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I signed up for a resume builder to use because it was only $2.95 and seemed worthwhile. I did not read anything about signing up for a monthly program. Why would anyone need a monthly program for 1 resume? After reviewing my bank acount I discovered that the company has been billing my debit card $34.95 a month ever since I initially signed up. I was not aware that this was happening and now... Read more

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Jenna the Astrologer is purely a scam, 60 eur at first for all the info she provided, then if u find it expensive, she sends u the lower price, WITHOUT ANYTHING IN RETURN, she is a bloody scam and will suffer from all her wickedness!!!!!!!so don't entertain any of the email from this EVIL! she will send u email based on your issue, everyday until you pay! after paying, NOTHING, she... Read more

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After receiving an email from the previously shut down IDChief (see below) I placed an order and sent money via Western Union only to never hear back from the so-called chief again. This is the email I received, apparently it went out to anyone that placed an order with the chief in the past: My old friends: we had got your orders last year.And we had to shut down last August.but we come back... Read more

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Found the post on Facebook and thought hey, why not!? Just sent off my pictures and then was told on email that they could "see potential". I should have realised from the wooden responses that there was something a bit dodgy. Anyway, they gave me the locations of the studio and I went. When I got there, it was very busy. Reassuring on a way, but not in another. I had my photos taken and after... Read more

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Be on the lookout - this is a debt collection company saying that you owe money and I've checked with the company listed on my letter (Capital One) and they can't find any record showing that I owe money. I've reviewed this company it's clear to me not real. I've had my identity stolen last summer (drivers license only) but have had people write checks using my DL and write... Read more

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Okay...Let me break it down as professional as I can...A One Source Talent Representative calls you from a nationwide home based call center. That person that calls you is an at-home business employee of OST. They get paid to process email submissions and to do call backs from the privacy of their home. Every Submitted talent is called back for an interview. Every talent gets told that their very... Read more

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I wanted to contribute to the SumOfUs organisation but after my first donation of $5 I realised that it was being converted to US dollars by my bank with an extra charge attached (my mistake for not checking out in depth before committing). I have written to the SumOfUs twice via their contact page and their Facebook page requesting to stop the donations, but had no reply and the money keeps... Read more

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We wanted to do something good, so we called the "HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND" and donated our BMW 2001 to them. The car was in a good running condition, no body damages, clean interior, bottom line the car was in a good condition. They came and picked up the car and told us they will send us the tax papers in a week. We donated our car on April 2013, today is September 2013, after 5 months they have... Read more

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Go Matilda Visas and its managing director Alan Collett is a UNYTRUSTWORTH migration agent. Alan Collett is an accountant of GM Tax and a migration agent of Go Maltilda Visas. He also claims to provide other services like financial planning, businesses for sale, shipping, jobs, telecoms and more. He projects to be jack-of-all-trade but actually a master of none - HE IS JUST GREEDY!!! Alan Collett... Read more

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Terminix is all about the bottom line: MONEY. Here are some examples: * As a former service manager, I can tell you that pesticides are rationed according to how well the branch is doing financially (so, for example, many times your pest control technician doesn't have enough pesticides to properly treat your problem because it's not cost effective for the branch to buy the stuff) *... Read more

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