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So Aerotek jerking people around telling them one thing and doing another is somehow everyone's fault for them being a *** run company? People being lazy is one thing but when the incompetent people in the office (which I'm guessing is you judging by how you talk about this) it's just wrong. Say what you want to make you feel better about yourself but the fact remains that Aerotek is a joke.... Read more

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Sufi Hassan contact our company to get a shipment quoted out on. basing the original shipment on a standard 48x40 pallet and listed weight should have been rated at a class 85. Once the shipment was received my the carrier they inspected it only to find that Sufi Hassan was lying about the shipment dimensions and weight. We sent Sufi Hassan of Abbas Foods the undated information and requested he... Read more

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So I go over to Canal Street in Houston. I was told there was a crooked Attorney General there who could make my child support information go away and she could also sell me some addresses on where the *** lives that slapped me with child support. Anna takes me out back and we walk around and she's acting all funny like a spy or something you see on tv. Anna told me we gotta be careful cause... Read more

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I requested my deceased grandfathers birth certificate provided all of the necessary information and then received and email saying I needed to provide more information. Upon calling I was told that they could not locate his birth certificate and that I would not be refunded! This company is ridiculous I should've just made the drive to Dallas! These people are idiots! Add comment

This is a company that claims to be contracted by the U.S. government. I ordered a birth certificate and was very surprised and concerned when I got it only 2 days later. It was very generic. Name and date of birth along with parents names. I contacted the company and was told by them that this would not be accepted for obtaining a passport. So, what exactly is it good for. I was told that if I... Read more

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My recruiter Patricia Webster was outstanding! She was extremely friendly and helped me find a job in exactly what I wanted to do in the field I wanted. She was extremely friendly when I first walked into the office and nothing but helpful throughout the entire process. Even afterwards, when I was confused about when my paycheck for the job was going to come Tricia answered my email with answers... Read more

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Hi my name is margaret I lived in austin tx I am living at one of the properties they recently sold my building was taken over by rod ants ,the manager was helping me and even promises me that they were going to rein burst me for all the things that were destroyed by the rats they told me that the insurance was not willing to pay but they will now they ate refusing to keep there word I'm so... Read more

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I was at the LGBT *** Pride Parade Parade in Houston last year. There was this guy running around dressed like Marilyn Monroe handing out business cards and talking to people. He was advertising his business as a lawyer. I asked him if he worked on divorce cases and he said yes. I had a simple divorce against my wife. No biggie. I gave him all of the information and he gave me a card and his... Read more

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I was trying to purchase a home with naca as a first time home buyer with experience as a loan processor and at that time interest rate was in the 2's even when i submmited a complete package to them somehow they wait for weeks or month to ask me for new documents again and it took me over a year to realize the they are wasting my time and money. I went to a local bank and got a 3.75 interest... Read more

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I recently purchased a 2014 2.5i Ltd Outback. This is my 8th Subaru since my first in 1983. Where is the compass I have learned to rely on? It seems to me that in this price range, you should be adding features not eliminating them. On a cloudy day in Iowa I ended up driving north instead of west for 2 hours. This would have been avoided in previous Outbacks. Miss my 2008, best one ever. I... Read more

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