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Photography Complaints and Reviews

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For the tenth time I ordered same day pick up pictures from CVS and for the tenth time I'm bring informed that the system is down blah-blah-blah and the pictures are not ready. Can't submit any school project on time since the pictures are NEVER done on time. Guess I should have learned my lesson on the 9th time. Walgreens it is again. Add comment

The Lincoln NE location was horrible. First I made 2 appointments for two different families and the manager literally threw a temper tantrum throwing items on the counter. Also Edward promised my pictures would all be printed portrait instead of landscape -- all printed landscape!! Add comment

When I placed my order with them, I asked them to please deepen the saturation of my cards. As I wanted the black to be black, not grey. I explained to her that I had ordered from this company in the past. The first print order was excellent, the second time, the cards were distinctively lighter in saturation. The customer service woman assured me that I would be pleased with my order. When... Read more

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I had a terrible experience...the photographer was clueless, terrible customer pictures came out cut off...they are just terrible Add comment

Portrait innovations is lying to you. They'll tell you they don't keep your photos on file to make you buy a package that comes with a CD. They actually do keep your pictures, usually for several months. Also that CD they pretty much strong armed you to buy? Useless. It's copy right protected so you can't use it anywhere to get prints. Nor can you print them out yourself at home because it says... Read more

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I would have liked to know about his blacklisting earlier, as Jared Polites had something really off about him after an initial good impression. For the 4 weeks I kept him, he'd pretend to have completed the small tasks I had required from him. When time came for a first review, and once he'd cashed in his first check... he simply never showed up to our meeting and I never heard back. I thought... Read more

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I got and email sayin my baby girl ky-lynn musgrove was choosing to be in cutest baby in America book paid over $80 and have yet to get my book what do I do???? I can't find any info on them or how to contact them and find out what's going on it was a lot of money and I wAs excited that my little girl made it in the book I have been wait for over 3 months for my book and have yet to receive it... Read more

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I saw the complaint about Leavitt Wells on here and I wanted to share my experience with her. I've used Leavitt for 3 years. She's very professional, fun, creative and my kids have loved getting their pictures taken with her! She has worked with me to make sure that the images I receive are ones that I love. She takes the time out of her schedule to do extra things for no additional cost... Read more

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I purchased some prints online, only purchased for about $110. I received 2 email confirmation, one for the prints that I ordered of $100 and the email was of additional prints that I did not order. THey charge my account for an additional $191. THey even billed be for unfinished christmas card project that I worked on last year but never ordered. There in no direct phone # to contact them. I... Read more

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