a meeting. I wasted another $2400.00 doing all this and never received a phone call. When I questioned Craig, Dave Lindahl’s... Read more

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i had contacted ricky kurana in order to look at a few new homes. Riky kept me waiting for a few hours and than when he arrived he insulted my culture and called me poor. Ricky Khurana Remax realty is the rudest most disrespectful realtor I have encountered! he demanded that I prove I could afford the house before he would show it to me. M he is unprofessional and is in the wrong business! He... Read more

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I am currently renting from this company. It is, and has been, a total nightmare. Having secured the unit from abroad, I moved in December 2014. It was a mess. Not even swept. No bathroom mirror, broken dryer, garbage piled at rear entrance, cracks and holes in ceilings and walls, uninsulated kitchen, insane paint job throughout. I was informed that this building was strictly Non-smoking, No pets... Read more

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I payed my rent the first of the month and one of my checks didn't go through so I then got a money order to pay my rent was fine until mid month they ran my check again so now I have payed twice in one month no they are telling me it's not showing in there system that I have payed twice in one *** really people get it together please!! Add comment

I did the 10 day trial and was charged 54.00 after calling on the 10th day. If u sign up on 14 ten days would be the 24th. They said no the 23 they counted my sign up date something that no other company I have dealt with does I would not refer or reuse this company Add comment

I signed up for the list of apartments and was told I had ten days. In the tenth day I called to cancel I was already billed 54$. If I signed up on the 14th and 10 days from that is the 24th but they said my 10th day was the 23rd because they counted my sign up date a day one. And because of the miss understanding I was billed at 6am on the 24th. Not happy Add comment

Camden St. Clair Apartment in Atlanta sent us a $1271 Graduation Bill! I am extremely disappointed in the ethics of Camden St. Clair. We have been loyal renters for 2 years and have never been late on a payment. We signed a lease that clearly states we will vacate the apartment on May 23. We did not realize Camden requires us to provide written notice 60 days before leaving. We assumed our... Read more

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