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I'm writing to share to horrible experience with Picture People at Marlborough, MA location. Worst customer service not for 1 visit but 3, I repeat 3 freaking times. First time, the lazy staff took just 5-7 shots for the entire family including 4 adults and 2 kids (with new born). Which professional photographer takes 5-7 shots? Oh, the worst part was even after taking an appointment, they make... Read more

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I was supposed to receive a tote bag with pic of my new baby on it...but I was never informed that if it had arrived or not...I called the studio and they told me that they sent it back!! I told the employee that no one tried to contact me she said after 45 days they send everything back! ! She told me to call customer service! WOW! What kind of business are you guys running? I have been a... Read more

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We used to order prints from @Winkflash. #NeverAgain. They defaced a pic of my daughter months ago & won't even respond to emails requesting a reprint. If reports are true they are now out of business, I am not surprised. Their lack of respect for their customers was/is clearly evident. Do not do business with this organization. My email to them: I am writing to express my extreme... Read more

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We were so excited to see a promotion for glamour shots. with two teen girls, I thought what a fun time we would have getting all glamoured up then great fun photos to match. Everyone was really nice and friendly, the session was more than promised. We waited for over an hour to review the pictures. We had an amazing time viewing them on the big screen tv. Then the news hit - pricing...I was... Read more

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I am junior in California and I have been attending public schools since kindergarten. Every year I have to deal with the same kind of photographers. Rude, unmannered, sassy, pushy people that tell me where to put my hands and how to awkwardly *** my head oh-so-slightly to the left. In recent years, (8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grades) I've simply told the lifetouch photographers- I DONT WANT TO LOOK... Read more

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Shawn clayton a photographer for lifetouch,using lifetouch property,using craigslist to set up private nude and other shots in the kinvwood and houston areas is rude immoral .said shoots were free then charged money.i and others will never use lifetouch again...i still have the cd of pics thatwe were threatend not to use on facebook orr anywhere without paying him and giving him full credit Add comment

Andy Garcia photo is a fraud artist. He steals images that he shoots and does not give them to the rest of the team. He's based in Santa Barbara Add comment


On 10/11/2014 we was in the Trussville store and the Assistant Manager named B. Marshall was being ugly with the customers in the studio. She even threatened one lady to call the police on her for no reason. Everyone was unhappy and she made it worse by being ugly instead of explaining there was a employee issue backing up schedules and the printer was down. Instead she took it out on the... Read more

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Portrait Innovations - Review about Afwul Pictures from Bellevue, Washington
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Got my son's 6 month pictures done in 2013, they were amazing, and I knew when I had my daughter I would take her to portrait innovations for her 6 month pictures. I was excited for months. They turned out awful! They didn't get her to smile in any pictures, and when I said I was unhappy they said okay sorry. We asked for our money back and they gave us more pictures but they still were... Read more

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