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its going on 18 mo. and am unhappy i look ok the fat was taken off but now i has to get a tummy tuck for 4grand and i have a pants line around my waist not happy for 7 grand but didnt know the carecredit i had i could go any where they told me know i had to go there to sono bella maybe after paying off w/2 jobs i really go have it done again right very sad and upset.... just look around and if... Read more

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If this is the only review you read please do not go to Sonobello Sacramento. I had surgery in Spring of 2014. I paid for 2 areas, totaling roughly $2400. Sonobello is a high pressured sales pitch given by office staff. You will only see a physician for any "questions," and at the beginning of your surgery and to mark your body up with a pen. Other than that, it is extremely impersonal. You are... Read more

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Sono Bello - Review about Surgery Results
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The staff at the office was so nice, but I looked better after 1 month than I do six months later. Seems to me that as the swelling goes down my body is looking more like it looked before I got the procedures done. I am now in a depressed state. I paid cash for this and I wish I would have spent the money on something else. Read more

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I went in beliving the ad which was my first mistake. It is not a walk in and out procedure. After paying 8,000.00 to get 4 areas done, I came home and found that the next day I hadn't lost one pound or inch. They said on the first week check up that I was swollen still. After a month they said well there is some change and maybe you are still swollen. Well, I'm hear to tell you after six months... Read more

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I had lipo suction performed in March/April of 2014. Although I did see results, the results were minimal at best. There is no real difference in the areas I had done, Waists, upper lower abs, and bra roll. I had absolutely no results on the bra roll, although I expressed some concerns in regards, to that from research the bra roll ever saw any difference. The assured me they could make a... Read more

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I had a life style lift about 7 years ago. I now have an exposed stitch in front of my ear. I don't know what to do , has anyone else had this problem? I am so afraid if I pull it that side of my face my sag. I did give it a little tug to see if it was attached to anything and it is. I don't want to go back to the plastic surgeon he is quite a distance from where I am living.I have a funny... Read more

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I went to Clinic Estetica several times to have my calves fixed. A Palo Alto plastic surgeon had lipo'd them without my consent and for no reason while I was under anesthesia for another surgery. He made large concave areas that had to be filled in with artificial filler, so I went to Clinic Estetica for Bio-Alcamid. Anna Love, the owner/director assured me that BA was safe and that it couldn't... Read more

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After having Coolsculpting treatments, my upper thighs have large breast like masses on them. My abdomen has an ugly look too since having Coolscupting treatments. Now, 6 months after the treatments, a plastic surgeon has said either liposuction or reconstructive surgery will be the only way to get back to my original appearance! He will know which recommendation to make after some testing is... Read more

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I had a simple neck skin lift procedure at Lifestyle Lift. The staff and nurses were great, to be sure. But I looked almost the same as before the procedure less than six months later. Same sagging, loose skin. My attempts to have the situation corrected produced nothing. I don't have the time or money to sue. Instead I plan to have the procedure done correctly at another clinic. My... Read more

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I arrived 10 min early and have all my paper work fill out before I walked in to the office. They seem nice and they told me that they would tell the person that I was there for my 12:00pm appointment and I sat there for 40 mins after my appointment should had started. know one said anything to me the hold time I was there. so I walked out. you should not have to sit there for that long. that's... Read more

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