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My photographer was horrible. I ended up settling for an okay picture because she was so busy trying to sell me more poses that she didn't get enough family shots, which is why we told them we were there. Spent $70 on pictures I don't even want. Add comment

As mentioned I have reduced the amount of time, effort and money spent on Thumbtack. There seems to be no urgency to assure that clients are aware of the level of professionalism they can expect from the vendors they are promoting. The current model emphasizes the cheapest rate a client can find with no regard to quality. I honestly hate to think of the amount of brides and grooms that have... Read more

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The representative was very rude and pushy. I don't recommend this studio to others. Everybody can't afford these high priced packages. It's like you're being bullied into a situation that's way out of your range. RUDE!!!!!!! Add comment

I paid for an extremely large and expensive package. I also paid for re-touching, and confirmed with the young and truly non-professional staff, that the yearbook pose would surely be re-touched. The yearbook just came out - and the photo was not re-touched. There is no way to e-mail the company to file a complaint and if you call you are put on hold for more than 1/2 hour until you get tired... Read more

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The fact that you have to buy certain packages for you to get the virtual studio is complete b.s. my self personally was not in a financial position to buy the package that includes the virtual studio but I thought I would be able to order more later. I especially wanted to buy the charm necklace with my newborns picture but I won't be able to because the picture no longer exist. Smfh very... Read more

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Portrait innovations in metropolis, Indiana with a photographer named Chris. Had the best attitude until we got to the part where we picked our package, and he started to get pissed because we wanted the $9.99 deal online, like why have the offer if youre gunna get all pissed about it! His attitude towards us was disgusting not only was he rolling his eyes, but he was making unnecessary comments!... Read more

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I ordered a low res digital image of my son online. I do understand the difference between low-res and high-res pics. Basically I was not getting the HD version. Got it. What was sent to me was a shock. My son's pic was blurred to the point that their own name Lifetouch was blurred. I emailed Lifetouch about this and to date, have had no response to address the matter. I excluded my son from... Read more

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I have submitted several bids to no avail. I chalked it up to there being several other folks out there with better deals. However, in my notifications I keep seeing the same names over and over. How are these folks not finding what they need? I would go so far as to even think that others in my field are reaching to see what their competitors are charging and offering. I have stopped... Read more

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I took pictures at Picture People. Once I the representative inform me that the pictures was downloaded and I was able to see the pictures. She was very impatient. She rushed me from making my final decision on which pose I wanted. As a manager her attitude was nasty. I request for the corporate number and she said she don't have one, informed me that it's better to email. Unfortunately, she... Read more

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I paid $1.98 for portfolio only than casting 360.comb turns around and charges me $44.90 & 39.95 in the same month a week apart. When I never applied for the unlimited access I filed fraud with my bank told them about it then they say one time courtesy to return my money for 39.95 but now I'm seeking my 44.90 also or I'm sending in my claim and shutting them down. I told them they were... Read more

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