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After having 2 roofing companies show obvious hail damage to my roof,Erie denies my claim.My next door neighbor and the neighbor 2 doors away had their roofs inspected and approved for replacement.In our subdivision of less than 50 homes,approx. half has claimed hail damage this year and have had roof replacement.There is no way my roof has been skipped over by the same hail storm!All other... Read more

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Homesite Insurance Company - Filed a claim on Nov. 2nd 2014, still in investigation stage  WTF??
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I went threw ESurance to get a renters policy on my apartment with Homesite Insurance, I did this because I had had several break ins at my apartment in 2014, on Nov. 2nd 2014 I was broken into again, I have turned in all necessary documentation to Homesite Insurance, to date everything is done, but they are still "investigating" my claim, this has been going on since the beginning of Dec. 2014.... Read more

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After 28 years with Erie Insurance and having NEVER filed a home insurance claim, Erie dropped my coverage. Actually it was their agent, but Erie did not stop it nor would they reinstate my policy. I was in the process of moving to another state and instead of waiting until we actually moved out of our home Erie dropped our coverage almost a month before we left. Fortunately nothing harped to the... Read more

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My wife and myself Nod myself were in florida for three weeks doing some work.When we came home we found a flooded basement do to the ejector pump had failed.I was told it was a sewage back up and it was not covered for replacement moly the clean up which cost 10,loo Dollars.i also had 50,000 thousand mold insurance to cover repairs.the part that failed was explained by my Plummer and an adjuster... Read more

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State Farm has cancelled our home owner's insurance after 12 years on the basis of the number of claims filed. One was a false liability claim that was never paid out. The others were all the result of wind or hail damage to our home. The amount we have paid in insurance premiums doesn't even come close to the amount they have paid out to settle these claims. Are we supposed to leave damage... Read more

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I've had "extra cash" insurance with CSI Central States Indemnity for 3 years. It's an insurance that pays out if you lose your job. I paid religiously, never late for 3 years straight. I was recently denied my Extra Cash claim because they state that I left my job voluntarily. This is odd since the state itself has approved my unemployment claim, meaning it's been through the scrutiny of an... Read more

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State Farm Insurance - State farm refused to pay additional damages on claim
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When i filed my claim with the state farm agent, i explained the situation i was having on my property. At the time i contact the agent we were having water penetration through the roof after the ice melted, this was not so noticeable however as soon as we had some rain water started penetrating the roof. The agent was quick as filing the claim as ice damming, because they knew by doing this the... Read more

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I have purchased cell phones through Verizon Wireless and have purchased the Asurion insurance on several of my phones. I purchased a new Iphone 4 in February. I ended up getting the phone into the washing machine. I have insurance this will be great! Wrong. I filed a claim and I had to pay $199.00 for the replacement phone. (I paid $299)originally. The phone arrives, but it is defective.... Read more

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Aetna is without a doubt the WORST health insurance you could purchase. It's a rip off and a total waste of money. I got this garbage insurance through my workplace last August. I work part time and they took $89 a paycheck out for their worthless insurance. I have made 2 Emergency Room trips since August and Aetna has paid a grand total of $400 towards the bills. I am now $8500 in debt. They... Read more

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I have had Encompass Homeowners insurance for years!!!! I had my first claim ever in the last couple of months do to wind and dust storm damages. The bills totaled less than $2,500 and I had a $500. deductible. The rep handling my claim was very nice and the claim was settled in less than a month which I really think is a record. I just got notice from the mortgage company that the home owners... Read more

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