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Portrait Inovations is putting a handling fee on your receipts for the "Free" items you earn depending on the package you purchase. And they are NOT telling each customer about this. This is wrong, they are trying to hide this amount by not telling us up front about the fee and why we are being charged. Add comment

This couple photographer was rather demanding and not as infant-friendly as I had thought. Our family had an uncomfortable and awkward time while working with them. The props were old and worn out and the editing was sloppily done. It was a total rip-off. Personally, I feel like our styles did not click and things did not work out for me, specifically. Moreover, the pricing is extremely... Read more

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I went to Australia for 3 months vacation. I wanted to explore things and places and capture every possible moments so i hired a photographer. At first we agreed in many things, had a little chit chat and i thought he knew what to do and what i wanted. But at the later part of that day, he got pissed because i couldn't get what he wanted me to do. I am not fluent in English and i told him he... Read more

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We arrived early as discussed only for us to wait almost 2 hours till they arrive, and they didn't know how to handle kids in the photo shoot! What a mess is that?! They have no patience towards kids. Our whole day was a mess and we had to do the photo shoot over and over again, was just a waste of time. They seemed not prepared and didn't know what they were doing. I asked for a discount and was... Read more

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They took more than 2 weeks to cash my check, after that my bank account information was compromised and I had to close my bank account, they send me a bill with TRS Recovery Services for DOUBLE the cost of their product, the extra charge was Service Charges. Why they don't call directly to ask what is wrong with the payment??? Terrible costumer service!!! and their pictures are nothing great,... Read more

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I tried getting my disposable camera developed at the downtown St. Paul Walgreens. I was asked if I would like the 1 hour photo, or next day pickup. Since I was given the option, I asked for the 1 hour photo. The girl didn't seem like she wanted to do it, and told me I could come get it the next day instead. She printed me off a pickup slip for 1pm the next day and I left. I came back at 1:30 the... Read more

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The Photography Workshop Series is such a fantastic experience for any photographer looking to take their craft up several notches. I took 3 workshops in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and had the time of my life. The instructor and director Kevin Michael Schmitz is a really great photography instructor and a world class celebrity advertising photographer. After being a huge admirer of his work I decided... Read more

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I had the same experience ...come to a test shoot with your daughter for thwm to see how ahe was with a camera then after 2 hrs they told me adora would take her on but they have to use their pictures and i have to pay £600 I proceeded to tell them i have a portfolio for her wqhich thwy stated they couldnt use which is a lie any reputable company would ......needless to say i left and reported... Read more

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Spent $120+ on photos of our 2 yr old grandson. Made it known from the beginning that we wanted to get a CD as part of the package so that we had control to make prints at a future date. The CD is only part of more expensive packages so, we reluctantly spent the money. Two months later, took the CD to Walmart in order to make some prints. They wouldn't make the prints without written consent... Read more

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I was expecting to get my order within 7 days as promised but ended up having to constantly contact them for a simple order. It took almost 2 weeks for 1 simple order of handmade prop that I wanted to give to my friend to congratulate him for his newborn daughter. He ended up giving it back to me saying that it gave his daughter rashes. Instead of giving him a gift, I ended up giving his daughter... Read more

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