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Worst insurance company ever,, I had got Statefarm renters insurance and my home was burglarized a day before Christmas and Statefarm made me and my family feel like we was violated all over again!!! Like a good neighbor yeah right!! Add comment

I purchased a warranty with Stanley. I paid in advance to get a better price. When our hot water heater busted I called them. They said they could not get a plumber to my home for two weeks. But that I was not to worry, that i should just call a plumber of my choosing and get it repaired or replaced. The hot water tank was not repairable, so it was replaced. When I presented the invoice to... Read more

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Billed for an 80 ton crane and 2 workers, 2 tree climbers, 2 chipper trucks, 4 rigsman and groundworkers and more. He knew the bill was storm damage and going to my homeowners. I had no need for tree climbers, the tree was on my deck. An 80 ton crane would be blocking a street and cost thousands/day, all he supplied was a skid steer that lifted the cut logs. HOWEVER, my neighbor and her... Read more

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Ripped me off for 9 yrs. Charging me 3100.00 a yr for hurricane insurance, even over the years of them revewing my policy, they just now tell, why yes you can buy hurricane for only 850.00 a year, but its not our policy to help or inform you (the customer )of this. So sad, where a good company at one time, suck now. Add comment

We bought an older manufactured house last month, and we got State Farm to insure us; they are great with our auto insurance, and we love our agent. They said that our home inspection showed a rusty pipe in the furnace. It was fixed during escrow. That wasn't enough. They wanted proof that it was fixed. Okay. We called So Cal Gas. They sent our a licensed representative who checked it out. But... Read more

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I had the same problem except we had a flooding problem. Even on the work that had already been completed, we had to go through the same process and it took forever. The company that completed their work before the insurance company mailed the check said that they had "Never" seen a situation like that before and they have been in business for over 12 years. It's been a nightmare regarding... Read more

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Service is ***, they work with companies who lie. Customer service representative supervisors say you'll get a call back........ Still waiting. Customer service representatives do not give you all the necessary information. Add comment

My husband and I always get insurance for the "just in case" and it just so happened we had something happen, our items had been in a u-haul storage unit for only 7 months and when we went to clear out some items we noticed our couches were covered green thick mold as well as several other item there are too much to list here. We immediately went to inform management of the issue and they called... Read more

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State Farm Insurance - Don't believe their good hands BS.
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I am a retired, single 67 year old disabled woman. I filed a claim for a broken swamp cooler line, which caused my dining room ceiling to collapse. They contracted with an inept clean up crew, whom left 8 air mover fans running for over 10 days. My home is only 850 square feet. They put no plastic or containment material up to contain the installation from flying around. This caused me lung... Read more

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