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I had a simple neck skin lift procedure at Lifestyle Lift. The staff and nurses were great, to be sure. But I looked almost the same as before the procedure less than six months later. Same sagging, loose skin. My attempts to have the situation corrected produced nothing. I don't have the time or money to sue. Instead I plan to have the procedure done correctly at another clinic. My... Read more

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I arrived 10 min early and have all my paper work fill out before I walked in to the office. They seem nice and they told me that they would tell the person that I was there for my 12:00pm appointment and I sat there for 40 mins after my appointment should had started. know one said anything to me the hold time I was there. so I walked out. you should not have to sit there for that long. that's... Read more

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When I went to Sonobello Scottsdale, I was told by April that her mother had had just one treatment and was almost unrecognisable because she looked so much younger. April signed me up for Venus Freeze treatments on my face and abdomen at $2,000 per area, a total of $4,000. My first therapist burned me. The other treatments were by a real professional. I was on time for every appointment and when... Read more

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Although the project was not perfect, I am basically pleased with the surgery. I had the neck lift and believe I look much better. The folks in Houston were very friendly and treated me well Add comment

I had a great experience! Just some scar tissue behind my ears was injected with a steroid. Love my results a year later!! Add comment


I & one other person want to do a class action any1 want in? If so please email me at. This has to stop there is something we should be able to do. Ive called all different types of lawyers to what i can do. They advised me to not sit on it as there are statue of limitations. My lipo was done November 30, 2013 i am still having pains & still no change. So we need... Read more

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I was left with so many problems that weren't told to me before the procedure. #1-I look no different after giving them $7,000. #2-I can't wear makeup as my face burns off & on since the laser treatment. #3-I have huge scars behind my ears that hurt all the time. #4-My right earlobe is turned wrong so my earring doesn't sit like the left one.#5- I have places on my face that itch all the time... Read more

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I paid to have my tummy, hips & love handles done so that is 6 areas & i only received my tommy done...i never seen the doc until my 6month pos opp...when i went in for consolation i only went to see about getting tummy done i ended up paying to get 6 sections...they said the pain is like getting a tattoo the nurse said as i have many tatts i should be fine..well ummmm n it was worse then... Read more

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In my personal experience and opinion: "" is "Real Dangerous" and "Real Deceptive". Upton Sinclair said, "It is hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." Plastic surgeons depend upon plastic surgery to sustain their lavish lifestyles. I have read that the average salary of a plastic surgeon is about $250,000 a year. According to... Read more

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I went in to have liposuction done on my abdomen and was told that if i did not do my hips and love handles that it wouldnt look good. So i said ok makes sense i was also told that id be able to work out after three days and that the swelling and pain would be gone within 3months. Well let me tell you this has been a nightmare its been almost a year and i still have pain in my upper part of my... Read more

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