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Dax knew I was a broke single mom desperate to find a rental and like all the others, took my money! How could someone prey off of people who are in such need of help! Add comment

When signing up with Exede Sat Internet, I questioned if my ADT Pulse system would perform as before. Bill says that there would be not lapse in performance. What Bill did not mention is that my 24 hour home security system would use up all my data in just 10 days. On the 10th day, I hit a block wall!!! .24 mbps!!!!!! I spoke with Anthony the manager and he sounded like a recording, "your... Read more

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Roaches, mold, broken down cabinets, ceiling caving in, carpet stinks, ROACHES, holes in flooring, ROACHES AND AS OF TODAY UNDERNEATH THE KITCHEN SINK, SOMETHING BUSTED AND FLOODED APARTMENT. Add comment

Fraud, deceit, unlawful business practices. They have been sued in a class action in the past and clearly haven't learned from their past. They do not care about their residents and the employees are incompetent. They charge for false damage once you move out. Add comment

Never in my career have I come across a real estate company as bad as this one. I expected professionalism. I ended up dealing with entitled little children that never did the job they were supposed to do. They acted as though the world owed them an explanation any time they didn't get something they wanted. Add comment

We live at Green Lake Apartments which has just recently been purchased by Morgan Communities. We moved in when Morgan Communities purchased the property. So we have been here going on 6 months, when we moved in we were excited because we were told we were allowed to have pets just that certain breeds were restricted. We looked at the lease and it had the list of breeds, including Siberian... Read more

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Wouldn't be a bad deal if they reported correctly and consider what is involved in the home sale situations. We just went through a short sale period where lenders and sellers might let a home be sold for far less than list price or market value. Sometimes we experienced lenders who are ***, won't negotiate and won't stop foreclosure while a sale is in progress even if you need just one more... Read more

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I only signed up with electricity through them with Go energy when signing a new lease on the house. They where organised through the realestate agency. I was charged peak rate the entire time. I have since changed energy providers and do not recommend using direct connect. I was lucky to not have opted for other services they offered. I only signed up with electricity through them with Go... Read more

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Sold my island property in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Took 6 months to finalize the sale. After 6 months of documention for the Panamanian Government, the Buyer (my renter) transferred funds ($150,000) to ReMax franchise owner Rodolfo Aguilera July 1, 2014. Mr. Aguilera had offered to act as the escrow holder and responsible party for transferring the payment. Today is August 22, 2014 and no... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 has been great for rentals...not so good for home sales as all I have gotten is a ton of calls from very spammy realtors that only want to list my house and have not even read the ad on military by owner. Thank goodness I used a Google Voice number which is now totally trashed. I suggest not using this site for home sales and definitely do not publish your telephone # in your ad under any... Read more

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