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I had a facelift 9 months ago that included a midface cheek lift with endotines. My life has been complete *** ever since. After the swelling went down it was obvious the fat pad was in fact not lifted and after 3 months the device had not dissolved as I was told it would. I went to two new surgeons at 5 months who both confirmed immediately that the endotine had not worked, did not lift my... Read more

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Please beware. .... this reviews on Dr. Wilcox isn't a scam! I am a real patient that paid my hard earned money for a Brazillian Butt Lift including liposuction of the abdomen, flanks / back, and chin. I've attached pictures and I'll let you be the judge on it this was a successful procedure or not. I paid $8,300 to be called a liar, disrespectful and rude by Dr. Wilcox's. In the beginning he... Read more

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I had the surgery in Grand Rapids, MI and was left with a scar and was told I would need another "procedure" which was scheduled for early March. Then I got a call from Dr. VAGOTIS' office asking me to call and reschedule now I can't get an answer to any of my phone calls. But they had the nerve to send me an e-mail message from her private practice about their "Spring Specials". I say the Dr.... Read more

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I am a registered nurse who went to Dr. Greenberg's office after being offered a free consultation while at work. I was forced in November 2014 to put a $500.00 deposit down for surgery in May 2015. If the Dr. was honorable the office would not ask for a deposit so far in advance!!! Needless to say I was unable to get medical clearance secondary to not being able to take a stress test with my... Read more

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I had a facelift a month before they closed could not get no follow up care I had a terrible infection for months never heard a word from them anyone else had this problem Add comment

I had a life style next lift done some time ago and went back less than two month afterward to complain that my neck started sagging again. Was told initially I was a perfect canidate but when I went back was told something about a matesemo band in my neck needed to be repaired (whatever that is) wasn't told this during my first visir nor during surgery or after. I spent a lot of money on a neck... Read more

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I have lift done in September 2013, way before bankruptcy. Result s were very disappointing. I contacted corporate, BBB, Georgia state s attorney all said there was no pattern of abuse or bad business. Go figure. I also filed complaint with medical board against Dr. Whitaker in Atlanta, again no evidence of malpractice, etc. I would love to hear from anyone who filed lawsuits. This company is... Read more

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I to was told that I would have no scars I work with children at an elementary school and they call me a monster I exlplained to Dr. Almonte that I came in to fix my scar he said wait for a couple of months I'll fix it. I did now there telling me I can not get an appointment because they don't see anything wrong and I owe 400. So I better pay the 400. Or the scars stay I could not believe that a... Read more

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VERY unhappy with results!!!! After several return visits to Dr Gocken complaint about disappointing results , I received a phone call saying I quilified for a "revision" BUT it would cust me an additional &500 . I already dad an$1100 credit for work I was to have done later . When I called today the # had been disconnected!!!! I called an attorney!!!! Add comment

After getting an MRI on my cervical spine (neck area), I followed with 2 Dr.s appointments for review of images. I was told by both Dr.s that the "pictures" were not all on the DVD. I was sent to another imaging center for more. Being in the area, I decide to go back to Rose to inquire about the negative response I had gotten from my Dr.s concerning the MRI. I asked if they had more images from... Read more

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