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A simple philosophy of business. Give them money, don't expect anything in return, get lost, then repeat. No thanks you say, they've been wronged by the client. Add comment

I've worked for Directv almost 3 years, the first year was a little hard. But since then it is pretty good job, decent pay for a callcenter job. Monthly bonuses of $150 to over $350 every month. Three pay raises in the first 2 1/2 year ( one of over $1.25 an hour) . Free Directv package with premium channels and a free DVR. Contests , prizes and more. I have won gifts about every 3 months.... Read more

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I discovered a very valuable ring missing shortly after the Cleaning Authority had been to my house. I have requested the same team clean every two weeks, as they do a very good job, and I trust them. Two people showed up I had never seen before. I am usually there; however, on this day I had a dr.'s appt. No one, absolutely no one, has been in my house other than the Cleaning Authority in... Read more

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So today I went to neon models for my test shoot, they filled me with confidence and told me I had what it takes and gaurenteed me work within 3 weeks. I paid £750 upfront and they kept my £100 deposit aswell. soon after I left I started to question my decision and researched about the company only to find it was a massive scam heartless bastards taking people's hard earned money. Their is a way... Read more

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Go elsewhere. Like many of the other pissed consumers, I have been sitting here waiting way after my scheduled appointment time. It's clear they way overbooked and have absolutely no respect for other people's time. Add comment

I register with hometown rentals and they too my $79 and scammed me!! The Lisa woman who worked with me was just rude as can be. They refused to refund my money, gave me fake lists, and none of the landlords I called had even heard of them before?! Don't waste your money. These people take houses off of and and other sites and say they work for the landlords when tey do... Read more

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Absolute scam Sent for a free test shoot. Had my own portfolio of my son with me. Not interested in my photos. Wanted me to purchase theirs. Then I had awful emails off a so called Anthony. Who has no customer service what so ever. Reported to the Manchester eve news and trading standards!!!!! Be warned adora Add comment

The TSS in the Southern Illinois area who primarily does youth basketball photos is unprofessional and rude, everyone has bad days but this guy is just silly, he tried to be rude with me and I cut him short in the conversation, for the price I expect better behavior Add comment

Cultural Care Au Pair - Review from Prosper, Texas
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We ended up with a Thai au pair who spoke minimal English, then proceeded to use her days off soliciting men on the Internet. Beware of this company at the end of the day these are foreign girls that want to get into the U.S. by any means. After we finally got her out I was cleaning out the room and found Thai condom wrappers. Awesome. Glad that I paid to have my kids watch their kindle and to... Read more

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Absolute disgrace. Anthony who emails you has no manners. Photo shoot was awful. Reported to trading standards and the paper Add comment

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