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The cost of the passport picture is outrageous. They say it's because they guarantee them.well they have to because if they are not right they have to redo them. I had to go back because the guy took the picture to close so the head was to big this was a joke a waste of our time. We found out after costco is 7.99 and others are 11.00 we paid 22.99 that is crazy they should be ashamed charging so... Read more

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Alright Lifetouch, listen up. Fire every single person that you have hired right now. Then change the way you touch up your pictures. Then the poses that you make us do. Then the backgrounds. Then just role yourself into a corner and die. WHY THE HECK DO I HAVE TO STAND WITH MY ARMS CROSSED WHEN I'M NOT EVEN GETTING A FULL BODY PORTRAIT? AND GIRLS HAVE THESE THINGS CALLED ***. WHY DO ALL YOUR... Read more

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The new young guy manager at the lakeline mall, Austin, Tx location is a joke. He has no customer service values at all. Doesnt pay attention to waiting customers. I sure wish Amanda (aka Lori) was back here. I have taken my first 4 grandsons to her but not my 5th as she is no longer at this location. Guess I will be finding a new location. I have spent so much money with them or should I say... Read more

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We ordered a package for our two sons at the daycare where they attend, and were old we would receive a digital copy in 2-3 weeks through an email address that I provided them. We gave out all of the photos to grandaprents and great grabdparents, and were wanting to order ourselves photos. I called customer service about 5 weeks after we received the photos asking about the digital copies and was... Read more

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I'm a student at school and my first freshman picture they mixed my friend and I name on the ID ALSO, ON THE RETAKE THE MAN AND LIFETOUCH MISSPELLED MY *** NAME AND PUT " Emilla Countreras" instead of " Emilia Contreras" I'm still so pissed off Add comment

Lifetouch pays their photographers less than mc donalds,maybe thats why the customer service sucks. They start at 8 in california. I know someone who only makes $15 an hour after almost 20 years and is top in sales. Sad. They make them photograph faster than there is time because they over book and under staff. No benefits or vacation either. Add comment

Selected the premium retouching for my sons photos, and there was no retouching done. The photos are also the Most terribble photos he has!... Yet we had to select a package AND pay for it BEFORE picture day! Terrible photo company! Add comment


Portrait Innovations website has no information on graduation photos other than a 10% off coupon. When I called the studio in Syracuse, NY, I was very clear as to what I was looking for. "What packages do you offer for graduation photos?" The girl skirted the question and would only tell me that they have a digital offer for $249. I finally said, "I want to know what packages you offer." She told... Read more

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I'm writing to share to horrible experience with Picture People at Marlborough, MA location. Worst customer service not for 1 visit but 3, I repeat 3 freaking times. First time, the lazy staff took just 5-7 shots for the entire family including 4 adults and 2 kids (with new born). Which professional photographer takes 5-7 shots? Oh, the worst part was even after taking an appointment, they make... Read more

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