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Everyone who experienced last year hail should read this story. Today, for the forth time since the hail storms last July, a State Farm insurance adjuster visited my house. By now all surrounding roofs have been replaced except mine. The first time I put in a claim State Farm sent an adjuster that never physically got on the roof. He inspected the roof from the driveway. I thought he must have... Read more

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April 27th a tornado damaged my live aboard houseboat, insurance sent$ 23,800 for repairs. Santander applied it to boat loan balance which was 20,000. I wanted repairs. They refuse to restore my account or send me the $3,800 overpayment. I had to get a signature loan to pay for my home rspairs. Add comment

Warning: Buying any kind of home warranty with American Home Shield (AHS) is not recommended due to false advertising and breach of contract. Did you know that American Home Shield will try to not honor their contract when something fails and needs repairs by simply trying to interpret the fine lines in the contract making claims they are not responsible? Do you know that AHS will promise and... Read more

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They called saying that as "i knew" citizens insurance is downsizing so they would like to help me find a new homeowners policy. I told them that if citizens was downsizing I'm sure my agent would call me and offer me an alternative. They didn't seem interested is chatting after that. I don't even have citizens any more.... Add comment

Put a claim in for my deck to which collapsed from the heavy snow this past winter. 1st estimate was 4,000. Called a contractor given i thought it was low for the size deck we had. Contractor came in at 12,500. I sent in the estimate and they came back at 8150 after depreciation. Looked at the details of their estimate and found they were Depreciating labor. in some areas as high a 75%... Read more

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This company overvalued the replacement cost of our home by sixty percent. I argued with them about it when we started the policy in 2008, but they claimed it was correct. I am in New Orleans and in the aftermath of Katrina, very few companies were writing here. So I went with it. This year they upped my premiums by $3000 and put a $25,000 wind/hail deductible on my policy. When I called them... Read more

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Bought a new policy. Cancelled policy with old carrier. In about a week, I was informed my new policy was being cancelled because, after inspection they found 5 chickens and a chicken coop on the property. Really? I live on a country acreage, zoned for animals. My chickens live in a fenced enclosure. Even the top is fenced to keep hawks and fox out. They never asked my about having chickens when... Read more

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We were misled and lured with a good rate while we were in buying process of our new house. We are provided all requested information by our agent (then he quits his job not letting us know)The new agent we are landed with was unprofessional and not knowledgeable or without job experience. She was using very unprofessional practices and even falsified information to increase our insurance rates.... Read more

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Had an adjuster come out to my house for my roof and told me there is nothing wrong with it just needs some shingles replaced ones that have been blown off which means or what they call a patch job plus he was rude. I wasn't satisfied so i called for them to send me another adjuster and took them about a month to send another which to my surprise was the same one..really! I couldn't believe this.... Read more

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Had water damage to floor and paneling a few weeks ago. Adjuster Gavin Coley refuses to add cost of upper kitchen cabinets. Yet was willing to give allowance for undamaged floor. This is ambigious to me, who wants 1970 cabinets mixed with 2015 cabinets? Feel that Travelers is not looking out for my home. Have had zero claims in 22 years with Travelers. Janet C. Add comment

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