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I understand the whole we have to do a protocol but after explaining to countless people that my two year old won't last long they refused to do the pictures I wanted first, this was the worst session I ever had done. There was two good pictures and the one I wanted when it was finally on screen you could see he was crying after the lady took his ball! Than days later come to find out after being... Read more

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Our appointment was at 2:50 today, I had my 2 year son dressed like white baptism and my daughter dressed like gown, and she was done her hair at salon. when we went there, the service customer apologized asking us to wait for another hour or maybe longer. I told her why you didn't call us. My appointment is at 2:50 and here I am. I had to make another appointments for next week. This is first... Read more

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We went for a portrait pic for my little baby and the photographer/manager was rude in behavior that made my baby cry.We were trying to console and he/Manager/Photographer asked us to leave the place.Ridiculous behavior which can not be accepted being in that profession.Will definitely never go to this place if he continues.Attitude is not required for a photography.Any action by JCP Potrait... Read more

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I fully appreciate the TIME that goes into taking these images, working with my kids, and ultimately producing them printed. That said, I own my families likenesses, and money I spent with this company was ONLY for the services and not the captured light reflected into the sensor, IMHO I own that light forever, and ever. As such I did what any thoughtful person would do and paid for the cheapest... Read more

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My son just dug out, from under his bed, his 2012-13 photos he has been hiding from us... for good reason. We failed to submit an order form for 8th grade photos. That's on us. He wore a silly wood-grain shirt to school that day. That's on him. But the cherry blossoms background??? That's all LifeTouch. AAALLLLLLLL LifeTouch. There is NO WAY this is their default background, even in the D.C.... Read more

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Newsflash to all of you complaining that photographers "tricked" you into spending more money, or not just skipping everything and letting you just hurry along to your little coupon. The 19.99 coupon is not meant to be used alone, and is meant to be added on to bigger packages. Good grief. You expecting to spend 20 bucks on professional photos is what is rude. You are wasting your photographers... Read more

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I was 'pressured' into purchasing too many photos. I told no less than 4 salesclerks that I had a $19.99 coupon - they all said to use it at check out-- well at checkout they double-teamed me and kept swishing so many photos in front of my face and flipping through so many different packages ( the whole time I am holding a squirming 8 month old) til I just wanted to get out of there. so they... Read more

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Son's pics were taken at day care. The background was gray on picture day. When I went to see the pics on viewing day the background was ORANGE. I bought these and REALLY wish I hadn't. Orange is specific to people who like it. Why would a photographer choose orange as the universal color for all subjects being photographed? Photos were okay but an orange background is UGLY! If you start with... Read more

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A year ago I bought a Canon 70D and installed the software. A week ago I went to their website and downladed an update for Digital Photo Professional (DPP) from 3.13.?? to 3.14.??. Ran the update and the program stopped working. The error was DPPDLL.dll not found. Following Canon's support instructions now none of my Canon software, for either 320 Elph HS or 70D, work. At the end of this... Read more

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