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I called, set an appointment,went in and put down a deposit, they wanted to do it in three days I wanted to find out more about it, the rush was on i wanted to investigate more, how do I get my money back ? Add comment

Had surgery two years ago to remove turkey neck and remove fat around eye lids well now eyes are so tender can't put make-up on and the neck has sag which neck was to be okay for about eight to ten years . Went back and Doctor stated neck is better than it was when you came and was to speak to Director on next step and they never contacted me again . Horrible work , will not recommend to anyone... Read more

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I was thrilled with Nina Deep. I was involved in an accident. The right side of my face was scared and would not heal. I used the dermal roller and products she recommended and have transformed my face. Add comment

I had a lifestyle lift on 2012 with the main goal to fix the loose skin under my neck. It starting to droop and it id only 3 yesrs latter. For the investment I made, I certainly expecting longer lasting result!!! Add comment

My name is Norma Blackstock, i had a lifestyle lift on my neck and my eyes. I had this lift of May of 2014 in Clevelsnd Ohio. I have had problems of scsring. Eyes watering, itching, dimples in my lower jaws, i'm 64 years old. I eould never go through thst again, the outcome is not at all what i expected. I have went to my fsmily turned sent me to a another surgeon he subscibed a cream... Read more

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I never liked my double chin and I really could not afford to do anything but with everyone urging to do something for myself I decided to do the lifestyle lift. I was told I would be ok in 2 to 3 days, but my face was swollen for 1 month. I'm still paying and I look hideous. I wish there was someway to be reimbursed, even partially. I'm still very tight and my double chin is now 3. I hate... Read more

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I had my Face lift surgery on Feb 6 in. Overland Park KS. They closed a month later so I couldn't get follow up care I have all kinds of problems infection, scars, wringles were I didn't have before crooked smile were one side of face tighter then othet stiches left in keep getting infection only good thing they only got my down payment but all this was not worth it don't know if can do anything... Read more

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Sono Bello's reply to:

At Sono Bello we strive to provide safe and effective body contouring treatments. Our team of highly trained plastic surgeons has successfully treated over 60,000 patients and we take pride in our medical practice. We are sorry that we weren’t able to meet your expectations and that you did not have a good experience. We would certainly like to work with you on your request and help you... Read more

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May 15, 2015 I placed $2,000.00 on my Care Credit card. They have been pleasant to work with. I have read the other reviews on here and have had the completely opposite experience with this company. My credit plan was 0% financing for 12 months (0% APR if paid off before the 12 months. After 12 months it would increase to 26%). I understood the loan that I had signed up. The woman that helped me... Read more

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Save your money and have a real facelift! My left ear is disfigured as a result of a rushed procedure. I didn't notice any real change to my drooping jowls, and was told by my Dr that i now need filler. What a waste of $8,000!! Add comment

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