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I am a Junior in college and I signed up for the 14 day trail for about $5, granted after some digging there is information about further billing, they are not upfront with this. After the 14 days was up they began charging me $40 a month. the lady on customer service said that the charge was for 39.80, but my statement showed 40.20. She said this was due to them being in the UK, despite the... Read more

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I was trained as a Chat Rep WOMR for the TurboTax assignment. I got no nesting period and the FIRST DAY I was switched from chat agent to voice agent. As a matter of fact I was listed as voice agent my entire first week. I asked numerous times during training where were only going to be chat agents and the trainer (a nice fellow) said yes he hasn't been told any differently. Well either he was... Read more

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I think i signed up for later at the end of last year 2014. I have not touched the program, forgot i had even gotten onto the website and now I'm billed forty freaking dollars? Yeah. I'm extremely mad and will tell whoever asks not to use this site. Extremely misleading. Also to add I'm a college student and that $40 was going towards my groceries. Money is tight and you need to actually tell... Read more

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Portrait Inovations is putting a handling fee on your receipts for the "Free" items you earn depending on the package you purchase. And they are NOT telling each customer about this. This is wrong, they are trying to hide this amount by not telling us up front about the fee and why we are being charged. Add comment

I had flood damage. Insurance company (Allstate) issued 2 checks for repairs. SPS had to sign check also. They require homeowner to sign first. Once I signed and sent them the check they refused to release funds to me for repairs!!! They said they have to verify repairs. They sent an inspector to look at repairs. She took pictures. NO CHECK came. They said the invoice from contractor is denied.... Read more

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Same here did a lot of work for them in 2014. They have a little over $3800.00 in outstanding invoices. They would pick and choose and seem to just not pay an invoice here and there hoping you wouldn't catch it. Each time I call about it, get get the run around - go on hold, wait forever then they come back and the first step is to send an email so they can review. To make it short I have been... Read more

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The staff behind the desk (possibly the owner as I found out) was super rude when I came in to ask a few questions about the services. So... Driving away business. Seriously wtf. Add comment

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