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I was a former employee of Portrait Innovations in Harrisburg Pa and let me tell you as far as jobs go it was like living a nightmare. Though well the pay is decent and I will give that, the job goes way beyond anything I could have imagined (and on the low end of the spectrum). I had always been comfortable around a camera and I loved the thought of making it my career one day. I had gone to... Read more

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Absolute Reflections Photography Scam, Sloane Taylor is nothing but a *** artist, I paid almost 5000 dollars for a wedding and this carpet bagger never showed up. Just disappeared with my money. Stay away from this criminal. Sloane Taylor is a criminal and deserves to be in prison. been emailing for days no response. This is not right and I have filed a police report and a... Read more

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I bought a wagjag coupon for 3 wrapped canvas pictures, sent them to Vijay and they were sent to me. Vijay was very good with responding to emails and answering all of my questions. Once I received my order I was SO disappointed. My 3 black and white photos looked like 3 black and gray photos, I can't even use them. They look several shades darker than what is on my computer. They are... Read more

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Number 1. I showed up to every every site at 5:44 AM NUMBER 2. 2 days in a row my master photographer was late. Number 3. A supervisor came and some how made me feel it was my fault he was late. In front of me told the late employee he going to win awards. Same supervisor made me feel like ***. Number 4. Photographer brag to me how company offered him a company car when his car broke down. Number... Read more

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I found Carrie through a series of "co-insodences". And despite the bad press I found first, I also found a LOT of people who had fantastic experiences. I am so glad I used Carrie. My photos were much more beautiful than I expected, and she was on time, hung out with my co-workers and I after the event, and the images were delivered within a few weeks. Do not get sucked in my the one person... Read more

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Getting my senior portraits done at Prestige Portraits in Las Vegas was one of the worst customer experiences I've ever had. I decided to take my photos over the summer because it was supposed to be the "better option" but it most certainly wasn't. I already knew what I was getting into because I have a sibling that did them a few years ago. When I went with my brother in 2012 I was impressed... Read more

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Jcpenny in St Charles Town Center Waldorf Md is the worst portrait studio. They are understaffed, never answer the phone and while driving to go get my pictures I learn that they are closed on Tuesday's even though their receipt says 10 am to 7pm M-F! Add comment


I wasn't excepting to spend 350.00 that's why I came to y'all, y'all got a sily *** rule that if your 19 ure consider an adult. But my son has cebral palsey and just turn 19 on Sept. 5 on know he can't go to homecoming cause these high *** pictures. The young lady first showed me a 400.0 plan, I told her I needed something more affordable then she said the only other plan was the one I got. I... Read more

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Hired their professional photographer. Paid, tipped, no pictures or refund. They didn't check him out. His wife looked familiar when they came, she was the "model" in his review! Not professional. Swallowed river water was 1st excuse & it got worse. Web site wasn't done yet. 2 weeks 4 weeks. Thumbtack wouldn't refund without receipt. The cost was published on their web site. They finally... Read more

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