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Do not be sold an annuity by this company or an insurance. Trust me, their products are too illusionary and only the insurance agent, who gets a lavish commission, and insurance company benefit. The initial bonus the insurance company offers you, they'll get back within 3 years. If you want to buy an annuity and not be sold one, buy a Vanguard who circumnavigated the agent and has extremely low... Read more

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Worst service ever rude photographer horrible pictures 4109467114 Add comment

GERMAN ROJAS IS A SECRET ***. HE TALKS TO YOU THE WAY HE WANTS. THEN THE SUPERVISOR TAKES UP FOR HIM. OFFERED ME $500 each kid injured on the bus.Wth!! Im not ***. See u in court Add comment


My experience with Kaiser in the Mid Atlantic Region is that they will often not give you the support needed to advance either your Worker's Comp or Disability claims. At least, they will balk at giving you anything substantial relative to work and your capacity. Think twice about this in the event you need to rely on your provider for these types of issues. The advertised customer service... Read more

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same thing but here in Fort Myers, FLorida. sent them an area rug to clean… had dirty track marks. didn't smell funny it was not even 6 months old. they supposedly cleaned it and brought it back… it still had track marks. so i sent it back. Then they said they cleaned it good and deodorized it. I put it down… and it immediately stunk up my house. smelled musty and old. They must... Read more

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I canceled my subscription and just to cover myself after reading all of these reviews I decided to cancel my debit card too and not even a day later bank calls me and tells me they try to charge me four different times i recommend anybody you gave them their credit card debit card do the same thing after you're done with the site. Tho I would not chance it. Thank you for reading Add comment


I am a business man in the service industry for 35 years... First the tech was late and he told my why...He was hung over! Next I notice he is not in a company truck but a minivan with a donut tire on it and he brings in a portable cleaner. I have removed ALL of the furniture from each room with exception to a bed, a heavy desk and a light cabinet that a T.V. was on. He is alone with out... Read more

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my wife got out of her car and sat down the prompto tech (shouldn't even call him a tech) got in the car popped the trunk lid (instead of the hood) closed the door while hitting the lock button on the door. locked the keys in the car! but here's the kicker instead of saying OOPS sorry. he insisted my wife did it! than when she stood up for herself in defense by saying than how did you open the... Read more

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Terrible- never use this company. The man on the phone was oh so happy when I was signing up then as soon as I handed over the $200 deposit he did not want to know about me. The cleaner who came had ZERO cleaning experience she didn't know how to use a vacuum or iron. I called for a replacement maid as I was entitled in the contract and when I rang the man said he had no record of me and my... Read more

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I worked for the people as a technician. The main job was to upsell on the job and if you didnt you were fired. The tech must upsell at least 25$ a job to stay hired. Then on pay day, there is a problem with the money. The manager or any one in personel never calls back for at least 3 days. The people ask for money up front so that you have to accept the job. Dont use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After... Read more

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