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Like a few others here, I received a check for $3.50 with my mortgage statement from Ocwen Loan Servicing (which took over my loan from GMAC, which took it over from USAA.) The check arrived and was promptly deposited electronically with a few other checks that day. Over a year later, I discover that by the act of depositing what I thought was a minor escrow overage, I obligated myself to pay... Read more

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Good morning, I wanted to take a minute this morning to let you know what a great employee and service professional you have with Michele. Yesterday she helped make a stressful process for me absolutely pleasant. She took the time to give me options, waiting on hold before bringing me on the phone to save my time with the bank, and the best thing was finding out my motivation what was more... Read more

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I discovered water coming up through my floorboards and talked to my Desjardins representative. He said I was covered for up to $20,000 worth of my personal belongings. He also said I had to find the source of the water leakage and that my insurance did not cover that. I found the source of leakage- it was a pipe in the common area under the stairs that had leaked and seeped into my condo unit. I... Read more

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Insured for 5 yrs on a 10 units, 2 multi-family family buildings. Never had a claim. Rates have more than tripled in 5 years, then after a pay the full year premium, we get a letter stating that there are mandatory items that must be addressed - including wanting us to repave the parking lot! So, they'd like us to spend thousands of dollars on top of another 17% premium increase. I have been... Read more

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Been with State farm for all insurance.....with our house as soon as we payed it off they cancelled our homeowners policy (been with state farm for over 30 years)....I have used my homeowners policy 3 times in over 20 years.......and for all 3 claims wasn't even 5000.00. They are worried about us getting another hurricane. I am going to find another company for all other insurance.....Love my... Read more

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Been paying on homeowner insurance for 6 years and when I get a hole in my roof I am told that it is NOT covered. Roof was not properly put on when the covered patio was built. It was there when I bought the house. I am not a construction worker so how was I to know that eventually (6 years) the rain would rot the roof? They covered it when they insured the home and now they are not going to... Read more

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I have had USAA for nearly 30 years. I'm an ex-Army Officer and figured USAA was a strong and upstanding company. However, upon presentation of my first ever auto claim, they denied coverage. The offending person was at fault, and they were uninsured. My policy contains Uninsured motorist coverage and I only had a property damage claim. In their rejection letter(s) they claimed this and that and... Read more

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My mother is one of the claimant of greylines insurance. When i discover that greylines is already close i tried to contact the atty. Of the said greylines for the liquidation. And said we have to wait for a long period because of liquidation. And now i contacting again but the said atty. Tell me that she is not the atty. Of the said greylines anymore and i need to contact the comission Add comment


The experience has not been good, paying around $48 monthly, they promise to send somebody right way, 4 days later they booked two companies to come to my home and say my wash machine is 10 years old, when it is 5 years old, say that they will call you, don't call, terrible service. I am still waiting. Do Not recommend. I ask to talk to a supervisor, all busy, they say will call you later, no... Read more

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In July, 2014 while on a business trip I received a call from my tenant asking me to return ASAP. A pipe in his apartment had broken and there was 2 inches of water in the carpets, wall and possibly the downstairs apartment. I returned the following day and after removing the soaked through carpets and drywall. I called my Allstate agent to let him know the situation. I've had a policy with... Read more

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