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I to was told that I would have no scars I work with children at an elementary school and they call me a monster I exlplained to Dr. Almonte that I came in to fix my scar he said wait for a couple of months I'll fix it. I did now there telling me I can not get an appointment because they don't see anything wrong and I owe 400. So I better pay the 400. Or the scars stay I could not believe that a... Read more

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I had my procedure almost 8weeks ago at the King of Prussia area.I fail to see any results! At this time, I am very dissatisfied. I want my money BACK!! I understand that it can take up to 6mos before seeing any results but, there's no indication that I even had LIPOSUCTION!! Add comment

I'm so impressed with Sonobello I strongly recommend this company. I feel like a million dollars. They were my last hope for a healthy life, I felt so welcomed from my first intial call. The office its self was inviting the front receptionist to the surgery consultant were so helpful and truly wanted to help me. the financing was so easy and smooth I had no problems I was in my surgery within a... Read more

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I had my procedure a week ago today. The most painful part was getting the IV put in! Everyone was very, very nice and attentive, and the doctors (I had two; it was during their required "auditing" period) were just wonderful. I felt a small *** in each area they numbed when they put the numbing fluid in; then the canula, about the size of the inside of a ball point pen where the ink is kept,... Read more

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VERY unhappy with results!!!! After several return visits to Dr Gocken complaint about disappointing results , I received a phone call saying I quilified for a "revision" BUT it would cust me an additional &500 . I already dad an$1100 credit for work I was to have done later . When I called today the # had been disconnected!!!! I called an attorney!!!! Add comment

After getting an MRI on my cervical spine (neck area), I followed with 2 Dr.s appointments for review of images. I was told by both Dr.s that the "pictures" were not all on the DVD. I was sent to another imaging center for more. Being in the area, I decide to go back to Rose to inquire about the negative response I had gotten from my Dr.s concerning the MRI. I asked if they had more images from... Read more

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They are not qualified medically. A course to become a plastic surgeon is no more than a very brief seminar. Read: The Making of a Surgeon. Do your homework. These people NEED you to think you are defective in some way and shun and fear intellectual discourse. They are inferior and often terrified of having their grades exposed. You can learn ANYTHING about the people at this grotesque zoo.... Read more

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Dr. Blum also left me in the room with his assistant after finishing the right side of my face with the mini face lift as he went to see a client in the lobby. Later he returned and continue the procedure on the left side of my face. Then he finished the eyebrow lift, which was not effective at all other then a numb head after over one year now and NASTY FACIAL SCAR FOR LIFE. Victoria... Read more

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Before scheduling a procedure with this doctor please confirm you are absolutely sure. The staff will paint you a picture that if you put the money down and not choose to have surgery with them. You will receive a refund. That is not true. I put the money down and had not scheduled the surgery. After reconsidering my surgery and NOT scheduling a date, I called back to receive a refund and... Read more

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My neighbor went to sonobello last fall. She died the same day. The person performing the process was not a doctor, scientist, or any one trained in medical procedures. Dying because you want to lose weight is criminal. Nothing has happened to the operator, the owner, or sonobello. It should be on the news to warn people. They have a license to take lives, with no reprocussions. Add comment

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