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I have had USAA for nearly 30 years. I'm an ex-Army Officer and figured USAA was a strong and upstanding company. However, upon presentation of my first ever auto claim, they denied coverage. The offending person was at fault, and they were uninsured. My policy contains Uninsured motorist coverage and I only had a property damage claim. In their rejection letter(s) they claimed this and that and... Read more

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My mother is one of the claimant of greylines insurance. When i discover that greylines is already close i tried to contact the atty. Of the said greylines for the liquidation. And said we have to wait for a long period because of liquidation. And now i contacting again but the said atty. Tell me that she is not the atty. Of the said greylines anymore and i need to contact the comission Add comment


The experience has not been good, paying around $48 monthly, they promise to send somebody right way, 4 days later they booked two companies to come to my home and say my wash machine is 10 years old, when it is 5 years old, say that they will call you, don't call, terrible service. I am still waiting. Do Not recommend. I ask to talk to a supervisor, all busy, they say will call you later, no... Read more

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In July, 2014 while on a business trip I received a call from my tenant asking me to return ASAP. A pipe in his apartment had broken and there was 2 inches of water in the carpets, wall and possibly the downstairs apartment. I returned the following day and after removing the soaked through carpets and drywall. I called my Allstate agent to let him know the situation. I've had a policy with... Read more

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6/14/14 sent ac company..can not find anything when the room is 86-93..replace thermostate. still not cooling..come back after labor day to diagnose all the many things wrong. Leaking this, replace this. Contract says Air Conditioner $6550.00 you pay $85.00 Bill is $1999.00. Send in for approval. Houston weather is not easy with out ac. Five days later I call home office in Florida. We are... Read more

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Stanley home Warrnty is horrible horrible service, should within 30 days pay claim check , but after 6 months never get yet, called million times , nobody solve , that's fraud! Add comment


State Farm just want your money. I had hail and wind damage to my roof and State Farm told me who to call and the guy said I needed a new roof. State Farm didn't like the guy answer so they sent out another guy. Then the claims guy came Mr Josh Richardson never got on top of my roof. I call and call he never answer his phone. Final I call my agent office they got in contact with him. He told me... Read more

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I was burgleised ,Insurance says there not sure a crime was committed,that I abandon my propertl because owner cleaned up property that was part of cleanup to sell said property ,And said it was done be insured because my son and his girlfriend had stayed there get this on or about the time of the burglery, the last thing I sent them was a poliece incedent report where officer speaks of my... Read more

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My $7,000 Mountain bike was stolen out of our garage over a month ago - After providing Kemper with all the documents required, including receipts, proof of purchase, serial number, pictures, itemized description and police report, you'd think it' be a simple enough claim to process... Think again! We're now 40 days into it, and I still don't have a settlement check. I'd hate to see what they're... Read more

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State Farm added my X boyfriend to my home owners insurance policy without me knowing. When I found out all I could get from the agent was "We thought you were married". I am now talking with the main office. I want answers and paperwork as to how this happened. This is fraud on both State Farm and the x boyfriend. This happened in Santa Fe, NM. How do I go about filling a law suit against... Read more

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