hello! my name is iqunelda white. i am a new proud parent of a now 7 month old baby girl! in October of 2009 i was contacted by a company called The Great American Photo Contest threw email telling me to submit my baby's picture to there site for a chance to win 2,500$ they said that a new winner is chosen ever single month. of course i was going to enter her times were hard and my child is very beautiful. so finally i entered her and not... Read more

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If you're not familiar with this particularly offensive scam of a photography company then you probably know of one just like it. It's probably almost as bad, but not quite. It probably hires a giant posse of amateur photographers with Canon Rebels around their necks"”complete with a kit lens attached"”and their turnover rate is probably astonishing. I graduated from Mount Royal University last summer (Class of 2011) after a very difficult, yet... Read more

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Went to portrait innovations in Monroeville, PA. First of all - was very busy and hectic. We felt rushed but did like their backgrounds. They take your picture very quickly but they have you go to different rooms and you wait when you get their for us (15 minutes)- then go to room 1 take some photos - wait (again for us 20 minutes totalling 35 minutes of waiting now) - go to room 2 then wait ( we waited 10 minutes which is not bad But for us... Read more

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I am writing this to protect you, prospective employee, from this company. Take heed of this warning, as well as the reviews written by a growing community of ex-employees victimized by this business. Many of the reviews posted online have been deleted because of their overtly defamatory contents. Jobvent.com use to have a large collection of honest reviews, but have been substituted by fake favorable reviews made, most likely, by current... Read more

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I purchased $20 Boudoir Photo from groupon. Went to the Glamour shots in Bridgewater NJ. They told me to be prepared for 3 hour session, I was there for SIX hours!!! Secondly, they tell you to bring 3 outfit changes, I thought why? Its to take over 60 different shots of you. Why? when this is a two pose bodoiur shot? After taking a million shots and poses they put you in front of this huge tv screen with music and you pictures on a slideshow?... Read more

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Portrait Innovations is now officially a rip off. Now when you order pictures you only get the studio view of the pictures you purchased! So pretty much if you want to buy products, or any other items you can't because you may only have 3 pictures! No one wants that! I used to share it on facebook for my family and they would buy four times if not more than what I spent on their to get what they wanted and now their is no use. You just lost... Read more

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Teddy Bear Portraits set up a photo session at my son's preschool. This was on September 15th. When we arrived to pick up my son (after his picture was taken), they allowed us to select and purchase the portrait package, Naturally, we selected the largest one available, which included "instant" digital images. We were told we would be sent an invoice within a few days. Our account was debited $140 two days later, yet we received no invoice. ... Read more

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Portrait innovations is lying to you. They'll tell you they don't keep your photos on file to make you buy a package that comes with a CD. They actually do keep your pictures, usually for several months. Also that CD they pretty much strong armed you to buy? Useless. It's copy right protected so you can't use it anywhere to get prints. Nor can you print them out yourself at home because it says portrait innovations on all of your photos. Lastly,... Read more

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I hired this photographer to take pics of my family. When she was "done", she posted about 95 pics on FB - the majority of which were things like scenery, macros of flowers, etc. Nice enough but, not really what we'd hired her to do. Maybe 5 total usable shots of the family. She acknowledges she took LOTS more but, she says she only gives us those she considers the best & refused to even let us SEE the others. This wasn't our agreement & it... Read more

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I had no idea what I was getting myself into. He told me lenses weren't worth anything and bought them from me for next to next to nothing. Come to find out, they were worth a lot. Leica brand....like 20k. He paid me about 2k.I had no idea at the time, as this was a post-estate issue. Wish I would have looked into things further. I just trusted Steve Huff at his word and what a mistake that was. Basically this self-acclaimed nice guy cost me... Read more

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