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At the studio in South Charleston WV they have pissed me off twice! 1st time they messed up my pics (Dominica) n I didn't buy them, n this time the guy Justin that did them wouldn't let me get the poses I wanted nor pick what I wanted when we were finished. If it happens 1 more time, I'm done with this place!!! Add comment

Horrible. Jacob Bownds is the manager at the Springfield Missouri store and he is a petty, rude, horrible man. They were rude, hateful, unwilling to help. Horrible experience a phone to coporate was no better. Will never return and advise all others to steer clear as well. Add comment

I have been going here for over 4 years at least twice a year. I always go at Christmas time and Easter. I know by now to make an appointment early in the morning and on a weekday. I have 3 children, a five year old and 18 month old twins. This was by far the worst experience. First, I received 3 calls to confirm my appointment time and was told not to arrive early or late, get there at exactly... Read more

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Called made apt. Asked if the gal who did it last time would b there the day we scheduled for for. She said no. Moved apt to a day which she would so that she would b able to take our pics. Confirmed apt w a phone call from there local office the same night, again confirming that she would b there and would b the one taking our pics. Confirmed. They called the next day(mid day) to confirm yet... Read more

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Took my child to get her picture taken. Been going there for years. For her first year, we took her on a monthly basis to get them taken. This time, it was the worst experience ever. We were told that we could use the coupon, then when we got there, we were told we could not!! I called corporate and it was even worse then talking to the store manager! Will not ever go back....they lost a good... Read more

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I go EVERY birthday and Christmas and get the ONE "special" package and usually an extra picture of my son. They have ALWAYS sent me an email to view all of the pictures that were taken that day, so I thought okay I'll go back for this Christmas do the same thing I always do and order the books for family. Well, I wasn't told they changed their policy to having to buy a cd (which is $80) in order... Read more

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Recently, my husband and a bunch of his fellow law enforcement officers that were attending an academy had their photos taken by Lifetouch. We have heard from multiple people that their badges, tie clips, and name badges were cut out of the photo entirely. Everyone's photos look like they are just wearing a black shirt. You can in no way tell they are posing for a special occasion photo. This... Read more

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Going into week three of my child not having their grad pictures. The rest of the students received theirs already and I find it very ignorant that they haven't even bothered to call and say anything about where they are or when they will be in at least. Try calling them? NO I was on hold for and HOUR!!! As if all their phones where busy with them talking to other people. Such BS! They better... Read more

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Portrait innovations has lost a good customer that came every three months because of this buy the three pose package or higher to see the full sitting in the virtual studio Add comment

Horrible experience. Nasty staff. Can't even look at the pictures because of all the hassle they involved. Will never walk into the store again Add comment

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