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Horrible service, worst ever management Add comment

We just recently closed on our condo and the buyer's were represented by Lance Van Winkle of Keller William's Realty Marysville (or the Real Estate Solution Group). The entire process was a nightmare and we should have known to run away when we got the initial offer from two perspective buyers he represented. Both offers that were presented by the buyers were riddled with errors (one offer even... Read more

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If you are looking for a studio to pull it together for a bit, this is the perfect spot in the heart of Phoenix. Studio's are over 600 sq.ft., utilities and basic cable is included....nice to have one sum to pay monthly while figuring out the next move. The present office staff is great as are the maintenance guys. I found many of the residents in the 5 story building have been there for... Read more

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We try to follow all of the rules and Management makes it as difficult as possible to comply. It is extremely frustrating, paperwork we fill out multiple times and seems to be "lost" yet again. For our next lease we are going to have to take an Iphone picture of us handing it to the property manager as proof. After paperwork is turned into the community, you must request to have them "process"... Read more

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I listed my property with a 3 month premium listing in New York. Seemed like a good idea. I could write my own information to make sure it said what I wanted, put my own pictures up, and so on. I felt this important because so many real-estate ad fail to put up as much information as I'd like them to. But then they barred me from even accessing their main website. I can't even see their entry... Read more

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We have had an awful experience with remax in bloomington, IN. felt pushed and misled by our agent. Never using this company again. Add comment

these people are threatening my mom with a lawsuit. if you want more info email me at so now I have to submit a hundred words. rip off rip off rip off I think a is a word a a a a please email me with any ex per I ence you have had with these folks. thank you very much I am d o ne h e r e h o pe y ou h av e a f a n t a s t I c e v e n I n g t e r r y Read more

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What's up with the creepy man that hangs around the pool waiting to stare at your kids?? I ran him on Meghan's Law, but would like to know his legal name for my own peace of mind. Regards Add comment

I'm the jimbo who posted the "Mark Arbeit & Co.: Stay Away!" complaint. What is it with Skid Mark and members of his posse? I just heard from a friend that a member of Skid Mark's fan club accused me of trying anonymously to ruin Skid Mark's reputation for no reason at all. That's just not true. I think that the specifics of my complaint were laid out pretty well in the "Stay Away!" post, so... Read more

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Greystar takes the word of the cleaning company that a vacant apartment needs to be cleaned, with out a walk through. The apartment mangement never even looks to see if the apartment needs cleaning or not.... I cleaned my apartment upone move out with a fine tooth comb, left it in pristine condition -yet they want to charge $80.00 -taking the word of the cleaning company, for cleaning of a 400 ft... Read more

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