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After spending 7 months researching, I decided to go to Dr. Gary Brownstein for breast augmentation. I first heard about him in a local magazine here in Cherry Hill, New Jersey-- that he specialized in breast surgery, revision breast surgery and mastectomy. At that time I didn't know nor did I imagine that there were so many victims who had been permanently disfigured by this doctor. Just... Read more

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saint alphonsus used a dead man's bone on my foot I was told by 2 other doctors u need to use a bone from me now fusions never took plus had CT scan screws are backing out in worse pain can't work .still have bad bunion.look at my foot . here is a picture. Thank you Add comment


For those who are considering going to see Dr. Gary Brownstein, I share my genuiness in hopes of bringing great awareness of this doctor, so you will not be in the same position as me. So please read this. Dr. Gary Brownstein is an incompetent, disgraceful plastic surgeon who ruined my face, and I am only a young adult mind you. The conservative procedure I had wanted, resulted in new unwanting... Read more

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Dr. Gary Brownstein represented upon our consulation and interview that he was especially skilled and trained in rhinoplasty surgery. He further indicated that the photo rendition he took of my daughter would come out similar if not better than what the demonstrated photo suggested. My daughter has since had to have Dr. Brownstein redo is work as her first surgery left her with a pointed ball at... Read more

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I had lipo, tummy tuck & breast lift w/implants. The only tell you the good things & you are so excited. I had this done 5 years ago, had an infection from tummy tuck, my old naval is flat but I have issues with it. The things they don't tell you is because the suction of the fat in various parts of your body will relocate into other parts of your body. Now the fat has move to my... Read more

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Dr Enrique Silberblatt Roanoke VA fraud plastic surgeon offered us a discount for paying cash for breast work on my girlfriend and after major complications including an infection contracted called MRSA from his place of work he lost all of our documentation mysteriously? He offered no help and used DIRTY tools on her! She has horrible scars 3 years after the job was done and he still will not... Read more

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I had my surgery in March 2014 and I just have to say that I look pretty much the same. Definitely not worth the 5300 dollars I was charged. Not to mention that right before the surgery they attempt to sell you more treatments like a Venus freeze for best results. I think for 5300 a Venus freeze should be included and not just dropped on you right before your surgery when you are all paid up and... Read more

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thank you everyone for ur reviews i normally dont chec this out i was about to call and set and app. and spend ton of money tryn to look different i knew when i saw the photos something was up didnt look right now im glad im not wasing my time or money Add comment


The same thing happened to me at the Michigan Bosley!!! Getting a transplant from Bosley was the worst decision I ever made. I got about 900 transplants too and barely any of them actually took root. I am just about to start shaving my head and stop covering it up with Caboki. The only reason I even started using Caboki was because I am going to feel extremely disfigured with this six inch... Read more

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BOTCHED!!! Dr. Gary Brownstein is more interested in his patients money than he is in the welfare of his patients. I paid Dr. Gary Brownstein $7300.00 for an upper body lift procedure that had to be cancelled as I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma insitu which is an early stage of breast cancer. I had a procedure with an oncologist where a lump on my breast was removed. After the procedure, Dr.... Read more

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