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I had reconstructive breast surgery 6yrs ago. I have rupture on one side and silicone gel can be seen in lumps with eye. I called maker of implant and found they had been recalled. I was never notified. The silicone contains chemicals that eat through tissue and cause many diseases. My Dr has tried for months to get referral for surgical removal with denials each time. I'm slowly dying from this... Read more

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This is a great place!! I did my lipo six months ago they tell you you can go to work in 72 hours not the next day! Add comment

"the fact that they said you could have gone back to work so soon, yes in want terrible pain for the next four months "They make it seems is so easy with great results, lies!!!! "They should refund you." "A lot of money for little results or not results Don't waist your money like I did, go to gym, eat healthy and you will get better results. If something sounds to good to be true, it is. I hope... Read more

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My mother was 58 years old and wanted to look good again and had liposuction. The next morning she was dead! The doctors DID NOT CHECK WITH HER PERSONAL PHYSICIAN. about her past medical history. She had heart disease FFS! 4 bleeding alcers that 8 months ago 1 ruptured and she was bleeding internally! I don't understand how the surgeon didn't talk or correspond with her personal physician!....... Read more

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On July 15, 2013 Dr. Basu did a Bleph. upper and lower with a mini cheek lift for me. The results are not satisfactory! I am left with lumps and bumps on my right eye lid, a long herring bone scar on my left eye lid. The bottom right eye lid has 6 indentions from stiches which holds makeup and is hard to clean, and the right lower lid came out ruffled. Also Dr. Basu placed a stitch on the... Read more

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Please take a chance to do your research before handing these people your money!!! Chelsea was very quick to give you this whole conversation how you will look amazing afterwards.. after my surgery in 6 areas.. my upper and lower abs.. my bra sides.. my hips and waist and my back fat rolls.. i spent well over 6 grand and had the worst job done. At first i thought I would be pleased but after... Read more

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I first want to say that front desk staff was nice, nurses, but I was told after my 3rd treatment I would see results, ( the consultant told me and showed me a picture of what I looked like and how I would look) nope so I waited finally finished my last session last Friday and I may have lost an Inch but from what I was told it should have been more, I work out I run dam I just did SF marathon, I... Read more

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If I could give this a zero star, I will. BEWARE OF THEIR SHADY BUSINESS TACTICS. Let me start that we had a consultation with a gal who has no medical license whatsoever. She told us that she wants to give us different payment options and asked for 2 IDs and had us sign papers. Fast forward, I received a credit card in the mail and learned that she did apply for a credit card on my behalf. I... Read more

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After starting to feel self conscience of about my thinning hair, I made the very, very regrettable decision to have a hair transplant. I was convinced by the Bosley staff that it would look good. That's about all they told me. They didn't mention that it would kill all the hair around it. They didn't warn me that the results would look unnatural. The transplant did not compensate for the... Read more

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