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CBC news has reported that CLV Group, a property management company, will sue you if you post a negative review online. Apparently they don't appreciate the negative feedback. Here is a portion of the article. Just thought people should know before becoming potential renters. From Ottawa student Olivia Parsons learned that the hard way. After moving out of her apartment in June, she... Read more

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so in 2010 my mother-in-law went to bobs she bought two love seats that the pillows are getting flat the arm rests are wearing away and the seams are pulling apart...she bout two mattress that are *** the middle of my queen is dipping so icannot sleep on it it destroyed my back....a kitchen table that the screws are falling out of the chairs....dresser that the draws are hard to pull out and the... Read more

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I live in Hanover Park IL. I was talked into this scam from Marc Hoffman himself ~ these corrupt lawyers have been doing this to my wife and I as far back back as 2012. When they were the Residential Litigation Group then changed their name to the Hoffman Law Group.These Clowns took $5000 as a Retainer Fee & Charged me $495.00 a month in maintenance fees for Nothing other then their personal... Read more

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I prepaid almost $800 for a website contest with Mycroburst. I prepaid for it and was told by the rep that I could launch my contest at anytime. About a year later I need to use the credit on my account with mycroburst. I call them and am told that they deleted the credit that was on my account after 3 months of inactivity. WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME! All they say is that unless I have it in writing... Read more

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As a former parent I have one word of advice STAY AWAY!!! They do not care about your child, they only care about the almighty dollar. DO NOT send your child to the Rochester Hills KinderCare. Jennifer King is the worst director, she treats her employees like ***. I saw it first hand, I walked in the room and she had her back to me, so she did not see me, she was yelling at the poor teacher for... Read more

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Ordered a funeral arrangement for best friend's mothers funeral paid $112.77 and the flowers never made it to the funeral home they came to MY HOUSE.... The day after the funeral...when I called them they said that I must have given them that address for delivery. Of course since I paid with a credit card they had to have my address for billing purposes.any way they sent someone back to my house... Read more

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Portrait Innovations website has no information on graduation photos other than a 10% off coupon. When I called the studio in Syracuse, NY, I was very clear as to what I was looking for. "What packages do you offer for graduation photos?" The girl skirted the question and would only tell me that they have a digital offer for $249. I finally said, "I want to know what packages you offer." She told... Read more

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They did the same thing I graduated from the security academy and Representatives of allied barton was there and other companies. I try to ignore them but eventually I was invited to come to their table but honestly I wanted at to go with St Andrew security but didn't happen. Once I went to the orientation the person who suppose tech the class was absent. Than I though I am going to work at this... Read more

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I get done doing their retarded survey and I still couldn't request a payout. When I went to do another survey it said I a Ad blocker plus that I had to remove but I don't have any software like that. These guys are fraud. Add comment